Saga draws to a close, no thanks SWP and it will be Wengers fault!

Come Monday morning this World Cup saga will be over, either Cesc or Robin will begin the new season as World Cup winners, I sure hope it’s Robin, at least he’s contributed to Holland’s results, unlike our current captain of course who sadly has had to watch from the bench for most of his time in South Africa.

The main reason I can’t wait to see the back of this competition is we finally get to hear from our captain, but secondly and maybe more importantly, Arsene Wenger will be back doing his day job for Arsenal.

We know we already have Chamakh and Kos but this could be the time that the transfer window comes alive.

Pre-season soon begins and clubs will want any new boys to be involved early, ready to begin the new season with players fit  and used to their new team mates.

It will be exciting and interesting to see where the players like Ozil, Honda, Mertesacker and Schweinsteiger all end up, they may of course just stay where they are if their happy. These players are just a few who have shone during this competition and speculation will go into crazy mode.

I’d be happy, very happy if German pair Bastian Schweinsteiger and Per Mertesacker were signed by Wenger. What would they cost together, £40-50M, I’d say that would be money very well spent. Add to that Schwarzer and I think we are complete. Give me the cheque book Arsene, I’ll go and sort them out….

On to rumours, more silly rumours – suggestions are that we are in a battle with others to sign ex legend Ian Wright’s son, well we don’t need him and surely we don’t want him. He is a City cast off who was dreadful at the World Cup. Not to be able to shine amongst that shower of s***e says it all, he’s finished, he probably was from the day he signed for Chelsea. He left City for money then after gathering splinters he went grovelling back to a club that made him a darn good player, what has he done for them since??

In any case, we have enough tiny tots in our side, we need beasts, not tiddlers…

Talking of tiddlers, Stéphane Sessegnon is again linked with us and a host of other clubs. He’s reported to be in advanced talks with a Premier League club and his move away from PSG will be announced over the next few days. Prior to signing for PSG, he was with Le Mans and his position was holding midfielder. At only 5’8″ tall I can’t see him being signed by Wenger, can you??

The real good news though is yesterday Arsene Wenger said that our summer spending is not over and we are looking for another defender, mme, me thinks it’s not just a defender either, I am beginning to have even more hope now…

Couple of others linked to us again, Benfica’s Rafik Halliche who is valued at £4M and yesterday, the rumours about Melo gathered pace after reports in Italy suggest Juve hope for a swap with Clichy. Not sure on that one myself, is Gibbs ready to take over the LB position full-time, maybe he is?  Fabio Capello has made it quite clear that many a youth player will now get a chance to play for England so why not?.

Gibbs, Wilshere and Walcott could all very well be involved in Euro 2012 and the 2014 World Cup, now that would make me pay a bit more attention to the television when England play…. Then just look at the other young English players in our reserves and youth, it could soon be Arsenal playing in the Euro and World Cup……

Even then though, were we to get all the way through the competition, only to be beaten in the final, it would still be Arsene Wengers fault 😉


106 Responses to Saga draws to a close, no thanks SWP and it will be Wengers fault!

  1. rico says:

    Morning all..

  2. drona says:

    Why is Cesc not asking his friends at Barca to just shut up? If he wants to leave then its his decision. I am sure that if Arsenal want to do business then they better extract fair value for Cesc and even get them to pay the remaining amount for the transfers of Hleb and Henry.

  3. Kudos says:


  4. rico says:

    hi drona, because he wants to go, he doesn’t care what in the paps, more pressure on arsene isn’t it…

  5. rico says:

    kudos, for what???

  6. shakyArsene says:

    You know it makes me depressed reading this. We are a big club, %100 guranteed by why do we punch so far below our size with these micky mouse players. Yes I agree we should be in for Mertesacker and Schweinsteiger, will we get them? I gurantee you not a chance i n hell for Schweinsteiger and why? Because we have superiority complex…Figure that.

  7. rico says:

    hi shakey, i didn’t mean to drepress you 😦

    the defender is more likely to be the algerian than the big german, he’s only 4M, but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad player does it??

  8. shakyArsene says:

    Rico no it doesn’t mean he’s bad but it doesn’t mean he’s good either. We’re Arsenal for christs sakes.

  9. rico says:

    i like the look of kos shaky, big lean and mean, but yes, i understand why you and many fans would rather we bought a player who we all know about, but Vermaelen was not known by many, he was a pretty good signing 😉

    the algerian, well, at 4M he looks a wenger kind of signing but he did say he wouldn’t buy on the back of the WC so fingers crossed its not him.

