Crockin Robin up for sale???

May 31, 2010

Short and sweet today guys and gals, its a Bank Holiday here in the UK and even blogs need an easy day….!!

Isn’t it about time we actually looked at the situation of  Robin van Persie? He’s continually on the treatment table and maybe its best we sold him and replaced him with a  player who is not injured or injury prone…………

Talent is unquestionable BUT it’s no good being so talented but on the sick-bed for 3/4 of the season…????

Robin van Persie, the most consistent absentee every season. One of the best players at our club, the new Mr arsenal I referred to him as yesterday, but….

When was the last season he played more than 30 games a season?

How much have we paid him to be on the physio bench?

How many times does he miss games for us, yet plays for Holland?

How many times does he get injured for Holland, and in how many friendlies??

Arsenal Football Club need to get back to winning, not only games, but trophies. We need players who are fit, healthy and able to give a lot more to the team than Robin van Persie has been able to give over the last few seasons….

When he plays, he gives us something special, but when he’s missing, which is all too often, we lack something.

How much longer are we going to carry this man??

So, what do you guys and gals think, keep him, or sell him now, before he gets injured so bad he won’t return?

Sick of seeing this sight????

I know how I feel………

Arsene’s a tight old git isn’t he… Robin’s crocked!!

May 30, 2010


Just what have we been doing for the last couple of weeks? I’ll tell you shall I, we have all been slating Barca for their filthy tactics yes, but we have also been saying, if they want Cesc, let them pay what he is worth, not just make an offer that is an insult to both the player and his current club!

Am I right?? Yes, and so is Arsene Wenger for saying Cesc is worth £80M or thereabouts.

Baring that in mind, (if reports are correct) why does our old tight git of a manager go and offer Lorient £4.2M for Laurent Koscielny, a player whose his club value at just under £7M…

I know the two situations are miles apart, different for all sorts of reasons but the principle is the same.

Lorient are not one of the biggest clubs in the world but just the same as a club like our, money matters and every penny counts. Why do we, Arsenal insult a club/player and offer such a lesser amount? We do it too often and it usually ends up in us missing out on a player who Wenger must rate. Surely if he didn’t he wouldn’t have put an offer in, in the first place!

Why can’t we just contact the club, find out how much they want then offer a realistic amount to buy him, you know, just like we all do when we buy a house. We know there is an extra £5000 on the value so you offer £10,000 below the asking price. Afer a bit of haggling the seller gets the right price….

Not Wenger though, he has offered nearly £3M less than the amount Koscielnys club has valued him at, why oh bloody why does he do it??

Koscielny is a 6’1″ CH, born in France but also qualifies to play for Poland…. He hasn’t made his mind up yet!!

I don’t know anything about the player, but my point is, if I did and I was qualified to make the judgement about him being a very good player and wanted to sign him for the club I managed, I would be offering a lot more than Wenger has reportedly made…..

How many players have we lost out because of an offer that was below the value of the player for sale???

Bah! Humbug! Ebenezer Scrooge – aka Arsene Wenger

I’ll let you all think about that one………

What we all feared, happened yesterday, Robin van Persie limped out of training and had his ankle heavily packed with ice. The World Cup hasn’t even started yet and he has suffered injury.  We can only hope the Dutch Camp don’t risk him if he is not fully fit. I hope Arsenal are keeping tabs on this…..

Finally, this morning we are again being linked with Steven Taylor of Newcastle, Wigans Hugo Rodallega and Lyon midfielder Jean Makoun…..

Roll on Tuesday, let the fun begin!

I’d love it, I would just love it, if…..

May 29, 2010


Yesterday,  Atletico Madrid announced/unveiled Fran Merida as their new player and I have to admit, I am very sad we have not been able to keep him….

Barca born Fran, stolen by our mighty fine manager (well, he used to be) from the Spanish Club, Barcelona a few years ago has finally left us.

Funny enough, he followed in the footsteps of another stolen boy from the Catalan club, his name, go on, you don’t need me to tell you…

Both born and bred in Barcelona, both part of the youth set up at Barca, both left to be guided by Arsenal and to learn from Arsene Wenger…

So now Fran Merida has gone, but that is where it’s strange, he has signed for a club in Madrid and not even Real Madrid!!

