I’d love it, I would just love it, if…..

May 29, 2010


Yesterday,  Atletico Madrid announced/unveiled Fran Merida as their new player and I have to admit, I am very sad we have not been able to keep him….

Barca born Fran, stolen by our mighty fine manager (well, he used to be) from the Spanish Club, Barcelona a few years ago has finally left us.

Funny enough, he followed in the footsteps of another stolen boy from the Catalan club, his name, go on, you don’t need me to tell you…

Both born and bred in Barcelona, both part of the youth set up at Barca, both left to be guided by Arsenal and to learn from Arsene Wenger…

So now Fran Merida has gone, but that is where it’s strange, he has signed for a club in Madrid and not even Real Madrid!!

Here he is in his new club shirt!!   😦 😦

That would be like a player being born in one of the houses near to Highbury, going off overseas to say Ajax, then on return to England, signing for the Spuds or Chavs – would you do that?? Like heck would you, no more than I would….

Wouldn’t it really be funny though if old Jose Mourinho, who says he still loves Chelsea, decided to kill two birds with one stone? I would laugh my socks off (I know I shouldn’t) if, when he is confirmed as the Real Madrid Manger, he contacts Arsene Wenger and tells him the Madrid will pay 80M for Cesc Fabregas – or 60M and Lassana Diarra or Van Der Vaart, or even Casillas…..

Jose says, ‘Deal or no deal Arsene’, Wenger says ‘Deal’

What Jose has then done is help out the chavs (in his view) by making us weaker, and really pissed off Barcelona for nicking the local rivals player from under their nose. But in reality, all he has done is cheesed off Barca, cheesed off Cesc and along the way, given our mighty fine club lots of money to rebuild with. If we accept either deal we could possibly be better off.

Imagine this scene, but with Cesc in a Real Madrid shirt….

If Cesc has to go and I hope he doesn’t, I really hope Jose Mourinho throws a big fat spanner in the works……

But funny enough, the only winner would be us, surely? We have got the best deal for Arsenal, strengthened our on side either by the swap player and players Wenger will be able to get with the money or by getting the money alone and on top of that we have shown the footballing world that we are no longer a club to be pissed around!!

But what would be really funny is, Fran Merida and Cesc Fabregas, both Barca born, both Arsenal ‘made’, then become rivals in La Liga and both at Madrid rather than their home town……

Call me sad all you want, but in the words of Kevin Keegan, ‘I would just love it’!!!


Arshavin ‘n’ Denilson back, Theo’s not a worry…. and Eduardo is Important…

January 6, 2010

Yes, important, not impotent – despite his lack of fire power recently! 🙂

Day 6 of the transfer window and I just can’t see what is really going on in Arsene Wenger’s mind. One day he is not buying, the next day he might, then he wants to wait for other teams to start the ball rolling and THEN, he says he wants to buy two – that is two players, not two year olds who have a good left foot and one day they could be good!!

At this point I feel I need to say that I love the boss, I don’t want him sacked, he is the best manager we have ever had…. blah blah blah, its fun folks, just fun!!!! Get It??

Now where was I, ah yes, Arsene in his transfer market chat – Has he ever had so much to say pre and during a transfer window? I don’t think so, for me this could be a very interesting month for Arsenal… I will remain optimistic; despite Rasp keep telling me not too 😉

Wenger also says that signings won’t stunt the youth, so maybe we are going to get a couple of players who have season or two left in them, a season or two to help the ‘kids’ grow in their game, a season or two to just give us a bit more experience to help us win silverware!

Rumours are this morning that we are going to offer £9M for Carlton Cole, and Big Willy is finally in talks with the club and better still Arsene is considering break his ‘over 30’ rule. Just a shame he hasn’t done that before with some who have left 😦

Anyway, time will tell and so will the next 25 days….

If the game goes ahead tonight, Denilson and Arshavin are back and Arsene has said that Denilson will fill the role left void by Song – PHEW, thank goodness Diaby didn’t get to play there. He is on his best run yet so why try and stifle the man in a defensive/holding role?

Ok, we have no Cesc and no Robin. The latter we are used to, Cesc has been missing before and we went on a winning streak without him, now we can do it again and make our skipper proud!

Another absentee is Walcott, out with a rib injury; our leader has this to say:
“I believe between 19 and 22 you have players who go through periods like that,” said the Frenchman.
“The body settles and stabilises and finds a balance to cope with all the stress you face in top-level competition.
“I am not concerned over a longer period. In the short term I would like him to be available.”

We will be up against a side that has absolutely no chance tonight. Yes they will be excited about the prospect of getting a new manager, he may even be in place by the time kick off takes place but we all know one thing – a good team doesn’t become rubbish overnight and equally, a poor team doesn’t suddenly become good overnight – so manger or manager less, Bolton have no chance of even taking a point of us tonight.

This is our home, our fortress and we are going to win.

This is our game in hand, our chance to get ourselves right in the face of the Moneybag Chavs!

The Chavs have now lost Essien and Drogba – the heart of their midfield and the main man up front – let’s see just how good they are without them and with a little bit of pressure… That is why tonight the boss needs to pick the best and show the rest, just how good we are, just how much we are in this title race, and most importantly show the world just how much we want this trophy!

And finally, talking of trophies, the boss has said he may not rest any player for the FA Cup game against Stoke – Hoorah Arsene, we want that trophy so so much, glad to hear you do too….

I am going for a confident display, a huge win and 3 massive points for us tonight – 5-1 😛

Come 10pm tonight, we will be second….

All we can do now is wait to see if the game is on, where I live we have had 6-7 inches of snow, and that’s ladies inches 🙂

Any Newbies, Welcome aboard but plaese mind your P’s and Q’s otherwise you go straight to spam 😦