    I’m still hoping the next defender is a big lump who wenger has been tracking, but has been at the WC, Merts fits that criteria 🙂

  10. readie says:

    morning,why not get flammi back?hes mates with fab.and connects well with him on the pitch.cheaper option i think..

  11. terry says:

    i would not mind if we dont get Schweinsteiger…. melo is what we need to hell with the critcism that he has received….. cana received similar criticsm last season and he has been the best idfilder for them… we need a back up for song and diaby and melo would just be perfect….

    we could also get him at a low price as juve want to sell him…. wenger just go for him

  12. rico says:

    melo or denilson ????

    Melo any day of the week for me too terry – didn’t paddy excel with his red cards, didn’t put me off him 😉

    juve want a swap with clichy though, that’s where it gets tricky…

  13. terry says:

    we could just buy him…. his value after the world cup has definately fallen and all juve fans want him out….

    as for clichy he is one of the few players who has a heart in the arsenal team… if u remeber the second leg aginst barca he was the only player who played his heart out…..

    clichy is the one for the future… no ways can we sell him…

  14. jgunz says:

    the can have traore & Fabianski& 10m for melo &Buffon

  15. rico says:

    terry, 6-8 months ago i would have been glad to see the back of clichy, he was dreadful – but as the season went on, the old clichy started to come back and his game improved big time imho. i think he has to be one of the contenders for the armband when cesc goes as you say, he seems very happy at arsenal, he knows where he’s best off….

    He and Gibbs give us a strong LB position, same on the left with Sagna and Eboue..

  16. rico says:

    jgunz, out of our two keepers i would keep fabianski, if we had to keep one, i really believe almunia will be heading home to spain…

  17. Red Arse says:

    Hi Rico,

    Good one, more food for thought, I think.

    I have some sympathy for the view of Shaky. We are farting around in the football equivalent of the bargain basement.

    On the other hand I can’t agree with Terry. Melo is not wanted by the Juve fans, or the club, and this after just one season. Could it be because he is crap?

    He has had club after club and they all move him on pronto, and with his temperament he would be a liability for us.

    Comparisons with Viera are not valid because Paddy was a brilliant player! Melo isn’t.

  18. terry says:

    i agree with that i too would keep fabianski…. he is awsum when it comes to reflexes… but the only problem with him is corners…. he get bullied and pushed around very easily…. we need sum hard men in the team…..

    thats why i want melo and a strong defender…. who would not think teice before goin in very hard with a tackle……

    the reason tems like stroke are still in the leagu and doing pretty well is bcoz they have players like shawcross and gang….. we need few hard men to completel this team…

  19. terry says:

    diaby is not the grates in the air ….. but if u seen its his physical resence that actually makes the difference in the midfield…..

    if nasri was as well build as diaby he would be playin as a midfilder and not as a winger…

  20. rico says:

    Morning RA

    My comparison was the red cards, i am undecided on Melo, some say yes, others no, the few games he played in weren’t enough to convince either way really…

    Was he good, or was is Gilberto doing all the work for brazil??

  21. rico says:

    terry, i’m not a fan of diaby 😦

  22. terry says:

    melo had a excelent world cup until the netherlands game….

    i read most arsenal blogs that said that they wanted melo at arsenal…. everyone was pretty convienced….
    until the game against netherlands where he scored a own goal and also got a red card…..

    come on he is a good footballer…. a real hardman… if it wasent for him the brazilian midfield was pure shit…..
    gilberto hardly did any thing melo covered up most ground for them and was a real rock in the midfiled…

  23. rico says:

    readie, big no from me re flamini…

  24. rico says:

    terry, your comment is spot on, and i was one who of those who championed melo, why is it that juve want rid?? serious question that, not me being sarky 😉

    i know they are cash strapped, but does he have baggage??

  25. Red Arse says:


    We agree that Arsenal do want a real hard man. I also agree with your comments regarding a tall strong Centre Back,like Shawcross, Cahill or similar. I just don’t see the midfield being Melo.