Here he is in his new club shirt!!   😦 😦

That would be like a player being born in one of the houses near to Highbury, going off overseas to say Ajax, then on return to England, signing for the Spuds or Chavs – would you do that?? Like heck would you, no more than I would….

Wouldn’t it really be funny though if old Jose Mourinho, who says he still loves Chelsea, decided to kill two birds with one stone? I would laugh my socks off (I know I shouldn’t) if, when he is confirmed as the Real Madrid Manger, he contacts Arsene Wenger and tells him the Madrid will pay 80M for Cesc Fabregas – or 60M and Lassana Diarra or Van Der Vaart, or even Casillas…..

Jose says, ‘Deal or no deal Arsene’, Wenger says ‘Deal’

What Jose has then done is help out the chavs (in his view) by making us weaker, and really pissed off Barcelona for nicking the local rivals player from under their nose. But in reality, all he has done is cheesed off Barca, cheesed off Cesc and along the way, given our mighty fine club lots of money to rebuild with. If we accept either deal we could possibly be better off.

Imagine this scene, but with Cesc in a Real Madrid shirt….

If Cesc has to go and I hope he doesn’t, I really hope Jose Mourinho throws a big fat spanner in the works……

But funny enough, the only winner would be us, surely? We have got the best deal for Arsenal, strengthened our on side either by the swap player and players Wenger will be able to get with the money or by getting the money alone and on top of that we have shown the footballing world that we are no longer a club to be pissed around!!

But what would be really funny is, Fran Merida and Cesc Fabregas, both Barca born, both Arsenal ‘made’, then become rivals in La Liga and both at Madrid rather than their home town……

Call me sad all you want, but in the words of Kevin Keegan, ‘I would just love it’!!!

Foreign kids Arsene, time to give them a break….

May 28, 2010


Before I get accused of being anything with an ‘ist’ on the end, I am not!!! This is about ‘for the good of our club’

JonJon left this comment a couple of nights ago,

‘this has really changed my perspective on the way our club is run..i dont trust any of the foreign players as far as i can throw them and id rather f**k the lot off now and give the development time to the likes of rambo, gibbs, jet, jack, afobe..’

It was the last comment of the day, a day during which we had all seen an article which included a couple of ‘quotes’ by Cesc Fabregas.

The Spanish midfielder says he has held positive talks with Wenger, and has left the manager to decide what happens next. Fábregas, also the Arsenal captain, said: “I will say only one thing – I have got massive respect for Arsène Wenger, Arsenal football club and the Arsenal fans. Even in my own house, I have not felt as loved as I have at Arsenal. I had a long conversation with Arsène and it was the greatest longest conversation I have had with anyone in my life.

“I respect him, so, so much and I don’t want to say anything more. Wenger said to leave it in his hands and he will deal with whatever happens in the future. It is now all about Arsenal – it is not in my hands. Now I just wait: it is up to Arsenal. Right now all I am thinking about is the World Cup: everything else is the future and I am not going to say anything else.”

You can read those quotes over and over and each time possibly come up with a different interpretation. The one I have come up with is this. Cesc wants to go and he has told Arsene Wenger this. Rather than come out and tell all of us that he has put in a transfer request, he wants to be the ‘good guy’, he wants to leave but be able to turn it around and say ‘it was the clubs decision’ to let him go!

Forgive me, but isn’t being a bit gutless, a bit of a coward? Doesn’t Cesc realise that he would probably be respected more if he were to be a bit more honest? We will love him regardless but I know I will respect him a little less if he pushes one of the biggest decisions of his life into the hands of another man. Is this really fair to ask such of Arsene Wenger, a man he says he has massive respect for?

Regardless of whether Cesc stays or goes, I think JonJon has a very good point, maybe it’s time for the club to change their direction. I don’t mean in terms of play, but in terms of its employees.

IF Cesc leaves, he will join a long list of players who have left us either when just reaching their prime or during their prime during Arsene Wengers reign..

Henry, Overmars, Petit, Toure, Edu, Freddie, Bobby Pires, Gilberto, Wiltord, Silvinho, Paddy, Reyes, Anelka, van Bronkhorst, Diarra, Flamini, Hleb, Lardybayor, Campbell, Lehmann – How many of those players could have stayed one or two extra seasons and maintain their high standards? We made money on some I know, we lost a lot on a few too – but money isn’t always better than a great player, unless it’s Lardy of course!

