February 28, 2010

The last weekend in Feb strike’s again!
When is this crap that Arsenal don’t like it up’em going to end?
That’s 3 times in five years that we have been the victims of similar incidents.
I think I speak for everyone when I say all our thoughts go out to our Rambo at least when we win the league he will get a medal. He has 7 starts and 11 subs.
On to the game.. The only surprise in the line up was the inclusion of Ramsey tho he did play very well v the makems.
So we started badly and then Song who didn’t put his brain in till half time saved a corner and put his clearance out for a throw on.


Surely this must be the first thing you say to the team, don’t give away throws in your half v Stoke. The curse of the ACN strikes another player
So the shiner threw it in and for some reason we set up as if it was a not Delap throw in, no one on the back post, what would you know Song goes to sleep.
1-0 down, plenty of time left I thought. We started to get going a little but not a lot.
Clichy “The Hurricane” was quality.
‘Here comes the story of the hurricane….” – he just read play beautifully and won the ball of some potter, this lead to an attack but not much came from it.

We looked like we’re getting more control, as Stoke sat back, they made it hard for us by pressing and not giving us anything, the ref thought this was ok and there were quite a few “pressings” that were debatable.
Delap then thought he’d won a throw near the box and was just shining up the ball with that fucking towel of his when Clichy ran over ripped the towel and the ball out of his hand.
I hadn’t seen the ref give the throw the other way so I thought Clichy had had enough of the shiner and was gonna nut him and burn his towel too. thankfully he’s got less of a hot head than me and took the quick throw.
We were saying the script was written about how history repeats itself, but always brings a new twist.
It looked like one of those games where we’re gonna do everything pretty but still not score.
The team was pushing for the goal and pushing up the pitch. Sol was so solid and kept Fuller in check, there was some crunching tackles and no nonsense defending.
We looked a little slow and couldn’t really turn Stoke, the one time we did and Faye snuffed out a Bendtner chance, another chance fell to Cesc and he worked Sorensen from outside the box.
I was thinking, we just aren’t at the races today and then bang Cesc sends a beautiful ball in to the box (forget all those pretty triangles) Bendtner still had a lot to do with the header but he cushions it across the goal, into the top corner..

What a HEADER!

1-1 game on
Marmaduke duke, marmaduke duke

We got into it a little, Eboue made a nice run to the edge of the box, but was fouled Cesc took the freekick but into the wall.
Stoke then found themselves in our box and I thought we we are doing everything to keep them there, finally Sol stepped in and hoofed it away
Another Song moment.

HT 1-1

I missed the opening minutes of the first half I know I missed a penalty shout, but all I can tell you is it was a 50/50, sometimes you do sometime you don’t, it was ramsey who went down .
We started hot and really look like we could score at will, Ramsey especially he must of been wound up by Wenger.
Eboue was finding the most space with the ball, but running into cul de sacs and then falling over like Stevie-G, and not passing, he needs a run of games.

Then Eboue showed me why Wenger plays him in midfield “he can shoot”. This lead to Cesc having a pop shot from range too.

Anything you can do….

The Hurricane was picking up speed and turning in to a proper Katrina, I pity any fool on the opposite right flank for the rest of the season..

Song then got the softest yellow I’ve ever seen in me life, if anything Delap fouled him, so that’s his tenth yellow so he’ll miss Burnley and Hull. The good news is it means he’ll be fresh for Porto.
Then it happened, it is still a bit too sore to recall and you don’t need me to explain it,the faces of Cesc, Bendtner and TV were as white as ghosts.

I think most people would have turned colour if you had been that close You know Shawcross didn’t mean it and was horrified at what he did. Apparently Pulis said Shawcross’s mum came to pick him up from the ground..
Credit goes to Glenn Whelan he sat there and shouted at the bench and stayed with Rambo till the medics came and rushed him to hospital.
Really you have to blame the ref for not clamping down on loose tackles. It is strange that 2 years ago in the last game in Feb that Dudu’s injury happened.
Yet back then we dropped two goals and lost our five point lead and the title now this season we have cut the lead from five to three points.
(standing at the time of 1-1 five points)
And we’re gonna win the league.

They drew first blood, so on came THE ARSENAL, Rosicky on for Rambo it obviously it took a while for us to get going again and stoke got some joy down the left, a cross along six yard box was well left by TV.

