St Fabregas on a hiding to nothing!

I think it is time to have another look at the Cesc situation.

At the moment, there has been a huge swing in popular opinion against him because of the Barca onslaught on Arsenal and the Arsenal fans through their unethical transfer pursuit .
From his early days at Arsenal Cesc made no bones about wanting to go back to Barcelona one day, partly because of the fact he was discovered and trained by them, from the age of eight; and partly because of his proud Catalan heritage.
I think initially that it was simply a statement by a young, well mannered Cesc being polite and not wanting to upset his family, friends and fellow Catalans, by ensuring them he had not forgotten his roots.

There was also undoubtedly a degree of self-interest in making such a statement, because within the Spanish State, the Catalans are a proud and distinctive race and Fabregas would not have wanted to show any disrespect. After his football career was over, Cesc would have wanted to go back without any rancour, and with his held high, whichever way his career panned out.

Many of us Gooners have been outraged by the arrogant and disgusting public pursuit of Cesc by Barcelona. A Club that financially is pretty near skint. Inevitably, some of this outrage has naturally spilled over on to Cesc.

This has all come at a particularly difficult time for Fabregas, stuck in South Africa with many of the Barca/Catalan players he would not want to offend, even when they were openly calling for him to leave the Gooners and join them at Barca, by publicly telling them to get stuffed. At the very least it would have made playing in the same team for Spain in the World Cup almost impossible if he did, and the uproar from his Catalunyan homeland would have destroyed him in the long run.
Neither would someone with his disposition want to cause unnecessary upset and despair to be caused to the club and fans that he undoubtedly loves.
Caught in the middle, Cesc has managed to upset the Arsenal fans by not telling Barca and its players to Fcuk Off, and by issuing lame statements about “nothing has been decided”. He is probably also pissing off Barca by not answering their siren call and coming out publicly demanding a transfer.
So given the above, what does Cesc really want? What are his drivers, his options, in pursuing the best career path for him as a professional footballer?

The best analogy is to look at a guy who has wonderful girlfriend, loyal, caring, doting and a great cook, who has only two flaws! She boring and she’s not the most attractive of ladies! Then he meets a beautiful woman who is a bit of a floozy, can’t cook and is interested only in having a good time and who attempts to seduce him by convincing him he is the most handsome guy on the planet (not possible, that’s me) and promising him a great love life .

To some footballers, Arsenal is great club, but can seem a bit staid when compared to the Real Madrid’s and Inter Milan’s of the football world, because, while we play great football, we are crap when it comes to winning Premier League or Cup titles.
Barcelona as a club, on the other hand, are amoral, cavalier and very shifty bast*rds BUT they have won trophies for fun over the past few seasons.

Fabregas could forgiven for reflecting, at the end of his professional career, that he missed out on winning Premier League titles, Champions League titles and getting European and World adulation by staying at Arsenal.
The conundrum for Cesc has been made more difficult because the buying policy of the Club he loves, Arsenal, has in recent years been to buy cheap, and make do with mediocre players, inevitably meaning they are unlikely to win anything for the foreseeable future.
In that context I actually feel sorry for Cesc in the choice he has to make. It will all end in tears, either for the ugly girlfriend or the sexy vixen.
What would you do? Stick with the wonderful but not so stunning girl friend and die frustrated, or go with the beautiful girl, have your brains shagged out and die young but happy?

Written by Red Arse


PS – Did anyone see that we signed a player yesterday, Laurent Koscielny – didn’t see that one coming…..


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  1. rico says:

    Morning all, thanks for the post RA, good one too…

    Cesc played well again last night 😉

  2. JSP says:

    Saw Cesc last night and can see why Barcelona don’t want to pay a fair price for him. He looks almost pissed off having to warm a bench and that just won’t do for the Catalan Terrorists!!!

  3. Goonbag says:

    You forgot to mention the Vixen has 11 plus cocks already hanging out of her dribbling nonsense, and can’t afford to buy a drink for herself let alone a meal.

  4. bobo says:

    cesc is a disgrace to arsenal fans.he is nothing when he came to arsenal and now he think arsenal is not good enough for him.allow him to go and warm tarpalonia bench..wenger sale him!!!!!

  5. rico says:

    Hi folks, I think the time on the bench could make him re-think, who knows…

    I beginning to get passed caring to be honest….

  6. Erick says:

    Morning Rico he did the 90min 🙂 nice one RA I would go for the wonderful and not so stunning girl lol

  7. Chrispy says:

    Interesting read.
    Trophies aren’t a given and even the mighty Farcelona are going to find it tough now with Jose doing his thing with Madrid.
    The whole Cesc thing, whilst doing my head in, has got boring. I’m past the ‘what would we do without him’ stage now. I would be really pissed off if we let him go for less than £50-60million. Not that I think he’s worth that but why should we be the only club who lets the fulcrum of our side leave for peanuts.

  8. rico says:

    Morning Erick, nice answer 😉

  9. Erick says:

    Thanks Rico the posts have been coming on late but today its all early thanks 🙂 We got Koscienly hope he can do better than Billy

  10. m dot dizzle says:

    Does anyone think cesc not playing almost at all have anything to do with barca trying to keep his price as low as possible! Also even tho im convinced he will stay 1more season, do u think Ozil or Gourcuff will sign ‘this’ transfer period? Who else is realistically good enough 2 replace the irreplaceable, i quite like that Ozil he looks very promising, whilst also aware of the comments he made regarding the mancs an chelsks, do u think we can land one of them this time round?

  11. lukychmz says:

    if he does go make sure barcascum pay up front. No IOU’s

  12. rico says:

    They have been late as i’ve been a busy one, today i thought i’d catch you out Erick 😉

  13. rico says:

    luky, i don’t think they have enough money at barca 😉

  14. Dgob says:

    I was going to do my usual and criticise your now traditional suggestions about the transfer policy and our ability to win trophies at AFC – but then I had a thought. I’ll ignore the short-term nonesense about an inability to win trophies and move to the point of my reflection.

    I doubt whether the question is one of quality or of poor players. However, we were hit with several injuries last season and this obviously had a negative impact on our final standing. Yet, the question that occured to me is: were these injuries incidental of inevitable to our approach?

    I think that the way that we played in the first half of last season shows that when we track and move, we’re a match for Barcelona or anyone else. However, having a small squad means that the physical toll on our players starts to tell in several ways:

    Firstly, there is less competition within the squad and therefore potential for standards to drop;
    Secondly, tired players are more prone to injury (consider last season here!);
    Thirdly, injured stars cannot be replaced within that small squad and so standards are again prone to fall.

    I now feel that we do need to bring in more players for these reasons and because it could also give our players (not only Cesc) a psychological boost. However, I do agree with our controlled budget and so the problem in expanding numbers (including wages demands etc) remains one of either bring in lots of cheaper players of great potential and therefore lower costs or one or two “named” players for a lot of spons. And Arsene’s logic shines through!!!

    I guess I’ll leave the managing to him


  15. rico says:

    Dgob – you do have a choice whether to come on here you know, no-one has your arm up your back – we write what we want, not what you tell us, like it or lump it…

  16. MidnightMoor says:

    Fact is, if Barca aren’t going to/can’t afford to pay a fair price for him, then Arsenal won’t sell him. Simple as that. If Cesc cant accept that and throws a hissy fit, then offer him (for the fair price – 60m GBP) to the likes of Real, City, fact they are the only teams that afford that fee. He wouldn’t go to either but it would teach Barca a lesson.

    I hope Holland beat Spain on Sunday and that Xavi cries at the end.

  17. rico says:

    MM, been saying that here too, if he isn’t happy then take the biggest offer, regardless of who the club is, as long as its overseas…

  18. GoonerJoe says:

    Almost skint? Barca are the wrong side of skint. They owe millions in debt but they are still allowed to bid 30m+ for players? Grow a backbone fifa.