My view is all of them barr Freddie, were allowed to go when they still had a few years at the top left – and other than Freddie, Sol, Toure and Lardy, all went overseas. Sol was going abroad, but stayed around to0 long at the docks in Portsmouth and ‘Arry nabbed him  😉

Fran Merida is another player we bought very young, paid him a good wage and then let him go on a free….

So is it time we stop buying so many players from overseas? It seems all we do is make them into better players and then sell them, or give them away. Is it time to give a few more of our british players an equal chance? Afer all, isn’t that the ‘real’ youth project, british kids bought through the system and then get to play for the club they love and support. Maybe then we would not lose quite so many, we wouldn’t have to endure the transfer speculation that surrounds our top players each window would we….

We may get the odd one who wants to better their wages like Cashley did, but if the players are true supporters of Arsenal, they wouldn’t entertain playing for another club. Well I know I wouldn’t!  We wouldn’t have to worry about the Madrids, Barcas or Milans because it seems they don’t want the british, it also seems in the last few year the british don’t want to go abroad either – when they do it’s not very often rosy for them…..

Here’s our youth/reserves, not including those who are or have been bought in from overseas.

James Shea                        – 19yrs GK
Sean McDermott              -17yrs GK

Rhema Obed                      – 18yrs RB/CH
Kyle Bartley                      – 19yrs CB
Gavin Hoyte                      – 20yrs FB
Thomas Cruise                 – 19yrs LB/Actor 🙂
Kerrea Gilbert                  – 23yrs Defender
Nicholas Yennaris         – 18 yrs LB/LW
Cedric Evina                     – 18yrs LB/LW

Craig Eastmond               – 19yrs HM
Jernade Meade                – 17yrs LM
George Brislen-Hall       – 17yrs LB/LM
Daniel Boateng                – 17yrs CH/HM (another Song)
Sam Byles                          – 18yrs HM
Chukwuemeka Aneke   – 17yrs CM
Emmanuel Frimpong    – 18 yrs DM/HM
Conor Henderson           – 18 yrs LM/CM
Henri Lansbury               – 19yrs CM
Mark Randall                    – 20yrs CM

Benik Afobe                      – 17yrs CF
Roarie Deacon                 – 18yrs – LW/CF
Jay Emmanuel-Thomas – 19yrs LB/LM/CF
Luke Freeman                   – 18yrs CF
Rhys Murphy                    – 19yrs CF
Jay Simpson                      – 21yrs CF
Sanchez Watt                    – 19yrs LM/CF

How old was Cesc Fabregas when he was trusted to take over in midfield – it was the 2004-05 season, which I think makes him just 17yrs old…. Cesc  is a special talent, but we only know that having seen him play over the last few seasons. How can we or Arsene Wenger not be sure that in that crop of players there is not another special talent just waiting for his chance?

I am not saying we should not look/buy players from overseas, what I am suggesting is we stop buying them so young, lets buy them when they have grown up and want to venture away from their home/current club to seek new challenges, when they have experience and can bring something to Arsenal before the ink has dried on their contract, not sign them and have to wait ten years to see them play!!

We all know that not all of the players above are going to have a successful career with Arsenal but as said many many times before, Wenger keeps banging on about youth so why not start blooding a few of these players – get the ones who are going to have a chance and let them be involved with the first team squad a bit more.

Eastmond, Lansbury, Frimpong, Boateng?? Maybe Freeman – who knows?

One thing for sure is, if they don’t get a chance we may never know and they will leave, I would if I wasn’t getting my chance, just like Luke Ayling has already done – the theory about not being old enough is bollox, Cesc blows that one out of the water!!

If these players turn out to be special, at least if they ‘want to go home’, we all know they are already there……

The Biggest Signing Of the Summer

May 27, 2010

Forget David Villa’s 34.2 million euros to Stalker FC  Barcelona. Forget Cesc’s potential multi million pound deal to the same set of shitbags. Forget any potential big name signing to any of the european super clubs this summer can offer. The biggest signature will be that of Jose Mourinho when he takes over at Real Madrid.

