Panic on the Streets of London!

July 30, 2009

Yesterday we lost the last of the ‘Invincibles’. I would like to wish Kolo the best, but I feel he has betrayed us by joining another Premiership team, he could just be the difference in us winning the title or coming second,  so I will just say thanks for what you have achieved with us and as we only paid £150,000 for him 7 years ago, you can knock Wenger for selling him, but you cannot knock him for the price he paid for him.
I agree with Ray Parlour on this one “There’s a lot of centre-halves out there who you could get in for cheaper than that, who are maybe on the right side of 25 or 26”

And two weeks ago we lost a 30 goals a season striker, oh no!! Another £22 million pound profit.
Big names, and bigger names now because of their price tags, yet they are still the same players even if we never broke the bank for them..

I am trying to keep a reality check on this, before I slash my wrists, I must remember vertical if you mean it, horizontal to seek attention. (a little tip)

Since we came 3rd in the League two seasons ago we have lost.

Gilberto.. replaced him with Song.. (not the Bert in his prime…. the soon to be 33year old one).

Flamini .. replaced him with Denilson.. (you know my views on the Flamster)

Hleb.. replaced him with Arshavin.. (that’s an improvement we can agree on).

Toure… replaced him with Vermaelen (Perhaps it would have been better if we sold Kolo first, that would have made us feel better, it’s also strange that Thomas was never given a squad no, he sits their in blank.. perhaps Kolo was offski anyway. mmm)

Adebayor.. replaced him with Bendtner.. (not exactly replaced just a step up for Nikki)..

We have also gained Nasri, who was the same age when he joined as Theo is now, we all forget how young Samir is, but we only make allowances for Theo’s age. It also took Sir Bobby a year or so to settle, so when Nasri is back, he seems to be quite a fit type of player so he should regain fitness quickly, I am sure we will see a real improvement in him

We also went 18 months without two of our biggest signings Tomas Rosicky and Eduardo, they now both look to have recovered from their injuries.

In today’s inflated market..  Tomas would be fetching banging on £30 million and Dudu must be worth £25 million. I know Arsene says they will be like new signings and we all groan, but in fairness they are players who haven’t played and would be a quality addition to any team.
Also with the loyalty and affection that the club and the fans have showed these two, I get the feeling that they will also show us loyalty in return..
Their has also been an evolution in other area’s Gibbs has come on bundles, Fabianski has shown he can step up to first team standard (if he chills a bit). Djourou has put in some good performances, RvP has gone a whole season without getting injured..
We should start to reap the rewards from our investment in youth too, Ramsey and Theo cost over £15 million plus their wages and the time spent training them.
So we have lost who I think is our most hated ever player (along with Cashley). We have lost a loyal player in Toure, but we have been moaning about him since he has returned from the African Cup of Nations.. and we won’t weaken this January like we did two years ago..

Out of all the positions we are weak in, the one that concerns me the most is if we lose Eboue we have no cover for right back, I would like to see a midfield player to come in alongside Cesc, but come on, is their a team anywhere that couldn’t improve in one area?
The team we had 2 years ago was good enough to win the League, until injuries, the A.C.N. and some pretty poor refereeing decisions cost us in vital games and in the Champions League against the Scousers.

Mr Wenger obe probably has 25 plus targets around the world and has soon as one steps into his valuation of the player and into what he considers to accept a fair wage, he will be in, no problem..

I know I have said it before but I think we will be okay with what we have and we still have 5 weeks before the transfer window ends, so I may get a bonus on top.. I hope so.. The Huntelaar rumours are gaining strength, he wants us, we just need to introduce Real Madrid back into the “real” world.
The Villa rumour is a bit too speculative and will wind up the “I want a silver trophy today” fans when we don’t get him, the Di Rossi thing is a airbrush hoax, Who saves a web page as a jpeg.. c’mon?
When we all blast Arsene we should remember football isn’t an exact science, hindsight is a wonderful thing and we have to balance the books…
But at a time when football has gone nuts, let’s stick together and get behind The Arsenal..

