Arsene’s a tight old git isn’t he… Robin’s crocked!!


Just what have we been doing for the last couple of weeks? I’ll tell you shall I, we have all been slating Barca for their filthy tactics yes, but we have also been saying, if they want Cesc, let them pay what he is worth, not just make an offer that is an insult to both the player and his current club!

Am I right?? Yes, and so is Arsene Wenger for saying Cesc is worth £80M or thereabouts.

Baring that in mind, (if reports are correct) why does our old tight git of a manager go and offer Lorient £4.2M for Laurent Koscielny, a player whose his club value at just under £7M…

I know the two situations are miles apart, different for all sorts of reasons but the principle is the same.

Lorient are not one of the biggest clubs in the world but just the same as a club like our, money matters and every penny counts. Why do we, Arsenal insult a club/player and offer such a lesser amount? We do it too often and it usually ends up in us missing out on a player who Wenger must rate. Surely if he didn’t he wouldn’t have put an offer in, in the first place!

Why can’t we just contact the club, find out how much they want then offer a realistic amount to buy him, you know, just like we all do when we buy a house. We know there is an extra £5000 on the value so you offer £10,000 below the asking price. Afer a bit of haggling the seller gets the right price….

Not Wenger though, he has offered nearly £3M less than the amount Koscielnys club has valued him at, why oh bloody why does he do it??

Koscielny is a 6’1″ CH, born in France but also qualifies to play for Poland…. He hasn’t made his mind up yet!!

I don’t know anything about the player, but my point is, if I did and I was qualified to make the judgement about him being a very good player and wanted to sign him for the club I managed, I would be offering a lot more than Wenger has reportedly made…..

How many players have we lost out because of an offer that was below the value of the player for sale???

Bah! Humbug! Ebenezer Scrooge – aka Arsene Wenger

I’ll let you all think about that one………

What we all feared, happened yesterday, Robin van Persie limped out of training and had his ankle heavily packed with ice. The World Cup hasn’t even started yet and he has suffered injury.  We can only hope the Dutch Camp don’t risk him if he is not fully fit. I hope Arsenal are keeping tabs on this…..

Finally, this morning we are again being linked with Steven Taylor of Newcastle, Wigans Hugo Rodallega and Lyon midfielder Jean Makoun…..

Roll on Tuesday, let the fun begin!

297 Responses to Arsene’s a tight old git isn’t he… Robin’s crocked!!

  1. rico says:

    Morning all…

    5M for Steven Taylor – I know he’s a bit of a thug, but wouldn’t you try and get him for that price??

  2. clcckendrider says:

    Just how muchdo you know about Koscielny? Be honest, you had never heard of him before all this stuff blew up. So who exactly are you to say you know better than the club as to what then guy is worth? Everyone in the woprld knows the price for obne of the best midfielders in the world, aged 23 with 4 years left on hiscontract. Who can tell what some centre half no one has heard of who plays in the French second division is worth?
    All clubs will try it on when Arsenal or another big club with funds come calling. It’s called negotitation. Thank heavens you’re not conducting them for Arsenal, you clown.

  3. Hairy Bottle says:

    First time reading your post and i must find that its pretty much the same as the rest of the Wenger brasher…Arsenal BID for Koscielny and got rejected becos the club wants more. So Arsenal will proceed to negotiate again till a price is agreed. If not the deal is off. The club will pays only if they feels its worth the value. We don’t buy for the sake of it. This is how a transfer is done and it applies to most decent clubs. Now on the other hand, Barca didn’t place a bid for us to reject. They uses media to carry their voice and try to pressure the player and his club to slam down the transfer price. They can just BID then we’ll negotiate. I would say the whole approach is different from Arsenal. Why you even relates them together really puzzles me. Are you just trying to vent your anger becos there’s no signings till now…Try PC football management game boy : )

  4. rico says:

    clcckend – which part of this do you not really understand from the post??

    ‘I don’t know anything about the player, but my point is, if I did and I was qualified to make the judgement about him being a very good player and wanted to sign him for the club I managed, I would be offering a lot more than Wenger has reportedly made…..’

  5. rico says:

    Hairy Bottle – thank you, but please Game Boy!!!! ??

  6. Danny says:

    So you’re going to base your whole article on a whim.
    1-This is hardly guaranteed fact
    2- You have no idea how good the lad is. If he is unpolished or not even rated.
    3-The player plys his trade in French second tier. Nearest equivalent, er maybe Steven Taylor’s apparent 5 million price tag.
    4- If we have bid and God knows we have no idea either way. Who is leading negotitations? Is Gazidis firing the opening gambit, working towards something in the 5 million region for a player who is unheard of outside his own shores.
    Seems a strange post.

  7. jim says:

    You’re dead right. We should offer teams more money for their players. We wouldn’t want to insult them.
    I find your argument to be particularly cogent in this case, seeing as you know nothing about the player but still think we should increase our bid for him.You should be our next manager.

  8. Hairy Bottle says:

    LOL….guess i miss my game boy too much : D

  9. musher says:

    Are you nuts? You understand what is the difference between an established player and a unknown player? Fabregas has nothing else to prove, he is worth every penny. Stupid article.

  10. clockendrider says:

    So what you’re saying is, if you knew anything at all about the player or the purchase of players, you would bid twice what an experienced team of people who both know about the player and about the process of negotiating for players.

  11. arthur daily says:

    the french/polish defender was bought from a second division club for 1.5 mil plays a good season in first division and arsenal “apparently” offer a sum that would more than triple their money as an opening offer – they want 7 so theres 3 to play with and both split the diff and the player transfers for 5ish with add ons after appearences ……. why the wenger bashing …… hes trying to get a good deal just like everyone else ……

  12. Surrey Gunner says:

    Facts about situation
    1. We dont want Cesc to go!
    2. If he does go we dont want him to go to Barca
    3. We dont need the money
    4. We want to ask really silly money for Cesc as a discentive
    5. We want to add on crazy conditions like money plus great players ie Massi to act a disincentive.
    6. We dont want Toure (Oh god no) or Ibram

    So this morning rumour is Madrid want Cesc at 80 Million plus kaka.

    Sorry if this is off beam, not on topic

    Barca have been taking the piss out of Arsenal for a long time and we need to make it impossible for them to get Cesc.

  13. rico says:

    clockend – no, what i am saying is, IF wenger is looking at this guy and he really wants to sign him, why not offer something a little more reasonable to get his man. wenger is a shrewd man and more often than not gets it right with players, but as soon as other clubs here that wenger wants a player they will go and out bid him and then we lose out…

  14. rico says:

    thanks musher, but why comment just to be negative….

  15. rico says:

    Surrey Gunner – it matters not if your comment is off topic, its important to you so it matters…

  16. rico says:

    Danny, how many players do you think we may have lost out on just because we dont put the ‘right’ offer in at the beginning…. wenger must rate the player, otherwise he wouldnt bid for him…

  17. rico says:

    jim, you are totally missing the point, yes i like you know nothing about him, but funny enough, one of our scouts obviously does…. that is why wenger has made a bid…. see the point!

  18. Nedu says:

    On point blogger! The guys hating on u dont get it. Wenger probably values fab at 60m and barca bids 30 million, thats half. Then lorient values ko…at 8 and wenger bids 4.2, thats basically half too. So if we complain abt barca insulting us, then lorient should be complaining abt us insulting us. PERIOD! Last year with arshavin(which is very similar to cesc cos he was the star of their team), it was the same, zenit wanted 25 mili but wenger started at 10! And ended up payin just 15! Which we all know was underpriced because he wanted to leave. Now expect that same scenario wit fab, he might go for 40mili which is underpriced too!!

  19. gambon says:

    Steven Taylor – no thanks, he’s beyond average.

    Koscielny is apparantly a very good player, but would probably not be starting alongside Vermaelen next season.

    We still need that GK & DM though!

    We could do with a world class striker as well, ive run out of patience with RVP.

