The Fog Almost Closed In!!!!!

January 30, 2009

Wednesday evening we saw two different teams on the pitch. On one hand we saw a team that was organised, stuck to tactics, worked hard for each other and played to their strengths. One the other we saw a disjointed, unintelligent, group of individuals.

For those who saw the game then I don’t need to tell you which team was which, but for those who didn’t, the team who was organised and played to their strengths wasn’t us!!!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling for heads or anything like that, but the Arsenal side that was out there isn’t the side we’ve become used to under Wenger. Its a very, very average side we have at the minute. Wenger still likes to employ the ‘Wenger Ball’ tactics and we know they work. Its the players that don’t fit the system. We have become used to seeing our beloved club passing through sides like a hot knife through butter with great technique, working together, linking up, creating space and using intelligence. Barring RvP and Nasri, we have no players fit at the minute who has these attributes. This current side just don’t work together and are technically inept and it showed once again at Goodison.

RvP saved us with a strike that we know he is capable of. We were lucky. Everton deserved the points. They had a negative game plan from the start and they stuck to it perfectly, closing us down and exploiting our weaknesses with their strengths (Tim Cahill), but they have only one half fit striker so who can blame them??? Football is about tactics as much as it is skill and Moyes almost had Wenger. Well in fairness, he did didn’t he because we were lucky.

Now, a draw away against a very organised team like Everton is normally a good result and we keep the unbeaten run going. We have a line up of fixtures coming up that’s arguably in our favour and we could well see our unbeaten run extending to over 15 games, so I’m not slitting my wrists just yet. What disappoints me was the performance, quite honestly we were shit and we have too many average players who cant do the job when we suffer with injuries. Under the circumstances we needed to win that game to keep the pressure on the top 4, but Villa are starting to see a bit of daylight between us and themselves and if we don’t pull our socks up we could be too far behind to catch up.

What worries me the most is Wengers post match interview. Wenger said that when we get Rosicky, Eduardo, Cesc and Theo back it will be like having 4 new signings. It seemed to me to be a subconscious way of telling the fans we aren’t signing anyone and i’m sorry Mr Wenger, I’m not accepting that, we need at least 2/3 new signings AS WELL as these players back, but I will reserve my judgement until the transfer window closes.

Player ratings:

Almunia…6….Saved a shot from Cahill that was a thunderbolt, but it went straight at him and I don’t think he new much about it anyway. Not too sure about whether he could of saved Cahills header, but I’ll just point out that it wasn’t exactly in the corner and I’m willing to say a few other keepers that spring to mind would of got to it????

Sagna…5…the mans letting me down game after game. Rubbish crossing again and should of closed down Baines before the cross. What happened to the player we had last year????

Gallas…6….did ok, nothing to shout about, but he was playing against a one man Everton front line,who is in fact a midfielder and he should of been more aware of Cahill for the goal. The man was playing up top by himself and we all know he’s lethal in the air, why was he left to Clichy to deal with???

JD…6…same as Gallas.

Clichy…6…not really his fault for the goal, never had a chance against Tim ‘The Salmon’ Cahill.

Denilson…5…not a wide man so I’m not going to judge him too much.

Song…5…lost the battle with The Giant Afro Man.


Nasri…7…plenty of running, desire and tried to make things happen. Was at times a one man midfield and i just cant understand why Wenger wont play him centrally.

Ade…5…80k a week???? Don’t make me laugh… 30mil???? Not any more. Boy did we miss the train with that one. Many of us said we messed up with the ‘one season wonder’. Ade’s an impact player at best and if we receive a big offer for him again we should snap their hands off.

RvP…7…is now the number one striker at the club by a country mile, hit a wonder strike that saved our bacon and needs a better partner upfront, one who can be bothered and one who is just as technically gifted.

The fans…10…didn’t stop singing, stayed until the end and got their reward.

We are now relying on Villa to slip up, but who says they will??? We should have never of been in this position in the 1st place. We almost won the league last year but instead of strengthening we were considerably weakened and we are paying for the mistakes of the summer, like many of us said we would.