The Press don’t rate us, the bookies don’t rate us, Talk Shite don’t rate us.. I love it!!!

Who’s sorry now…

July 29, 2009

Carrying on from the post JonJon wrote about the money circus goings on at Citeh, this morning I thought about a few comments that were made by bloggers about the Citeh players. The general topic was if a player swap was going to be involved with the Ade deal, then which players would we want.

I can’t remember who said this, but no doubt it was JonJon as he remains so positive at the moment, which is good for all of us – the comment was something like ‘Why do we want any of their players, if they aren’t good enough for Citeh, then they are not good enough for us’

(Stephen Ireland apart, I believe that comment is spot-on)

Citeh may have all the money, but what is very strange for me is that they are buying players who clubs are prepared to let go – they have not yet bought a player who his club is desperate to keep but the money is vast they cannot afford to turn down the offer!

The John Terry saga proves this, and the Lescott situation could very well end up with the same result.

Tevez wasn’t Manures to sell, so he doesn’t count.

So, they may be improving on what they had, but are they really improving to such an extent to really be able to challenge the clubs in the top half of the table – For me, as it stands I think the answer is No.
What they have done (pending Kolo) is given us 41 Million pounds for us to improve our club, and from now until the 31st August, I am going to remain positive and believe that that is exactly what Arsene Wenger will do. Add to that a possible 6 Million pounds we will get if Eboue leaves, the club possibly have around 50M pounds to spend.

Arsene Wenger as we all know could buy a whole first team squad with that amount of money, but for once I am go to believe it will be just three good/great players but not for silly money.

So thank you Mr Mark Hughes (unemployed by Christmas 2009) you may just be the one who has given us a real chance of winning silverware this coming season, where as your club will finish somewhere mid-table, and with many disillusioned players requesting a transfer, and trust me, you won’t get anywhere near the price that you paid for them back in your bank account.

And who will be sorry then…..

Is the Man City circus good for Arsenal??

July 27, 2009

For me the answer is quite simply…yes!!

For years Arsenal have been the media’s main interest in English football..Constantly harassing us, making false allegations and to put it bluntly, talking absolute shit about us. No other football team in England has been under the media microscope more than Arsenal and in recent years, due to the lack of trophies and the apparent lack of funds, the situation has become worse, but now they have a new play thing…Man Shitty…

The EPL now has a new superpower, albeit due to financial backing, but nonetheless still a superpower…They’ve been spending their money like it was endless and talking themselves up as the next big thing…The papers have had a field day with whats going on at Eastlands and I see this as a good thing…The more they talk about them, the less they’ll talk about us…and it’s already started happening…

The city of Manchester have been a one team city for as long as I can remember. Citeh have always lived in the shadows of the red side but now are seen to be the poor relatives that have hit the winning numbers on the lottery…and they are going to rub Fergies nose in it…they already have by signing Tevez and putting his face up on a blue billboard saying welcome to Manchester…HAHA..

Lets not forget Chelsea either…Citeh have spent the last few weeks telling everyone who will listen to them that they are on the verge of signing Terry..Chelsea must of been seething. For years now Chelsea have made their name on the fact they have all the money in the world, well now they dont…So i expect the rivalry there to be highlighted the media too…Lampard was already quoted in a paper at the weekend, having a pop at Citeh, saying that money doesn’t buy success???? Errr, hello, Fwank…Are you thick or what?? Where were your team before Roman came along??

The war of words has begun and I expect it to go on all season. Both Chelsea and Man UTD have a new rival…with the papers loving it and feeding of it and leaving us alone in the process.

Citehs over elaborate spending on rubbish players that can only be described, for use of a better word, as mercenaries, has also put extra pressure on them….there’s no way that any team can spend the amount that they have spent and then say they don’t expect to win anything. What tripe. Their own fans may fall for it but the media wont..The media will be sniffing around Citeh all season, waiting for the 1st loss or the 1st goalless draw before they start putting the boot in.. I reckon when it comes to January, Citeh will be linked to every big name player and every big name manager..

