What’s the difference between Cardiff, Blackpool and Arsenal??

May 23, 2010

Bit of a fun one, but of course the answer is easy isn’t it, we haven’t played (in a worthwhile game) at the new Wembley!

In between the gardening and over heating in the glorious sunshine yesterday, I watched some of the play-off match between Blackpool and Cardiff and from what I saw, it was a great game of football, its such a shame that either side had to lose.

Great goals, a slip by the resident disc jockey, a few ‘Almunia/Flapianski’ moments, but either side could hold their own in the Premiership I’m sure. During the last ten minutes, Cardiff reminded me a bit of Arsenal, near on all the possession but for love nor money they couldn’t get a cross to find the head of one of their own. I wanted them to get the equaliser but only so we could all get to see another thirty minutes of the two sides…

Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal Board will be very happy with the result I am sure, you can just imagine them worrying about having to pay the Toll fee when travelling away to Cardiff can’t you!! 🙂

Anyway, well done to Ian Holloway and Blackpool, another tough trip up north for us next season and all the best to Cardiff, next season for you hopefully…..

Not much news around really, but it seems one in and one out as Fran Merida’s agent has confirmed that the player will sign for At. Madrid in the next few days. Forget whether or not you think this lad could be good, apparently we are supposed to have made a last-ditch offer to him in attempt to keep him.. Why, not why keep him, but why do we always leave it until the eleventh-hour before trying to get a player to stay?? If Wenger and the club rate Merida, why has he not been either more involved with the first team (instead of Diaby or Denilson) or sat down, told how the club see his future, tie him down to a longer contract and then send him on loan like Jack Wilshere???

I just don’t get it sometimes….. That’s another player who has gone for free, as no doubt will Gallas, Silvestre and Senderos – put them all together and we could have got at least 15M and that equals a darn decent defender!!

For a club so tight with its spending, it sure lets money fly out of the window when players leave on a freebie!

One player who is coming up and we all know about is JET, he has just completed his loan and can’t wait for the 2010/11 season to start, the 19-year-old will now take his summer break before reporting back for pre-season when he hopes to make his mark in front of Arsène Wenger.

“This has been a good season for me,” he said. “Hopefully I can continue that next season.

“I’ll have a little break and then return for pre-season where I can make a big impression. Pre-season makes a big difference’

Pre-season, blimey, let’s get the summer over first and get the new boys in 🙂

Finally, on a day where many players are being linked to many clubs, well, except ours, Old Red Nose has taken a swipe at a few managers in an interview where he talks about who has posed the biggest threat to him,

“Wenger, over time, and Graham were tougher rivals. It was hot stuff between United and Arsenal until three or four years ago.” 

Graham won the title twice in 1989 and 1991, Wenger won the Double in 1998 and 2002 and the Premier League with his unbeaten Invincibles in 2004.Ferguson and Wenger are the two longest-serving Premier League managers and the Old Trafford boss is intent on continuing his rivalry with the Frenchman.

Let’s hope Wenger gives Fergie something to worry about next season as he sure as heck hasn’t done for the last few years!

Have a good day all, it’s gunner be a hot one in the UK



February 28, 2010

The last weekend in Feb strike’s again!
When is this crap that Arsenal don’t like it up’em going to end?
That’s 3 times in five years that we have been the victims of similar incidents.
I think I speak for everyone when I say all our thoughts go out to our Rambo at least when we win the league he will get a medal. He has 7 starts and 11 subs.
On to the game.. The only surprise in the line up was the inclusion of Ramsey tho he did play very well v the makems.
So we started badly and then Song who didn’t put his brain in till half time saved a corner and put his clearance out for a throw on.


Surely this must be the first thing you say to the team, don’t give away throws in your half v Stoke. The curse of the ACN strikes another player
So the shiner threw it in and for some reason we set up as if it was a not Delap throw in, no one on the back post, what would you know Song goes to sleep.
1-0 down, plenty of time left I thought. We started to get going a little but not a lot.
Clichy “The Hurricane” was quality.
‘Here comes the story of the hurricane….” – he just read play beautifully and won the ball of some potter, this lead to an attack but not much came from it.

