Foreign kids Arsene, time to give them a break….

May 28, 2010


Before I get accused of being anything with an ‘ist’ on the end, I am not!!! This is about ‘for the good of our club’

JonJon left this comment a couple of nights ago,

‘this has really changed my perspective on the way our club is run..i dont trust any of the foreign players as far as i can throw them and id rather f**k the lot off now and give the development time to the likes of rambo, gibbs, jet, jack, afobe..’

It was the last comment of the day, a day during which we had all seen an article which included a couple of ‘quotes’ by Cesc Fabregas.

The Spanish midfielder says he has held positive talks with Wenger, and has left the manager to decide what happens next. Fábregas, also the Arsenal captain, said: “I will say only one thing – I have got massive respect for Arsène Wenger, Arsenal football club and the Arsenal fans. Even in my own house, I have not felt as loved as I have at Arsenal. I had a long conversation with Arsène and it was the greatest longest conversation I have had with anyone in my life.

“I respect him, so, so much and I don’t want to say anything more. Wenger said to leave it in his hands and he will deal with whatever happens in the future. It is now all about Arsenal – it is not in my hands. Now I just wait: it is up to Arsenal. Right now all I am thinking about is the World Cup: everything else is the future and I am not going to say anything else.”

You can read those quotes over and over and each time possibly come up with a different interpretation. The one I have come up with is this. Cesc wants to go and he has told Arsene Wenger this. Rather than come out and tell all of us that he has put in a transfer request, he wants to be the ‘good guy’, he wants to leave but be able to turn it around and say ‘it was the clubs decision’ to let him go!

Forgive me, but isn’t being a bit gutless, a bit of a coward? Doesn’t Cesc realise that he would probably be respected more if he were to be a bit more honest? We will love him regardless but I know I will respect him a little less if he pushes one of the biggest decisions of his life into the hands of another man. Is this really fair to ask such of Arsene Wenger, a man he says he has massive respect for?

Regardless of whether Cesc stays or goes, I think JonJon has a very good point, maybe it’s time for the club to change their direction. I don’t mean in terms of play, but in terms of its employees.

IF Cesc leaves, he will join a long list of players who have left us either when just reaching their prime or during their prime during Arsene Wengers reign..

Henry, Overmars, Petit, Toure, Edu, Freddie, Bobby Pires, Gilberto, Wiltord, Silvinho, Paddy, Reyes, Anelka, van Bronkhorst, Diarra, Flamini, Hleb, Lardybayor, Campbell, Lehmann – How many of those players could have stayed one or two extra seasons and maintain their high standards? We made money on some I know, we lost a lot on a few too – but money isn’t always better than a great player, unless it’s Lardy of course!

My view is all of them barr Freddie, were allowed to go when they still had a few years at the top left – and other than Freddie, Sol, Toure and Lardy, all went overseas. Sol was going abroad, but stayed around to0 long at the docks in Portsmouth and ‘Arry nabbed him  😉

Fran Merida is another player we bought very young, paid him a good wage and then let him go on a free….

So is it time we stop buying so many players from overseas? It seems all we do is make them into better players and then sell them, or give them away. Is it time to give a few more of our british players an equal chance? Afer all, isn’t that the ‘real’ youth project, british kids bought through the system and then get to play for the club they love and support. Maybe then we would not lose quite so many, we wouldn’t have to endure the transfer speculation that surrounds our top players each window would we….

We may get the odd one who wants to better their wages like Cashley did, but if the players are true supporters of Arsenal, they wouldn’t entertain playing for another club. Well I know I wouldn’t!  We wouldn’t have to worry about the Madrids, Barcas or Milans because it seems they don’t want the british, it also seems in the last few year the british don’t want to go abroad either – when they do it’s not very often rosy for them…..

Here’s our youth/reserves, not including those who are or have been bought in from overseas.

James Shea                        – 19yrs GK
Sean McDermott              -17yrs GK

Rhema Obed                      – 18yrs RB/CH
Kyle Bartley                      – 19yrs CB
Gavin Hoyte                      – 20yrs FB
Thomas Cruise                 – 19yrs LB/Actor 🙂
Kerrea Gilbert                  – 23yrs Defender
Nicholas Yennaris         – 18 yrs LB/LW
Cedric Evina                     – 18yrs LB/LW

Craig Eastmond               – 19yrs HM
Jernade Meade                – 17yrs LM
George Brislen-Hall       – 17yrs LB/LM
Daniel Boateng                – 17yrs CH/HM (another Song)
Sam Byles                          – 18yrs HM
Chukwuemeka Aneke   – 17yrs CM
Emmanuel Frimpong    – 18 yrs DM/HM
Conor Henderson           – 18 yrs LM/CM
Henri Lansbury               – 19yrs CM
Mark Randall                    – 20yrs CM

Benik Afobe                      – 17yrs CF
Roarie Deacon                 – 18yrs – LW/CF
Jay Emmanuel-Thomas – 19yrs LB/LM/CF
Luke Freeman                   – 18yrs CF
Rhys Murphy                    – 19yrs CF
Jay Simpson                      – 21yrs CF
Sanchez Watt                    – 19yrs LM/CF

How old was Cesc Fabregas when he was trusted to take over in midfield – it was the 2004-05 season, which I think makes him just 17yrs old…. Cesc  is a special talent, but we only know that having seen him play over the last few seasons. How can we or Arsene Wenger not be sure that in that crop of players there is not another special talent just waiting for his chance?

I am not saying we should not look/buy players from overseas, what I am suggesting is we stop buying them so young, lets buy them when they have grown up and want to venture away from their home/current club to seek new challenges, when they have experience and can bring something to Arsenal before the ink has dried on their contract, not sign them and have to wait ten years to see them play!!