Dudu then came on for Sami and he almost had instant impact, but he was in on his right and went with his left he missed wide.
Then what would you know a pen, Bendtner has a shot and blocked by Pughs hand and ref pointed to the spot. Maybe what I said about us getting a pen in every game untll then end of the season is coming true.
Cesc steps up, this guys got cojones! and not quite bang, but much like his last pen he placed it in the corner.

Capitán Fábregas

7 mins injury time came up on the board, I was hoping we could play nice triangles in our own half with lots of lovely percussion, but oh no we push for more.
Bendtner get tumbled over in the box, it would have been a soft penalty.
Then Rosicky takes a shot that works Sorensen, he palms it wide, Cesc is there to pick up the pieces, he uses his head as always, slides the ball across to TV and he can’t miss from there.


That was for Rambo, you know it you could see it in TV’s face

The group huddle was telling. This no longer a 3 horse race for the title
It’s our Destiny

We’re gonna win the league,
And now you’re gonna believe us…

Written by realsocialdad

Big day Arsenal, big day Arsene…..

February 27, 2010

Don’t know about anyone else, but it seems along long time since we played our last game of football, since Cesc slotted home his penalty to secure us three points against Sunderland.

Thankfully today the boys are back in action and we should all be able to see it on a proper screen rather than a stream somewhere. Some are lucky to be heading up to Stoke, but me, I will be sat in front of the television, shouting obscenities at the screen and praying for a win.

Prior to that though and just for a change, I’m going to watch the lunchtime battle between Wayne Bridge and John Terry – oops I mean Chelsea against Manchester City!

I hate City, probably as much as I do Chelsea but that has only come about since Lardy and Toure went there for money. I used to respect them a little, I would even go as far as to say I liked them as a team, but now they have become just a Mr Rich club that pays rubbish players silly money! Lardy is living proof of that isn’t he and as for Toure, he has been one of their worst signings. Hey Ho though, look on the bright side, we pocketed £40M and got rid of a couple of trouble makers.
Today though, I shall be cheering on the team from Manchester, I hope they thrash Chelsea, I hope Wayne Bridge lumps Terry in the dying seconds of the game, I really do.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the Bridge/England situation and many think he is cutting off his nose to spit his face. I am surprised really as in the ‘ordinary world’ most men I know would have been round to Terrys house a long time ago and made it clear how he felt. To expect the two to ever play in the same team let alone share a dressing room is asking far too much.

In my mere humble opinion, Terry should be the one not going to South Africa in the summer, not Wayne Bridge; he has done nothing wrong during all of this!

Maybe fate will take over and Terry will pick up an injury between now and then and Bridge will play in the end.

If City can do us a favour and we can go to Stoke and get three points then that will cut the gap down to just one game. Just one game they need to slip up in and we are in with a REAL shout. With the fixtures they have, I can see them dropping more than three points!

So on to us, The Mighty Arsenal, the so called Mighty Arsene Wenger – both have to be on their best form tonight.

We have no Diaby, Arshavin or Gallas! That’s a big three to miss!

Arsene needs to get it right from the start, put out the strongest side we have available, not his favourites, his best eleven. Then he needs the next best on the subs bench and then use them at the right time. That means, impact subs, not Denilson on for the last three minutes. If the game needs changing, bring on the right players to make that change happen!
Do that Arsene and we will win – win for only the second time in 28 years!!! Unbelievable statistics really and hard to believe – a bit like Denilsons 😉

Forget Delap, forget the long throw ins, forget what Stoke think they do well – mark Fuller out the game and we win, get Big Sol to take out every cross and throw in and we will be fine – play the football we know we can play and we will come away with the points, all three of them!!

Oh, and if Denilson is around, he can keep hold of the Stoke towel !!!!

This is our chance, I feel it’s our final chance to close the gap – fuck sorry, muck up today, and that’s it, we may as well sit back and accept 3rd place!

I am going for a 2-1 or 3-2 away win. I also have a feeling we will see something like this later….

Now then, that really would make my day… Just for you JonJon..