  20. rico says:

    Surrey Gunner, the rumour this morning is Jose wants Lampard and will offer Kaka…. Strange one, eh…

  21. rico says:

    Hi gambon, we have been linked with Taylor so many times and wenger likes him, and his price 😉 Apparently Newcastle hope to have Senderos, somehow all in the Taylor deal, don’t know how though as Senderos can go where he likes on a free

    Who do you think will start alongside TV ??

  22. rico says:

    Thank you Nedu, 🙂

  23. Hairy Bottle says:

    Nedu, nobody hates rico….can you just read what the other guys wrote above before summing up your naive views regarding transfer ? There’s proper way to do it…

  24. Danny says:

    A good few, as have most managers and clubs. Simply the nature of trying to buy something an owner is reluctant to part with.

  25. mal says:

    your right….the heres 50 quid and a luncheon voucher ploy is getting a bit old. we have cash from ade and kolo and should just splash the cash. if they want 7 million then offer 6 and be prepared to pay what they want, but happy if we get him for 6.5. What annoys me is he then bleats on about we could have had this guy and i could have signed him (apart from the fact that you offered pittance)

  26. Nedu says:

    Yeah yeah rico. And i’ll takes steven taylor cos he’s a fighter and he’s english!

  27. rico says:

    Guys/Gals lets keep it friendly please 🙂

    Trouble is though Danny, we don’t have the big sugar daddy to fund our transfers so we have to be a bit more sensible – if this player is as good as wenger believes, then why take a risk on losing out? you know what the likes of chavs, city and even twitcher down the road will do… outbid us…

    We need two CH’s and other clubs know that, they will bleed us for every penny, and more if we don’t offer a sensible price….

  28. gambon says:

    Id like a CB with experience & international caps as well.

    Not easy to find but there are a few around – Kjaer, Bonucci, Zapata, Westermann, Mertesacker, Ciani, Rami, Vertonghen, MBia.

  29. rico says:

    Hi mal, that’s exactly my point in the post…

    Look at Smalling, did we offer the same as the mancs or less???

  30. Nedu says:

    Hairy bottle, but u get what i mean right?

  31. rico says:

    M’bia for me gambon, or Mertsacker, but he has ruled out any move sadly, Taylor would be a half decnt back up though, especially if it means we don’t get a ‘silvestre’ kind of defender….

  32. rico says:

    Cahill, M’bia, Taylor…. Surely with TV, that would be a strong group, JD in there aswell…..

  33. Nedu says:

    Rico, if i remember right, wenger ddnt want to offer anything! Cos wen he was quizzed abt smalling, he said he liked him but he wasnt going to bid for him immediately(to take away the eyes of the world so he could start from 3m), then 5days on, mancs bid 10mill then wenger desperately equals the bid but he’d(smalling) already made up his mind. You see?

  34. rico says:

    Nedu, i see your point, smalling is a london boy too i think, surely he would have preferred to stay rather than move to manchester…. also, hodgson and wenger are quite good firends, no doubt he would have had a preference about who to sell to, but again too late….

  35. Erick says:

    Rico 🙂 🙂 nice typical Aw stuff he may be pulling a fast one on other teams and his interest may be else where or he might fail to get the player because of 1mill I don’t understand Aw he is a puzzle. In regard to Cesc 50mil or no deal

  36. JonJon says:

    morning guys

    rico i get your point..we dont probably need this guy but in 5 years time if hes the best CB in the world playing for madrid or the mancs, wenger will turn round and tell us he almost signed him..but for the sake of a couple of million we lost him…

    the same happened with ronaldo..

    it happened the other year with alonso..

    wenger does have a tendancy of messing about when it comes to transfer targets..and its never to save 10mil or 15mil…its always peanuts that he tries to point..if he wants this guy bad enough then whats an extra 3mil?? we’ll make that back in one home game..

  37. rico says:

    Morning Erick, agree with your comment on both points, i hope we get more than 50m, but i can’t see it to be honest.

  38. omar says:

    i seriously doubt if there any fans in the world who are more negative than us.. i mean really it’s very tiring reading all the negative articles and comments about wenger, walcott, and other players. i wasn’t old enough at the time but i wonder how negative our fans were in the mid-ninties then? when we used to finish 7th or even 12th. very strange how fans always think they know everything. arsene is our manager and the players represent arsenal so if u dont like them or give them ure full support then perhaps u should find another club to support… lets say a club that spend alot of money every year and win trophies. EASY WAY OUT

  39. rico says:

    Morning jj

    He also extends that to wages, look at cashley?? all he had to do was give him the money he wanted which i don’t think was unreasonable and he would have probably stayed…..

    don’t get me wrong though, i don’t like him one bit…

  40. gambon says:

    The Star is running a story that we’ve signed Joe Cole on their back page.

  41. gambon says:

    Omar, youre a fool.

  42. rico says:

    The Star is our mouthpiece isn’t it gambon?? I heard he had done a deal with the mancs having turned down West Ham…

  43. agirlagunner says:

    Hola! rico, you attract some wild ones in here! 🙂

    I am distinctly unimpressed by our ambitions in the transfer market. For a super club, we should be looking at the VDVs, David Silvas, Llorises of this world. Instead, we are putting in offers for the Who the…?

    Hello, Nedu. I did not know that the Smalling deal played out in that fashion. Makes us look like such nobodies.

  44. K-TR7 says:

    Morning guys.i have never heard of this guy so i can’t argue about the price.

  45. Erick says:

    Rico the Cesc saga will go on until the transfer window closes but they will have to break the bank thats the only for Barca. JJ the Cristiano one just made me so annoyed but after going to madrid I calmed down

  46. rico says:

    omar, you weren’t around in the mid 90’s, i can assure you i was and its was grim to see us finishing so low in the league, but funny enough, we had turned a corner and won things since then, were you around then??

    We have been left behind by other clubs a bit becuase of a little stubborness shown by the board/manager, all we are asking is to get a decent squad again and start winning, usually thats what fans all want, i take it you are happy to win nothing??

  47. rico says:

    Morning agag, KTR7

    sure have agag, some young uns too i think, not born in the mid 90’s 😉

    I think so Erick, but while the WC goes on I think it will go dead…

  48. rico says:

    Morning ‘The Law’ – i am glad you took such a long time to write your comment, shame you had to be insulting as now it was a waste of time…

    Please, shut the door behind you!! 🙂

  49. JonJon says:

    id take joe cole..on a free!!!

    whats to lose..

  50. rico says:

    So would I jj, in a flash..

  51. agirlagunner says:

    If Cole’s in? Who’s out? Not Little Mozart, surely?! 😦

  52. Erick says:

    AGAG up early Wath still snoring 😉 K-tr7 thats a first one never heard of that player so what should I say 🙂

  53. rico says:

    No-one has to go agag, we need a stronger, deeper squad, at least then wenger can rotate a bit and prevent players over doing it….

  54. agirlagunner says:

    Hello, Erick. It’s 5 PM here…

  55. rico says:

    5PM, so when you come on later in the day (here) what time is it then agag?? 2am??

  56. JonJon says:


    i seriously doubt their is another top club in the world who are unambitious as us..and i seriously doubt that their are many other fans out their who are lied to as much as us..

    if we want to be treated like a world class club we have to start acting like one..

    for a top club we have the same transfer strategy as sam allardyce and its not acceptable..

  57. JonJon says:


    i dont care whos out..apart from cesc none of our playmakers are good enough..rosickys past it, rambos too young nasris a fat ponce and diabys shit..arshavin cant be arsed rvp always injured and wenger doesnt like jack…

    and according to reports barca have upped their offer to 55mil so he could be off..

    i think 55-60mil would be a fair price..

  58. Erick says:

    Too many free players bet they think they can play crap and still get games but am hoping they can’t be worse than what we got 😦

  59. gambon says:

    I think signing Chamakh & Cole on freebies would be exceptional business.

  60. JonJon says:

    i dont mind free players if they are good players..

    chamakaka doesnt seem bad..joe cole definatley isnt bad..hes top class..

    as long as wenger gets the good ones and not the likes of silvestre i dont mind at also means he has more money to go for some superstars..

    which he better do this summer..