Why? Because the man is undoubtedly the best club manager in the world right now and his legacy is only just beginning. As an accountant he may not be great, as a developer of young players he may not be great, but as a manager and a tactician there is nobody who can touch him. He’s not paid to make money, he’s paid to build a squad and lead them to glory and he does this with his eyes closed.

His record speaks for itself. At Porto he won the League twice, 2 domestic cups, the UEFA cup and the Champions League. At Chelsea he won the League twice and three domestic cups. At Inter he won the league twice, two domestic cups and the Champions League and he’s done all this in the space of eight years. In eight years of management he’s won 16 trophies in three different leagues. Say what you want about him, call him anti-football all you want, but the mans a genius and he delivers exactly what he’s paid to do. Football is all about winning. If it’s not about winning then why do we keep score? Jose knows how to win so I would suggest he’s far from anti-football.

In fifty years time nobodies going to care about the fact that Inter Milan had only 33% possession in the 2010 Champions League Final. All they’ll care about is the fact that Inter won the game 2-0 and they won the trophy with it.

That same logic can be applied to The Arsenal. In years to come nobodies going to care about the fact we played pretty triangle football that went sideways and nobody had a shot. All that will matter is Arsenal went 5 years and counting without a trophy.

For all the signings that Real Madrid made last year, this one tops the lot. To think that they managed to reach 96 points last year and still not win the league is quite amazing, but Jose will give them that extra 20%. Dont be surprised if Real go unbeaten next year and over take the 100 point mark. Which I hope they do because I officially hate Barcelona. They constantly stalk our players year after year and they need a kick in the bollocks.

So where does this leave Arsenal? When I think about what Jose is paid to do it makes  me wonder what Sir Arsene is paid to do. I wont go into too much detail into that one because I think we all know the answer and it’s been talked about until the cows come home, but where’s the excitement at our club now?

We lack so much ambition its untrue. Our ambition does not match the clubs status. The stadium is world class, our youth setup is world class, the foundations of the club are laid and we are regarded as one of Europe’s elite clubs. So why are we happy to just keep doing what we are doing every season? Where’s the extra effort to make that next step to make us the best of the best? That extra 20% that will make us world beaters isn’t there because nobody at the club has the balls to make the call and say spending £20 million on a top player every season will not turn us into Portsmouth or Leeds. Spending £20 million on a top player will not kill a young player because there’s a huge possibility that the young player wont make it in the first place. Cesc is one of the few players the academy has produced that can be argued to be world class and he doesn’t even have the values of the club at heart, he has Barca’s and always has done so whats the point??

It was a big risk moving to the new stadium and Wenger performed miracles but after a while it’s becoming a tad boring being regarded as a selling club and having the vultures circling every season. Picking off our best players because we can’t provide the medals to keep them.

Nobody has a god given right to win a trophy, but all I’m asking for is let us get some heart and soul back into this team and get the fans excited again.

Jose’s teams may not be the prettiest, but he wins the fans hearts by filling their trophy cabinet.

Take my advice Arsene, the fans do not regard 3rd place as a trophy. The fans do not care about making super sums of money every year nor do they care about killing the progress of Fabianski or Denilson. You are in serious danger of ending your legacy on a sour note, so nows the time to put your hands in your pocket and bring something home to give the fans something to shout about. Even if it is just the FA cup.

Give the fans something to get excited about. Do your job as a MANAGER!!

Now Vela is playing for his exit!

May 26, 2010

I am sure you all share my thoughts and feelings here.

Merida has gone to Atletico Madrid, Luke Ayling has signed for Yeovil Town, Sol is considering Celtic, Cesc Fabregas has a big toe out the door, Eboue is wanted by Barcelona and then yesterday, Carlos Vela said is hoping for a great display at the World Cup in South Africa.

Sadly though, Vela doesn’t want a great display at the WC so he can convince Arsene Wenger to start playing him more at his current club, he wants to ‘open doors’ and seek a move to another club where he gets playing time!!

Carlos Vela is now 21 years old – the same age as Theo Walcott….

But for injury, Theo Walcott would have probably started most games last season, can the same be said about Carlos Vela.What has he done wrong? He continues to play for his country yet for Arsenal he has made a handful of appearances.

We signed Vela back in 2005 when he was just sixteen years old. Because of permit restrictions for non EU citizens, we loaned him to Cela Vigo but he never got to play, no idea why really, but he came/went home.