    I watched him play for Fiorentino a couple of seasons ago, and he wasn’t bad, just anonymous. Arsenal deserve better and should stop being skinflints and buy someone big, strong and hard to fill that proud shirt! 🙂

  26. SPECTRUM says:

    We won’t get ANY big name players in. Wenger’s skinflint attitude will make sure of that.I’m not saying we should pay huge sums of money for all our signings, but when quality players are available, sometimes you HAVE to pay the asking price.Wenger won’t do that, even now that he HAS the money.
    Man.Utd. are pursuing Wesley Sneijder, priced at 25 million.Why aren’t we doing the same ? Because we’re a big time club with a small time mentality.
    “In Arsene we rust”.

  27. Kudos says:

    Yeeehaaaa cos it’s Friday !
    And the beer will flow!

  28. rico says:

    terry, not the bit about gilberto though 😉 i thought he had a great wc, broke up the play and passed the right ball… he is getting on a bit and pace is the only thing he’s lost 😦

  29. Red Arse says:

    Spectrum, you are spot on.

    Kudos, so are you. 🙂

  30. rico says:

    kudos, only on a friday 😉

  31. Erick says:

    Morning folks Rico that german pair of B and M would get us the league but Aw may not be interested because of the dosh

  32. rico says:

    hi spectrum, the mancs are crippled with debt, how thay can afford that money i don’t know, they won’t be able to soon…

    of like all, i wouldn’t mind seeing us sign a big name, but big names aren’t always the solution, look at city last season, how much did robinho cost them and where is he now??

    for me its about the right player, kos looks the mutts nutts, scwarzer is a better than almunia and will be a good stop gap for chesney…

  33. rico says:

    morning Erick, they are big in every sense of the word… 🙂

  34. terry says:

    thats true i loved gilberto when he was at arsenal…. he was a amazing player…. but its true he has lost his pace…. melo did all the hard work for him that he used to do for us…

    ya but if melo would cost anything more than 10-12m then its a big no for him…..

    i jus want arsen to buy a def mid who is not only tall and strong but also hardworking and quick…

    arsen knows what we need…. why dosent he see that denielson has not yet developed into a good def mid….. if he dosent want to replace him then he should send him on loan….. let him develop into a good midfilder then give him sum good first team action……

    dont mind if we get a good def mid on loan as well coz we need a def mid … its a must

  35. terry says:

    like we have lansbury, norvidth, denielson….. any of these could turn into a good def mid or box to box mid….and if wenger trust then then he should send them on loan till they develop into a good player….and get a good def mid on loan till they develop….

  36. rico says:

    thats just it about denilson, if he was as good as some go on about, why isn’t he pushing the old boy gilberto out of the brazillian side… my view is that gilberto reads the game so well he sees danger before it happens and can make the interceptions, denilso is slow, cant read the game and is not in any way a defensive minded player…

    for me he is more of creative midfielder in his head, sadly though he not very creative 😉

  37. rico says:

    Lansbury is the big one for me, he’s had a great season on loan, big season coming up for him i think…

  38. Erick says:

    Terry my view is that Gilberto played more games than Melo and was the most effective. I was one of those who realy wanted Melo but am starting to have doubts

  39. rico says:

    terry, nordveit has been on loan and played in the defensive midfield role, do you think that he will be involved this season??

  40. terry says:

    rico i totally agree with u he could turn out to be a good creative mid… coz thats what he used to play as before he joined us…..he has a amazing long range shoot… good at freekicks and corners as well…

    we should send to spian on a season long loan…. think he would trun to be a good player in that league then we could sell him for a good value waht say???

  41. rico says:

    M&M’s Erick, thats what we wanted 😉

    Whats happening with Mbia, i must go and check…

  42. rico says:

    i’d rather we just sold denilson now terry….

  43. Red Arse says:

    Hi Erick,

    Where were you yesterday? Missed your comments! 🙂

  44. Goona says:

    Regarding SWP he’d have been a different player now if we’d have signed him to start with. Wenger did want him at the time but he said he couldn’t compete with Chelskis spending power. Ian if I recall took him to the club for the signing than afterwards said “If I had my time over i’d have signed for Chelsea” now that could well have been paper talk but if it was true well dad look at your son now pushed from pillar to post and you wouldn’t be where you are today still in the spotlight after your footballing career was over and still a household name if you hadn’t have scored all those goals for your beloved Arsenal.

  45. rico says:

    There was a i/v yesterday about wenger talking keepers and slating almunia, it was denied saying the i/v with a newspaper in kenya was a spoof – suggestion is that it could be true after all, anyone heard any more about this??

