Why Özil after two good games? Is it Goodbye to Dudu?

June 27, 2010

It seems that the whole world of footballing fans suddenly want their club to buy Mesut Ozil and we Arsenal fans are no different are we.

One great display against the ten men of Australia, an average performance during Germanys loss to Serbia but then a wonder strike from the player to earn his country a 1-0 win over Ghana, seems to have convinced us all that he is the man we want Arsene Wenger to sign.

Well, yes it would be wonderful wouldn’t it to finally bag ourselves an out-and-out attacking midfielder, a winger some would call him. I’ve forgotten what a winger was its been so long since we’ve had a ‘real one’.

But hang on, were we not crying out for players with experience, did we not ask for players who have been there and done it, did we not say we have too many young players in our squad and we wanted oldies to ‘show the way’ to the young uns??

We did, so what makes us all suddenly believe that Mesut Ozil is good enough for Arsenal Football Club. Be honest with yourselves, did you want him before this World Cup? No, nor did I!

We have little to no chance in buying him in my opinion and feel free to voice yours loud and clear, but Wenger has said he will not buy a player off the back of a four-week competition. Add to that, he has had two very good games in three, is that really enough to convince Wenger to splash out vast amounts of money? Nah, I don’t think so.

Werde Bremen will be sat rubbing their hands together as this tournament goes by knowing that if their 6’0″ attacking player continues to shine they will be able to stick a £20M price on his head.

That price tag will be far too much for Wenger. However, his contract ends this time next year, maybe we will see another Audrey Arshavin scenario in January if he hasn’t been snapped up by then..

I don’t think we’ll get him, but I’m sure he’d look good in Red and White and he wears the Number 10 🙂

Sad news this morning written in many papers, that is that Eduardo could be on his way. Reports are that Arsene Wenger no longer has him in his first-team plans and he would be better suited to league where football is a less hard. Well, I wonder how Martin Taylor feels this morning having read the papers?

If this transpires to be true then I truly hope it’s not the beginning of the end of our little poachers career…

Well done to Ghana for yesterdays win, great to see the African flag flying and today it the turn of England. No doubt it will be a high scoring, entertaining match with plenty of goals.

Have a good day all, enjoy the sunshine and the football…


Wigan say no, we sign a keeper, Diarra anyone???

June 8, 2010


This line is from this mornings Daily Telegraph…

“Our financial situation has greatly improved,” said Wenger. “We are finally able to buy the players we think we need.”

We all know we have money but who does Arsene Wenger ‘think we need’, I wonder if he thinks the same as most of us fans?

Goalkeeper, 2 defenders and a ‘Song like’ midfielder. Thats a minimum surely? The same article suggests Wenger has £40M in his pocket and any further funds generated from sales. The way I see it is, unless we sell a player for £50M plus, we won’t being seeing players like Gourcuff signed. Hopefully though £40M will equal  four darn good players who want to come and play for Arsenal and want to play their hearts out everytime they put the clubs shirt on.

Wigan manager Roberto Martinez has stated that dispite all the speculation surrounding Hugo Rodallega, no club has made contact with him regarding his player. To be fair, this rumour began when the player himself suggested Arsene Wenger had been in touch. Looking back, it was more likely to have been his agent doing all he could to get ‘his man’ a move. Shame really, I wouldn’t have minded the big lump up front with us, especially as Nikk B has been holding hands with Arshavin whilst praising up the Catalan stains!!

When I say we signed a keeper, I mean Sean McDermott has signed his first professional contract at the club. This is all well and good for the future, but we need one who’s hands are big enough to fit size large gloves, not ‘large youth’. Come on Arsene sort this situation out and fast, none of us want to see Almunia in goal next season, nor do we want to see Fabianski. I am sure if Wenger was honest, he doesn’t either….

We commented on here the other day about players at Real Madrid who could be up for grabs but Mahamadou Diarra is not a happy bunny right now. He is rumoured to be in for showdown talks with new boss Jose to sort out his future… At 29 years old, and a valuation of £6.5M, he’s certainly within Wengers budget? Described as a ‘ 6ft power house’, could he be the lump to solve the defensive side of our midfield problems for 2/3 seasons. By the time he is over the hill, Eastmond, Frimpong or Coquelin could be ready to step up…..

What do you reckon?

Psssss, did anyone see the rumours about van de Vaart being one of the players that Jose wants to sell…. 😉

Arsene’s a tight old git isn’t he… Robin’s crocked!!

May 30, 2010


Just what have we been doing for the last couple of weeks? I’ll tell you shall I, we have all been slating Barca for their filthy tactics yes, but we have also been saying, if they want Cesc, let them pay what he is worth, not just make an offer that is an insult to both the player and his current club!

Am I right?? Yes, and so is Arsene Wenger for saying Cesc is worth £80M or thereabouts.

Baring that in mind, (if reports are correct) why does our old tight git of a manager go and offer Lorient £4.2M for Laurent Koscielny, a player whose his club value at just under £7M…

I know the two situations are miles apart, different for all sorts of reasons but the principle is the same.

Lorient are not one of the biggest clubs in the world but just the same as a club like our, money matters and every penny counts. Why do we, Arsenal insult a club/player and offer such a lesser amount? We do it too often and it usually ends up in us missing out on a player who Wenger must rate. Surely if he didn’t he wouldn’t have put an offer in, in the first place!

Why can’t we just contact the club, find out how much they want then offer a realistic amount to buy him, you know, just like we all do when we buy a house. We know there is an extra £5000 on the value so you offer £10,000 below the asking price. Afer a bit of haggling the seller gets the right price….

Not Wenger though, he has offered nearly £3M less than the amount Koscielnys club has valued him at, why oh bloody why does he do it??

Koscielny is a 6’1″ CH, born in France but also qualifies to play for Poland…. He hasn’t made his mind up yet!!

I don’t know anything about the player, but my point is, if I did and I was qualified to make the judgement about him being a very good player and wanted to sign him for the club I managed, I would be offering a lot more than Wenger has reportedly made…..

How many players have we lost out because of an offer that was below the value of the player for sale???

Bah! Humbug! Ebenezer Scrooge – aka Arsene Wenger

I’ll let you all think about that one………

What we all feared, happened yesterday, Robin van Persie limped out of training and had his ankle heavily packed with ice. The World Cup hasn’t even started yet and he has suffered injury.  We can only hope the Dutch Camp don’t risk him if he is not fully fit. I hope Arsenal are keeping tabs on this…..

Finally, this morning we are again being linked with Steven Taylor of Newcastle, Wigans Hugo Rodallega and Lyon midfielder Jean Makoun…..

Roll on Tuesday, let the fun begin!