Next up was Salamanca, he had a more successful stay there, scoring eight goals and creating many of Salamanca’s 53 goals.
Such was his success, many of the sides in La Liga wanted to secure his services for the following season as he still wasn’t able to play for Arsenal due to work permit issues.

Osasuna were the lucky club and he did well, earning praise from the Spanish press (grrr Spanish)

I actually couldn’t wait for this kid called Carlos Vela to get to England, to get to see him in the red and white of Arsenal. I’d seen many clips of him playing, he looked special, very special….

May 2008, he came ‘home’ – his permit issues were all sorted out and he was free to play for us and I couldn’t wait to see him..

What I don’t get is how his two seasons with us have been, these are his scores on the doors from

2008/09 season – started 10 games, came on as substitute in 19 matches and scored 6 goals in total.

2009/10 season – started 6 games, came on as substitute in 14 matches and scored 2 goals in total.

Forgive me if I have that wrong, but aren’t they the stats of a player who seems to be going backwards at club level?Am I right in saying that Carlos Vela more often than not seems to be fit to play for Mexico, yet not so often fit to play for Arsenal.

Has Vela cheesed Arsene Wenger off, is that why he doesn’t play? Is that why he wants to leave?

Why does Theo Walcott get the chances regardless of how he plays, yet Carlos Vela, a player who with a bit of great man management could be a hero at our club?

Or, is simply that Arsene Wenger doesn’t think the player is good enough to persevere with?

Well, if it’s the latter then I am stunned, because our boss sure as heck doesn’t apply the same rule across the whole squad does he.

I hope Carlos Vela has a great World Cup, maybe we will get a good price for him when the competition ends, it certainly seems that he is a player who is fed up with waiting for his time at Arsenal. Lets not forget, he isn’t a kid, he’s 21yrs old and plays for Mexico….. He should be playing for us too!!

Have good day all

We really are after Messi then… 14M for Cahill, go for it!

May 25, 2010


Well, the 19-year-old lad dubbed ‘The New Messi’ that is ……. How many times have players been referred to as ‘The New X, Y Z’? Too many to mention and seldom do they come anywhere near the player they are likened to! Just look at Diaby!

I stole this from one of the reports yesterday, just hope there is no copyright 🙂

Arsenal are being linked with a move for Barcelona youngster Guy Assulin.

The 19-year-old playmaker has earned rave reviews for his performances in the Barcelona B team, and Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is ready to make another move for a youngster in Spain.

Assulin has already made his debut for the Israeli national team despite failing to earn an appearance for the senior side at the Nou Camp, and the teenager is thought to be getting anxious about this lack of first team opportunities.

Wenger has previously signed Fran Merida and Cesc Fabregas from the junior ranks in Catalonia, but with Merida signing for Atletico and Fabregas poised for a move to Barca, the Frenchman is looking to bring some new blood to the Emirates.

Spanish daily Sport report that the Gunners will intensify their interest ahead of the opening of the summer transfer window on June 1st. The paper also reports that Chelsea are taking a look at the youngster, although Carlo Ancelotti isn’t expected to move for the player this summer.

Previously dubbed ‘the new Messi’, Guardiola is believed to be keen to keep hold of the precocious talent, although will struggle to keep him happy in 2ªB Group 3 and away from La Liga.

Well, he’s not Spanish, so that’s promising, and he’s not just out of his nappies, so I don’t really mind if we sign this guy, as long as he is in addition to what we NEED!

Talking of Barca, which we seem to be doing far too much of lately, reported last night that they now want Eboue!!

Well Arsene, stick a 20M price tag on his head and take the money if they want him!

Seriously, I am getting sick and tired of Barca, so many of their players have really slated us and the teams lack of fight, why oh why then do they want our players??

I was pleased to hear that Scottish man (don’t know his name) talking to Sky Sports yesterday, he said Arsenal have put a 70M (ish) price tag on Cesc, but he said Barca will offer 43M Euros and Yaya Toure. I would rather we took the money and bought  players who wants to come to Arsenal, Toure has too often turned us down, he’d be another ‘sulk’ and would soon look to move on, so maybe it’s best we leave him well alone! Only a few days ago he has supposed to have said he would rather join his brother at Citeh!

