Sad for fans, bring back Setanta and Cesc speaks..


For those who haven’t seen and the new reserves format, this was released on the website yesterday….

The League format will result in teams in the Southern Group playing a total of 20 matches and teams in the two Northern Groups playing 19 matches each.

Each team will play home and away against the other teams in their group and once against all other teams (equally divided home and away).

The winners of the two Northern Groups will play off to determine the Northern League Winners.

The Northern League Winners will then play off against the Southern Group Winners to determine the Barclay’s Premier Reserve League Play Off Winners.

The Premier League Board has also given approval for clubs’ training grounds to be used to stage fixtures. Consequently, Arsenal will be staging several home Premier Reserve League fixtures, as afternoon kick offs, at the London Colney Training Centre. Unfortunately, the Club is not permitted to allow supporters at this venue and therefore these home Reserves matches will be staged ‘behind closed doors’.

However, the Club hugely values the loyal following that has attended Reserve League matches at Barnet FC in recent years and we are keen to maintain opportunities for supporters to watch young talent developing in our Reserve team. Therefore, we have reached an agreement with Barnet FC to stage home Premier Reserve League matches at Underhill during months with more favourable weather – ie September, March and April, as well as any home FA Youth Cup matches in Rounds Three, Four and Five.

Just look at the regular bloggers here on Avenell Road, I could probably count on one hand the amount of folk who are fortunate to watch our team play at The Emirates every home game and get the chance to watch the youth/reserves play their matches. Not only do we have bloggers who live at opposite ends of England, we have a world-wide group of bloggers too.

One of the best things that happened football wise for me was Setanta bursting on to the scene and then Arsenal announcing they were launching their own television channel. It was then we all could watch the youth/Reserves play, watch the Ladies rule every competition they played in and along the way we were able to sit and enjoy a classic match involving the boys from the past.

Not only did Setanta go belly up, but our own television channel went with it last year, a sad day for me and I’m sure many other fans. I used to know who the up and coming youngsters were, where they played and be able to answer ‘Yes’ when a silly blogger used to ask,  ‘Have you actually seen this kid play?’

Now I can’t watch them on television and many fans can’t now get to see them play at home….

Now it seems that because of the new format for the reserve league, Arsenal fans can’t even go and watch the reserves in the flesh. Fixtures are being played at London Colney and behind closed doors as fans are not permitted.
Ok, they say the reserves can play at Underhill when the weather is good – but when do we get good weather in September, March and April?? What will they do when the weather is bad, will they revert to playing at London Colney??

How many fans go to watch the youth/reserves just to watch the team they love, often because it’s a lot cheaper than watching the big boys when times are hard??

Grrrrr, Come on Arsenal, surely you can strike a deal with ESPN or another digital channel, I know not with Sky as they anti-Arsenal, but what about Channel 5, or one of the other channels….

I miss Arsenal TV, do you??

Finally, Cesc has spoken if you believe his column in The Sun, yes it’s mostly about the World Cup and Spain, but he does make reference to his club Arsenal – he says its strange that his teammates are back in training but both he and Robin are just ending their season, he’s been texting Robin a lot too.

Mmme, I wonder what Robin has said to him? Answers on a postcard please!!

Mine’s – ”Ere Cesc, I hear you’ve booked your seat for next season”  🙂

Have a good day all, wherever you are ………


112 Responses to Sad for fans, bring back Setanta and Cesc speaks..

  1. JonJon says:

    hey ricolicious…

    i miss setanta and ATV..used to love gettig in from work on friday cracking open a frosty one and sit and watc tom watts phone in

  2. rico says:

    morning jj, you and me both..

    i loved watching the classics too, especially the platty header to beat the mancs 🙂

  3. Erick says:

    Morning Folks I bet the bench is ready for Cesc Rico he must get used to it if he decides to pack his bags.

  4. rico says:

    you see platini collapsed last night jj and was rushed to hospital?

    he’s ok though 😉

  5. rico says:

    Morning Erick, i couldn’t resist cescs new seat….

