Another Diaby/Denilson season! Waiter to go home, Hammers want Sol, they can have him!!

July 12, 2010

I read yesterday that Atletico Madrid want to throw Almunia a lifeline to help firm up their defence. Yes of course I laughed, AM are supposed to have ‘the next Casillas’ (David De Gea) in their squad so why not play him and leave Manuel alone. Not that I’m complaining of course, they can have Almunia, in fact they can have Almunia and Fabianski for all I care!

I have to go away for a couple of days now. I’m helping a Spanish couple and their dog pack up all their belongings, then I’m taking them to Heathrow Airport to make sure they catch their flight to Madrid-Barajas Airport!! Oh, I’m also going to pinch any return tickets out of their luggage if I find any!! 🙂

‘Bye Bye Mr Fawlty’ says our very own Manuel as he flys over Torquay!! (yes I know, it won’t go that way)

Sols gone off on one again, first it was abroad, then Scotland, quick flirt with Sunderland and now it seems he could come right back to the heart of London and sign for the team who was the cause of him leaving us a few seasons ago, how bizarre would that be….. Talking of West Ham, seems Avram Grant is keen to get his team back up the table this year, not only does he want Sol but he also wants Loic Remy having secured the signing of some pacey winger from Mexico, Pablo Barrera…

West Ham can have Sol, if he wanted to stay with us he would have sorted this out with Wenger a long time ago. After we gave him another chance last season to play in the Premier League and Champions League, this is how he repays the club! No doubt he’s scouting around to see where he can earn the most money, well go Sol!!

Yesterday there was a bit of a debate about whether or not Arsene Wenger will buy another Centre Half, many thought that when Wenger said we are in for a defensive player it could be a midfielder rather than a defender. Well the boss has since confirmed we won’t be buying a midfielder…

He said,

“We are not interested in Gourcuff and we were never contacted, he’s a player I like a lot, but we are sufficiently covered in midfield.”

But, does that mean in the attacking sense or defensive? He gives nothing away does he, but all the time our captain stays, of course he won’t need replacing – I guess its ‘Watch this space’…

In the meantime though it looks as if we have another exciting season ahead watching Diaby and Denilson in the midfield. That worries me big time, Denilson is no substitute for Song, never! If there’s one thing Wenger needs to get right this season its rotation. He/we cannot afford an injury to Alex Song or any other player, but especially Song.  I wish Arsenal could send Diaby on a crash course at the ‘school of defending’ and see him as Songs deputy rather then Denilson.

At least now the World Cup is over, the old wiley one should be on his plane back to London by now. The squad are training and he needs to get his arse into gear now and get this Arsenal side ready to take on and beat all rivals. Yes the transfer window is open for another 6/7 weeks but our first ‘proper’ test begins with The Emirates Cup on the 31st July when we face AC Milan.

Barring a last minute deal between Barca and Arsenal for Cesc, we should get an idea of what this coming season will look like, player wise. Surely and as I keep saying, Wenger will want the squad sorted and together by that date, so that gives him twenty days realistically to make any new signings.

I know many many fans don’t believe he will bring in a player or two, but I do. I think we will see a goal-keeper and a centre half. If we lose/sell any others then I think we will see more. They may not be who you want, but in a few months they may just be players you like….

On a final note, resident blogger mikeB sent this in, after I stopped laughing I thought I’d share it. A perfect ending to the World Cup where England were just dreadful, so was the final….

It seems England  are not only thinking about ditching Stuart Pearce and Ray Clemence but are thinking about new sponsers too!!

I love it, thanks mikeB….

Have a good day all, today our transfer window could open……

Saga draws to a close, no thanks SWP and it will be Wengers fault!

July 9, 2010

Come Monday morning this World Cup saga will be over, either Cesc or Robin will begin the new season as World Cup winners, I sure hope it’s Robin, at least he’s contributed to Holland’s results, unlike our current captain of course who sadly has had to watch from the bench for most of his time in South Africa.

The main reason I can’t wait to see the back of this competition is we finally get to hear from our captain, but secondly and maybe more importantly, Arsene Wenger will be back doing his day job for Arsenal.

We know we already have Chamakh and Kos but this could be the time that the transfer window comes alive.

Pre-season soon begins and clubs will want any new boys to be involved early, ready to begin the new season with players fit  and used to their new team mates.

It will be exciting and interesting to see where the players like Ozil, Honda, Mertesacker and Schweinsteiger all end up, they may of course just stay where they are if their happy. These players are just a few who have shone during this competition and speculation will go into crazy mode.

I’d be happy, very happy if German pair Bastian Schweinsteiger and Per Mertesacker were signed by Wenger. What would they cost together, £40-50M, I’d say that would be money very well spent. Add to that Schwarzer and I think we are complete. Give me the cheque book Arsene, I’ll go and sort them out….