  19. rico says:

    Hi GJ, but they still maintain they are after cesc…

    its a joke really, but that should all change soon with the new rules coming in

  20. Erick says:

    Rico you got 🙂 thats for sure I wanted Germany to win so we can know whats up with Cesc but damn Barca can’t afford Cesc thats for sure they are taking loans to pay their players

  21. rico says:

    Me too Erick, i was not 🙂 when Puyol scored 😦

  22. Erick says:

    Germany plotted their own down fall the should have taken more risks by trying to push forward they were too cautious hope RVP wins the WC

  23. Wai says:

    We can’t blame Cesc, I think.
    Barca won 6 trophies in a year while Arsenal hasn’t won one in 6 years!
    Damn!! 😦

  24. Erick says:

    Rico did you see Wath last night?

  25. rico says:

    I did Erick, he was here for a while..

  26. enniscorthy...gooner says:

    Good Post
    I think when the season starts eveything will boil down and Cesc can start thinking about the arsenal again I wouldn get on his back about it We all no he loves arsenal but he is always goin to get his head swayed bye barca and we always new it.To use your analogy Rico… Cesc cheated on his sexy missus with us because all he wanted was a decent meal but it seem’s he is gettin the same meal every day and Unless she learns how to cook something different and starts loosing a bit of weight ie(denilson/Diaby/Almunia) he might not stay.. We’ll see barca are going to get the stuffing nocked out of them next year by maureen and they might not win anything for a couple of seasons so it might not be so appealing to him.

  27. Erick says:

    Rico not in here at the match between spain and Germany ?

  28. Erick says:

    Wai screw the stains don’t care what they won if the can’t pay up they should back off those broke stains

  29. rico says:

    😆 Erick, nah, i didn’t see him, but I don’t know who i’m looking for 😉 I don’t think he went though..

  30. rico says:

    e-gooner, not my analogy, Red Arses 😉 but i understand what you are saying ..

    Madrid will upset the applecart next year in Spain, suspected that they will get Cole and Gerrard

  31. oz says:

    since barce went 6 years without a cup the fact we have not won one while building the best arena in england doesnt seem so bad.

  32. Erick says:

    Rico your letting me down Wath did a pitch invasion and was going for Xavi until he was stopped 🙂 🙂 😉

  33. enniscorthy...gooner says:

    Haha maybe I should of read the bottom part im still half asleep.
    ye im goin to enjoy madrid doing them next year is there anymore strong rumours that anyone else is coming to us?
    Im not goin to hold my breath……………….

  34. Erick says:

    Rico Jose is on Holiday in Kenya a place called Mombasa if I get a chance to talk to him I will ask for VDV 😉 the media has been kept at bay heavy security

  35. rico says:

    Ah, was that WATH Erick – good man 😉

  36. rico says:

    e-gooner, no worries, there are loads of rumours, but i think we will now have to wait until the WC is over..

  37. Erick says:

    E gooner Joe Cole may be 🙂

  38. rico says:

    haha Erick, i can’t see us going for VDV if Cesc stays, nor Ozil either – but VDV is leaving RM isn’t he, not wanted by Jose?

  39. jena says:

    I wont blame Cesc if he leaves for Barca….We are not considered a big club by most top players at the momement and with Wenger contnuing with the polciy of buying average players……the weight of expectation will once gain be on Cesc if he stays…….and he knows that he will never win anything with the current lot at Arsenal.

  40. rico says:

    hi oz, this better be our season then….

  41. Mike E says:

    it will happen – but next summer!

    by then wilshere and / or ramsay will have another season under their belts and barca will have sorted out their finanaces.

    at the moment they are borrowing to pay the wages so unless it is a swap or p/exchange it simply won’t happen.

    enjoy cesc whilst we can. one more season me thinks.

    ps good piece – nice analogy!

  42. rico says:

    jena, but cesc enjoys playing, why leave to sit on another clubs bench??

  43. Anelka says:

    You have got the analogy wrong…

    Fabregas’s decision is about SEX and FAMILY….

    does FABREGAS want to have GREAT SEX every now and then with the hottest woman in spain, who is fully developed and very experienced that his family loves and respects;


    Does FABREGAS want to have PRETTY GOOD SEX whenever he wants with the third or fourth hottest woman in England, who is still young and developing, who hasn’t got that much experience and who’s family doesn’t really like her…

    I see Cesc being very much the family man, unless the young English woman spends some money so that she may fully develop faster!

    Your thoughts?

  44. rico says:

    hi Mike E, i think we all realise he will go home oneday, what narks me is the way all this is happening. We keep saying that cesc is the first to dismiss speculation but this summer he hasn’t yet – he says he has left the decision to wenger… crazy decision imho…

  45. enniscorthy...gooner says:

    Just over getting a brouse at le grove there tearing lumps out of Cesc this morning…
    I think there going a bit over the top really……….

  46. rico says:

    Anelka, i’ll leave that one to the writer of the post to answer 😉

  47. rico says:

    eg, life for a few here started on le grove, its a great site, emotions are running high about cesc, fans are going to tear him to shreds until he speaks…

  48. enniscorthy...gooner says:

    Ye but as long as they dont start booing him or anything when he comes back because that would’nt be right seeing as he never actually came out and said he wanted to leave….
    But there probably will be a few!!

  49. JD Gooner says:

    “even when they were openly calling for him to leave the Gooners and join them at Barca,” it has to be said that the barca players only began mouthing after Cesc had made it clear that he wanted away. I am fed up with Cesc . . . the sooner he goes the better!!!

  50. Red Arse says:

    Hi Rico, Erick, Guys,

    I love the way you put it Anelka. Same theme expressed differently.

    In today’s world instant gratification tends to be the big winner. Screw now, worry later! 😦

    Barca are treating Cesc like he is a prostitute, except they can’t pay for it!

    I do think Cesc will stay for another season, but the siren call will get to him eventually.

    Nice take Anelka.

  51. Red Arse says:


    A lot of fans really love Cesc and care about the uncertainty surrounding his future.

    Passions run high and the old saying “you always hurt the one you love” cuts both ways.

    At the moment, if Cesc has any hopes of playing in the WC final on Sunday, he can not say anything negative about his Spanish/Barcelona team mates. That would be Finito for him.

  52. rico says:

    Morning RA – Good post, thanks 🙂

  53. enniscorthy...gooner says:

    Ye it is true and the one’s he loves are hurting him by not playin him and think how much it will hurt if he doesn get a run for spain in the final it might just sway him to stay with us for a bit longer he might not want to go to barca and look at all the people who kept him out of the team I no I wouldn…

    I think spain could be doing us a favour..What do you think will hurt more if he doesn get a run out on saturday… him winning the world cup or not or is that a stupid question because by the look on his face last night he looked pretty pissed off

  54. Red Arse says:


    If he doesn’t play and Spain win, he will put on a brave face and say he is happy! Fibber.

    If they lose, he will say it’s the manager, Del Bosque’s, fault for not playing him.

    I have said I think he will stay at Arsenal next season, but it is all semantics if Barca can’t afford him.

  55. rico says:

    I’m beginning to think he’ll stay RA, only because I can’t see Barca spending money they don’t have. Next season though will be a different story, we’ll see if he wants to leave a side thats starting winning again 😉

  56. rico says:

    I’m off for a bit …laters

  57. thenry says:

    everyone keeps going on about lack of winning trophies but look at the alternative and what that has done to some of the clubs that have (bought) the trophies in the last few years.
    barca technically bankrupt. 450 mill indebt and their TV deal partner has gone bankrupt so they will not be getting any money.

    man utd 1,1 bill in debt and looking like they cannot splash the cash

    chavs they could not survive without abramavich

    city new kids on the block owned by trillionaires

    madrid have the spanish govt backing them.

    inter have a oil billionaire

    pool will have to be sold to survive or they will go teh way of leeds utd.
    none of the above teams can survive on their own financial models.
    Arsenal are one of a handfull of clubs in europe that run a proper business model for the running of the club and consistently make profits at the same time have built a stadium unbelievable.

    do you believe in Arsenal the project or do you want to sacrifice the soul of a club for a few trophies.

    the next few yaers will see many PL teams and euro teams go to the wall the financial situation is getting worse and banks will not lend to football clubs as they did before.

    i for one a s a season tick holder since 1976 am so happy that our club will still be around and prospering whilst others may have to pay for their VIXEN ways.
    Arsene and the board are true professionals and should be congratulated in the way they have carried Arsenal forward.
    for all those that cannot do without trophies you should go and support another club who will be the next buyer of trohpies.
    we do it the right way as it will fit in to new euro legislation re footabll clubs cannot spend beyond their means.