  61. Erick says:

    Agag your time difference is tough 5pm bet Wath aint home from work:-) JJ you get my Echo on AA and Nasir but TR7 and Rambo I have faith in AA not my favourite by a mile

  62. rico says:

    where did you read the 55M offer jj, thats not good news…..

    i only want to see denilson, silvestre, diaby, almunia and flappy go….. the others are ok in the squad 😉

  63. K-TR7 says:

    I don’t care about big names; just a decent and bigger squad that competes till may,re-evaluate the medical staff and that too much to ask?we pay high ticket prices and surely thats not too much to ask?vermy type of bargains are fine by me so long as they aren’t bischoff type bargains…jj at least we have the lovely emirates pitch to play on.i heard allardyce has ox ploughs through the pitch to ‘level the playing field’…

  64. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    Morning all!

    This is just one of Wenger’s shrewd moves. He lifts a player no-one’s ever heard of up into the light by bidding £4M for him. Suddenly a couple of giants sniffs “a-Wenger-bargain” and then it all kicks off. Real Madrid offers Lorient £10, but by now every oligarch from Indonesia to Greenland has heard of the player and wants to sign him and the fighting doesn’t stop until Manchester City have been bought up once again by an ever wealthier arab family ONLY to be able to afford this Koscielny-bloke…

    He goes for £253M on 31st of August and you can hear Wenger as he laughs his most vicious laugh in the heart of the Emirates Stadium… “MOAHAHAHAHAHA!”

  65. agirlagunner says:

    Yes… I don’t sleep much, rico. 🙂

    The ease with which JJ dismissed our starters is… Ouch. 🙂

    I’d be really sad if we sold Dudu and TR7. On the other hand, Sylvie, the Flapper twins, and Denilson can go.

    I still want Madrid to bid for Cesc. Just to annoy the stains.

  66. JonJon says:

    the rumour is joe cole doesnt want to leave london so hes turned down the mancs

    hes turned down spam cos he knows he better than that and he turned down spurs cos they just shit..

    if he wants to come to us and hes available on a free i would hope wenger snaps him up..

  67. Erick says:

    Gambon and JJ I have nothing against free players but it does not feel good. Aw won’t get established players he will buy the unknown ones but I feel the goal keeper might be different

  68. K-TR7 says:

    JJ barca are skint and won’t pay that much for a player they don’t desperately need.why would you pay that much for a player that isn’t a regular?laporta has spent 110mil over the last year,another 50mil may be a bit far fetched.

  69. JonJon says:


    it was on SSN this morning..the stains has said they will offer no more than 55mil but the deal depends on a player sale probably yaya..

    its now on hold until after the world cup so they can sort it out..

  70. JonJon says:


    barca are skint..they have said they will offer no more than 30mil which is probably cos thats all they have left..but if they sell someone like yaya for 25 theyve got their money to get their man..

    i dont see wenger turning down 55mil..

  71. Erick says:

    Morning Vcc spot on 🙂

  72. rico says:

    Thats a bugger jj, yaya doesn’t want to come to us, so we get a sulk on our hands 😦

    agag, join the ‘lack of sleep club’ 😦

  73. K-TR7 says:

    Toure wants to go to either mancs or chavs but neither are interested.he has rejected the northern chavs…

  74. Erick says:

    I don’t see Madrid going for Cesc Jose will be looking for player almost in their thirties he said that himseld but I would love madrid to scare the stains

  75. rico says:

    The Law, no name calling, thats all we ask, stick to taht and you can come on, simples..

  76. Erick says:

    Agag you can do away with GG and start using (Khat) its a plant that people chew to help them not fall asleep 🙂 🙂

  77. JonJon says:

    what are we going to do about robin?? 1 full season in 6 and that stat doesnt seem to be getting better..

    hes a good player but i think its time we looked for another worldclass player to lead the line..if rvp is fit then they both play but when hes injured for 5 months we have someone to take the weight on his shoulders…

  78. rico says:

    He worries me jj, i think wenger worries too, hence we keep getting linked to this wigan fella… i can’t see him going a whole season, in fact can’t see him playing in half of our games… i wouldn’t get rid of him though… he is our new mr arsenal

  79. JonJon says:


    do you mean MKAT??

    its plant food and its a horrible horrible drug.

    AGAG would be better off with valium if she wants to sleep.. Or a big fat bob marley cigarette.. 😉

  80. JonJon says:

    i dont want this wigan fella though..

  81. th14 says:

    I hear that Jose is ready to start a bidding war for Cesc. Ha! That will teach Barca the tapping up wankers. Now if he does go, at least we should get what he’s worth – upwards of £50m. On the Robin front, what a surprise! We need to get some quality to cover his inevitable absence come August, so please AW, SPEND BIG!

  82. agirlagunner says:

    That’s funny, VCC. 🙂 I want pots of that khat, Erick. Is it legal?

    Robin’s made of glass, it’s terrible. Every time he hits form, he gets injured.

  83. gambon says:

    Higuain should be brought in to ‘replace’ Robin.

    Unfortunately theres no hope of a bidding war for Cesc, as he only wants to join one club.

  84. gambon says:

    Its no longer legal, as of about 1 month ago.

    Serious stuff though.

  85. Erick says:

    Jj echo re Rvp we need other option

  86. W.A.T.H says:

    I don’t believe this football site now ur all discussing “Stuff” to help u sleep stay awake and make you see funny things…………

    It’s disgusting u load of druggies…………..

    Oh and morning 🙂

  87. Good to be a GOONAH!! says:

    silly article… if we value a player at £4.2 million, that is what we are willing to pay. If you walk into the Arsenal shop intending to pay £40 for the new top and discover Arsenal FC want you to pay £300, I think you would refuse this price, in spite of your friends and family jeering you for being cheap.

  88. JonJon says:


    cesc has said he only wants to join one club but if barca keep mucking about cesc will become frustrated..

    if the chance to join up with jose and ronaldo came up i dont think its beyond the realms of possibilty that he wont be tempted..

    i dont think its about money with cesc, we pay him enough he wont get much more anywhere else..its more about trophies..barca are clearing up so the appeal is stronger but real will now start with jose there and cesc might just be tempted

    jose has that appeal..i think if they came in with a bid and we let cesc talk to him he might just twist his arm

  89. rico says:

    Morning WATH – disgraceful, eh 🙂

    jj, mr sicko has been back, have deleted one comment already…..

  90. rico says:

    also, jose will outdo barca next year, Real Madrid will become the force in Spain me thinks…

  91. agirlagunner says:

    LOL, jj. Noted, gambon. Erick, what other plants have you been playing with?

    I’m sure Cesc wouldn’t want to go to Madrid, but I want Maureen to get to Barca. They deserve every annoyance they can possibly get. Classless, Self-righteous, arrogant stains that they are!

  92. W.A.T.H says:

    Hardly a silly article G2baG………. It’s merely pointing out as usual if we actually value a player then why try and get them all on the cheap and then lose out when someone comes along and pays more and nicks the player. A top in the AFC shop is hardly relevant is it…?!?!?!?!?! surely it would mean you go in and offer 20 quid for a 40 quid top and they tell you to piss off… Simple..!

  93. Erick says:

    Jj we call it miraa here or Khat may be thats another name Agag a 1 kg per day will do 🙂

  94. JonJon says:

    morning wath..

    dont the the fucker on rico..we dont advocate shit like that..he wouldnt stand much chance anyway now WATHS on 😉

  95. rico says:

    Why silly GTBAG???

    We are tight, if a club value a player at X amount, either pay it, or offer someting sensible, OR do as what wenger has so ofetn does, lose out!

  96. rico says:

    I’m not going to jj, i might give WATH his address though 😉 😉 (no of course i wouldn’t)

    Cant work out if he is a barca fan or a spud….

  97. JonJon says:

    i like higuain though..bit pricey

    what about benzema??