On to rumours, more silly rumours – suggestions are that we are in a battle with others to sign ex legend Ian Wright’s son, well we don’t need him and surely we don’t want him. He is a City cast off who was dreadful at the World Cup. Not to be able to shine amongst that shower of s***e says it all, he’s finished, he probably was from the day he signed for Chelsea. He left City for money then after gathering splinters he went grovelling back to a club that made him a darn good player, what has he done for them since??

In any case, we have enough tiny tots in our side, we need beasts, not tiddlers…

Talking of tiddlers, Stéphane Sessegnon is again linked with us and a host of other clubs. He’s reported to be in advanced talks with a Premier League club and his move away from PSG will be announced over the next few days. Prior to signing for PSG, he was with Le Mans and his position was holding midfielder. At only 5’8″ tall I can’t see him being signed by Wenger, can you??

The real good news though is yesterday Arsene Wenger said that our summer spending is not over and we are looking for another defender, mme, me thinks it’s not just a defender either, I am beginning to have even more hope now…

Couple of others linked to us again, Benfica’s Rafik Halliche who is valued at £4M and yesterday, the rumours about Melo gathered pace after reports in Italy suggest Juve hope for a swap with Clichy. Not sure on that one myself, is Gibbs ready to take over the LB position full-time, maybe he is?  Fabio Capello has made it quite clear that many a youth player will now get a chance to play for England so why not?.

Gibbs, Wilshere and Walcott could all very well be involved in Euro 2012 and the 2014 World Cup, now that would make me pay a bit more attention to the television when England play…. Then just look at the other young English players in our reserves and youth, it could soon be Arsenal playing in the Euro and World Cup……

Even then though, were we to get all the way through the competition, only to be beaten in the final, it would still be Arsene Wengers fault 😉

Were we really that good in 2003/04?

June 21, 2010

Of course we were, we didn’t go a whole season without losing for no reason…..

Away from all the World Cup hype just for today, forget the goings on in the French and English camp, let’s go back in time and remember the 2003/04 season, the players and just how good we were. Not only were the  first eleven darn good, so were many of the players who had to suffer time on the bench. Look at then and then look and now….. 

Arsenal Invincible squad: ( not off the top of my head, help from google)

 Cole, Vieira, Keown, Pires, Ljungberg, Reyes, Bergkamp, Wiltord, Lauren, Taylor, Henry, Lehmann, Parlour, Edu, Cygan, Gilberto, Senderos, Pennant, Clichy, Campbell, Kanu, Toure, Aliadere, Stack

Arsenal today:
Manuel Almunia, Abou Diaby, Bacary Sagna, Cesc Fàbregas, Thomas Vermaelen, Tomáš Rosický, Samir Nasri, Eduardo, William Gallas, Robin van Persie, Carlos Vela, Theo Walcott, Denílson, Aaron Ramsey, Alex Song, Mikaël Silvestre, Jack Wilshere Johan Djourou, Łukasz Fabiański, Gaël Clichy, Andrei Arshavin, Vito Mannone, Emmanuel Eboué, Kieran Gibbs, Marouane Chamakh Armand Traoré, Sol Campbell, Nicklas Bendtner, Wojciech Szczęsny

By my count, back in the 2003/04  season we had seventeen top class players in that invincible squad!!

Looking at todays squad (not including Chamakh) I count we have eleven or maybe twelve at a push, so what does that say??

We have been saying for a while that we lack depth and strength, well apart from those who have funny coloured spectacles, and that quite clearly is the difference between then and now. Our current first eleven is strong and on its day is capable of beating any side in the world, but when injuries start to take their toll, our squad is exposed.

If you could pick two players from the invincible squad, pop them in Dr Who’s Tardis and bring them into the current day, who would they be, then come and tell us why you chose them…

Remember, they will be at the same stage of their career as they were in 2003/04. You can’t pick the keeper, I giving you him on a freebie 🙂

Those were the days…… 🙂

Now Vela is playing for his exit!

May 26, 2010

I am sure you all share my thoughts and feelings here.

Merida has gone to Atletico Madrid, Luke Ayling has signed for Yeovil Town, Sol is considering Celtic, Cesc Fabregas has a big toe out the door, Eboue is wanted by Barcelona and then yesterday, Carlos Vela said is hoping for a great display at the World Cup in South Africa.

Sadly though, Vela doesn’t want a great display at the WC so he can convince Arsene Wenger to start playing him more at his current club, he wants to ‘open doors’ and seek a move to another club where he gets playing time!!

Carlos Vela is now 21 years old – the same age as Theo Walcott….