    Arsenal FC forever not just the short term.

    have faith we have a good team support your team and all of those who think they know better then Wenger put your credential on the table and match his if you cant and all of you certainly cant i suggest you go back to your day jobs and concentrate on that rather then telling a pro what to do.

  58. mikeB says:

    Great post and a lot of good common sense that so many people tend to dismiss. I’m sure everyone understands the realities, but sometimes it takes the words set-out before us to remember… well done

  59. bedy says:

    Captain with new improoved contact to run 5years will never said he will like to meet Arsene to sought out his life before world cup starts,also he said will like to play for Barca if he get the chance.
    our low point to Fabregars was not wining trophy for 5years,but Barca low point was that they never beleived in hin as an academy player so they went to Argentina and bring Messi to replace him then offload him to us, after Arsene polished him beyond what the never expected to see now they want him and he wanted them.Do you think Barca are stupid to give him to us for only 250k while they went to court to get 3.5m for Merida from us,the fact is they never beleived lost anything in Fabregars and they beleived that they lost something in Merida.
    In fact Farbregars owe Arsenal than Barca and for his attitude in the past month and half he should be striped of the captaincy.
    Note that we are okay with or without him according to statictis we won 75% of the game he was out injured while we lost 75-80% of the games Gallas or Vermalen were out injured so think who is more important.
    Finaly for those who did not know Fabregars join Barca at age of 12 while we got him at age of 16 4years at Barca 7years at Arsenal whose DNA is running his football brain think.

  60. Red Arse says:

    Hi MikeB,

    TH has a valid viewpoint but my goodness telling other fans to go and support another club because they want to win trophies is a bit much.

    Not sure who he is preaching to on here as I can’t see anyone commenting in an adverse way.

  61. Red Arse says:

    Well said Bedy.

  62. mikeB says:

    Hi RA,
    Good article; thought the bit about Catalan pride and other external factors was a good one. Not so sure about the girl friend analogy though… maybe that’s because I’ve been married three times 🙂

    I didn’t see that in the post; just that gooners should be in for the long-haul and not just advocate short fixes… but then again maybe that’s because my first Arsenal hero ws Joe Baker, and over the decades I’ve learnt to be patient.

  63. Red Arse says:

    Hi MikeB

    As I said, I think TH has some valid points, but from the professional players point of view, he will surely want to say “show me your medals”.

    The analogy was v. spurious, of course, but I was trying to highlight Cesc’s quandry. Almost guaranteed medals with Barca, (subject to Moaniho’s Real) or a comfortable possibly satisfying career with Arsenal sans Medals.

    Not easy for him whichever way he jumps.

  64. Red Arse says:


    I read an interesting article on Joe Baker recently, which you may have seen.

    Born in Liver[pool to Scottish parents, he could only play for England, which he was never comfortable with. Great career with Arsenal until injury scuppered him and then descended into alcoholism which eventually led to his death.

    Not a good or perhaps precise precis, but in the days before big bucks salaries, Joe never got the rewards he deserved.

  65. mikeB says:

    I think that one of the many lessons Cesc has gleaned from the world cup is that he’s not guaranteed medals with Barca. As I pointed out to Rico over a week ago they are strapped for cash, and the Spanish govt. can’t bale-out two giants at the same time; not given the current state of all the PIGS economies.
    As for the players and supporters; we’re just lucky to be gooners. Most people choose their club without any hope of trophies – most players too. Thanks to the Bertie Mee’s and George Graham’s and Arsene Wengers we’re not in that situation. Instead we get to watch wonderful football played at the highest level, under a financially secure regime…
    Let’s see what happens to the Barca’s and ManU’s over the next few years. If you don’t want to wait for that, just ask Pompey supporters whether they’d rather have financial stability or the FA Cup.

  66. mikeB says:

    Yeah! Joe Baker, George Eastham, Geoff Strong, and Billy Wright running the show… Great, great days, but I can’t remember a decent season trophy-wise.

  67. Red Arse says:

    You are preaching to the converted Mike. 🙂

    I would add to what you wrote that we are privileged to watch some of the most wonderful football ever played. I love the “Wengerball” way we play. Having seen some dreadful stuff in the past, I cannot properly express how much I admire and respect Arsene.

    That said, I know there are those who, understandably, want to see their team win trophies and glory in it. Some would want that even if the football itself was crap and boring. (George Graham?)

    As usual, people will only understand how fortunate we were to have Monsieur Wenger after he has gone! Sadly!

  68. Red Arse says:


    When I write the occasional piece for Rico, I do not bring anything to the party, except to sit in front of a screen and write in the same manner I would speak to a football buddy.

    There is no construction other than marshalling my thoughts in communicating over a beer.

    It normally takes only 10 minutes max to type, because this imaginary “football buddy” never talks back. The time limitation in writing is mainly the speed at which I type, (two fingered), and sometimes what comes out in print is not expressed in the way I meant. Unlike speech, what you think you expressed is not always perceived by the recipient in the manner intended. V. catharctic.

    Thank goodness comments can be couched with 🙂 and 😦 to inform the reader.

  69. mikeB says:

    At the risk of exacerbating the problem you seem a little defensive this morning? I don’t see why.

    You wrote a good, constructive article that got us thinking… job done.

    I have, and had, no intention of criticising you or it. I thought it was good; just as I thought TH’s comments were good.

  70. Jay-Jay says:

    I think, with Barcelona’s current financial debacle, then Mr. Fabregas is going to have to eat humble pie when he finds his ‘home’ are unable to purchase him.

    I feel sorry for him in a way, he’s burnt a alot of bridges with the supporters in a manner (although not anywhere bear as bad) as Adebayor did when he had to come back after whoring himself all over Europe.

    What gets me is him never talking out to the fans he’s claimed have made him feel more loved than he does in his own home – I’d of understood and been happy had he simply thanked us for all the support but confessed it was time for him to move on.

    I hope he doesn’t come back now – I’d rather have someone 100% commited to the club.

  71. Red Arse says:


    You are saying what a lot of fans feel at the moment.

    I am sure he does not want to upset loyal Arsenal fans but he is perhaps expressing to the Arsenal Board and Arsene Wenger that as a professional footballer he does not think he will win anything if he stays with the current crop of players and “new” signings.

  72. Red Arse says:

    Sorry Mike,

    I seemed to have proven my point unintentionally. 🙂

    I was simply musing, in a quiet spell the process (?) I go thru when putting “pen to paper”. Which is minimal, I have to admit. 😉

    You certainly did not come across as critical, far from it, I think you have always been supportive and given constructive advice.

    But you can see how easy it is to write something which can be perceived v. differently from the writer’s intent. 🙂

  73. W.A.T.H says:

    Maybe it’s his way of trying to get Wenger and the board to buy the players that we all know we need…?

  74. Red Arse says:

    Hi Wath, baby.

    Spot on as usual. I think if Arsene bought a couple of affordable, big buys, Cesce would want to stay and we would all be happy.

    Young Rico has had to go out and I have been holding the fort on my own, and upsetting the natives. (Well my other friend MikeB). 🙂

  75. thenry says:

    apologies to any true Arsenal fans who feels offended at me telling those that do not like it to go and support another club.

    that retort was to all those jonnycumlately PLASTIC fans who jump on bandwagons. as an Arsenal fan i feel very lucky to be part of a project where the people in charge are not running the club with their egos.

    ofcourse i would like Arsenal to win trophies but there is a cost and we should not risk the future as some have done. the pied piper will be calling for them soon.

  76. W.A.T.H says:

    and…………….. afternoon all….!

    Nice post RA………..!

  77. Red Arse says:


    No need to apologise. Got to agree with you myself. It can bug me too that there is a frenzy building up blaming Arsene for everything wrong in the world.