Fingers crossed though, there’s still plenty of the season left and footballs a funny old game.

A Watched Kettle Never Boils

January 28, 2009


This Arshavin deal (no funny names anymore) is another PR disaster for Arsenal and just winds up the fans. Deadlines by Zenit, deadlines for a work permit, it’s Arshavins fault aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh. This is like the Nasri deal all over again.  At least by 5 oclock on Monday we will be put out of our misery.

It maybe a better money spinner for Arsenal to sell keyboards in the Armoury than Eboue shirts. My F5 key has worn out moving between the Newsnow, Zenit and websites. But then again this could be the dreaded smokescreen that transfer theorists would like us to believe.

I have noticed that some bookies are making Aston Villa fourth favourites for the league title now and that’s after we are on our best run of the season.

Onto tonights game, we have Clichy back from his suspension and Gallas is fit, but I don’t see either of those making any great improvement over Toure and Gibbs who had a cracking game on Sunday.

Sorry everyone but I don’t think we are going to win tonight. I am going for a 1-1 .

The team I think Mr Wenger will pick is.


Sagna… Toure….JD….Clichy

Denilson….Diaby….Song…. Nasri

                RVP……. Ade

I Quite Like a Good Song..

January 26, 2009


 Cardiff were never going to lie down and let us beat them, they were going to come at us from the start, it looked like their game plan was to get an early lead and hang on to it for as long as they could, hitting us on the break whenever they had the chance.

The pitch was dire and the home support made our players feel as welcome as a thorn stuck in the backside and although we should be beating teams in lower divisions for fun, the FA Cup brings out the best in a lot of lower league teams when they play against the big boys, especially when they have home advantage and we avoided a potential banana skin against Cardiff. I expect the replay at our patch to be a total different outcome.

OK we didn’t win, we were outplayed for large periods of the 1st half, but we didn’t lose and that’s the most important thing.

 I wasn’t happy that we’ve been taken to a replay by a championship side, but its far from disastrous. It was a weak performance but it doesn’t mean our season is over. We are still in the cup and we have been given a home draw in the next round against opposition we should easily beat, so it ain’t time to slit our wrists just yet.

Match Ratings

Fabianski… 7….Had the free kick that hit the bar covered and came out commandingly for the high and long balls. This lad doesn’t mess about and although I feel he needs to calm down a bit, hes pushing Almunia for that #1 jersey. I feel this lad is a class keeper in the making. Almunia would have left a couple of them crosses for the defenders to deal with and the scoreline may have been different.

Sagna…5…Woeful crossing again, and his defensive positioning was questionable at times. As one of the senior members in the team, he should of had more influence in this game.

Toure…6…not the best performance ever, that said we didn’t concede so some credit has to go to the defence has we were under siege for parts of the game.

JD…6…same as kolo, nothing outstanding but job done.

Gibbs…6…did nothing wrong really, a few misplaced passes but who didn’t do the same???

Eboue…1….@#**#**@!!???#@@** sell him, waste of wage, total embarrassment to the shirt and hes getting worse and worse, any other player in any other team would of been dropped by now and their contract tore to shreds. People say he brings a lot to the team because he’s well liked in the dressing room because he makes people laugh, well he makes the opposition players, fans and the commentators laugh too when he plays. Three years of this, I’ve had enough, get rid. End of.


 Eboue’s job.              his other job                    his pastime

Although we wont get much money for him now we could always sell him on.


Song…7…wasn’t fantastic, but held the midfield together at vital times, good show.

Ramsey…4…felt sorry for the lad, we know he can play, he was under pressure everytime he touched the ball, constantly booed and was clearly affected and tried too hard, he lost composure. He must of thought he still played for Cardiff as every pass seemed to go astray. He got a good ovation when he went off, but a game to forget for our welsh whizz kid.

Nasri…6…doesnt play to his max when hes stuck on the wing, doesnt get involved enough and its a waste of talent.