But for injury, Theo Walcott would have probably started most games last season, can the same be said about Carlos Vela.What has he done wrong? He continues to play for his country yet for Arsenal he has made a handful of appearances.

We signed Vela back in 2005 when he was just sixteen years old. Because of permit restrictions for non EU citizens, we loaned him to Cela Vigo but he never got to play, no idea why really, but he came/went home.

Next up was Salamanca, he had a more successful stay there, scoring eight goals and creating many of Salamanca’s 53 goals.
Such was his success, many of the sides in La Liga wanted to secure his services for the following season as he still wasn’t able to play for Arsenal due to work permit issues.

Osasuna were the lucky club and he did well, earning praise from the Spanish press (grrr Spanish)

I actually couldn’t wait for this kid called Carlos Vela to get to England, to get to see him in the red and white of Arsenal. I’d seen many clips of him playing, he looked special, very special….

May 2008, he came ‘home’ – his permit issues were all sorted out and he was free to play for us and I couldn’t wait to see him..

What I don’t get is how his two seasons with us have been, these are his scores on the doors from

2008/09 season – started 10 games, came on as substitute in 19 matches and scored 6 goals in total.

2009/10 season – started 6 games, came on as substitute in 14 matches and scored 2 goals in total.

Forgive me if I have that wrong, but aren’t they the stats of a player who seems to be going backwards at club level?Am I right in saying that Carlos Vela more often than not seems to be fit to play for Mexico, yet not so often fit to play for Arsenal.

Has Vela cheesed Arsene Wenger off, is that why he doesn’t play? Is that why he wants to leave?

Why does Theo Walcott get the chances regardless of how he plays, yet Carlos Vela, a player who with a bit of great man management could be a hero at our club?

Or, is simply that Arsene Wenger doesn’t think the player is good enough to persevere with?

Well, if it’s the latter then I am stunned, because our boss sure as heck doesn’t apply the same rule across the whole squad does he.

I hope Carlos Vela has a great World Cup, maybe we will get a good price for him when the competition ends, it certainly seems that he is a player who is fed up with waiting for his time at Arsenal. Lets not forget, he isn’t a kid, he’s 21yrs old and plays for Mexico….. He should be playing for us too!!

Have good day all

Have Celtic and Spurs become more appealing than Arsenal?

May 20, 2010


To heck they have, but if you read the reports in the news you would start to think that was the case wouldn’t you?

Sol Campbell, brought back to Arsenal by Wenger, giving him another chance to play top flight football at his old ripe age and now it seems that money may tempt him to go abroad again. Well, Scotland isn’t abroad, but its a bloody long way from where I live and I could probably get to France quicker than I could get top Celtic’s ground!

Why would Sol (if he does) want to play in a league where you may just as well have two teams in it? Ah, I know, he wants to follow the same path as Cesc if he ends up in Spain, the two big clubs fighting it out season after season, yawn!!

On to the Swampies down the road, rumours are they have ‘pipped’ us for Arda Turan from Galatasary and are about to nab Pape Malikou Diakhate (WHO??) from Dynamo Kiev from under Wengers nose!! One top four finish in 400 years for the spuds and suddenly the world of football thinks that our local rivals are a better club to sign for.

Well forgive me but I am sure if Arsene Wenger wanted to buy either of the above two players, it wouldn’t be in the press until the deal was in its last stages! Well that ‘s how it was when we last signed a top player… Actually, was there a transfer window back then 😉 😉

In any case, I am sure that if Wenger truly wanted either of the above two, he would have certainly bought Arda Turan before now (I wish he had), as for Diakhate, just who is this defender who belongs to Kiev but has been on loan at St Etienne and is worth £7M….

I’ve never heard of him, but the price is right and he’s been in France, that transfer has got Wenger written all over it 😉

So what do you think, has Tottingham Hotspur seriously over taken us in the ‘where to go in London’ for a football club? Other than the Chavs of course..

Have the last five years of doing nothing much in the transfer market really made us ‘that bad’?

I don’t think it has come to that just yet and whether Cesc decides to go or not, I am sure we will see some quality signings being drafted in over the next few weeks.

Most players overseas would more often than not choose to play at a club managed by Arsene Wenger over ‘Arry any day of the week. Right now we may struggle to see just how good a coach he is because of all the ongoing going on’s, but surely the worm has to turn, hopefully that will be next season.

As for Tottingham, you can follow all Harry Redknapp’s interviews about new signings on ‘Twitcher‘ 🙂

Finally, if this mornings reports are right, Arsenal have finally grown some balls, Cescs price has been set at £80 Million, that should keep the b*****s away….

Have a great day folks…..

Sol has two years left at the top – best he leave then…..