    But you know you could never go and support another club, however bad things might be in the short term, and I suspect others feel that way too. 🙂

  78. W.A.T.H says:

    TH spot on mate with your earlier post….. I was also there when we were shit… dire…. horrid but still went week in week out. All the spoilt jcl’s who jumped on the bandwagon late 90’s and early 00’s now expect trophies every year and 40% are like the mancs just turn up and expect a trophy. Hasn’t helped matters that the club charge us stupid money and hide behind the wenger spin and then lie about the funfs BUT the fans are a joke just because we don’t win stuff. There are 20 other teams who also wanna win. Spoilt pampered jcl’s are the problem and they why the support at the bowl is also so crap.

  79. mikeB says:

    RA, TH, and anyone else who loves me 🙂

    Not upset in the least. As I said; I’ve been married three times… I know all about upsetting people 🙂

    I’m away for a bite… be happy

  80. Red Arse says:


    Thanks my friend. Rico is v. busy and I was trying to help out.

    Did you get to the game last night?

    Uncorroborated reports put you on telly whispering endearments in the ears of Xavi, Iniesta and Co, and offering to insert vuvuzelas.

    Can you confirm? 😉

  81. oliver says:

    hmmmm…interesting take. i would prefer that others did not pile on cesc simply because he did not rule out a transfer this summer. we know he wants to go to barca someday, so i cannot blame him for not wanting to burn bridges. i believe he would be happy to stay at arsenal, lead our team and give his all for the cause, so he probably does not want to burn bridges here either. i also think that he is so important to arsenal and how we play, that the only way transfer discussions will even commence is if he forces the issue – and i consider that unlikely. not impossible, unlikely. we’ll see how this plays out – he has the final, and then will go on holiday, i assume. i expect speculation to continue for at least another few weeks. and if he starts the season with arsenal (as i expect he will), barca will continue their “seduction” attempts throughout the season/year.

  82. Stooee21 says:

    Getting annoyed with everyone saying we just buy mediocre players. Think about who we’ve signed recently.

    No team can plan to loose their 5 best players for the run in, and have 5 world class back ups. Same as you can’t do much when you have 4 strikers injured at the same time. Once again no team in Europe could cope with that. Not Barca, not Manure, not Chelsea, not Real, not Inter.

    The team was missing these players for the run-in
    Van Persie

    Earlier in the season we were down to our 3rd choice LB our 3rd choice GK our 5th choice ST and we had 3 players suffer broken legs in one season (Nasri was out for the first 3 months)!!!!!

    I’m disappointed, massively, but I can’t slate the team as crap because no one still knows what they are capable of if they just suffered a normal amount of injuries.

    Hopefully this year we’ll find out

  83. nutcracker says:

    I would say a better analogy would be the first girl that you ever fell in love with, but she wouldn’t give you the time of the day because you were a pimply faced teen. Now you’ve grown up to be successful and good looking and have a steady girlfriend, this girl of your dreams comes back in to your life professing her love for you and wants you back. You know that you have a good thing going on, but you heart is still with that girl who you fell for when you were a kid.

    Btw… this is not from personal experience, before you ask. lol…

  84. Red Arse says:

    Hi Oliver,

    Sorry about the delay in replying, but I am multi-tasking trying to do some work. Unlike the girls I am just not too good at it.

    You probably read that Rico had to pop out.

    I think Cesc is in a difficult position. He is being wooed by Barca who don’t have enough cash. The Gunner’s fans want him to tell Barca and their players to take a hike, and are beginning to take against him. Not nice. 😦

    I believe he will stay but unless this is clarified quickly I think events could take a nasty turn.

  85. Red Arse says:

    Hi Nutcracker,

    That’s v.good, I like it,

    My own experience, of a similar event, was when I was a callow youth. I was bonkers about a lovely girl, about 5 years older, who thought I was “sweet”. Being described as “sweet” is v. demoralising. Anyway, several years later I bumped into her and hardly recognised her. Can we say 10 years had not done her any favours.

    Now Cesc, in your analogy, should see a corrupt, bust and unethical suitor and realise he had a lucky escape, like me! 🙂

  86. oliver says:

    if events do take a nasty turn, i see that as a sad indictment on a section of our support. can we not see this for what it is? a young man who is considering two options for his future and may be struggling with the decision? do we really need to be continually reassured like children afraid of sleeping in a dark room? if cesc comes out and publicly says he wants a transfer and no longer wants to play for arsenal, then pile on him then. but he has said no such thing, and silence does not have to be negative. it only becomes negative if you start “fearing the worst” and swallow barca’s propaganda. honestly, we should know better than to inflict this on ourselves.

  87. Red Arse says:


    That’s a view I share.

    Being devil’s advocate, I think many fans are allowing their peersonal frustration and worry about Arsene’s buying policy to spill over and dump on Cesc.

    I have explained in the article that he is in a difficult position, partly thru his own fault, of being between the Arsenal fans and the Barca heritage thing.

    Frankly, call me naive, but I believe Arsene when he said Cesc will not leave, this summer. £60m might help him change his mind, but Barca don’t have that, so game over! 🙂

  88. Red Arse says:


    Are you out there? 🙂

    Hope you are feeling better. It’s been a long time and I would love to hear your opinions!

    Talk to us, if you can. 😉

  89. oliver says:

    agreed. i am still concerned that there are elements in the club that differ with arsene on what an acceptable bid by barca constitutes. perhaps some may feel it is better to take the money now, end the endless speculation over cesc’s future and move ahead with ramsey. even if that is true, i feel arsene will have the final say within the club, and he seems admant that cesc will not be sold this summer. on the surface, it looks unlikely that barca would be able to scrape together an acceptable offer anyways. for all rosell’s hot air about trying to talk to arsene, there has been no bid submitted since the june offer was kicked into touch. they are probably waiting for cesc to formally say that he would like a transfer before they submit another offer, but i think they are going to be waiting quite a while for that one….

  90. nutcracker says:

    @Red Arse hehe Live and hope I say.

  91. Red Arse says:


    I was reading comments on another website, and was amazed with the dedication of some fans situated abroad.

    One guy, I suppose american, living in NYC, travels to watch Arsenal games up to twice a week. Wow. Not just for the cost but the boredom of travelling backwards and forwards so frequently.

    I travel quite a bit but it is the least enjoyable thing once the novelty wears off.

    There are lots of Scandinavian Arsenal fans with season tickets and travel over most week ends and I think that is brilliant as well.

  92. Red Arse says:



  93. oliver says:

    i could never afford that. i still have a long time to retirement, perhaps when i am no longer working. honestly, i would love to be able to have the time and money to follow arsenal around. watch them at the emirates regularly, travel to anfield, st james, and other english grounds. and of course, go to places like the bernabeau, allianz, to support them during european fixtures…we can always dream…

    i have done tons of work-related travel, all over the world. not quite the same as following my football team.

  94. Red Arse says:


    Know how you feel.

    I got to see the Arsenal quite a bit over the years, but when I have had to stay abroad on work it can be frustrating, time zone differences etc, when you try to find out what is going on.

    3G Mobiles (cells) have helped but it’s not the same.

    They are going to start showing football (soccer) on 3D over here next season and I’m going to my local pub who are going to show 3D games.

    We see alot of ESPN over here now and you will understand they show a tremendous amount of US sports, Baseball, NFL etc as well as Premier League Football.

    The term “football” is used to refer to both the US and the UK games, as well as occasionaly “soccer”, which irritates fans here hugely. 🙂

  95. agirlagunner says:

    Boo, RA, oliver! Back in a bit…

  96. Pat7 says:

    Some great posts today & good fun reading them. The women analogy came through better with Nutcracker’s but then RA got it spot on…..oops! LOL!

    Let’s get behind Cesc again when he gets back & his arse recovers from all those splinters & show him where he really is appreciated.

    I still think there’s a few more to come in & I’m also sure he’ll have more to play Wengerball with when he returns – will he need a holiday? ….he’s just had one….pre-season in the sun will do.

  97. oliver says:

    hi agag. kumusta?