  98. W.A.T.H says:

    Erick the Bandit now to be known as “Weedlord”…….

    I think Erick is trying to seduce you AGAG u could be getting a “parcel” in the post 😉

  99. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:


    I think you might get what you’re looking for if you talk to this guy:

    Although I’m not sure if he’s chewing Khat or if he’s just doin’ the old “suck-on-this” sign? I’m not sure.

    I think RvP should stay with us. He’s pure quality and have a big Arsenal-heart. Only problem is what you’ve all been saying. The guy needs to be ON the pitch more often than OFF it.

  100. Nedu says:

    Away from the topic a lil bit. Twichy got manager of the year for finishing 4th while spendin like 1trillion on players but aw challenged the top 2 til the last 2weeks(mathematically at least) wit a shoemaker’s budget and youth players but he was still ignored! Normally he’d be manager of the year for me. This shows the pl or whoever gives that award recognises the fact that we are falling backwards from what it used to be. Last decade, ie 2000 til now, we consistently had 2 players in the running for pfa, sometimes 3, out of 5 but now we barely have 1. I love aw and arsenal dearly and he has not failed but his tactics has to be changed. Replacing world beaters with average everton players is not acceptable at arsenal. Not anymore. And joe cole on free has to be the best deal of the summer for us.

  101. W.A.T.H says:

    JJ call me daft stupid and mental but I reckon that Wigan fella would do a decent job for us…….. Just a feeling…. Oh and that mate of mine up in scouse land he thinks so too so if I am delusional and lost the plot that makes 2 of us 😉

  102. rico says:

    IP address is in the uk …..

  103. rico says:

    He’s a big fella isn’t he? if he can get 11 goals for wigan, just think how many he could get for us 🙂

  104. Erick says:

    Wath Sailor where have you been doing still on GG people are upgrading please do upgrade

  105. gambon says:

    Theres no way Wenger deserved ‘Manager of the year’ – he hasnt deserved it for a long time.

  106. JonJon says:

    WATH to be honest i dont know much about him, but i just dont think we should be buying players from wigan if we want to win the league..

    ericks now tony montana

  107. rico says:

    He didn’t get that did he gambon???

  108. W.A.T.H says:

    I’ll stick to the GG thanx weedlord……. 🙂

    Rico, he’s big quick and strong and has now had a few yrs in the Prem he know’s what its all about…!. I know I’m gonna get slaughtered for that but bring it on…!

  109. agirlagunner says:

    I never touch anything illegal, WATH. I’m a good girl. 🙂

    GTBAG, are you honestly satisfied about our transfer targets?

  110. JonJon says:

    agreed.. wengers not the best manager..

    hes a shit hot coach and a shit hot visionary and a shit hot accountant but as far as management goes he pretty much just shit..

    hes a bad liar too but thats more the boards fault

  111. W.A.T.H says:

    JJ does it matter where they come from IF they fit in and do a good job 4 the team…??? Song came from where exactly…? half our team has come from nobodies so if a player would fit in and do a job then great. Cahill from “bolton” that also mean we don’t want him..?

  112. Nedu says:

    Gambon, really? Did harry deserve it more than wenger?

    Jj, mancs bought valencia from wigan and almost won the league! Is not abt the club they come from, it abt the quality they possess.

  113. JonJon says:

    good point wath..

  114. rico says:

    I’d be happy with him to be honest, wenger spots a good striker, shame he cant do it with goal keepers….

  115. K-TR7 says:

    Erick you naughty boy…advising agag to get ‘miraa’?i wonder what your intentions are…pure evil…

  116. gambon says:


    Yeah he deserved it more than Wenger, but probably didnt deserve it himself.

    Wenger is not a particularly good manager.

  117. rico says:

    Nedu, no swearing on here 😉 😉

    Roy Hodgson for me….

  118. JonJon says:

    im not saying its where they come from theres always a big fish in a small cahill..

    its more to do with the fact hes not exactly set the world alight while hes been at wigan..

    whether he’ll do it for arsenal i dont know but for however many millions is he worth the risk..

    valencia was standing out for wigan when he was was was obvioius they would move on

    has this rodelaga guy done enough??

  119. JonJon says:

    ericks expanding his montana empire..

  120. W.A.T.H says:

    JJ we won’t really know if the fella is good enough or has done enough but he does look dangerous he don’t get the service at Wigan but still causes problems and for me thats what a striker should do. I’ve watched him a few times and always just thought that hmmm in a decent team this fella could be proper….! He also ain’t a kid. 8/10mill def worth a punt especially if AW throws in a few of the deadwood we got in and around the squad..?

  121. agirlagunner says:

    rico, the boys certainly have a lot of opinions on plant life, don’t they? 🙂

    Hodgson over Twitch any day.

  122. K-TR7 says:

    Ladies beware!erick is on the prowl…

  123. rico says:

    WATH, if wenger throws in our deadwood, we would be left with about five players….. 😉

  124. JonJon says:

    is our deadwood good enough for wigan?? 😉

  125. Wrighty7 says:

    Good morning all!

    This Koscielny fella will be the sort of centre-back signing Wenger will make this summer.

    I reckon he will promote Johan Djourou as Thomas Vermaelens new partner at the back.

    Anyone he signs will be a squad player.

  126. rico says:

    agag, i haven’t a clue what they are talking about, i know its not begonias though 😉

  127. rico says:

    Oi Oi Wrighty, good to see you, all good??

  128. W.A.T.H says:

    Shit JJ didnt think of that………… can u imagine the wigan blogs………. ” I hope we don’t get any of those Arsenal players cos they shit….” lol

  129. W.A.T.H says:

    AGAG I really don’t think you should be discussing things on the net with “weedlord” about what you should or should not be sucking…..!. I rest my case…. or should that be crate..? Hmmmm 😉

  130. Wrighty7 says:

    Oy oy!!!

    Yeah thanks Rico. How you guys doing?

  131. Nedu says:

    Rico me too. Roy H is the man. Jj he’s not the best and no we dont need anyother strikers. Chamakh was brought in addition to dudu, vp and bendy plus vela. ITS ENOUGH! All of them cant be misfiring at the same time. Just buy green and upson(apparently to make way for djourou next 2 years)/kjaer(though he’s too young) and melo and we might line up like this: green–sagna, verm, upson, clichy–cesc, melo, song–aa, vp, chamakh wit nasri and bendy wit djourou and diaby as back up. Campbell too.

  132. JonJon says:

    i didnt realise he was colombian..those guys are naturally a good ruck

    maybe erick could have a word.. 😉

    oi oi wrighty..

  133. K-TR7 says:

    Rico its seems this blog has so many fans.hello wrighty…

  134. agirlagunner says:

    I know, rico. I’ll stick to the euphorbias and hydrangeas in our pocket garden. Haha. And VCC had an illustrative photo too. LOL.

    @ JJ 🙂

    Weedlord, er, Erick, behave. Stick to school and shakies.

    WATH, easy on the GG. You’ll clear out South Africa’s stock of the stuff.

    Hello, Wrighty.

  135. rico says:

    🙂 agag…

    All good thanks Wrighty, just waiting for all our new signings on Tuesday 😉

    Just how we like it KTR7 🙂

  136. rico says:

    Nedu, i am not so sure, if we lose Robin, what do we really have up top…


    Chamakh, well he may need time to get used to the EPL, I say get the big fella from wigan….

    or Crouchie 😉 😉

  137. rico says:

    jj, do my eyes deceive me, that clip shows the big man using both his right foot and his left….. we don’t have many that can do that in our current squad…. 😦

  138. W.A.T.H says:

    Nedu………… Green is the english version of almunia just ask any w-ham fans u know….! He’s pants…!.

    I see ur coming round to my way of thinking JJ…. 🙂

    AGAG I have sent a container load ahead already not much chance of running out now…! Fly in we can sahre a few bottle…! Weedlaord must tend to his “crop”..!

  139. JonJon says:

    you can never have too many strikers nedu

    we went into last season playing a 433 formation and about 7 strikers in the squad and we ended up playing nasri rosicky and eboue up top for the majority of the season..