Have a good one all…

Martin Keown, a missed man…

February 26, 2010

Bearing in mind the news is filled with Terry v’s Bridge saga, Pompey going into administration and us going after a few more young starlets, I thought I would write about something different. I feel for Bridge though, what has he done wrong during all of this? Why is it him who has to lose out? Anyway, moving on………..

Yesterday I mentioned that Tony Adams had been the first guest on ‘An Audience With’ – a new online programme on AFC.Com, since then the channel has aired an interview with Martin Keown – so I thought I would write about a few of the views he expessed during the interview. Well some of them!

Keown, the man who so many times bossed the defence together with Big Tony, the man who I fondly remember reacting slightly, after a certain Manc we all know as Horsey, missed a penalty!

I remember that penalty miss and the aftermath – great wasn’t it? Just in case you have forgotten it…..

Sorry if this offends, but not everyone has access to

When asked about our chances in the Premier League, he highlights the massive losses to our arch rivals. He says it’s time for talking on the pitch. Everything he thinks is about the future and players need to be playing for that.
The fixtures favour us in his view, the only difficult one being Tottenham away, Hull and Stoke away are tricky, but the team needs to show different qualities to get results there.

I like this bit – he says something like, WE have been hamstrung for injuries at the top of the team’

I love the WE bit!

Often we all talk about Tony Adams being Mr Arsenal, but when you sit back and look at the commitment shown by Keown, the determination in his eyes when playing, the ‘you ain’t getting by me’ attitude – wouldn’t just love a defender like him in front of Almunia? I know I would!!

He is right of course, we have had more than our fair share of injuries, for most of the season we have had one, two, even three of the better players out at the same time. How do you replace Robin van Persie? How do you replace Arshavin? How do you replace Nikki and Theo? (I won’t answer that).

The answer is, you can’t!!

You get my gist; we have had more injuries than most have suffered, certainly more than the five or six clubs around us at the top!
Keown then goes on and on about the future, how we are looking for this, we are looking for that? Strange, did Arsenal get Martin Keown back to be involved in the club? Did that snippet of news pass me by? Did it pass you by?
Keown reckons the Champions League is our best chance of a trophy this season but doesn’t dismiss the league IF we win all our games!

He talks Stoke, how they have shrunk the pitch to the minimum size, how they throw in the towel before every thrown in and corner! What he then says is we just need to play football, do what we do best and Stoke won’t be able to match us. Conquer the fans he says and all will be ok.

Finally he says that Sol Campbell was a good re-signing……. He thinks we will beat Stoke..

Martin Keown, So do I on both accounts……..

For Stoke we should have Eduardo back, but still no Gallas, Diaby and Arshavin, still think we will beat them though, just!

Have a nice day guys and gals….

Robin’s in for ‘Six of the Best’ as Eboue and Theo go back to School!!

February 25, 2010

If the rumours are true we could very well see Robin van Persie back for the last six premier league matches of our season, not to mention the Champions League quarter final, semi final and final, if we get there of course!!

The last six games are:-
Wolves – H
Spuds -A
Wigan – A
Citeh – H
Blackburn – A
Fulham – H

The Spuds game could be postponed if they get through to the FA Cup semi-final!!

All we have to do is win our next six matches and Robin will be back with fire in his belly, gagging for goals and desperate to win something this season. We need to get passed a tricky away trip to Stoke City this weekend and then take each game as it comes. Play with ‘great belief’ that Arsene Wenger keeps telling us about and come the return of Van Persie the league and Champions League will still be a possibility.

What we mustn’t lose sight of though, is this news comes from the Dutch camp, mme, the very same camp who said Van Persie wasn’t badly injured so until he has his Arsenal shirt on and gliding over the green green grass in England, I won’t believe it! If ever there was a bit of news to lift the rest of the team though, it’s this.

Arsene will be saying ‘Having him back is like having a new signing’ 😉

No Arsene, have a new signing is like having a new signing and come the summer, let’s hope we see a couple. I’m not greedy, a couple would do!

Don’t you just love Eboue? Here he is helping kids in a local school learn to dance. (picture courtesy of

Ok, not really, he is in one of the local schools – all part of Arsenal in the Community’s 25th anniversary sessions with Hargrave Park Primary School in Archway which took place on Tuesday, February 23rd

Good on you Eboue, the kids are having some fun, and it looks like you are too!