  98. Pat7 says:

    I’ve still got an inkling that Honda could come in after AWs comments on him – you know how he admires talent. If he’s in range & Honda appreciates Wenger’s musings…………..

  99. Red Arse says:

    Hi Pat7,

    You are right. There have been a couple of funny takes (not based on experience Nutcracker) which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

    Women eh? 🙂 😉

  100. Red Arse says:


    Hope you are right.

    Arsene was interviewed re Kos and said how he was a strong, strong CH but that he was in the market for another defender. Didn’t say what position.

    Still hopeful. Maybe Honda!

  101. Red Arse says:

    Hi Agag, my Domestic Goddess,

    Will you stop creeping up behind me with your cedilla and shouting “Boo”. Made me drop my coffee! 😉

  102. Pat7 says:

    RA – Absolutely LOL!

    I’ve been in France for the last 4 years watching on streams & actually have got closer to Arsenal with the blogs etc than before (due to my own competing) which my eldest son made me aware of. Now I’m in N.Cyprus enjoying a much brighter & warmer climate. I’m struggling here to get the normal British TV channels so even more streaming I fear……..

  103. oliver says:

    i would be leery of honda. he looked good in the world cup, but i think he is being over-hyped. i have my doubts about whether he could be effective in the premiership. i think we can do better than him within europe, if we need to.

  104. Red Arse says:

    You lucky so and so, Pat7,

    Broadband speeds are increasing in the UK all the time, 50mg is not unusual, so streaming is getting better to look at all the time. Hopefully the same will happen in N. Cyprus!

    The 3D TV demo I saw recently, in my local, was excellent, but in a pub, especially after a drink, or two, 🙂 the glasses get knocked around a bit. You’d be amazed where they end up, or maybe not! 😉

  105. Pat7 says:

    Oliver – If he’s got as much talent as AW obviously thinks to pick him out as the player of the tournament I’m sure he’d cope.

    I can’t comment as I missed his matches & Wenger’s discussion as not ‘settled in’ over here yet!

  106. Red Arse says:


    I use Denilson as my yardstick. If he is better than that, and most are, that will be an improvement.

    To tell the truth, I feel a bit sorry for Denilson. Everyone, including me, has a go at him, but it’s not really his fault Arsene thinks highly of him and has played him before he is ready.

  107. Red Arse says:


    Where have you got to? Move your ass and talk to us, or I’ll reconsider the tfr offer I made! 😉

  108. Pat7 says:

    That’s good news indeed RA – perhaps all I need is some fine tuning (& a few Peronis as somebody might say)!

    I’ll await the improved networks………..

  109. oliver says:

    do you guys see the note on saying that arsene did not give an interview to that kenyan newspaper and did not say any of those things attributed to him?

    Arsene Wenger interview – a clarification
    Arsenal Betting Bet £10 get £20 Free World Cup 2010 Betting Bet £10 get £20 Free
    Arsenal Football Club would like to clarify that quotes attributed to Arsène Wenger today in a Kenyan newspaper are not correct. Arsène Wenger did not grant a one-on-one interview to the newspaper and have kindly asked all media not to attribute any quotes from this source to him.

    Any chance the club can do something similar regarding the “interviews” where Cesc has “clearly stated he wants to leave now”?

  110. agirlagunner says:

    Mabuti naman, oliver. 🙂 Ikaw?

    RA, it is perhaps because YKW is my favorite that I find little to apppreciate in his silence. How can I, when only months ago, he was the one telling Barca to show Arsenal some respect? When he made a great show of kissing his badge when we played Blackburn? When he reiterated his commitment to the Club after Rambo got injured? And gave a half dozen interviews saying he would stay?

    I find difficult to reconcile his declarations that he is “100% committed” to Arsenal with this noncommittal, equivocal, hardly heartening “nothing has been decided yet”.

    Come on, YKW. We deserve better.

    He either says he wants to stay or needs out. He can’t be toeing the line forever. By next week, after the Dutch have won, and those Barca stains have been whipped and sent scampering away with their tails between their legs, YKW will no longer be able to sidestep the issue.

    High time too. 😉

  111. oliver says:

    pat/ra, i am just not convinced by honda. i also don’t think that arsene – who has known ties to japan – praising honda automatically means that he wants to bring him to arsenal. perhaps i will be proved wrong, but i think he will struggle in the premiership.

  112. Red Arse says:

    I’m feeling a bit left out here this afternoon.

    Oliver in Washington DC
    Pat7 in N.Cyprus
    Agag, (when she shows) in the Phillipines
    Wath in South Africa

    I will just have to visit each of you and lower the standing of your neighbourhoods.

    Oliver, I’m getting a bit worried about your use of Anglo words! “Leery” of Honda indeed! That’s not in the spirit of 1776 and all that. 🙂

  113. oliver says:

    agag, i do not think things are so simple in his mind. the cut-and-dry “either-i-stay-or-i-go” may not be realistic – is it far-fetched to think part of him wants to play for arsenal, while part of him wants to play for barcelona? he may not even know for certain what he really wants – i am sure he has elements from both sides pulling at him. lets just not fear the worst and turn on him because he has not made an unequivocal statement on either side. if he comes out and says he wants a transfer, we can pile on him then. but lets not turn against him just because he may be torn between both sides and may not be certain what he wants to do. he is our captain right now, and at the moment, there is nothing of substance to indicate he definitely wants a transfer this summer. lets not let our anxieties over this make his mind up for him.

  114. Pat7 says:

    I think Denilson will do us proud eventually….. There’s a few others that AW’s persevered with that have come/are coming good. He’s still a lad in a cosseted environment. After the summer with some more strength training, another year older, more confidence. I’m hopeful…………..

    Also that some very needed corner, crossing & dead-ball practice takes place besides the defensive organisation which could form part of that!

  115. Red Arse says:


    I agree with almost everything you say, except for the use of the word “stains”. (Although it might hopefully be a dimunition of the word “abstains”). 🙂 Not something a nice girl gunner like you should use.

    Luckily El Rico isn’t here or the pair of you would gang up on me!

    You know, if you keep working at it, your English will soon be almost understandable. 😉

    You are, of course, right. I think when the WC is over and he is away from his “friends” in the Spanish team, all will be revealed. But at the end of the day, Barca have no cash. End of discussion Mr Presidente!

  116. agirlagunner says:

    RA, funny, I thought that transfer proposal had been confirmed wanting and dismissed in no uncertain terms? 😉

    Pat 7, Denilson will have done us proud around the same time the Spuds will have won the Prem…. 🙂

  117. Pat7 says:

    Well said Oliver.

  118. Red Arse says:

    I don’t know Agag,

    You said you were a keeper, I assumed Goal Keeper, but I am now worried you might be a Wicket Keeper or a House Keeper, or even a Kipper. Sorry, no, not that last one, that’s a smoked herring, sometimes referred to as a “red herring”. 🙂

    Unlike Wenger, I won’t haggle. The offer was, I think, 2 chicken wings and a tin of salmon.

    O.K. lets make that 2 chicken wings, a tin of salmon and a cup of coffee! Top deal! 🙂

    Rumours here are that Arsenal are still looking at Cahill (and so are Manure) and allegedly Wright-Phillips.

    Who knows what is truth, what is nonsense?

  119. Pat7 says:

    Nice one Agag!

  120. agirlagunner says:

    oliver, you are entirely too charitable. 🙂 But hell hath no fury like a fangirl scorned, and anyway, only a drama will do, so I shall bemoan YKW’s ambivalence and each day hate Barca ever more and twiddle thumbs and wait heart in throat until he says “I’m staying”. What else is the silly season for? 😉

  121. Red Arse says:


    Are you back yet? I’m knackered having been talking to myself since early this morning.