All in all, they are going to give the red tops something to write about all season, leaving us to step back into the shadows. The chance would be a fine thing. I’m actually looking forward to buying newspapers again over the course of next season, turning it straight over to the back page and reading about Adebayors offside and missed sitters count in a 1-0 defeat to Stoke or Hull.. 

Another bonus that Citeh will bring to us is the fact they are prepared to be ripped off just to get the player they want..we sold them a right donut in Adebayor, all for the measly price of £25mil…are they stupid?? HAHA..and now with the great JT staying at Chelsea they are in for our beloved Kolo for £15mil.. £15mil???? I’d rip their hand off for that…£40mil for two players, both past their peaks and both to disappear for a few weeks in the middle of the season can only be compared to taking candy from a baby.

Maybe we can throw Eboue in the deal too..?? Although it looks like Fiorentina have won that race..

The bookies have already wrote us off..we are favorites do drop out of the top 4 this season to be replaced by the one and only Citeh..and with the new rivalry its created with the other top teams, the pressure is well and truly off us next season..

Arsenal will sneak in under the radar..and while the other teams are arguing amongst themselves we will pick up the points and be top of the table by the time anyone, even the media , has noticed…

Have a good day we could see those developments in the transfer market…

“Hes Dutch, he’s the dogs, he’s from the land of clogs, Huntelaar, Huntelaar”

As the new season draws you feel lucky??? you??

July 25, 2009

I suppose its only natural for any supporter to feel excited going into the new season. I cant stand it when we have to go two weeks without football because of the poxy Internationals so two months seems like a lifetime…

But I feel really confident going into the new season and it’s not down to just excitement…We’ve had one of our best summers for years..None of the wrong players have left, we got rid of the biggest negative vibes of last season and our injured players are back…

It seems that in recent years gone by,  we always seem to get the crappy end of the stick when it comes to maintaining stability over the summer…players who were important to the cause either kicked up a stink, left, or done both. Leaving the fans shaking their heads at the fact we had to start rebuilding… Again…

I know some of you may think we are not a strong side, but when you think about it, we are….

We played the majority of last season with our back up players and we still didn’t lose our status as a top 4 club…

If you look at our 1st team…on paper when everyone is fit, it can be argued that that team can beat anyone in the world…with Rosicky and Dudu back and with Arshavin playing a whole season, we are facing the prospect of seeing Wengerball flow freely again this season…Cesc, when he wasn’t injured, had no-one to play with last year so he looked a shadow of his former self..this year it will be different….

Think back to the season when we finished 4 points off the title…this is practically the same team…

The goalkeeper hasn’t changed..

The defence seems to be staying the same. and with the addition of Vera Lynne, I’d say the defence was looking stronger than ever..

The midfield has re-grouped…we have Rosicky back and Arshavin replacing Pleb…

The strike force is better than ever…I know Ade’s gone and he was our 30 goal man that season , but i never thought Ade was our main striker anyway…he only scored 30 goals because all the other strikers were crocked and he played about 500 games…

The only player we are missing really is Flamini..

A man that was vital I hear you say I know, I feel the same..but we have Song, Denilson and Diaby to fight it out for the spot and Song was top of the pecking order I’d say….I know none of them seem capable but don’t forgot Wengers now armed with 25mil…in previous seasons we’ve never known the truth about Wengers restraints with the transfer kitty…well we know he’s got it now…he knows that we know he has it, so Ive got no doubt in my mind that he’ll spend it…hopefully on a new midfielder

I’m not worried about the Dippers..they had a lucky season last season and one long term injury to either Gerrard or Torres puts them right up shit creek…

The Mancs have an ageing squad and have lost their main man….who was worth at least 15 points to them each season…not to mention Tevez…

Chelsea have a new manager and that could lead to another Scolari scenario…

Apart from the Dippers we are the only club that have maintained the stability and we are better than the Dippers..they are just a lucky team…

So I’m confident that next season is our season and I’m confident Wenger hasn’t finished in the transfer market either…

What do you think Ave’s and Avette’s??? Have a good day…today we announce our new Flamini…

Fool’s Gold

July 23, 2009

Is there anyone else apart from me who has wondered if Adebayor will continue his ridiculously high number of off-sides now he has joined City?