Theo Walcott was another player who went back to school recently, no not soccer school! 😉
Theo is the Ambassador for the Junior Kit Scheme and he was in a North London Girls School handing over a new Nike kit to them. Its reported he then treated them to a peep at a few of his soccer skills. Guess he wasn’t there too long then!!

Yes, that was meant to be funny, its great to see Arsenal players out and about doing good in society, rather than lunchtime vists to Public Houses and other seedy joints..!
Theo said it was great to be keeping touch with football at ground roots level, call me an old cynic, I reckon he is on the look out for the young player on behalf of Arsene!

Finally, if anyone is registered on ATV online, An Audience with Tony Adams is on there, it’s worth a peep.. Boy do I wish we had a man like him in our squad!

That’s it for today, tomorrow we can start to look forward to a trip up to Stoke for a must win game – aren’t they all must win now …

Have a nice day you all….

Theo under pressure? From who exactly?

February 24, 2010

I  don’t know about you lot, but there’s something about Wenger’s comments recently about young Mr Walcott that didn’t make sense to me..

Wenger has been quick to point out recently that the media are putting immense pressure on Theo, somehow blaming them for his slow progress I presume. Personally I just think Theo’s rubbish and wont make the world cup even if Lennon’s fit or not. Theo’s way, way down the pecking order at the minute and contrary to popular belief the lad’s been fit for months now and still hasn’t got into any sort of stride. Patience with young players is always key but patience is always given to those who show progress in their development. To me, Theo’s not improved in the four years he’s been with us, if anything I believe he’s gone backwards and patience turns to frustration..

The Cul de Sac Kid has his believers pointing constantly to the argument that he’s always injured, but Theo’s played over 70 games now. That works out at nearly 20 games a season which Isn’t bad for a teenager at a top European club. More than enough game time to show how much he’s developed and he’s still not reached double figures yet in the goals department..

To say we paid 12 million for him at 16 that’s a very poor return…

I think the media’s been made a scapegoat by Wenger on this one…

Was it the media who gave Theo a 60k a week contract at 19 in reward for doing, well, nothing? No, it was Wenger.

Was it the media who told themselves that Theo’s going to make it to the world cup? No, that was Wenger too..

If those two things isn’t applying the pressure on Theo than I dont know what is. Theo’s got 3 months to stop pissing about writing children’s books and knuckle down and force his way into the Arsenal set up first before he even thinks of the world cup. Sod the world cup. Arsenal pay your huge wages and we’ve still got two trophies to fight for, so get the world cup well and truly out of your mind young man..

I’m truly shocked at Wenger’s comments. I though Wenger would have known better. This is a player who dis-obeyed him in the summer by playing in, or rather embarrassing himself in, the U21 tournament and then has contributed pretty much nothing all season so far..

Is it more mind games? Is it just Wenger spin to kick Theo’s arse into shape? Or has the great man just shot himself in the foot?

If Theo can only get motivated to get picked for England, then Wenger’s got a huge problem with the lad. I  find it frustrating that Theo’s best performance of the season was against Sunderland at the weekend. A game that was being watched by Capello. Quite a coincidence that isn’t it?

They may be young, but why not start playing one or two???

February 23, 2010

Yesterday Arsenal confirmed that promising youngster Benik Afobe had signed his first professional contract with the club.

Benik Afobe was on the radar of Barcelona last year and it was reported that he was ready to pack his back and head off to the sunny shores of Spain. Sensible lad though has realised where its best to get a chance in the life of football.

Here he is, all smiles – so would I be, I bet he counting his pennies already and wondering which big flash car he going to buy!!

Benik Afobe is the one sat down.....

Benik Afobe is the one sat down 😉

On youth signings Young Guns reported yesterday that Giles Sunu had committed himself to the club by signing a new long term contract. It’s suggested that he told Radio Derbyshire this during an interview after securing his loan move.

So that’s two strikers secured, both though still under nineteen years old so I suppose we won’t see them in the first team just yet!

Talking about strikers only here, the question has to be is why not?????

Over the last few years we have seen players make an impact from such an early age, at the weekend Jack Rodwell scored the winner for Everton against the Mancs, he is just 18 years old

Michael Owen made his debut for Liverpool at 18 years old

Wayne Rooney made his Everton debut at 17 years old

Kadeem Harris made his Wycombe debut at 16 years old!!

