Is Nikki B turning into another RVP?

July 6, 2010

 I’m no huge fan of Nicklas Bendtner, never have been and possibly never will be. Just like many footballers these days, he tells the world and its friend how good he is, but has he really made the step up the way many thought he would or hoped he would?

Nikki came to us in 2005, went out on loan, then in 2007 after signing a new five-year contract he declined the opportunity go out on loan again, preferring to strut his stuff for the team he signed for..

2007/08 (from wikki)

40 Appearances = 9 Goals, 4 Assists 


50 Appearances = 15 Goals, 4 Assists


31 Appearances = 12  Goals, 7 Assists

Not that stats of a prolific centre forward really are they? Yes, I know this last season Nikki has been played on the right in a front three formation but it doesn’t mean he has to stay there does it? What happened to common sense, cutting in getting goals? Theo Walcott gets lambasted for not doing that, why does Nikki not?

Even Martin Keown believes he needs to buck up… He had this to say about our not so Great Dane

I think we’re getting more to the stage now where we want to see that talent coming through.

Like Bendtner, for instance – I think he needs to become more aggressive and more dominant and it’s time for him to wake up and realise that his career could pass him by if he doesn’t start doing it on the pitch.

He’s got to start bullying central defenders and realise that there’s no time to lose. That kind of attitude has to come in from some of those players.

Neither Robin van Persie or Nicklas Bendtner seem to be able to score 20 plus goals a season, neither can they stay fit for a whole season either – they have so much in common 😉

Right now it seems that having missed a chunk of last season,they are both going to miss the start of the new season too.  Robin will need a rest after being crowned World Cup winner hopefully but Nikki is crocked!

In an interview he is quoted as saying:

I still feel quite bad in my groin. Sadly it hasn’t been better during my holiday, like I expected it to giving it nothing but rest.
And that worries me a lot. I had hoped and counted on that a total break from football and training would heal the injury but it hasn’t happened.
I have spoken to Arsenal throughout the holiday and I am having a big scan when I return this week.
My whole body must be scanned to find out where the groin problem really comes from.
I still feel pain and it is very frustrating. I don’t know where I am in relation to playing football.

Forgive me but if this is true, why is he waiting to return to Arsenal before having a scan, why has this scan not already been done? It’s not like he’s having to wait for an NHS Appointment is it? 😉

Didn’t he pick up this groin injury in October last year and had an operation the following month?

Why did he go to South Africa IF he knew he was not 100% fit??

More concerning, could this be the beginning of a new injury prone and fragile player, who every season suffers some kind of set back?

Is Nikki Bendtner really that good? Good enough to keep and risk wasting wages on what could very well be another ‘part-time player??

Surely we can’t accommodate him and Robin van Persie. Just imagine if they are both out for half a season, the same half!

I hope Chamakh is ready to hit the ground running as right now he looks like the only striker we will have fit and ready to start the new season. Still, maybe it’s time for Carlos Vela and Theo Walcott to step up and seize their chance….


Now Vela is playing for his exit!

May 26, 2010

I am sure you all share my thoughts and feelings here.

Merida has gone to Atletico Madrid, Luke Ayling has signed for Yeovil Town, Sol is considering Celtic, Cesc Fabregas has a big toe out the door, Eboue is wanted by Barcelona and then yesterday, Carlos Vela said is hoping for a great display at the World Cup in South Africa.

Sadly though, Vela doesn’t want a great display at the WC so he can convince Arsene Wenger to start playing him more at his current club, he wants to ‘open doors’ and seek a move to another club where he gets playing time!!

Carlos Vela is now 21 years old – the same age as Theo Walcott….

But for injury, Theo Walcott would have probably started most games last season, can the same be said about Carlos Vela.What has he done wrong? He continues to play for his country yet for Arsenal he has made a handful of appearances.

We signed Vela back in 2005 when he was just sixteen years old. Because of permit restrictions for non EU citizens, we loaned him to Cela Vigo but he never got to play, no idea why really, but he came/went home.

Next up was Salamanca, he had a more successful stay there, scoring eight goals and creating many of Salamanca’s 53 goals.
Such was his success, many of the sides in La Liga wanted to secure his services for the following season as he still wasn’t able to play for Arsenal due to work permit issues.

Osasuna were the lucky club and he did well, earning praise from the Spanish press (grrr Spanish)

I actually couldn’t wait for this kid called Carlos Vela to get to England, to get to see him in the red and white of Arsenal. I’d seen many clips of him playing, he looked special, very special….

May 2008, he came ‘home’ – his permit issues were all sorted out and he was free to play for us and I couldn’t wait to see him..

What I don’t get is how his two seasons with us have been, these are his scores on the doors from

2008/09 season – started 10 games, came on as substitute in 19 matches and scored 6 goals in total.

2009/10 season – started 6 games, came on as substitute in 14 matches and scored 2 goals in total.

Forgive me if I have that wrong, but aren’t they the stats of a player who seems to be going backwards at club level?Am I right in saying that Carlos Vela more often than not seems to be fit to play for Mexico, yet not so often fit to play for Arsenal.

Has Vela cheesed Arsene Wenger off, is that why he doesn’t play? Is that why he wants to leave?

Why does Theo Walcott get the chances regardless of how he plays, yet Carlos Vela, a player who with a bit of great man management could be a hero at our club?

Or, is simply that Arsene Wenger doesn’t think the player is good enough to persevere with?

Well, if it’s the latter then I am stunned, because our boss sure as heck doesn’t apply the same rule across the whole squad does he.

I hope Carlos Vela has a great World Cup, maybe we will get a good price for him when the competition ends, it certainly seems that he is a player who is fed up with waiting for his time at Arsenal. Lets not forget, he isn’t a kid, he’s 21yrs old and plays for Mexico….. He should be playing for us too!!

Have good day all