Raif’s Terminology!

This page is dedicated to our blog buddy Raif (aka DeadCell). he started it with this..

“I have calmed down from the other day.. now im on to stage 2 which is Depression..

the 3rd and final stage is Unenthusiasm  &  Unexpectancy of any good furniture in regards to the next game… ”

“good furniture will now be in reference to arsenal and there lack of creativity/ability to carve up opposition defence’s”

its in form of  a “”Attacking carpentry”” so to speak

Please add to the list!!!


Attacking carpentry  =  Lack of creativity/ability to carve open opposition defences. (Raif’s)

Alex Song                  =    Wrong  as in “it’s all gone Alex Song” (Avenell’s)

Superised                  =    Super Surprised..   (Raif’s Again)

Saurus                       =   Slow as in Bendersaurs (jonjon’s)

Bramble                     =    Usless defender as in Senderbramble (jonjon’s)

Both of the above       =  Senderbramblesaurus  The worst possible put down (jonjon’s)

Brikki                           =   Bendtners first touch of a brick wall, Nikki the Brikki (jonjon’s)

Kinky Boots                  =   Bendtners name after those incredible Pink Nike Vapours(jonjon’s)

Rico Injury                =  A injury specially designed so the player doesn’t go on international duty..

Simples                        =  The mercats way of saying obviously.. (london’s)..

Andry AK Arshavin  = akOur russian gun.. (raif’s again)

A Broken Lazybone………….=   Ade’s  usual injury (Rasputins)

tarquin n jemima’s…….    = the new Emirates Arsenal fan.. (WATH)

JCL’s…   johnny come lately+ new age Arsenal fan…….   (WATH)

3 Responses to Raif’s Terminology!

  1. raif says:

    good furniture…. this term will go down in history as one of the online classics


  2. peachesgooner says:

    I thought the ‘propergander’ was pretty classic too 😆

  3. Evo in Oz says:

    gold! might borrow a couple of those!

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