Bendtner…5…why doesnt he play like he does when he comes on as a sub???

RVP…6…didnt get a hold of the game, went close with a free kick but he didnt get much support from the midfield so he found it difficult to break Cardiff down.


Diaby…6…plenty of penetrating runs but seems to always run out of ideas at vital times

Adebayor…4…no point him coming on, made no impact and fluffed an easy chance that you’d expect most 80k a week strikers to finish with their eyes closed.

Jacky…not on long enough to do anything. 

We’ve got to start demanding more from our squad players, because not for the first time this season they have proved that they are not good enough.

Seasons in the Sun.

January 24, 2009

It’s a bit  boring  being an Arsenal fan today, so I thought I would share some of my first FA cup memories of the Gunners.

I was only 7  at the time the date was 8th May 1971.. My parents hated football so as it was a warm spring day, I was lucky they decided to lay a lawn to turf.

I had the colour TV all to myself.

I can still name that team off by heart no peeping at google.

Wilson, Rice, McNab, Storey, McLintock, Simpson, Armstrong, Graham, Radford, Kennedy, George.. sub Kelly.

We all know what happened and what the score was.. I can remember jumping around the room like a nutcase and running into the garden shouting (nobody really teaches you that it must be a natural reaction), much to the disapproval of my parents.

If you ever read this Charlie… Thanks my friend..

Onto tomorrow.

Here are tomorrows teams from two of our posters..

Rico thinks it will be..


Bac.. JD.. Kolo.. Gibbs..

Nasri.. Diaby.. Denilson/Ramsey.. Merida/Vela..

Ade.. RvP..

Subs – Dudu.. Ramsey.. Lansbury.. Randall.. Vela.. Almunia..Eboue..


Big Raddy  thinks it will be.


Sagna.. JD ..Kolo.. Gibbs…

Song.. Ramsey.. Denilson.. Diaby..

Nik.. Vela..

Bench: Ade,..Mannone.. Nasri.. EE..Merida.


Other news on the Andrei Arshavin saga..

Zenit are giving us until today to up the offer.. Like they are running the deal.

This will carry on now until the 2nd of Feb when the bottle goes and they realise that the will get Mr Jack Poo for him in the summer.

Please share your first memories of the FA cup and Arsenal..  you young ones and you “er” young ones..  😉

Sheik, Rattle and Roll.

January 21, 2009

What an embarrassment Manchester City are turning out to be for there supporters.

Kaka turned down the filthy money that will be the ruin of football, Robiniho has thrown his toys out of his pram and gone home (with a £300,000k fine to look forward to) and the Gallaghers have turned on old red nose and Mr Wenger OBE criticising our transfer policy.

Here’s an  idea for the goverment to raise a bit of money in these cash strapped times.. Why not sell Eastlands to the Arabs fo £500,000,000.?

Then the goverment can give the money to the banks, who can then lend the money to the scousers so they can get into more debt buying the league.

Onto the Ass Shaver, still no deal but like I said the other day, it must have been agreed between Andrei and Arsenal otherwise we would have walked by now..

Other good news tonight is Eduardo is pulling an Arsenal shirt on again, away at Stoke City..(hat trick please Dudu).

The only thing is I have stopped my Setanta subscription because of th problem the other day and the bastards have cut me off already.. never mind eh..

At least “you know” “you know” Martin Hayes won’t get on my tits no more..

The Crabs beat the Fishermen.

January 18, 2009

Right first of all.. I am fooked off with that shit satellite company Setanta.

I waited all week to watch the footie and the signal went down. I turned it off and back on no help.

I think Robins free kicks have eventually taken their toll on the satellite, it must be falling apart by now. (talk about bite the hand that feeds you) I took the card out and put it back,  perfect for 5 minutes then pixels galore. Then the comentator sounded like one of the Adams family.

£13.00 a month  yea right oh!!!

Also what pisses me off about Setanta…is the rubbish that comes out of their mouth, not just half the time, but all the time, they are a group of inexperienced professionals, trying to make it big…reminds me of a certain football team I know.