We looked like we’re getting more control, as Stoke sat back, they made it hard for us by pressing and not giving us anything, the ref thought this was ok and there were quite a few “pressings” that were debatable.
Delap then thought he’d won a throw near the box and was just shining up the ball with that fucking towel of his when Clichy ran over ripped the towel and the ball out of his hand.
I hadn’t seen the ref give the throw the other way so I thought Clichy had had enough of the shiner and was gonna nut him and burn his towel too. thankfully he’s got less of a hot head than me and took the quick throw.
We were saying the script was written about how history repeats itself, but always brings a new twist.
It looked like one of those games where we’re gonna do everything pretty but still not score.
The team was pushing for the goal and pushing up the pitch. Sol was so solid and kept Fuller in check, there was some crunching tackles and no nonsense defending.
We looked a little slow and couldn’t really turn Stoke, the one time we did and Faye snuffed out a Bendtner chance, another chance fell to Cesc and he worked Sorensen from outside the box.
I was thinking, we just aren’t at the races today and then bang Cesc sends a beautiful ball in to the box (forget all those pretty triangles) Bendtner still had a lot to do with the header but he cushions it across the goal, into the top corner..

What a HEADER!

1-1 game on
Marmaduke duke, marmaduke duke

We got into it a little, Eboue made a nice run to the edge of the box, but was fouled Cesc took the freekick but into the wall.
Stoke then found themselves in our box and I thought we we are doing everything to keep them there, finally Sol stepped in and hoofed it away
Another Song moment.

HT 1-1

I missed the opening minutes of the first half I know I missed a penalty shout, but all I can tell you is it was a 50/50, sometimes you do sometime you don’t, it was ramsey who went down .
We started hot and really look like we could score at will, Ramsey especially he must of been wound up by Wenger.
Eboue was finding the most space with the ball, but running into cul de sacs and then falling over like Stevie-G, and not passing, he needs a run of games.

Then Eboue showed me why Wenger plays him in midfield “he can shoot”. This lead to Cesc having a pop shot from range too.

Anything you can do….

The Hurricane was picking up speed and turning in to a proper Katrina, I pity any fool on the opposite right flank for the rest of the season..

Song then got the softest yellow I’ve ever seen in me life, if anything Delap fouled him, so that’s his tenth yellow so he’ll miss Burnley and Hull. The good news is it means he’ll be fresh for Porto.
Then it happened, it is still a bit too sore to recall and you don’t need me to explain it,the faces of Cesc, Bendtner and TV were as white as ghosts.

I think most people would have turned colour if you had been that close You know Shawcross didn’t mean it and was horrified at what he did. Apparently Pulis said Shawcross’s mum came to pick him up from the ground..
Credit goes to Glenn Whelan he sat there and shouted at the bench and stayed with Rambo till the medics came and rushed him to hospital.
Really you have to blame the ref for not clamping down on loose tackles. It is strange that 2 years ago in the last game in Feb that Dudu’s injury happened.
Yet back then we dropped two goals and lost our five point lead and the title now this season we have cut the lead from five to three points.
(standing at the time of 1-1 five points)
And we’re gonna win the league.

They drew first blood, so on came THE ARSENAL, Rosicky on for Rambo it obviously it took a while for us to get going again and stoke got some joy down the left, a cross along six yard box was well left by TV.

Dudu then came on for Sami and he almost had instant impact, but he was in on his right and went with his left he missed wide.
Then what would you know a pen, Bendtner has a shot and blocked by Pughs hand and ref pointed to the spot. Maybe what I said about us getting a pen in every game untll then end of the season is coming true.
Cesc steps up, this guys got cojones! and not quite bang, but much like his last pen he placed it in the corner.

Capitán Fábregas

7 mins injury time came up on the board, I was hoping we could play nice triangles in our own half with lots of lovely percussion, but oh no we push for more.
Bendtner get tumbled over in the box, it would have been a soft penalty.
Then Rosicky takes a shot that works Sorensen, he palms it wide, Cesc is there to pick up the pieces, he uses his head as always, slides the ball across to TV and he can’t miss from there.


That was for Rambo, you know it you could see it in TV’s face

The group huddle was telling. This no longer a 3 horse race for the title
It’s our Destiny

We’re gonna win the league,
And now you’re gonna believe us…

Written by realsocialdad