  122. Red Arse says:


    Having been talking NONSENSE to myself since this morning! 🙂

  123. oliver says:

    i laughed aloud when i saw the rumour on swp – puhleeze! we are not looking at him, his agent wants the few clubs actually interested in him to believe that. arsene certainly was interested in him around five years ago, but once keynon bought him for chelsea simply to prevent his coming to us, i think that interest has died.

    while on the subject of cesc, has anyone considered the possibility that those driving this issue may be his “boys” (pique, messi, et al) at camp nou? i had always considered their statements reflecting the desire of barcelona leadership to keep pressure on cesc, arsenal, arsenal support – but what if those players are the ones really agitating for the transfer? that pep – possibly even rosell – see cesc more as a luxury than need at this moment in time?

    that theory is probably unlikely, but is another way of looking at this. certainly, if that is even close to reality, barca seems to have given at least tacit approval. perhaps they see this as an opportunity – if the pressure works – to bag cesc on their terms. and if nothing happens, they will try again at a later date. who knows….

  124. Pat7 says:

    Talking of the mob down the road: What sort of season are they going to have: propping up the league of a couple of seasons ago, recovering to push us; top and sliding as last, again recovering; or there to push us all the way?

    A lot of the pundits will/have backed them to do well this year so AW had better get it right – maybe that’s why he (& the board?) seems to be serious this year on recruiting!

  125. oliver says:

    thanks agag…i am busy dreaming up half-baked theories here….

  126. Dgob says:


    Calm down son!

  127. Red Arse says:


    I did see the supposed interview with the Nairobi journalist. I had a good laugh over it.

    It was full of rubbish like;

    Wenger: Please do not call me Sir, I am just a Professor.

    Journo: Why do you like black men?

    Wenger: I do not look at skin color.

    There was lots more like that. Did not fool anyone I think.

    The other pukka interview I mentioned above re wanting to buy another defender and “being on the market” was genuine.

  128. Red Arse says:


    Rico is not here. And rather importantly is not male!

    Want to try again?

  129. agirlagunner says:

    RA, The transfer has been mooted, and after a second’s deliberation has been denied. I have it on excellent authority (who else’s but mine? 🙂 ) that the decision is final, executory, and unappealable. 😉

    oliver, I love reading everyone’s theories. Always food for thought, and good enough sustenance for the Arsenal-starved.

    rico, where are you? I failed to catch Weeds again. 😦

  130. Red Arse says:

    O.K. Agag, I hear you,

    Wenger will be disappointed you know. He is going to make an announcement about the Keeper at the end of the WC. 🙂

    It has been a very quiet day on the blogs, except for those tearing lumps out of Cesc! 😦

  131. agirlagunner says:

    Dgob, rico is a lady Arsenal fan. RA authored the post. 🙂

    Pat7, the Spuds will spark briefly and be snuffed out. Once a swampdweller…

    RA, really? People are tearing into YKW where?

  132. oliver says:

    ra, what a shame…so many doing barca’s dirty work for them.

    here is a an example of why we have so many people getting frustrated with the club and arsenal. wrongly, in this case:

    arsene stated in an interview on that “we are still on the market for another defensive player because we have the need for one more”

    espn soccernet headline: “wenger promises more new faces at arsenal”

    no promise made in arsene’s quotes, just a statment that we are looking. if we do not get anything done, blogs will state ad nauseum that “arsene lied to us again”, when he “promised” nothing.

    of course, that is espn with the headline. they should stick to lebron james!

  133. RA the interview from kenyan about the 1 on 1 with AW has been rubbished by the club. So thats the only news of the day really.

  134. oliver says:

    ra, to quote edward g. robinson (one of my absolute favorites) “is this the end of rico?

  135. Red Arse says:


    Rico would bash me if I named other sites. 🙂

    There has been a bit of a feeding frenzy by some of the commenters on one or two sites. 😦

    It’s caused by general frustration and irritation, but without going over it all again, there are always two sides to a coin. If Cesc does not sort it out soon, even if he stays, it will sour the feeling for him. That would be disappointing in my opinion, and counter productive.

    I meant to ask you not to read my article, as it is a bit too racy. Too late now? 😉

  136. Red Arse says:

    Hi RSD,

    You are right.

    Actually, AFC announced the signing of Kos today, but it has been known for so long you are right, it is hardly news. 🙂

  137. Red Arse says:


    Your 4:31 …………. 🙂

  138. Red Arse says:


    It’s not just ESPN, its also Sky Sports and ITV sports who take a story and “bend” it to the headline they want.

    Never in a way to help Arsenal or Wenger. It increases expectation on a false premise, resulting in anger and frustration. You are spot on.

  139. oliver says:

    ra, somehow i doubt that our rico’s actually name is enrico cesare bandello – even if she could feminize that…

  140. am talking about the keeper annoucment that wont be happen as it was in the kenyan interview which know now as balls

  141. Red Arse says:


    I thought I read it on Sky Sports. Oh Oh, have I fallen for more unchecked reporting? 🙂

    Thanks RSD.

  142. oliver says:

    ra, panic sells. it generates angst, results in headline clicks, shapes opinion against someone or something. there are enough elements who will bash arsene no matter what he does/does not do, but i find the constant distortion of words (and expectations) utterly distasteful. arsene has made more that his share of mistakes – in squad, transfers, player management. but he is too smart to “promise” these sort of things – i think he is well aware that players who fit what we want to do may not necessarily be available. so saying “we are looking” should keep expectations reasonable – but once it is distorted to “promise more signings” that will give more fuel to the anti-arsene brigade.

  143. think it was reported every where but just saw the annoucment on the site so everyone got done surprised sky annouced as they usually the last to know thing cos the check things so much

  144. agirlagunner says:

    RA, the analogies are nothing I can’t handle. 🙂

    Hello, rsd. I hope the next signing is someone to get really excited about! (Insert gratuitous comment on landing Torres.) Hah.

  145. Red Arse says:


    You are the only one with a sensible, believable name.

    You won’t believe this but I am not really Mr Red Arse!! 🙂 🙂

    Mrs Agirlagunner is of course a traditional Filipino name. 😉

    It is possible that Rico’s full name is Cesare Bandello. Stranger things have happened. 🙂

    Speaking of which I am getting worried about that girl. 😦

  146. Red Arse says:


    I hope you covered your ears while reading it! (note to self; there seems a flaw in logic there, refer back to brain). 🙂

  147. oliver says:

    but who says oliver is my actual name? maybe it is, maybe it is not…

  148. thought you said you didn’t want torres

    as he would be the perfect partner to RVP ie RVP would be out one week and torres out the next. 😉

  149. Red Arse says:

    Spot on RSD,

    He could join the already growing band of injured players, already added to by Bendy, and frankly I thought the Glass Man aka RVP had been badly injured at one time in the last round.

    Quick, Mr Arsene, we need more cover!!!! Buy Torres and a cover for him! 🙂

  150. Red Arse says:

    Not your actual name Oliver, a sensible name.

    No one is really called Oliver, obviously! 😉

  151. agirlagunner says:

    rsd, I loooove Torres. He’s the only reason I don’t completely hate the Spanish national team as Villa’s gone to the dark side, now. 🙂

    He would be perfect for us, RA you know it; I’d have him sooner than I can say sell DenilsonDiabyAlmuniaFabianski…

  152. oliver says:

    at least not in this instance…

  153. agag said that not me was a while back when i first mooted the idea

  154. Red Arse says:

    Ah, but can you say it as fast as; “j’adore Red”?

    Thought not! 😉

  155. Red Arse says:


    Just for clarity, did you say “I looooove Torres” ? Or did you just moot it? 🙂

  156. dont know he dont looks so good with out the blonde locks. guess he gona have to sell the yellow lambo now

  157. Red Arse says:

    Suhail, KT, JJ,

    Where are you??

    WE need you, we are going to get up a posse to search for Rico!

  158. at the end of the season trying to start the rumour he was coming to the arse

  159. agirlagunner says:

    He’s never looked better, imho. Sighs 🙂

  160. Red Arse says:

    So Agag,

    What is it about the multi-millionaire, Lamborghini driving, Torres that you really like?

  161. shame you dont get el nino in philippines

  162. K-TR7 says:

    Evening all.RA keep up the good work.your view on cesc has been referred to in several sites.your views are very unique and from a different view,help out the avenell family as much as possible.i’m even considering writing a post but i don’t want to bore everyone…

  163. Red Arse says:



  164. rico says:

    Afternoon all, sorry for going AWOL, had some friends over for for lunch 🙂

  165. rico says:

    Great to hear Arsene talking about being after another defender 🙂

  166. Red Arse says:

    Hi KT,

    Thanks for the support. Just trying to help out, not too successfully, I suspect! (Agag, I’m not fishing for compliments! 🙂 )

    Your posts are always interesting and analytical. More to the point I like reading them. Makes me think! 🙂 So go for it!