  6. JonJon says:

    howdy erick..

    cesc and take barcas bench, shine it up real nice, turn it sideways and shove it up is arse..

    im hearing platini had a heart attack rico…last night he just fainted and this morning he had a triple double bybass..whats going on??

  7. Rico

    Spot on with the TV channel.

    Arsenal made a fundamental error in going with Setanta. A junior partner in the EPL TV deal, they never stood much of a chance of attracting a lot of viewers for the additional subs needed to see unenticing games.

    But Arsenal should have persevered. Bring it back via the Sky platform or get someone involved in Freeview to partner it. The station needn’t cost a lot – they don’t need to match Sky’s production values. They’ve got a load of matches on video that they can rerun and if they can stream the friendlies at Barnet, they can do the same on a TV channel for those and the reserves.

    If people knew the money was all going to the club for a subscription, they would probably be more willing to subscribe.


  8. Erick says:

    ” Cracking open a frosty one ” GG I bet JJ, how have you been Mate

  9. Erick says:

    Platini must have been listening to Wath lots of GG is harmful to your health

  10. rico says:

    Hey Yogi, good to see you here and thanks

  11. rico says:

    platini has been released, sounds like he just collapsed, kept in for obs and released…

  12. JonJon says:

    an honor YW..

    and i not too bothered about the internet thingy, but if gazidis decided to bring ATV back via sky i would definately subscribe..

  13. JonJon says:

    rico theyve just had some trainee doctor on telly who reckons he saved platinis life…

    it was a wierd thing to say…he said he died and his heart stopped…

    they dont keep you in hospital just for one night if youve died and come back…im sure the proceedure is a few days more than that

  14. rico says:

    jj, YW is spot on, i am quite surprised that arsenal haven’t sorted this out already, i always hope the channel would eventually run all day like the others do, i know its repeats but at least you get to see it anytime…

    i subscribed to the online channel but stopped after one month, can’t see the picture …. 😦

  15. rico says:

    how bizarre, his heart couldn’t have stopped though jj, he hasn’t got one … 😦

  16. JonJon says:

    ive been ok erick mate..

    had a few demons i had to face recently so havent ben around as much as i or rico 😉 would have liked, but its sorted now..

    how about yourself

  17. malima says:

    I’m tired of cecs’ story, mis sentata 20.

  18. JonJon says:

    its sad to say rico but it appears that the running of the club off the pitch is the same as on it..

    they are taking all they can but not giving value for money…

    im sure 9 out of 10 fans would love ATV to come back but it would probably take too much of an effort to give the fans what they they still take subscriptions and air a crappy internet thingy..

    manu have their own show, as do chelsea…are we going to lag behind them forever or what??

  19. JonJon says:

    haha rico..

    he hasnt got a brain either…not much going for him is there really

  20. rico says:

    we even have to suffer barca and madrid channels too

  21. rico says:

    😆 – he’s not the most popular is he, but still wouldn’t wish him ill – maybe this scare will make him step down??

  22. rico says:

    its a quiet old day today, when’s the first game at Barnet 🙂

  23. JonJon says:

    heres something interesting..

    i dont know how true this is but the media in sain is a vicious circle that madrid and barca take advantage of..

    apparently spanish clubs control their own tv deals in spain..its not like england were the rights are shared out and barca take the majority of the revenue and the rest of the clubs fight for the scraps..

    its a monopoly which is why its difficult for the likes of sevilla and valencia to compete cos they dont see much of the cash…

    but all te clubs have had enough and a proposing a deal were they are threatening to kick madrid and barca out of the league if things dont change..

  24. rico says:

    jj, its a shame we don’t have the man from spain, he’d know how much truth is in that 😉

    i hope its true though, it would serve barca and madrid right, they think they rule the world, their attitude to others stinks imho – arrogance beyond belief!

    i so hope that holland play the best football yet of the competition tomorrow and batter spain…

    its funny how things can change, i used to love watching barca, now…..

  25. DeiseGooner says:

    Mornin all on the road

    Get well soon Platini ……pfff ah no i wouldnt wish him ill but he needs to get a new agenda.

