We really are after Messi then… 14M for Cahill, go for it!

May 25, 2010


Well, the 19-year-old lad dubbed ‘The New Messi’ that is ……. How many times have players been referred to as ‘The New X, Y Z’? Too many to mention and seldom do they come anywhere near the player they are likened to! Just look at Diaby!

I stole this from one of the reports yesterday, just hope there is no copyright 🙂

Arsenal are being linked with a move for Barcelona youngster Guy Assulin.

The 19-year-old playmaker has earned rave reviews for his performances in the Barcelona B team, and Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is ready to make another move for a youngster in Spain.

Assulin has already made his debut for the Israeli national team despite failing to earn an appearance for the senior side at the Nou Camp, and the teenager is thought to be getting anxious about this lack of first team opportunities.

Wenger has previously signed Fran Merida and Cesc Fabregas from the junior ranks in Catalonia, but with Merida signing for Atletico and Fabregas poised for a move to Barca, the Frenchman is looking to bring some new blood to the Emirates.

Spanish daily Sport report that the Gunners will intensify their interest ahead of the opening of the summer transfer window on June 1st. The paper also reports that Chelsea are taking a look at the youngster, although Carlo Ancelotti isn’t expected to move for the player this summer.

Previously dubbed ‘the new Messi’, Guardiola is believed to be keen to keep hold of the precocious talent, although will struggle to keep him happy in 2ªB Group 3 and away from La Liga.

Well, he’s not Spanish, so that’s promising, and he’s not just out of his nappies, so I don’t really mind if we sign this guy, as long as he is in addition to what we NEED!

Talking of Barca, which we seem to be doing far too much of lately, Goal.com reported last night that they now want Eboue!!

Well Arsene, stick a 20M price tag on his head and take the money if they want him!

Seriously, I am getting sick and tired of Barca, so many of their players have really slated us and the teams lack of fight, why oh why then do they want our players??

I was pleased to hear that Scottish man (don’t know his name) talking to Sky Sports yesterday, he said Arsenal have put a 70M (ish) price tag on Cesc, but he said Barca will offer 43M Euros and Yaya Toure. I would rather we took the money and bought  players who wants to come to Arsenal, Toure has too often turned us down, he’d be another ‘sulk’ and would soon look to move on, so maybe it’s best we leave him well alone! Only a few days ago he has supposed to have said he would rather join his brother at Citeh!

Another player who has bantered around on most blogs as a ‘must buy’ defender is Gary Cahill. Bolton boss Owen Coyle has said that he doesn’t want to lose his player but an offer or£14 million would be impossible to turn down. I don’t think that’s an unreasonable amount of money to ask for an English defender so lets hope Arsene Wenger feels the same. The club have a good rapport these days having loaned Wilshere to them so maybe we will be Coyles first choice club to sell to.

Didn’t watch the England v Mexico match last night and by all accounts I didn’t miss much. Haven’t seen any rave reviews about Walcott or Vela either so I’m glad I didn’t bother…

Anyone see how Hart played? Is he good enough to displace Almunia or Fabianski? 😉

Have a good day all, maybe the next one through the door will be Gary Cahill….

Time to forget the Spanish?

May 24, 2010

It’s not even June 1st yet, the window is still closed, but already we have been linked with enough players to fill a first team sheet and maybe even a reserve side – crazy isn’t it….

Only yesterday we were linked with Schwarzer, Mertesacker, Melo, Steven Taylor, Gourcuff, Gomis and Simon Kajer, I think that’s all and in one day 🙂

Staying with yesterday, We had a new poster on Avenell Road, called Erik, he made a very valid comment which ended with good old humour!

‘It seems to me we should not bother signing Spanish players anymore, the promising ones go back to Spain as soon as they have a chance to… Reyes, Fabregas, Merida… and the really rubbish ones stay… Almunia… probably because in Spain Almunia would be selling fruit on the motorway’

My response was that Almunia would probably drop more fruit than he would end up selling!!

But Erik has a good point, Almunia apart, none of the Spanish players have been keen to stick around for the long haul at Arsenal, why?

Is it because of the climate, the team mates, the club, the food, the salary etc etc, is it the fact that we aren’t winning anything – (Torres and Reina at Liverpool kind of brings doubt to that, Arteta at Everton too) Neither of those two sides are playing in the Champions League next season, so will they leave their respective clubs this summer? I think Torres and Reina might….

I don’t know the answers, but I know Reyes was kicked to pieces from day one, especially by the Neville sisters, he also had to try to cope with ‘the look’ from Henry, but to this day, I wish he had stayed, he would have been good, very very good…. When he left, we were doing ok weren’t we?

Why did he really choose to leave?

Why are there so few players from Spain, playing for their country, but not playing in England?

Maybe Erik is right, maybe it’s time to steer clear from buying players from Spain. Don’t get me wrong, I know our little captain has been with us for nearly seven years, but he’s only 23 years old, he’s at an age where he should be heading towards his peak, an age where he can truly start to make a massive impact at Arsenal, an age where we should be getting the best from him. Build the team around him we all thought…..

Instead though, he wants to go home. Like many have said before, Arsenal have made him what he is today and now he wants to leave. Will another club get his best years, or, if he goes, will he be another player in a long list, who will regret it for the rest of his footballing career?

Will the likes of  Torres, Reina and Arteta stay and become heroes, or will they just players from Spain who fall/fail in their mission and one day, like most Spaniards around them, jump ship and return home……

As I so often write, only time will tell…..

Arsene, why should we believe you this time??

April 8, 2010

The dust has settled a bit after our defeat to Barca, the heart is starting to heal, slowly.

Yesterday was cruel, Sky Sports reported all day about how wonderful Messi is, how he won the tie for Barcelona single handed, blah blah blah. Sky don’t like Arsenal do they, I bet they would have hated it had we won!

This morning though a different story is there for them to report, Sky United aka Manchester United, having been knocked out of the same competition at the same stage, are not getting the same coverage at all. Its a very subtle reporting of their loss, mainly focussing on the sending off of the manc player and how it was a harsh decision and how it changed the game…. Cods Wallop, they lost and they are out and I’m glad!! In the process, Rooney has injured himself even more but I bet Fergie doesn’t get slated by the FA, the way that the French have slated Wenger over Gallas… For sure they won’t!!

Arsene Wenger has said that he WILL need to buy players to add to the squad if we are to compete next season. Each time we approach a transfer window he says something similar doesn’t he? Will it be any different this summer? We all know we need to add players to the squad, but what we don’t need Arsene is ‘squad’ players. What we need is quality players, players who’s names should be first on the team sheet.

Since 2005 I think, every May, as the transfer window approaches I think, this time, surely this time we will see a signing that fills me with excitement, but it never happens, we sign players like Silvestre, Bischoff – who?? another kid who has great potential…. well this summer surely it has to be very different. Most of us fans who don’t wear the ‘rose tinted’ specs can see it, the Arsenal old boys, Winterburn, Adams, Dixon and Merse have been saying it, surely now the board and Arsene Wenger must see it and finally do something about it….

So do you believe Arsene Wenger this time, do you think he will finally strengthen our squad with a great player or two? 

We are not asking for more than we deserve, just four players would do, and they don’t all have to be as good as Messi, Torres would do 🙂

Bordeaux went out last night, Chamakh couldn’t save his club from defeat despite scoring. I suspect we will soon hear for definite whether he is joing us in the summer or not.