Another player who has bantered around on most blogs as a ‘must buy’ defender is Gary Cahill. Bolton boss Owen Coyle has said that he doesn’t want to lose his player but an offer or£14 million would be impossible to turn down. I don’t think that’s an unreasonable amount of money to ask for an English defender so lets hope Arsene Wenger feels the same. The club have a good rapport these days having loaned Wilshere to them so maybe we will be Coyles first choice club to sell to.

Didn’t watch the England v Mexico match last night and by all accounts I didn’t miss much. Haven’t seen any rave reviews about Walcott or Vela either so I’m glad I didn’t bother…

Anyone see how Hart played? Is he good enough to displace Almunia or Fabianski? 😉

Have a good day all, maybe the next one through the door will be Gary Cahill….

Time to forget the Spanish?

May 24, 2010

It’s not even June 1st yet, the window is still closed, but already we have been linked with enough players to fill a first team sheet and maybe even a reserve side – crazy isn’t it….

Only yesterday we were linked with Schwarzer, Mertesacker, Melo, Steven Taylor, Gourcuff, Gomis and Simon Kajer, I think that’s all and in one day 🙂

Staying with yesterday, We had a new poster on Avenell Road, called Erik, he made a very valid comment which ended with good old humour!

‘It seems to me we should not bother signing Spanish players anymore, the promising ones go back to Spain as soon as they have a chance to… Reyes, Fabregas, Merida… and the really rubbish ones stay… Almunia… probably because in Spain Almunia would be selling fruit on the motorway’

My response was that Almunia would probably drop more fruit than he would end up selling!!

But Erik has a good point, Almunia apart, none of the Spanish players have been keen to stick around for the long haul at Arsenal, why?

Is it because of the climate, the team mates, the club, the food, the salary etc etc, is it the fact that we aren’t winning anything – (Torres and Reina at Liverpool kind of brings doubt to that, Arteta at Everton too) Neither of those two sides are playing in the Champions League next season, so will they leave their respective clubs this summer? I think Torres and Reina might….

I don’t know the answers, but I know Reyes was kicked to pieces from day one, especially by the Neville sisters, he also had to try to cope with ‘the look’ from Henry, but to this day, I wish he had stayed, he would have been good, very very good…. When he left, we were doing ok weren’t we?

Why did he really choose to leave?

Why are there so few players from Spain, playing for their country, but not playing in England?

Maybe Erik is right, maybe it’s time to steer clear from buying players from Spain. Don’t get me wrong, I know our little captain has been with us for nearly seven years, but he’s only 23 years old, he’s at an age where he should be heading towards his peak, an age where he can truly start to make a massive impact at Arsenal, an age where we should be getting the best from him. Build the team around him we all thought…..

Instead though, he wants to go home. Like many have said before, Arsenal have made him what he is today and now he wants to leave. Will another club get his best years, or, if he goes, will he be another player in a long list, who will regret it for the rest of his footballing career?

Will the likes of  Torres, Reina and Arteta stay and become heroes, or will they just players from Spain who fall/fail in their mission and one day, like most Spaniards around them, jump ship and return home……

As I so often write, only time will tell…..

What’s the difference between Cardiff, Blackpool and Arsenal??

May 23, 2010

Bit of a fun one, but of course the answer is easy isn’t it, we haven’t played (in a worthwhile game) at the new Wembley!

In between the gardening and over heating in the glorious sunshine yesterday, I watched some of the play-off match between Blackpool and Cardiff and from what I saw, it was a great game of football, its such a shame that either side had to lose.

Great goals, a slip by the resident disc jockey, a few ‘Almunia/Flapianski’ moments, but either side could hold their own in the Premiership I’m sure. During the last ten minutes, Cardiff reminded me a bit of Arsenal, near on all the possession but for love nor money they couldn’t get a cross to find the head of one of their own. I wanted them to get the equaliser but only so we could all get to see another thirty minutes of the two sides…

Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal Board will be very happy with the result I am sure, you can just imagine them worrying about having to pay the Toll fee when travelling away to Cardiff can’t you!! 🙂

Anyway, well done to Ian Holloway and Blackpool, another tough trip up north for us next season and all the best to Cardiff, next season for you hopefully…..