  46. Kudos says:

    I would be happy with cahill, right that’s enough football talk. Yeeeeehaaaaaaa beer woop woop

  47. Another Terry says:

    If Jay E. Thomas progresses as he should then maybe we wouldn’t have the need for def mid fielders-attackers-defenders.

  48. Red Arse says:


    Over on Le Grove, I think Dennisdamenace, might be ahead of Kudos, already.

    He posted, “rico oooo oooooo oooo” or similar. Fame? Or he’s on the wrong site. 🙂

  49. BoobyTrap says:

    Keisuke Honda (本田 圭佑 Honda Keisuke?, born 13 June 1986) is a Japanese footballer who currently plays for Russian Premier League side CSKA Moscow. He is an

    attacking midfielder and can also play as a
    second striker and a
    left full back.


  50. rico says:

    Morning to those just joined,

    RA, i went on LG earlier…

  51. rico says:

    Goona, re SWP, i hope he would join us rather than go to the chavs, he is a great example of why a player should not just follow the money, there are a few more they bought who have since left having spent too much time on the bench..

  52. Goona says:

    Rico I agree with every word you say.

  53. rico says:

    Goona, you don’t have to 😉

  54. rico says: understands Arsenal are ready to turn their attentions to Slovenia star Samir Handanovic as they look to bring in a new goalkeeper.

  55. Red Arse says:


    Not a bad idea to agree with the Blogger Goddess. She is usually right. 😉

  56. rico says:

    RA 😛

    what about the keeper story from sky?

  57. Red Arse says:


    I am not sure what to make of the story that Fulham have now turned down our offer for Schwarzer and we are going for Handanovic instead.

    But then I am bemused by everything that is happening.

    Still I’ve got you to sort it all out for me. 😉

  58. rico says:

    Cheeky, wonder where sky have got that Handanovic story from, first time i’v heard it though…

  59. Red Arse says:


    I was trying to multi-task yesterday and failed spectacularly.

    I have one eye on the F1 first practise, one eye on the blog and the other eye on the newspapers.

    What? Doesn’t everyone have 3 eyes? Probably why I’m not allowed out on my own! 🙂

  60. Red Arse says:

    Probably Handanovich’s agent! 🙂

  61. rico says:

    RA, what about the cricket, we wooped bangledesh, feel for the two players injured …

  62. rico says:

    there’s no reference to his agent or by his agent, could be an interesting one, 25 yrs old i think which is the only strange part, sure if we get a keeper he will be older, both chesney and manonne are waiting in the wings, YG’s have a report about the keeping situation with them, maybe a loan and then they’ll get the cance..

  63. Red Arse says:

    Rico, Partly why I couldn’t remember which blogs I had visited when I spoke to you last night. Actually, I feel a bit sorry for the Bangles. Some great batsman but their bowlers are suffering.

    We are also playing them too much!

  64. rico says:

    2nd one day is tomorrow, good job their bowling is weak, we would have struggled otherwise..

  65. Red Arse says:

    Rico, got to disappear for a bit, I promised to walk my neighbour’s hound.

    First time since I lost my beloved GSD. 😦

  66. rico says:

    Laters RA, 😦 😦 re GSD

  67. rico says:

    off for an hour, shopping 😦

    laters all

  68. Erick says:

    RA now you are gone Rico shopping 😦

  69. Erick says:

    Rose aka ava am fine how is down south

  70. th14 says:

    here is one thing i want to know how these Barcac*nts are still geting away with not paying the rest of the henry and helb transfer.And have the nerve to warn us that they will not pay 60 or 50 mill.For cesc in that case fuck off and we will take back henry and helb while were at it. fifa need to look into these wankers they cant keep geting away this.

  71. Erick says:

    Can’t complain with that Rose those stains have done it for me am tired of them they should kis my dish rag for all i care 🙂

  72. rico says:

    Afternoon all, welcome new lady rose 🙂 😉

  73. rico says:

    th14, sorry for the delay, you went int the spam for the ‘c’ word, hence a little edit by me 😉

  74. rico says:

    good thanks rose, why the change? is it because you feel you are amoungst a load of thorns 🙂

    How are you now, has the flu finally left you?