May 14, 2010

Yesterday we were subjected to a blogger who wanted to tell us how good the club is, how we are on the way up, how he/she loved Arsene Wenger – in fact he/she was so ‘up’ about Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, for a split second I wondered if it was Arsene 🙂

Seriously, I can understand fans seeing the best in everything, but why not express it from your own beliefs rather than that quoting from….

Saying that, I am going to take an article from the same website, one that I hope is true and one that I think could sort many a problem out with our defence.

Sol Campbell believes he has two years left at the highest level – and he wants to spend them with Arsenal.

Do those two comments really go together ?? Ok, I jest about the highest level bit as I know we can get there if……

The most important part of that is he wants to stay with us, and we need him in my opinion. Maybe not so much as a player next season although there will games when he will play, but for me, having Big Sol on board will be a massive coup.

Tony Adams has gone off to manage/coach elsewhere and it seems little likely that Martin Keown will be brought back to help sort out our defensive woes, so is there really anyone better suited to that role than Sol Campbell?

I’m not sure there is, we already have Steve Bould in the junior ranks so having Campbell training with the first team, giving the defensive unit a bit of advice can only be good for the club can’t it. Arsene Wenger must still believe in him, otherwise he would never have got him back.  Wenger may be one of the best to coach offensive football, but right now we need to sort out our defensive side to our game, so bring it on Big Sol – he didn’t get player of the month in April for nothing….

This is what he said to

“I fancy staying, of course I do,” he told

“I want to stay and I want to give it my all for at least another year. I could do two but the manager never gives out two. We always want a little bit more! Give me one year and I’ll work every day and try to win a trophy and bring some kind of glory back to Arsenal.

“Deep inside I feel I’ve got two real gritty years left in me, the years in which I can affect things. If I’m in the team I can really make a difference. I know that. And after two years I will look at it again and we’ll see.

“After that I might only be able to play games here and there, who knows, but I think I can be an influence and be positive and win games and be strong for two years.”

Other than the big names you have planned to bring in Arsene, Sol may yet again prove to be one of the best, if of course you make the most of him….

The spin around Cesc has gathered pace this morning, most red tops believe that he has done a deal with Barca and Yaya Toure is involved in the deal. It’s suggested that Cesc is due for ‘showdown’ talks with Arsene Wenger to sort his future out before the start of the World Cup. I don’t get that bit, he has a contract with us until 2050 so what needs to be sorted? No doubt a lot of the talk is historical stuff and the talks are just to reassure Cesc that we are adding some quality to our squad to give us a real chance of winning trophies…

I hope so anyway!

Campbell and Keown get together ….

April 27, 2010

With their opinion of course, what did you think I meant….

I’m going to cheat today and for two reasons,

1) All is quite quiet on the Arsenal front as we head towards the season’s close.

2) I have a busy day or so ahead, so I’m just making life easy for myself.

Sol Campbell has said this

The main thing is you have got to get the right balance, there is a fantastic amount of talent here and we just have to believe we can win a major trophy – and you also need a bit of the rub of the green now and again.
That said, I believe you make your own luck in the game – how you play, how you conduct yourselves, how you approach matches, making sure you are seriously thinking about football, you create luck with all those things combined.

Training-wise, you have to work on your weaknesses, preparing yourself properly for the game, on and off the field.
It is not that you have to be locked up 24/7, but I think all these things do add up – you ensure that things go your way by doing all the things which come before you actually step on the pitch.

We have got a lot of that in place here and I am sure that, once everything comes together, there will be no stopping Arsenal winning trophies season after season. You have to truly believe in your skill and trust that you can do something.
‘Wherever we finish, we will have to build on it and keep on going.

Martin Keown has said this,

The staff have worked hard for another year and they will go away disillusioned for another summer because this year has been a missed opportunity. The title was there to win this season.

If you look at the age of the team this year then I think they have over-achieved. They are all very young but we can’t keep saying that forever.

Arsenal need to buy in a sprinkling of proven quality players and introduce them alongside the current players, and they will drag them over the line.

It’s very important that you have these people in the squad. They are people who have been there and done it. They are people who you can look up to and rely on to show that quality. When you have a squad full of youngsters you get inconsistency and you are never quite sure how they’ll perform.

All the Arsenal players are now playing for their futures, they only have a few games to prove that they deserve to play at their club and that they deserve to have a future and that goes with the territory when you are playing for a big club.

The minute you can’t win a trophy then you don’t deserve a place, it’s as simple as that!!

Finally, Arsene Wenger has ‘allegedly’ said this,

“The construction of the Emirates Stadium meant that for many years we could not spend a lot of money. Our financial situation has greatly improved. We are finally able to buy the players we think we need.”

Will the summer of 2010 finally see one plus one make three?? I hope so because all three comments together are very positive 🙂

Have a good day peeps…..