  167. Red Arse says:

    Rico, YAAAAAY,

    I have been so worried about you! Another 5 minutes and I would have had a search party out! 🙂

    Huh, typical wealthy socialite, lunch from 12 until 5! And worse, you never invited me. I’m so hurt, but relieved! 😉

  168. agirlagunner says:

    RA… to my recollection, he drives an Audi. But to answer your question, what’s not to like about one who has pace, power, AND an end product? There is something fiercely commanding, certain, and breathtaking about Torres, and he rounds everything up nicely with good looks. 😉

    We just had el nino here, rsd. 😦 Losses in the billions for the farming folk.

    Hola, KT. How are you?

  169. rico says:

    🙂 RA, trust me lunch didn’t for on that long, but we all talk for England, had a lovely time talking dogs, football and Cornwall 🙂

  170. rico says:

    Avashnee has been trying to get on, she was in moderation … 😦 Sorry Avashnee

  171. Red Arse says:


    Just as well that Rico is back to take you in hand.

    Wicked girl! 😉 Even I fancy him now! 🙂

  172. agirlagunner says:

    Hello, rico! 🙂 How are you?

  173. Red Arse says:


    I was looking for you early on to chat to. Hope you are feeling better and if you are able to get on tomorrow, that would be great! 🙂

  174. rico says:

    Hi agag, i’m good thanks, very good, all fed and watered and getting quite excited about what Le Boss has had to say today 🙂

    How are you doing??

  175. K-TR7 says:

    I’m fine agag.i’m just so busy nowadays but i’m still watching the wc with a keen eye.i just have a gut feeling the stains will win it…

  176. oliver says:

    so this is not the end of rico. i, for one, am quite relieved!

  177. Red Arse says:


    I probably wrecked your site, but now you are back I’m going to get a cool glass of cabernet! Mmmmm.

    It’s when you are not here that it becomes more obvious how much we all need you! 🙂

    Only problem I had, was that I thought I had found a keeper for Arsene. But Agag has changed her mind and said “Niet”. 🙂 (damn, what’s the filipino equivalent of niet? Rico might think I’m lying … sod it) 😉

  178. rico says:

    RA, Ava has a new identity and that put her into moderation 😦

    Ava = Rose 🙂

  179. rico says:

    hi oliver, i haven’t gone, yet 😉

  180. K-TR7 says:

    Sorry i forgot,how are you doing rico?hope everything is O.K…its good RA is helping you out since you deserve a break now and then because of the work you put in here to keep us occupied.i’ll hop in when my workload clears up.

  181. rico says:

    RA, not at all, you have done a sterling job, thank you 🙂

    I saw a report that wenger had made comments about Almunia, its all a spoof though as it turns out…

  182. rico says:

    I’m good thanks KTR7, you all help out, without you all the page would be empty 😉

    Have you enjoyed the WC as much as you thought you would? I’ve been pretty unimpressed with many teams… Oh and like you, I think the Stains will win, but I sure as hell hope they don’t…

  183. agirlagunner says:

    KT, I feel otherwise. The Dutch will win this!! 🙂 I hope the workload lightens for ou soon.

    rico, everyone misses you when you’re out too long!

  184. rico says:

    KTR7, hows wordpress coming along 😉 😉

  185. rico says:

    agag – i will do my best to lock myself in 😉

  186. JonJon says:

    good piece RA..

    i enjoy reading them…the one thing i admire about peoples posts is that they have their own personality to the article and it makes it a better read..

    i once told rico i loved her posts because of their rico-ness… 🙂

    i can tell your posts after reading two lines and its that what gives the post its aura…

    rico i have great news…my recent battles have finally reached a conclusion and i have in my possession what i set out to get.. 😉 i shall e mail you with the details but the bottom line is JJ is back 😉

  187. rico says:

    JJ, oh dear JJ

    How thrilled am I for you, and great to have you back, can’t wait for your email 🙂 🙂

  188. agirlagunner says:

    Catch you tomorrow, Ava/Rose! 🙂 I hope you’re well.

  189. agirlagunner says:

    Catch you tomorrow, Ava/Rose! 🙂 I hope you’re well.

    I am off, all. Nightynight!

  190. JonJon says:

    onto cesc..

    ive had enough of him he can go..he wants to go hes made a fool of us and hes the captain of arsenal..

    its unnacceptable..i defended him at the start but hes obviously made up his mind..if he stays i’ll support him but i wont love him like i did.. id rather sell him now and rebuild the squad..

  191. JonJon says:

    hi agag bye agag.. 😉

  192. agirlagunner says:

    Hello, JJ. 🙂 Good for you and bye.

  193. Red Arse says:

    Hi JJ,

    (Quick slurp of excellent wine) 🙂

    Thank you for the comment, I really appreciate it.

    RTeading your note to Rico, without knowing the why’s and wherefore’s (not my business) I too am delighted you are back! 🙂 I grin when I read your forthright style. Can’t wait for you and Wath to debate the rights and wrongs of the Arsenal, with Rico keeping the peace! Love that too.

    Night guys. Been a long day! 😉

  194. K-TR7 says:

    Tactics wise rico it has been a revelation since i pay attention to the little details.for example the use of a 3-man defence and the re-emergence of sweepers…for entertainment value it has been average since we all love to watch the big stars but its good for footy once in a while to have an underdog prevail.

  195. rico says:

    Nighty night agag, sleep well 🙂

  196. rico says:

    Night to you too RA, thanks again 😉

  197. rico says:

    jj, i feel similar, if he stays i’ll support him, but i’m seriously beginning to believe in my hope, wenger is up for boosting our squad this summer and theres more to that bogus i/v than meets the eye….

  198. oliver says:

    hi jj. i respect your opinion, but see things completely differently. i see no evidence he has made his mind up and i believe that much of the uncertainty can be attributed to his not being sure what he really wants. i’ll not criticize him for that – i have felt that way about different things more than once, i think all of us have in some way, shape or form. i understand this is an emotional subject, but i am trying to keep emotion out of my thought process. as i see it, cesc needs to figure out what he needs to do and then, once he has decided, either affirm his committment or request a transfer. i do not think he owes me a committment here and now in order to reassure me. you may well be right, and i may be seeing this completely wrong – but i need more substance – not just the speculation and innuendo we have gotten – before i get upset with cesc.

  199. JonJon says:

    after 2008 i had the opinion that wenger didnt do what he set out to do in the transfer market because adebyewhore was pissing about and wengers time was sent trying to keep him..hence the lack of transfer activity..

    ive got the same feeling this window..wenger has his targets but hes busy trying to keep cesc or sell cesc for the right price and the window is passing him by..

  200. JonJon says:

    hey oliver..

    im not upset with cesc..
    hes always stated he wanted to leave and if i had a choice of playing with xavi, iniesta and messi instead of denilson eboue and diaby then id jump at the chance..esecially if barca was my team..

    but he does want to leave so instead of having this bollox every year lets just sell him now get a good price and rebuild..

    im not angry with him..i just think no man is bigger than arsenal and if he stays i’ll support him but i dont want to see no more badge kissing coz its aload of bull

  201. rico says:

    oliver, i wish i had your faith in our captain, i honestly believe in his head he has gone, he no longer wants to be at Arsenal…

    All he hopes for is Barca to pay the money…

  202. oliver says:

    jj, understand. but i think the terms have to be right for arsenal as well. and what barca seems to want to pay is wrong on every count. if he does stay, i think he will be happy to and he will give his best for us. we’ll see how this plays out.