We all know that not all of the players above are going to have a successful career with Arsenal but as said many many times before, Wenger keeps banging on about youth so why not start blooding a few of these players – get the ones who are going to have a chance and let them be involved with the first team squad a bit more.

Eastmond, Lansbury, Frimpong, Boateng?? Maybe Freeman – who knows?

One thing for sure is, if they don’t get a chance we may never know and they will leave, I would if I wasn’t getting my chance, just like Luke Ayling has already done – the theory about not being old enough is bollox, Cesc blows that one out of the water!!

If these players turn out to be special, at least if they ‘want to go home’, we all know they are already there……


Balls Arsene, ’bout time you showed you had some!!

April 18, 2010

I thought yesterday here was pretty darn good, most of us have a similar view on what we think we need.

This ranges from getting quality players in, shipping crap players out and even, if Arsene doesn’t soon show some balls, then he can take a hike with the players we want out.

I’m not quite there on the get rid of Arsene Wenger just yet but, if we get half way into the transfer window, just before  the start of World Cup and he hasn’t got the players we need then I will change my view. There is no point it waiting until the World Cup as any half decent player representing his country will have an extra few million added to his price tag. We know then that he will use that as another excuse not buy player X,Y or Z…

Nothing we can do about any of that right now, lets wait and see what happens….

What also materialised yesterday that the majority of voters want Pat Rice replaced, some even want a whole new beginning in the management of our club – again, nothing will happen until the end of the season.

Today though we head off up north to face Wigan, today is about not only the players who wear the shirt of our club showing balls, it’s about Arsene Wenger showing some too.

If I were him I would drop a few, I would leave out Almunia, Denilson and Diaby, replace them with Manonne, Eastmond and I was going to say Merida, (but reports are out that he has signed a five-year deal with Atletico Madrid, i don’t know if that’s old news or for real) so why not throw in Barazite?

I would even think about having Sunu and Freeman on the bench…

Is it the right time to make drastic changes? Why not, we are playing Wigan, not Real Madrid…

Sadly though we all know that won’t happen, Eboue will play left midfield, van Persie will be at CH, and Theo will be in goal, that’s what Wenger does so often, sticks square pegs in round holes and then he wonders why we struggle!

Its spooky that we play Wigan today, just a few days after strong rumours did the rounds that we have already signed two of their players in a joint deal worth 22M – best we all keep an eye on them just to see how they come to be valued quite so high. The two players are Charles N’Zogbia and Hugo Rodallega.

Interestingly though,  Martinez hasn’t denied this rumour, Wenger has had nothing to say either!

We have four games left, four games to finish our season with a winning run and a bit of credibility, and if we can’t beat Wigan and that is not meant in any way to be disrespectful, but I might go back to concentrating on Reading, at least they won 6-0 yesterday…

Of course I am kidding, Arsenal are too deep in my heart to leave now or ever….

But we need a great, gutsy, dogged, determined performance, we need to play with a purpose, that purpose is to win and win with ease. Forget the fancy poncie football, we have to be ruthless and score goals, plenty of them aswell!!

To do that though we need the right players on the park to start with and then we will win, give anything less and it’s another crap week ahead for all true Gooners…

Would you stick with the players you’ve criticised for most of this season, or would you start with a few fresh faces?????

Couple of rumours this morning, Arsenal are looking at Joe Hart for 8M, Lyon are showing interest in Eduardo and Wenger has said there is a good chance Chamakh will join us in the summer!!

Oh, and Robin should start today….

Have a great day all, the sun is shining and three points this afternoon will keep it that way…

They may be young, but why not start playing one or two???

February 23, 2010

Yesterday Arsenal confirmed that promising youngster Benik Afobe had signed his first professional contract with the club.

Benik Afobe was on the radar of Barcelona last year and it was reported that he was ready to pack his back and head off to the sunny shores of Spain. Sensible lad though has realised where its best to get a chance in the life of football.

Here he is, all smiles – so would I be, I bet he counting his pennies already and wondering which big flash car he going to buy!!

Benik Afobe is the one sat down.....

Benik Afobe is the one sat down 😉

On youth signings Young Guns reported yesterday that Giles Sunu had committed himself to the club by signing a new long term contract. It’s suggested that he told Radio Derbyshire this during an interview after securing his loan move.

So that’s two strikers secured, both though still under nineteen years old so I suppose we won’t see them in the first team just yet!

Talking about strikers only here, the question has to be is why not?????

Over the last few years we have seen players make an impact from such an early age, at the weekend Jack Rodwell scored the winner for Everton against the Mancs, he is just 18 years old

Michael Owen made his debut for Liverpool at 18 years old

Wayne Rooney made his Everton debut at 17 years old

Kadeem Harris made his Wycombe debut at 16 years old!!

I know there are many more to make their league debut in their teens – our own Theo Walcott is one of them. Compare his
impact on football to those like Rooney or Owen – sadly I would rather not right now:(

So why are we not seeing one of our youth players really come on and make a difference?

Rooney and Owen have scored goals for fun since day one and for which ever club they have played for.

We have Luke Freeman, Giles Sunu, Benik Afobe, Rhys Murphy, Roarie Deacon, Wellington Silva, Sanchez Watt and even Jay Simpson.

Which one of these are going to make a similar impact on the game of football as the likes of Rooney and Owen have?

Maybe more to the point, which one will get their chance?

Its a tough one really, I understand the principle of the youth project that Arsene keeps telling us about, but why is he afraid to let one of these ‘kids’ burst onto the scene?

Many managers aren’t afraid to throw their bright young stars into the mix, why is Arsene?

Is he protecting their bones during their teenage years, or is it simply the case of they are not good enough yet?

Two questions:-

1 – Will they ever be?

2 – Is he actually getting the right players to prove his youth theory?

Over to you

Have a great day all….