I think we are about to get a true view of who was really to blame for what seemed like repeated school boy errors.

The number was so high that I thought the finger of blame has to be pointed at the coaching staff and as the buck stops with Wenger, he surely must shoulder the lion share of the blame.

But it happened so often and seemed so obvious that I got to the point of saying to myself that Wenger cannot be that thick to continually allow this to happen, week in and week out.

I reasoned there must be more to it and even got to the point of wondering after the CL game at Old Trafford if Adebayor was getting off-side on purpose to slow the play down as a means of taking the pressure of off the defence.

This, I understand, was met with ridicule and I do not blame anyone for taking that view. Although, in my defence, I suspect the first time the idea of a professional foul was considered possible, some years ago, within the gentlemanly, cricket mentality that prevailed in this country; that too, was met with incredulity and disbelief.

I have watched that game again and still wonder if that was the case; but, there is no such excuse for being off side the number of times he was in games in which we were totally dominant.

Anyway, I get to my point; Mark Hughs, love him or hate him, I only said that because it was part of an expression, I know we all hate him; anyway again, Mark Hughs was a successful centre forward and knows a lot about playing that position, it is going to be interesting to see if he can sort Adebayor’s off-side problem out – I suspect he will, and do so very quickly.

The result will be that the anti-Wenger brigade will be handed a veritable arsenal of ammunition to attack him with.

Those Were the Days My Friend.. (or were they?)

July 21, 2009

Following on from a conversation yesterday between Franchise and London, they touched upon a point I was going to write a post about, but was having trouble structuring, but it prompted me to have a bash so here goes..

When we had a team full of world class players, Vieira,  Bergkamp, Pires, etc, we reached the  Champions League final just as that team was breaking up.. But at their peak that team or Wenger’s teams before them never really achieved what they should have done in Europe,  going out in the quarter finals etc on a regular basis or not qualifying  past the early stages..  Okay  we were the best in England every now and again.. Which was nice!!  But were we Champions or runners up of the 3rd strongest League in the world?

These days the Premier League is the strongest in the world,  the anti has been upped and we are 3rd/4th in that and also regular Semi Finalists in the Champions League, which brings me to the point..

It is really a series of questions for debate..

Are we actually any worse in real terms?.. In fact I would say we are relatively stronger than we were when we had all the big names..

All teams in Europe can pick from the same pool of players..  We used to be in the top 16 in a good campaign in Europe.. now we are top 4..  So although we haven’t picked up any silverware, I suggest this is because our domestic League is far stronger.. That makes our League the hardest to win in the world.. Unlike it was in “98” the good ol’ days..

So from having world class players who only made the best 16 in Europe we now have crap players who are now getting us up to the dizzy heights of the top 4.. How does that work then???

If we had “crap” in our team like Ade, Denilson, Song, etc .. and we are better than 5 years ago that must mean that some of our players are  far better than our best players were back then,  to make up for that deficit..

Another point  is these players who are performing at least as good as the invincibles were virtually unheard of,  so perhaps it sort of makes us feel inferior as supporters that the other teams seem to pick up the expensive signings and we don’t,  but  because our players are young and we haven’t been watching them play for other clubs on a Tuesday or a Wednesday night for the Meeelans of the Humbugs of Italy before we bought them,  do we think of them as not as good as the players other clubs pay £10million  or more for??

So Arsene Wenger OBE  has  made us a top 4 club in Europe..  he has made us a top 4 side even with Song in it..  He has done this spending less than £3 million pounds a year on transfers.. (after the comings and goings) .. We also have a stadium to be proud of..

But we haven’t won the cup of the strongest League in the world.. I suggest we are as good as we was… but the goalposts have moved..

Where we are going against clubs that are not generating their finances within football I will save for another post.. But my feelings on that are quite depressing..

If that made no sense, I am sorry I wrote it under the influence.. lol..


July 18, 2009