Not much news around really, but it seems one in and one out as Fran Merida’s agent has confirmed that the player will sign for At. Madrid in the next few days. Forget whether or not you think this lad could be good, apparently we are supposed to have made a last-ditch offer to him in attempt to keep him.. Why, not why keep him, but why do we always leave it until the eleventh-hour before trying to get a player to stay?? If Wenger and the club rate Merida, why has he not been either more involved with the first team (instead of Diaby or Denilson) or sat down, told how the club see his future, tie him down to a longer contract and then send him on loan like Jack Wilshere???

I just don’t get it sometimes….. That’s another player who has gone for free, as no doubt will Gallas, Silvestre and Senderos – put them all together and we could have got at least 15M and that equals a darn decent defender!!

For a club so tight with its spending, it sure lets money fly out of the window when players leave on a freebie!

One player who is coming up and we all know about is JET, he has just completed his loan and can’t wait for the 2010/11 season to start, the 19-year-old will now take his summer break before reporting back for pre-season when he hopes to make his mark in front of Arsène Wenger.

“This has been a good season for me,” he said. “Hopefully I can continue that next season.

“I’ll have a little break and then return for pre-season where I can make a big impression. Pre-season makes a big difference’

Pre-season, blimey, let’s get the summer over first and get the new boys in 🙂

Finally, on a day where many players are being linked to many clubs, well, except ours, Old Red Nose has taken a swipe at a few managers in an interview where he talks about who has posed the biggest threat to him,

“Wenger, over time, and Graham were tougher rivals. It was hot stuff between United and Arsenal until three or four years ago.” 

Graham won the title twice in 1989 and 1991, Wenger won the Double in 1998 and 2002 and the Premier League with his unbeaten Invincibles in 2004.Ferguson and Wenger are the two longest-serving Premier League managers and the Old Trafford boss is intent on continuing his rivalry with the Frenchman.

Let’s hope Wenger gives Fergie something to worry about next season as he sure as heck hasn’t done for the last few years!

Have a good day all, it’s gunner be a hot one in the UK

Barca finally get their man! Shock, horror, we’ve signed Chamakh

May 22, 2010


Yep, yesterday Barcelona finally confirmed David Villa had signed for them and he did the usual parade at the Camp Nou. I am gutted, I always hoped Villa would join us, but I now have to accept it was all a dream, he’s now tied to Barca for four years…

Oh well, life goes on I guess… 🙂

Back to us, yesterday we were linked with Zapata, Tasci, Subotic, Cahill, Jagelka and Van Der Wiel on the footie gossip page, its funny how Cahill and Subotic keep getting mentioned isn’t it, I for one would be happy if they did sign too, the defence would be very strong, especially if you add Vermaelen, Djourou and Big Sol to those two. All we need then is a better goal keeper and we would reduce our goals conceded by at least half!

I like the sound of Subotic, 6′ 4″ and viewed as one of the best young defenders in the Bundesliga. He has height (no more Diaby in defence),he has power and speed, just what we need. Stick him alongside Vermaelen and add one more and we are sorted!

So after another transfer saga, none of us will be surprised to know we have signed a centre forward who goes by the name of Marouane Chamakh…… Here is what he said after securing his deal..

“This is a dream come true and a great joy to be joining Arsenal. My goal was always to play in the Premier League and Arsenal was the choice of my heart.

“Without any hesitation, Arsenal was my preferred club. The team and history of Arsenal, they make me dream. My goal was to join Arsenal out of the all the English clubs because it is a club that makes me dream and I have been a fan since I was a child.

“I’m very excited about playing at Emirates Stadium in front of the Arsenal supporters. I have heard many great things about the stadium and I cannot wait to be playing there in an Arsenal shirt.

“I will give my best to this Club, the Club that I used to support. We have many great players at Arsenal and I will be giving everything to help the team win trophies next season.”

No we have a new No9, his though has a No2 in front of it, he will wear the number 29 shirt, but in all honesty, where does this leave our own No9, Eduardo??

I think it could well spell the end for him, this league is hard, tough and very physical. Without proper ref’s many a tackle goes unpunished which results in players ultimately being injured the way that he was. Why would he now want to stay?

There’s another player who constantly gets kicked week in week out, I’m not going to mention his name, but maybe he want’s out before another player puts him out of the game for good…..

Here he is, just in case no-one has seen him 🙂

Have a great day all, one in and may many follow 🙂