I know there are many more to make their league debut in their teens – our own Theo Walcott is one of them. Compare his
impact on football to those like Rooney or Owen – sadly I would rather not right now:(

So why are we not seeing one of our youth players really come on and make a difference?

Rooney and Owen have scored goals for fun since day one and for which ever club they have played for.

We have Luke Freeman, Giles Sunu, Benik Afobe, Rhys Murphy, Roarie Deacon, Wellington Silva, Sanchez Watt and even Jay Simpson.

Which one of these are going to make a similar impact on the game of football as the likes of Rooney and Owen have?

Maybe more to the point, which one will get their chance?

Its a tough one really, I understand the principle of the youth project that Arsene keeps telling us about, but why is he afraid to let one of these ‘kids’ burst onto the scene?

Many managers aren’t afraid to throw their bright young stars into the mix, why is Arsene?

Is he protecting their bones during their teenage years, or is it simply the case of they are not good enough yet?

Two questions:-

1 – Will they ever be?

2 – Is he actually getting the right players to prove his youth theory?

Over to you

Have a great day all….

Wanna be together? Vermaelen confirms we already are…..

February 22, 2010

Not much about in the news again, but two strikers were hot topic yesterday and two managers had something to say.

One is Marouane Chamakh who we all have heard about but not seen much of. (I’m bored with him already)

Sunderland gaffer Steve Bruce admitted that he studied the player in the summer and was desperate to sign him. Having seen the way ex Scum Bag Darren Bent and Kenwyne Jones took their chances I am not surprised to hear he wanted another striker. He simply say’s he wasn’t up for sale.

I’ve always liked both Bent and Jones and the latter I wanted us to sign – after Saturday though, I’m definitely having a re-think about that!

Good old Rafa wants him and I  hope he gets him, Torres would definitely have to step his game up then, he’d be quaking in his boots!!

I jest of course. 🙂

Back to Brucie and Chamakh, in his day Bruce was a fantastic player, and I actually think he is one of the better players turned managers of this current day, certainly better than Keane!
Bruce was a rottweiler in defence and because of that I think he could have a good eye for a striker. He says that should Chamakh join us in the summer he will be a massive hit.

Who knows, we don’t even know for sure if the deal is done. One thing I do know though, I’ll be watching or recording the CL so I can see just how good or bad he really is 🙂

The other manager who had something to say about a striker was our very own Arsene Wenger. He has backed Theo Walcott to be part of the England squad that travels to South Africa this summer. He reckons he is starting to improve greatly and is very much on the right track – hope JonJon doesn’t see that.

Personally I think Arsene is right, he has got better, slowly yes, but better and as we have all said time and time again, if he could add a good cross to his game and a whole lot more control he would be worth a chunk of the money we paid for him and what he is being paid every week. I think I read somewhere the other day that Mark Lawrenson said he would pick Theo before Lennon or Wright-Phillips – I may have dreamt that though as I can’t believe Lawrenson would say one good thing about us!!

Carlos Vela is another player with great potential, a bit like Theo though, he is yet to truly deliver. Also like Theo he can’t see to stay free from injury and he is another player desperate to get to South Africa. Right now he has a groin injury, I just wish he could get fit and get his chance in the first team. I don’t care if that is 15/20 minutes from the bench either.

Anyway, we have eleven games to go, I can’t believe we are so close to the end of the season, it seems like only yesterday I was getting all excited yet apprehensive ahead of our opening fixture away to Everton – wouldn’t it be something if we could go on and get a few results similar to how that game went?

One thing I do know despite all the ‘behind the paps’ rumours, this team isn’t about to crumble or buckle under a bit of pressure, like ave said yesterday, Cesc celebrated his goal which said to all of us that he isn’t ready just yet to depart for sunny shores, Eboue has suddenly grown, Nasri had a much better game as did Almunia.

So after a week having to listen and read the reviews about our Porto debacle, the Fabianski moment, the Sol pass back, this team is very together, this team wants this title at the end of the season.

Thomas Vermaelen summed it all up quite simply in an interview…

‘You lose with 11 or you win with 11. That is how it is with us’!!

Thomas – if only we had a few more like you in our squad…..

Have a nice day you all