  140. K-TR7 says:

    Apparently gallas is sulking after evra was awarded the captains armband…ozil shone brightest as germany beat hungary.ozil is a real talent…

  141. Red Arse says:

    Arsenal never talk about a player until after he has been signed. Over the years, a player who says publicly that Arsene wants him NEVER joins the Gunners. (shape up Rodallego or better stillshut up).

    Interesting to read all the arguments regarding the value of Koscielny, but where do you suppose the info on an Arsenal bid came from, let alone the money offered? I suppose Arsene let it slip over a pint or two down at the old Bull and Bush. I don’t think.

  142. JonJon says:

    its why i blog WATH..

    i dont do it to be right all the time i do it to find stuff out.. 😉 transfer season is always the best time to blog..all everyone talks about is transfers..i dont know why though we wont see any 😉

    krt have you never seen wrighty before?? his blog is one of the best..

    i think we should get erick to speak to his contacts and seen if we can get a colombian import on the cheap.. 😉

  143. Nedu says:

    Something tells me chamakh will be an instant hit next season. Torres-esque. As for rod coming in, it has to be after the world cup atleast. Vela/dudu has to go and the only avenue for vela is through the wc. Since green is not our class, sign hart or stick in mannone cos lloris wont come, not this year atleast.

  144. JonJon says:

    ktr ive heard of that ozil a few times but again i know naff all about him..

    im off on a youtube scouting mission.. 😉

  145. agirlagunner says:

    rico, jj, I agree, we need more strikers especially with our RVP’s history of injuries, and nedu, our strikers, in the last season showed that they could all misfire at the same time.

    WATH, I seriously worry for your health. 🙂 Erick is jack of all trades, he’s also a hunter, remember?

  146. JonJon says:

    harts my choice nedu..

  147. agirlagunner says:

    nedu, as much as I like “Torres-esque”, I would really love Torres himself. In a parallel, universe…

  148. JonJon says:


    i dont really like germans..they all a set of Kuntz!! 😉

    but they are disciplined and they are machines..

    id take philip lahm off bayern all day long.

  149. rico says:

    Hi Red Arse, come on, its silly season, we all get a bit carried away on the big wheel at this time of the year, how else do we fill are day without watching our boys play 🙂

  150. rico says:

    Don’t know why Gallas is sulking over the armband being given to Evra, he should be used to losing it 🙂 🙂

  151. JonJon says:

    red arse

    nasri and chamakh were the worst kept secrets in transfer history..

  152. rico says:

    Diaby ready to emerge from Vieira’s long shadow….

    With the World Cup just around the corner, France appear to be realising what Arsenal fans have sensed for a while — Abou Diaby could use the big stage to step out of the shadow of the great Patrick Vieira.

    The 24-year-old plays for Arsenal in the role once filled by former France captain Vieira, who is now past his prime and not in national coach Raymond Domenech’s squad for the June 11-July 11 finals.

    The similarities do not stop there.

    The same lanky figure, same ability to capture the ball and roll it up the field with calm authority, same discreet but determined manners: the two are much of a kind.

    Diaby, who was called up for the first time in 2007, has won just two more caps since, the latest a 2-1 warm-up win over Costa Rica on Wednesday, in which he beautifully set up Mathieu Valbuena for the winning goal.

    “I haven’t played much, it’s true, but I was called up many times,” Diaby, a man normally happy to let his football do the talking, told reporters at France’s training camp in Tunisia.

    Wonder which fan they spoke to! – Was it you WATH 😉

  153. K-TR7 says:

    JJ i read all of wrighty posts on his blog.i was there the other day as we tore barca a new one…the posts there are usually level headed.

  154. agirlagunner says:

    “Diaby, a man normally happy to let his football do the talking, told reporters at France’s training camp in Tunisia.”

    Whoever wrote this has not watched much of Diaby. “Football do the talking”, my foot.

  155. JonJon says:

    diaby will never be vieira and i hope he does have a storming tornament then we can sell him for top whack.. 😉

  156. W.A.T.H says:

    That shit about Diaby is beyond belief…….. As for players saying they signing for Arsenal I can mention TV Sagna Nasri ALL of whom said they were signing b4 they did so the fact we only ever used to hear who we bought after it had happened is now long gone me thinks.

    AGAG you might need to come ‘nurse’ me 😉

    JJ a few kraut defenders would do me….!

  157. gambon says:

    Comparing Diaby to Vieira is like comparing a Kia to a Ferrari.

  158. rico says:

    What you saying KTR7, they are not here 😉 😉

    agag, i think its another part of Diaby that does his talking 😳

  159. rico says:

    I knew you boys and girls would like the Diaby bit – what utter garabage that article is – i’m with you jj, may he excel and then we can get 15M for him, but sadly, wenger won’t sell him as he’s french!

  160. Erick says:

    Be easy on the brother I just gave a cure for an ailment 😉 Mirraa and the colombian brother sold me out am getting my stuff straight from Kingston Jamaica.

  161. rico says:

    AC Milan want Lardy, bet the Citeh fans are happy…

  162. JonJon says:

    if he has his customary 5 good games all in one go rico we’d get more than 15mil for him..he’d be player of the tournament

    if the price was right wenger would take it..

    fingers crossed..

    same with theo too..

  163. K-TR7 says:

    Rico why mention the obvious?have i hurt your feelings?…hi wath,the sailor is a step ahead of you in pursuit of agag,act fast…did you know of all top teams england have the lowest probability of winning a penalty shoot out?germans are highest having won 71% of theirs to england’s 17%…

  164. Wrighty7 says:

    Hello again everyone!

    Sorry I didn’t say hi back to you all!

    HELLO! Ha ha.

    Whats does everyone reckon about Joe Cole then?

  165. rico says:

    This is ‘someones’ in and outs for us….. i think they must have been dreaming……. 😉

    Merida–Atletico Madrid
    Rosicky–Borssuir Dortmund

    Sneijder–Inter Millan
    David Silva–Valencia

  166. Erick says:

    Yeah the Diaby interview is on today’s local daily ha ha ha ha ha

  167. rico says:

    I am teasing you KTR7 🙂 🙂

  168. K-TR7 says:

    I remember city fans gloating at us after they signed lardy…he is the 6th most paid footballer on earth!…to all diaby haters he will have a storming worldcup,maybe even a triaby in one of the games.

  169. W.A.T.H says:

    Allo KT……… How’s you… yep England in a pen shoot out is just turn the tv off time cos we know we on our way out….!.

    As 4 ‘weedlord’ it’s man against boy 🙂 he got no chance lol…..!

  170. JonJon says:

    wrighty id walk to shitford bridge and carry cole back on my shoulders if he wants to come..

  171. rico says:

    Do or die for Theo today, he starts against Japan…

    If true Wrighty, its good news, strengthens the squad..

  172. Wrighty7 says:

    Diaby frustrates me because on his day he is a world-beater.

    He is either brilliant or shit.

    All the ability is there I often wonder if it is just a case of attitude with him.

  173. K-TR7 says:

    It seems the bandit got his mojo back…wrighty cole would be a great signing and for free but we have too many similar types of players.maybe we should clear some deadwood first…

  174. rico says:

    Trouble is Wrighty, its 37 games he’s shit for 😉

  175. rico says:

    who would you clear out KTR7??

  176. Erick says:

    Sneijer and Silva are big Money Aw will not do it. He is focused on the defence hope that means a keeper 😦

  177. Wrighty7 says:

    Yeah I’d like Joe Cole at the ‘Arse.

    Fantastic player.

    The only thing that worries me about him is whether he would fit in with our squad.

    I don’t mean on the pitch, there he would be fine, but I mean in the changing room.

    I don’t know how he would fit in being that there isn’t a real ‘English’ feel in there like at Chelsea or even Tottenham Hotspur.