I know Clichy made a mistake.. The SAF sound alike sweaty sock told us 30,000 times.

A quick mention for the boys on MOTD, are you ill??? We werent on last and Robins goal against Luckypool won goal of the month????

As I didn’t really see the game Jonjon is going to do the player ratings for yesterday.

Almunia…6….he didn’t really have much to do, theres not much he could of done to prevent the goal, but other than that he had a quiet afternoon

Sagna…6….solid performance, not reaching the heights he did last year, but nonetheless, had a decent game

Toure…6…did enough to keep hulls forwards quiet, but should of been aware of Cousin for the goal

Djourou…6…also did enough to keep hull quiet, also should of been aware of Cousin, but at least we have a defender who’s brave enough to go for the 50/50, just ask Manucho’s eye socket

Clichy…5… Made a mistake that lead to the goal, but as already stated, JD and Toure should have been tighter on Cousin too. Im starting to fear for our energetic left back, he’s never really been known for his defensive qualities, but he’s going to have to start working on them because every mistake he seems to be making is leading to a goal. Mendy had Clichy in his pocket for the whole game, the young mans mind seems to be elsewhere, could a spell on the bench be just what the doctor ordered???

Eboue…4….what can I say, he was at his best once again, fluffing chances and consistently finding the perfect pass to the oppostion. The clown was definately at the circus today. I understand Eboue is a squad player, and it isnt his fault he has to play because of the injuries we have, but after three seasons of the same pathetic performances the answer is simple, we need better squad players.

Denilson…6….not really much to say about our little Brazilian sideways pass master, other than it was a good show of sideways passing. Good night denilson. 

Diaby…5….whats wrong with this boy? we know he has the talent, we’ve seen the technique and the skill, but where’s the intelligence???

Nasri…8…this boy is mustard, creative, energetic, knows where the goal is. Well taken goal, sweet as a haribo. This lad is starting to come into a good run of form and he’s been our best player for a few games now, Nasri is quickly becoming our main man in the midfield, especially with Cesc out, but please, please, please boss, play him in the centre of the park. All the time.

Adebayor…6….got the goal that he’s in there to do, but did nothing else, didn’t even celebrate with the boys after Nasri’s goal, whats wrong with you Ade, is Robin starting to steal the show???

RVP…8….Seems like Robins love of darts has moved into his football now. He must think if he hits the woodwork it counts as a treble, still a treble of assists and a good performance, Robins beginning to become the number one striker at the club, message to Ade, deal with it mate, stop sulking.

Subs used..

Bendtner…7…i’m not a fan of the boots, the attitude, or of Nikki for that matter, but made a critical impact and put the game out of sight for us after good link up play with Robin. Nikki could of had a second, if the post hadnt got in the way and did more in the time he was on than Ade did all game. Well done Kinkyboots, you’ve had alot of people on your back recently, but you keep banging in them goals and you cant go wrong, well played son.

Song…N/A….was he even on????

 Overall it was a good result, we dominated the game without really threatening too much, and we never looked like we were under pressure, but 3 points and 3 goals is a good return from an away fixture against any team in the league, and it keeps the pressure on Villa, who now have Young suspended. Lets see them keep up the results with out him for a couple of games.

As for us, the results are starting to come, the unbeaten run has extended, our best players are finding consistent, good form and weve still got the injured players to come back with hopefully one or two signings coming our way also.

God will tell Kaka where to go (as long as he gets his 10%)

January 16, 2009

So Milan have agreed to sell Kaka, but does he want to go to Man shitty?

If he does I hope all the teams that play against them try there hardest (even harder than they do against us) and send the bastards down to where the spuds belong.

This is a quote from Kaka himself….“I learnt that it is faith that decides whether something will happen or not.” …As all these religious people like to give up 10% of there earnings we will see what his agent in the sky says.

As for Arsenal news, Arse Shaver’s agent, Dennis Lachter, has said that a deal is likely to be done “early next week”

Apart from a load of Wenger spin. no news…