  75. Erick says:

    Rico how was the shopping any Shakies for me 😉

  76. Erick says:

    sorry Rose it makes sense we do drink milkshake Rose though 🙂

  77. rico says:

    Sorry Erick, pet shopping for food 😉 😉

    Rose, i understand, hope you are ok through it all, i dont drink GG, toooooooo strong for me 😦

  78. rico says:

    sorry, i was cleaning me chickens out as it was quiet – its all just drying nicely in the 35degrees sunshine 🙂

  79. one for ktr7
    Jonathan Wilson knows tactics better than any other football journalist – his take on the World Cup:

  80. just a quick one hi

  81. Red Arse says:


    In case you wondered, I have to finish some work schedules by this evening that I thought weren’t due until next week.

    The dog did not run away, and in fact listened patiently as I told him about Arsenal’s buying policy, socialite’s who have three hour luncheons, and women who can’t cook but are keepers!

    He was good company and never answered back once! 😉

    Hope to get back tomorrow.

    Bon soir, ma petite choux.

  82. Erick says:

    No probo Ric’s GG crew aint around

  83. rico says:

    Boo, who’s about then 🙂

  84. rico says:

    No worries RA, we can’t all be here all day, we have things to do, see ya tomorrow… dont work too hard 😉

  85. rico says:

    RA, ive just re-read your comment, very funny but bloody cheeky 😉 😉

  86. JonJon says:

    evening guys..

    i still dont want swartzer..theres no point..

    it ust shows how bad the gk position has got at arsenal when we are lining up an average keeper..

    we already have an average keeper if we are going to replace him then spend some money and get one of the best..

    we are arsenal not bolton why are we following the transfer market tactics of sam allardyce and mick mcarthey

    we dont want stop gaps or players with potential we need the real deal..

  87. rico says:

    hi jj, but he’s only for a season, wenger has made it clear chesney will be our number one 🙂

  88. K-TR7 says:

    Evening all…i agree with what jj has said.we are ARSENAL!!

  89. JonJon says:

    whats the point in one season??

    pay 4 mil for a player for one point..

    if he thinks chesney will be great next year then he’s good enough this year..

    if not then buy a top keeper and let chesney be his understudy

    swartzers shite…no better than manny

  90. rico says:

    hi ktr7..

    i actually think the keeper situation is a tough one to resolve, many want joe hart, where does that leave chesney?? Gone!

    chesney is a massive keeper, big, strong, tall, athletic, not afraid to get stuck in, in a keeper kind of way…

    who is there to give us a season or two, frey, james… who?

  91. rico says:

    jj, every keeper is worse than manny right now, i think that spoof i/v is real, wenegr is after a keeper as he doesn’t trust manny but i cant see him forking out big bucks…

    tell you who impressed me at the wc, Kingson….

    now tell me i’m mad.. 😉

  92. JonJon says:

    see this is what happens..ive just read that kos is suprised arsenal got him and he’ll need time to adapt..

    even he doesnt think hes good enough why have we paid 8mil for him when an extra 8 would have got us cahill or jag..

    im telling ya this guys gonna be the next 8 mil cygan..

    waste of time..should have got the real deal

  93. rico says:

    jj – bet you a fiver he turns out better than TV…???

  94. JonJon says:

    kingston was mad 😉

    but you could tell he wasnt great..

    i liked that portugeezer eduardo and that handonyourbumovic from slovakia or slovenia or somewhere like that..

    rico we dont want another stop gap..if chesney is good enough he will force his way into the team..right now we dont know if hes the next spunky or the next shabaan so rather than get a stop gap get the real deal on a 5 year contract and if chesney is good enough he’ll force his way in..

    if not we are right back where we started with a squad with a 100 keepers who are all shite

  95. rico says:

    eduardo is short though jj and he has signed for another club i think…

  96. JonJon says:

    your on rico..

    i’ll make a prediction that this kos will get sent off on his debut..

  97. JonJon says:

    i was just naming a few keepers from the WC as an eg

    i want hart though…think hes quality already and will get better..

    englands future no.1 and has the potential to be a legend..just needs a big club..

  98. rico says:

    i would throw chesney in jj, but wenger wont, its like many say about casillas (spelling), he was the same age….

    but wenger wont pay the money for a great keeper, we know that… 😦

  99. rico says:

    cyber hand-shake jj 🙂

  100. Erick says:

    JJ true man won’t argue with that we need quality saw him play at the Wc and truly am not confident abt him

  101. Suhail.TV says:


  102. Suhail.TV says:

    sleep well…

  103. rico says:

    Hi STV, didn’t see you sneak in 😉

  104. rico says:

    i’m done guys – see you tomorrow

    stay safe….

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