    Having said that I’ve heard Cole’s interviews and to be honest he doesn’t speak English that good anyway!!! 😉

  178. K-TR7 says:

    Id love alex from the chavs but it won’t happen.speaking of signings melo nearly injured kaka in training.melo is nuts:15 yellows and 3 red cards last season says it all…

  179. rico says:

    He’s learned the Ashley Cole way of English Wrighty 😉

    I think he could do what Hleb did, what Wilshere will be able to aswell, when wenger decides to play him….

  180. rico says:

    Alex is a good shout, but like you say, no way would the chavs sell him to us…

  181. K-TR7 says:

    Rico its too much to type;how about going to players section,copy and paste all of them:buy denilson get almunia,fabianski and silvestre for free…cole is the most unenglish english player around…superb technique,close control,i mean everything aw’s dreams of in an attacking player…

  182. Erick says:

    If I may ask is Joe cole injury prone and Wath hope your shipment gets lost and you have to order some Kingstone stuff

  183. JonJon says:

    diabys got no footballing brain..hes just happy to dribble up and down the pitch all day and treats every game like a training sesh..somedays he looks brilliant but most days he just does nothing..if he aint got the ball and he aint trying to dribble hes not interested..

    coles a good player..he can play wide or centrally

    good point about the dressing room but eboue will make him welcome.. 😉

  184. agirlagunner says:

    I have poor bedside manner WATH. 🙂 You’ll suffer.

    KTR7, 17%? That’s… pathetic.

    “i think its another part of Diaby that does his talking…” good one, rico, lol! 🙂

    I’m reserving judgment on Joe Cole. I am inherently distrustful of the chavs.

  185. K-TR7 says:

    Erick jcole is as fit as rosicky…

  186. gambon says:

    Joe Cole played 38 games last season, thats hardly in RVPs class is it.

    Would be a great signing, and we still have £40m to spend.

  187. W.A.T.H says:

    That’s not what you said the other night AGAG I thought ur bedside manner was amazing……..

    Diaby has no brain full stop……………

  188. Wrighty7 says:

    Mind you we might have Steven Taylor and Joe Hart as well!

  189. JonJon says:

    id take hart,wrighty

    not so sure about taylor..i think a nice big german or serbian will do the trick..if we want an english CB id take cahill over taylor

  190. Wrighty7 says:


    I don’t think the Hart deal would happen to be honest.

    I think a keeper in the later stages of his career would be an option because it wouldn’t stunt the developement of our young keepers

  191. rico says:

    I wouldn’t mind both Taylor and Cahill, and Joe Hart as keeper, we need some british steel back in our ranks… Taylor is a nutter, just what we need 😉

  192. rico says:

    Chesney Wrighty, he’ll be our no1 next season… wenger won’t buy a keeper…

  193. rico says:

    imho of course 😉

  194. Wrighty7 says:

    I reckon Chesney will go out on loan rico

  195. rico says:

    1-0 Japan 😆 what a load of rubbish defending ….

    Johnson and Huddlestonne

  196. rico says:

    Sadly, i reckon too deep down, but if wenger doesn’t buy a keeper, chesney has to be a better option that the garbage we have right now wrighty…

  197. agirlagunner says:

    Two hundred comments, rico including this. Sweet.

    WATH, you’re hopelessly naughty…

    I’m too lazy to open the TV. I hope Theo’s good.

  198. W.A.T.H says:

    Anyone who seriously thinks England can win the world cup is a mentalist….! I know its only a friendly but plz……… bore snore rubbish…..!

    AGAG………. Hmmmm ur prob right 😉
    Do yourself a favour DO NOT turn the tv on its drivel.

    Rico, the keeper thing is the stuff nightmares are made of…! No knew one and we are doomed from the start… sad but true.

  199. rico says:

    Its a good day agag 🙂

    I watching the footie WATH, it’s shocking, boring, dreadful defending and no-one is passing to Theo other than Rooney, then tomorrow everyone will say he’s rubbish….

  200. rico says:

    The keeper situation really worries me, i hope he does something about it i really do, what is the point in spending money on two great defenders (if he does) then having a shite keeper behind them…

  201. rico says:

    Joe Cole is coming on…..

  202. rico says:

    Theo’s off, wonder if that means he has done enough??

  203. W.A.T.H says:

    I think all Theo has done is checked out the quality of the grass that he’s been walking on and ur right he got no service what so ever…………… Keeper comment spot on, defenders are needed but so too is the keeper and that’s a priority for sure with the rubbish we got.

  204. agirlagunner says:

    rico, I’d be embarrassed for Theo if he’s not picked. He’s done a lot of interviews for someone not certain of his chances. But then again, for some strange reason, Capello seems to really like him. 🙂

    Oh, WATH, we like you warts and all, not to worry. 🙂

  205. W.A.T.H says:

    AGAG, Am surprised Capello not played theo through the middle with Ronney as I think that would work, Rooney has the footie brain to give Theo great service….!.

    Warts….. what warts……….? Hmmmmm ! I think u been sucking on some of Weedlords medicine already……

  206. rico says:

    Thing is, Theo can change a game, i would take him, even if he doesn’t get used other than an impact sub… Bet Lemmon wished he took his chance…

    Rooney is a thug, friendly or not, he should have seen red!!

    agag, whatever happens we win, either he goes and has a great WC and starts the season full of confidence or he stays and remains injury free….

    WATH, I just wish he would get a keeper to give out confidence, he doesn’t have to be world class, just older, wiser and be able to organise the defensive unit and instill confidence…. As much as i like Joe Hart, he’s too young imho, we already have a two good young ones….

  207. rico says:

    Poss because he wanted Bent to get a run WATH before his final decision, Rooney and Theo up front, Rooney would love that, he may be a thug but he is a great striker and just like Beckham used to, he will bring Theo into the game, Spud, dipper and chav players don’t..

  208. W.A.T.H says:

    Says it all far 2 many yids n chav’s playing hence England are dross….!

  209. rico says:

    😆 WATH, but spot on, and we will win with two own goals, you are right WATH, we have little to no chance of getting to the quarters, let alone win the WC…

  210. agirlagunner says:

    rico, you’re right, the Theo situ is win-win. What I like about Theo, apart from the fact that he’s cute (lol), is his earnestness. Now, for that close control, crossing, and awareness…

    Rooney IS a thug and a diver; he may be England’s greatest at the moment, and he has had a spectacular season, but he’s not someone who makes me go “I wish we signed him.”

    It’s always the chavs’ fault WART err… WATH.

  211. rico says:

    This has to be the funniest of the day….

    One of the Japanese players is called ‘Honda’ 🙂

  212. rico says:

    I wouldn’t mind ‘the next rooney’ though agag 😉

  213. agirlagunner says:

    Yes, rico, but he has to be cuter than Roo. (Not a big ask, that…)

    Honda. haha. The naming convention for Brazilian footies is cool. They have one who went simply by “Fred”. Hah.

  214. W.A.T.H says:

    U two are pervs and u reckon I am bad………. theo is cute the next Roon can’t be ugly………. what ya like the pair of ya…. 😛

  215. rico says:

    I remember Fred agag…

    WATH, i was talking football, its your fav lady who has been talking ‘cute’ 😉 😉

  216. rico says:

    WATH, are you really paying to go to SA and watch England in the WC…… I’d be thinking ‘refund’ 😉

  217. rico says:

    I think Arsenal better both names though with this English youth lad….

    Chukwuemeka Aneke – aka ‘Chucks’ 🙂

  218. Gooner4life&beyond says:

    Rico, i get your point, but it is too harsh. We always blame Wenger, but there are so many others at the club and they must play some part in things as well.

    Anyway, the important thing is that it is a negotiation and this is just an opening bid. You don’t know if they’ll accept it or not if you don’t try.

    If he likes the player he will increase the bid, no problem. Just relax and let things play out. Lol, all us fans get too stressed during the transfer window.