  203. rico says:

    jj, i think its the WC holding him back – he obviously has a contract with french tv/radio to honor and to be fair, if he really is after a player involved in the WC, they won’t be interested in anything other than the wc.

    same goes for selling cesc, he wont tlak or do anything about his move but also barca won’t come up with the money. i am not sure wenger is doing anything re cesc to be honest, he’s under contract until 2015, its down to barca to offer the head turning amount…

  204. JonJon says:

    hes a barca player already…he just wears the red and white and not the piss and shit..

  205. JonJon says:

    oliver i agree..

    theres no reason whatsoever we should sell cesc on the cheap..its a case of pay the money or he goes no where but ive got a feeling barca will raise the money and he’ll go this summer

    if he ends up staying then thats fine..i dont doubt he wont give his all and wont be another ade but we will always have the same problem every year..

  206. JonJon says:


    the way i see it is

    1…wenger said we have the money
    2..wenger identifies his targets early and studies them for over a year even to what they eat and where they grew up and if they clip or pick their toenails..

    kos was watched for a while and yet his transfer was dragged out for weeks and he wasnt even at the WC..

    wenger has his targets..and he has the money..he knows where we went wrong last season so whats the hold up..

    the deals should have been done before the world cup..before one of his targets has a great comp and somebody else gets him..

  207. oliver says:

    jj, agree that the speculation will continue if he stays with us. as distasteful as it is, we of all teams should be used to it by now. someday he will go to play for barcelona – as long as it is on arsenal’s terms, or at least terms mutually acceptable to all parties, then i can live with it. until that happens, i will not get too wound up about it.

  208. JonJon says:


    we are supposed to be one of euroes elite clubs..

    its becoming embarrassing that we win nothing and our best players want to leave every season..

    if we want to be a big club we need to act like one and we need players who want to stay and not transfer specualtion every year

    the other big teams are in the papers for wanting to buy the best players

    we are always in the papers for selling ours and its becoming boring..

  209. rico says:

    I think he does all of what you say jj and early, but, when it comes to negotiating a price with the other club, it all goes wrong – Kos was valued at 10M Euros – what do we do, offer £4M – then we hope they come down and the world of bartering begins….

    if he thinks a player is right and he wants to buy them, stop offering insulting money to get the player – in reality we are no better than barc are right now..

    cesc is valued at £50M plus, Barca offer £29M…

    in the end, we paid the price that Lorient wanted, i expect barca will too before this window is shut…

    sell him for the right price and go get VDV…

  210. rico says:

    oliver, thats why my post a while ago was about how we need to stop buying young players who ‘want to go home’

    we need to buy them when they are older, if at all, lokk at dennis and now robin, they never whinge about going back home to holland, there is something about the spanish and i hope we stay clear of them for a while…

  211. Red Arse says:


    I’m back (lubricated, and only for 5 seconds). KT was right. Avenell were mentioned elsewhere for the Cesc article, deep blush) More omportantly, (stay still you bloody keybord) it seems that the Schwarzer deal is somehoe dependent on shifting Arshavin to Man Citeh (?), in which case arsene would have excess dosh to buy some one big.

    I think I forgot some thing important. Oh well, bollix as El Rico would say! 😉

    Nite again.

  212. JonJon says:

    youve got a point there rico..

    but then i would argue if youve got the money and you want the player why try barter?? the 10 year old with a fiver doesnt walk into the sweet shop and wait for all the other kids with 50p to finish buying what they want

    got to go guys ive got a little one to adore but i be back tomorrow night and then the weekend we can have a proper chat.. 😉

  213. rico says:

    thats what i mean jj, if we have money, just pay it and get your man…

    great to hear your good news jj, hope the email is in my box – have a wonderful evening, the first of many many years 🙂 🙂 🙂

  214. oliver says:

    jj and rico, i do not think all our players want to leave every season. cesc has an emotional pull to barcelona – i think all of us were aware this would happen. rvp never said he wants to leave. despite what some think, i am not convinced arshavin ever said he did either.

    the other teams may be in the papers wanting to buy the best players, but how much business has been done? sneijder is quoted saying he does not want to leave inter for man united. think chelsea will actually sign torres? possibily, but i don’t. papers are full of crap every day, i do not have a problem with not being linked with big names.

    i get the point about not buying young players that want to go home, but is it really that much of a problem so long as we get the best out of them? sure cesc wants to play for barcelona, but the cesc we have has gotten better with each successive season – i am confident he will have another big season for us if/when this summer’s nonsense is finally put to bed. reyes, merida, and cesc seem to be the only ones who have expressed a desire to “go home” – have we bought any more youth players from spanish clubs in the last couple of years? i do not count anelka – his greedy brothers saw a cash cow and turned his head. not the same as wanting to go home.

    i wish our squad was stronger, i wish we would buy more ready-made players, i wish a lot of things. at the same time, i understand and accept why we empahsize youth, regardless of how i personally feel about it. it allows us to develop them according to our club’s philosophies and sell some of them for profit. not all, mind you, but certainly there is demand for many of our young players.

  215. rico says:

    oliver, i don’t think they all do either, i think i’m bitter over merida going having said he wants to stay and now cesc…

  216. rico says:

    oliver, your last paragraph is spot on, your wishes are probably the same as all level headed arsenal fans…

  217. oliver says:

    honestly, i could care less about merida – at the end of last season, it did not appear that he would realistically be able to crack the starting eleven, so he probably did what he thought was in the best interests of his career. that is his decision, he’s gone. who knows what cesc really wants in his heart – i suggest the not even cesc himself, yet. that is all the more reason for me not to get angry with him. the day i come out and blast cesc for not unequivocally stating he wants to stay at arsenal is the day joan laporta will chuckle with satisfaction as reads that comment.

  218. Red Arse says:

    Hi Guys, if you are still there,

    I recall now the bit I missed out earlier!

    Apparently, so the rumour goes, Citeh want Arshavin and Arsenal want rid. The hold up with Schwarzer is that Arsenal are trying to make Joe Hart part of the Arshavin sale, and if successful, no need for Schwarzer! 🙂

    Got there in the end! 😉 Wine is wearing off already. You will have to induct me into GG. One glass of wine is losing its impact! 🙂

  219. rico says:

    wheres that from you old boozer 🙂

  220. rico says:

    i guess we’ll know soon enough oliver, i liked merida though, you watch – once he starts playing regular footie with the big boys he’ll get better and better, one day he’ll be as good as, if not better than cesc, bigger and stronger….

  221. Red Arse says:

    Hi Rico baby,

    Not totally sure I remember which of the sites I originally saw it on, in a quiet bit this afternoon, when I was missing you Rico.

    I had a quick scan of Le Grove while sipping my cabernet, and there was the same story repeated!

    It’s probably garbage, but it might explain the delay in completing the Schwarzer signing. 🙂

  222. oliver says:

    rico, perhaps…that is always the risk, giving up on certain players too early. i think arsene usually does the opposite – keeping faith with some players for too long…but if merida thinks he would not have a realistic chance to crack the starting eleven this coming season, i agree with him and do not begrudge him signing elsewhere once his contract expired…losing him on a free does not fit our business model, but these things happen.

  223. Red Arse says:

    Uh, oh,

    Someone at the door. Not you Rico is it?

    Better go. Tomorrow? 🙂

  224. oliver says:

    ra, sounds like-two-plus-two-equals-five to me. i do not know what city are thinking, but they are fools if they consider selling hart. if i were mancini, i would be heading into this season hoping and expecting hart to supplant given as first choice. of course, i am not mancini and am glad of that. he directly cost city a cl spot by coming to the emirates for a 0-0 against an injury-ravaged, low-on-confidence arsenal side that were there for the taking.

  225. rico says:

    I’m here RA, just pouring myself a glass 😉

    interesting really, especially if you add that to the bungled report about a keeper announcement after the world cup….

  226. rico says:

    oliver, we lose too many on freebies… no wonder we never have any money 😉

  227. rico says:

    Guys, i have to go now…

    nighty night and stay safe,

    see you tomorrow ….

  228. oliver says:

    in fact, this summer i think we lost more on contracts expiring/released, than we sold on.

  229. rico says:

    new post up

  230. Dgob says:

    Re 7:56am (8/7/10) and responses:


    ‘Keep ’em on’ and re-read my initial comments! Not telling anyone what to write!!

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