  219. W.A.T.H says:

    Rico are you not reading lately….. I specifically said the other day I was going SA to watch a bit of footie NOT just England and to have some fun with some mates 😉 now plz keep up and pay attention…! Yes well doesnt need much 4 u 2 jump on the cute bandwagon either 😛

  220. rico says:

    You cheeky git, of course I read every comment by you, twice – but thats so i can make sense of them 😉

  221. W.A.T.H says:

    Oh and I thought it was because of the alzheimers……. 😛

  222. rico says:


    Good to see you here, I’m not being harsh, its real, we miss out on players because our club want to penny pinch…..

    We don’t get stressed, we just fill the time with some fun about the transfers – none of us know whats really going on behind the scenes do we 🙂 🙂

  223. rico says:

    You are bad, you said you wouldn’t let anyone know on here, guess you forgot 😉 😉

  224. W.A.T.H says:

    Did I say that………..? No, it must of been the other W.A.T.H 😉 Besides if u read twice there must def be 2 of us..!

  225. agirlagunner says:

    WATH, I’m not gonna lie. I probably won’t be as excited watching our club if they all looked like… Jimmy Bullard, say. And I wasn’t the one who called Roo ‘ugly.’ Hah. I only said that the next Roo should be cuter than Roo.

    I forgot about Chuks, rico. I get him mixed up with Benik 🙂

  226. W.A.T.H says:

    AGAG i distinctly remember you calling Roo… Shrek….! 😉 Very apt as well 2b honest BUT ugly or not I’d rather have a decent player than a good looking one although JJ would disagree cos he always imagines them in lycra and or leather trousers…! 🙂

  227. rico says:

    May i be so bold as to poke my nose, its me who calls Rooney Shrek, don’t you read my comments WATH, please, keep up 🙂 🙂

  228. W.A.T.H says:

    Listen you…………. stop poking ur nose in…. u2 pervs are ganging up on me I was merely stating AGAG called Roo shrek I DID NOT SAY she the only one who refers to him as shrek so plz keep up and follow……. 🙂 😛

  229. agirlagunner says:

    lol, you two. There’s a reason, you never see Roo in green, WATH 🙂

    I never knew that about jj. Hah.

  230. rico says:

    Just sticking up for the ladies 🙂

  231. W.A.T.H says:

    2 v 1………… oh well bring it on 😉

    AGAG JJ is a secret lycra leather trouser boy…. Say no more nudge nudge wink wink….!

  232. Martin says:

    To my eternal shock he looks more Dan Fiszman – wonder why that is?

  233. rico says:

    Ah, you mean Ebenezer Martin – i think you and all fans know why….

  234. JonJon says:

    i cant afford the leather wath its more like pvc…

    im the arsene wenger of fabrics.. 😉

  235. agirlagunner says:

    I am off. I’m knackered. I finished some work in between the comments, and managing my ipod library. Yay!

    Good night, rico and WATH. And WATH, my lips are sealed. I won’t let jj know I know. 🙂

    Martin, lol. rico, and here I was thinking what is Martin on about?

  236. W.A.T.H says:

    Nite AGAG………. Sleep tite sweet dreams no nightmares about Shrek…!! We won’t tell JJ… he’s the new member of village ppl he’s trying for the leathers…. 🙂

  237. Red Arse says:

    I am reading this and am totally confused. I feel like I’m intruding on a private romance between W.A.T.H and Agag or is it Agirlgunner; and why are you picking or is it poking your nose?
    An Arsenal blog has never been so perplexing or so intriguing.

    Back to Arsenal, I predict (a) no new GK; (b) another aging, but cheap, CH; and (c) a DMF a.k.a Blaise Modesty (well he hasn’t been mentioned yet, and he is normally a perrenial (?) link.

  238. W.A.T.H says:

    Red Arse………. We’re into a little diversification on here seeing as we can only talk trasfer rumours for so long and 99% are total bollox anyway..!

  239. rico says:

    Night Night agag, see you tomorrow 🙂

    Red Arse, maybe you need to know that I, rico, am a girlie arsenal fan… We are a very friendly site here and have a regular community – to save all the frustration surrounding the club we love and get so stressed about, we have a bit of fun time – it helps keep us sane 🙂

  240. rico says:

    Red Arse – I sure hope you are wrong with your predictions, we need a GK, 2 x CH’s and a HM – if we end up with the Wigan fella, then thats an added bonus….

  241. W.A.T.H says:

    Rico…. WTF is a HM…………………????????

  242. Red Arse says:

    Yes that clarification was helpful, I think.

    I like your site as there is not so much macho swearing and insulting of fellow gooners who hold opposing views. V. refreshing.

    Look forward to reading more from your regulars, both the Arsenal stuff and the personal knockabout.

    I also agree with your assessment of Arsenal’s needs but I am not sure the Board tightwads will release the funds. Perhaps we will be pleasantly surprised.

  243. rico says:

    Thanks Red Arse, we don’t believe in slagging fellow gooners off, everyone has a view and they are important to that person – just get that red arse of yours back on here each day 🙂

    I’m glad you found us, and glad you like us here….

  244. Biggy says:

    So Arsenal’s offer for Laurent Koscielny was less than his club’s valuation. The club does not have to accept. There has to be a meeting of minds for a contract to be binding.
    We love the fact that he gets us value for money, only atimes I wish that he was not quite so frugal.

  245. rico says:

    WATH – HM = Holding Midfielder, but i am very aware you are winding me up 😉

  246. Red Arse says:


    I hope you meant a Holding Midfielder and not an Hermaphrodite Moth. That could work but he might get his wings clipped.

  247. rico says:

    RA 😆

    Wenger has 30-40M i think, he just needs some old spend thrift to grab his arm and take him around the footie shops….

  248. Dave says:

    Does he get all he short players cheaper? This might explain a thing or two.

  249. rico says:

    Hi Dave, not sure what you are saying really??

  250. rico says:

    By the way Dave, exactly how many identities to you need to be a blogger??? You must have about ten by now….

  251. W.A.T.H says:

    I want 2 know where that stupid term HM comes from…? It’s a jcl thing or a tarquin thing..? next we’ll be painting lines on the pitch for certain players to not move out of….! Rico… now would I wind u up… 😛

  252. W.A.T.H says:

    Dave saying that we get cheap prices for midget players…. Come on Rico wakey wakey 😛 😛

  253. rico says:

    I got Daves comment, i nearly typed that players aren’t costed in yards, but no-one would have understood, then i thought……

    HM, i’ve heard that before, Paddy was one, he was defensive, but he wasnt all out attack… bloody heck, what term should i be using then you grumpy one… 😉

  254. rico says:

    Denilson and Diaby are holding midfielders, just before they think about passing, tackling, running, shooting etc, they think – ‘hold on’, i’m not good enough 🙂

  255. W.A.T.H says:

    It’s a midfielder end of……….. Just one that can tackle n get stuck in… are we such a bunch of tarts that we have to now label a midfielder as a specific cos 90% of em cant tackle or get stuck in..??

  256. W.A.T.H says:

    D&D are dressing room midfielders Rico………. 🙂 even you should get that 😛

  257. rico says:

    Right that’s it, i am hurt, upset and offended…..

    so…. Midfielder it will now be form today… 🙂 🙂

    D&D play like they really are D&D 🙂

  258. W.A.T.H says:

    Central midfielder is teh exact terminology….. Hold on I’ll bring the hankies 4 u…………… 😉

    Yes D&D sums them both up……!

  259. Red Arse says:


    HM is O.K. although it usually refers to Her Maj, but the term I think is most often used is DMF (defensive midfielder). Me, I vote for your version because I’m a brown nosed redarse. (I can’t believe I wrote that).

  260. Red Arse says:

    I’m watching the England / Spain U 17’s Final and we are winning 2:1 with 8 mins to go but they have just taken Benik Afobe off. Hope they don’t regret going Gunnerless.

  261. rico says:

    😆 RA – what do you make of Afobe, he keeps scoring but some say he seems a bit hot and cold too often?

    Freeman is another who seems to score for fun, having been in the CL squad, he must be thinking the first team is not far away? But he’s young still….

  262. Lady Arsenal says:

    I’ve seen Wenger twice in Marks and Spencer in Barnet. He bought a pepperami and a packet of cocktail sausages. Too much processed meat that just ends up going off in the fridge, said I. Why not spend a bit more for that aged serrano or jambon de bayonne? They may be more expensive, but they have real character, and don’t look out of place on the charcuterie board.

  263. Red Arse says:


    I must admit Benik did not look too brill today. (We’ve just won 2:1)! But he was stuck out on the wing for most of the match and looked “dis-engaged” so to speak.
    He’s young and you have to expect a certain lack of consistency, but that will come. I have high hopes for him as he has pace and a cool head in front of goal, and provided he learns to go looking for the ball when he is being bypassed, I think he has a bright future. He is definitely a CF, not an HM or a D&D, (whatever the hell that is)!

  264. rico says:

    Hi LA, good comment 🙂

  265. rico says:

    RA, D&D = denilson and diaby….

  266. rico says:

    Lady Arsenal, is the Lady Arse site yours??

  267. Red Arse says:

    Lady Arsenal

    Please stop using French terminology or je ne sais quoi, it might please Le Prof but frighten the horses.
    I like the cut of your jib or should that be jambon? Perhaps Monsieur Wenger was looking for a discounted hunk for the CH position.

  268. Lady Arsenal says:

    No Enrico I don’t flog t-shirts. She’s not bad tho..

    By the way, D&D = classic mid 90s hip hop for you old school heads.

    1,2 pass it remix. What a tune.

  269. rico says:

    Red Arse, if you ever fancy doing a bit of writing for a post, you know you would be welcome to pop one up on here 🙂

  270. Lady Arsenal says:

    What about me? I’m quality

  271. rico says:

    Enrico, Enrico LA 😦 …

    Ah, i thought that was your site….

  272. rico says:

    For sure LA, anytime you like….

  273. Lady Arsenal says:

    Diaby qua pepperami. That’s genius rico. Genius I tell you

  274. rico says:

    I’ll believe you LA 😉

  275. Red Arse says:

    Lady Arsenal

    What is this thing you have for the Pepperami. They are nasty little so and so’s always taking illicit photos of famous people. Perhaps Arsene wanted his taken in Barnet.
    I’m easily confused and I have just got used to Rico being a Belle Dame and now you are calling her Enrico who I’m sure is the Italian waiter my sister is dating.

  276. Lady Arsenal says:

    Nice shout out to Keats there, Red Arse, he’s my favourite English poet.

    Wow, Rico is a GIRL! That’s news to me. They should be banned from football sites. IMO

  277. Red Arse says:

    Thanks for the invite Rico/Enrico, but I think I would quickly bore you rigid and anyway you have a nice fluent writing style which is very easy on the eye and enjoyable.
    Of course I am a bit of a tart (hope that isn’t sexist) and I can’t wait for your next article so I can have a respectful moan, if I disagree.

  278. Lady Arsenal says:

    Seriously though, I’ll stop terrorising you now. Off to watch Abou become a man vs Tunisia tonight. Everyone in France has suddenly realised he looks like Vieira. Ah the good old days…

  279. W.A.T.H says:

    I agree lady arse what do women know about footie…. More’s to the point they should be banned from going to footie as well…..! Footie gone downhill ever since more women started going…!.

  280. Red Arse says:

    Sorry LA, I have just realised my mistake. I think I meant paparazzi, god what was I eating yesterday?

  281. rico says:

    Red Arse, thats just fine by me… 🙂

    Some of our team play worse than the womens side WATH, how can you be such a sexist! ??

  282. rico says:

    And Red Arse, I disagree – if i can write a post, trust me, anyone can 🙂

  283. W.A.T.H says:

    Cos women have ruined footie we can’t even swear now cos a woman sitting ten seats away might complain…? Pathetic…!

  284. W.A.T.H says:

    Diaby looks like PV………. hmmmm I have def got to go get my eyes tested……….!.

  285. Red Arse says:


    It’s O.K. that W.A.T.H is telling the girls whats wath. (O.K., to save time that is intended as a pun).

    Actually, many female fans are extremely knowledgeable but not afraid to ask if they do not understand something. Many male fans are knowledgable too but some can be very patronising with little intellectual substance to support them. (I don’t mean you W.A.T.H as I suspect your comments are jocular wind ups of your friend Rico).
    Call me thick, but I don’t get LA calling you Enrico. Mistaken gender?

  286. Red Arse says:


    You are too modest about your post writing talent! Anyway, tut tut fancy calling me just “anyone”. And I thought we were becoming friends.

    Read you tomorrow.

  287. W.A.T.H says:

    RA you can indeed make it wath far easier than all those silly .(dots) Now as if I would be winding anyone up….!?!?!? An element of truth though 4 sure as I feel the sanitised arena we now call the bowl is due to ladies and family members etc etc but why does it have to be so sanitised..? as a kid u were told what you hear at footie you dont repeat…. Why does the same not hold true these days where has all the passion gone the off the cuff reactions to a foul or a bad miss or a great effort, passion and wanting your team to win means ppl get excited carried away and swear… so what…! well so what is unfortunately not part of the bowl experience anymore….!.

  288. Red Arse says:


    I was about to go and get a pint but you have lured me back.
    I have a certain sympathy for your plight. I would be a two toed hypocrite if I pretended never to use rude words in the heat of the moment. i.e. the Gunners conceding a penalty or hitting my thumb with a hammer.
    I think most people, including the fair sex, can understand and forgive us the occasional swear word to express our feelings of frustration, and let’s face it they aren’t given much choice. What is unacceptable is the constant use of swear words around women and children as repetitive adjectives when simply discussing the colour of the grass or the need for an “effing cup of tea”.
    Sorry to bore you but finally, the greatest swearer I ever knew was an ex girl friend and she was great fun with it.

  289. rico says:

    🙂 RA, that ‘anyone’ comment is really classic, i love it and i know you mean nothing but a leg pull 🙂

  290. W.A.T.H says:

    RA………. granted there are excesses and in terms of that I think most blokes would ask someone to tone it down if it was purely 4 the sake of it but the problem arises when the route of te problem is the club trying to sanitise an atmosphere and then moaning that the crowd is quiet and does not get involved etc etc… footie at a home game should be intimidating the away team should feel unhappy and face a hostile reception that’s never gonna happen at the bowl and thats worth the 12th man if the crown is behind the home team like that. I’m off enjoy ur evening….! Chat 2moro…! Nite Rico…

  291. rico says:

    RA, i would have gone for the pint, that WATH is naughty, but i have to say, to a degree he is right, but then so are you…

    footie is footie, whole hearted fans express themselves differently when stood, or should i say sat, getting frustrated at what they see, but trust me, many a ‘lady’ can come out with as bad….

    the clubs however feel thay need protecting, i however believe in, if you don’t like the heat, stay out of the kitchen…..

  292. rico says:

    Nighty night WATH, I’m off too, its been a long but fun day, quality 🙂

    RA, glad you like it here, hope you come back tomorrow….

    Be safe all and see you bright and early for another rip roaring whinge and moan about Arsenal…..

    Night all…..

  293. van kelsie says:

    i am impressed with the amount of feedback you have recieved on what is a poor blog by anyones standards. Firstly, is there any evidence that that bid was ever made, or any bid at all for the player for that matter? seeing that the player has been mentioned on i very much doubt he’s even a real target Rico. So to start knocking Wenger for an unfounded rumour that probably never happened is a little naive in my opinion.

    Secondly, after being honest enough to admit you’ve never heard of the player what would ever give you the impression that you are qualified to value him at 8m and would have a better idea of his value than wenger or the board?

    I am not trying to mock you Rico and do understand your point to a degree. If we use Ronaldo as an example, i remember Wenger pointing out that he could of had him. But that is just one of a handfull of players where the situation has arisen and wenger has got it wrong then think of the times he’s got it right. Could you imagine our financial situation if wenger had offered double money for every player he ever liked the look of? or the size of our squad for that matter.

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