    I never had the pleasure to watch the Arsenal TV on Setanta, was it any good? I have only ever had the versions. Personally id love to be able to watch the reserves and youth teams play as well as the first team but id settle for some more live first team games live and not the streamed from bangkok kind.

    We are still on the hunt for a centrehalf right? Bolton want Jackie Boy on loan – would we be happy if he went on loan for the season along with say Bartley as a sweetner to get Cahill? Its a win win for us surely?

  26. JonJon says:

    hes not the best of blokes rico but i wouldnt wish harm on anyone…

    unless im stood in the north bank stood face to face with a load of rowdy spuds..then its on 😉

    ‘we will defend our island whatever the cost may be’- w. churcill.. )

  27. rico says:

    Morning DG

    Setanta/AFC TV was good, showed the reserves live, ladies live, had a phone in chat show and an update from the club each night… it didnt run all day, just evenings, but they would often show the old games which was great on a cold winters evening 🙂

  28. JonJon says:

    barca intrigue me rico..

    how can a club anounce debts of silly numbers and need to take a loan to pay players wages and then say they have 90mil to spend on transfers??

    i know teams like barca and madrid are funded by local banks but with the finanial situation as it is i dont think the spanish public will be happy to see their money keep getting ploughed into a football team..

    surely it cant continue??

  29. rico says:

    I’d be happy with Cahill too…

    strong rumour is that cole has signed for Twitchie

    Jack needs needs to be playing every week and i can’t see that happening with the first team, a loan looks very likely, he and many others i think….

  30. DeiseGooner says:

    Henri Lansbury is back at the club this season aint he? Id would like to see Jackie have a season at Bolton, hes only 18 right? Would de him the world of good i reckon. Anyone know how Lansbury did at Watford last season? I heard a few good things but dont have an overall picture of his season there. He cam on against Fulham on last game of season didnt he? Maybe this is his season to stake a squad place now that Ramsey will be missing for a while.

  31. JonJon says:


    ATV had a few crap shows but it showed the youth games and reserve games and repeats of matches, the ladies and had a friday night chat show which was wicked..

    it was a good channel..and they took it away from us.. (

  32. Soup Dragon says:

    Regarding the demise of Arsenal TV and then the withdrawal of live Reserve and Youth team fixtures on Arsenal TV Online. At the time, in a drunken haze I fired off an email to the club regarding this. My point being. How can a top four club not compete with the likes of Liverpool who still have their TV channel especially if the clubs philosophy is to promote youth from within rather than chucking silly money at the transfer window each year? In fairness to the club I received a telephone call from Richard Clarke explaining their thinking, it seems that moving the station to Sky was cost prohibitive so they decided to pour all of there budget ( and I got the impression it wasn’t a lot) into Arsenal TV Online. The reason they stopped showing Reserve team games live was basically a lack of interest if I remember correctly they were averaging about 600 viewers per game which just wasn’t enough. Its a shame really because I for one really enjoyed following the young talent coming through. What Richard did say was that they would target specific games for live screening as they did this year for the U 18 Premier Academy Final. Maybe as more cash is freed up and Kroenke takes more of an interest I believe he owns 50% of Arsenal Broadband they may revisit the idea though it seems the Premier League is having enough trouble drumming up support for the Reserve league even in its new revamped format.

  33. rico says:

    jj, when does this new rule come in about not spending more than you bring in?

    I have a feeling it begins from the 2011 transfer window. Maybe all clubs are going gung ho before this rule comes into effect. Look at the mancs, they are crippled with debt but are looking to pay 29M for Wesley, and another player who i cant remember, they will need to pay another 20M…

    i know it cheeses some off not getting these big names at afc, but wenger saw all this coming, we will be fine while others around us could face a lot of problems…

  34. rico says:

    DG, Lansbury is the player that has made me forget Merida… Big season ahead for him, i hope he gets a chance

  35. Red Arse says:

    Hi Rico, JJ, Erick and Guys,

    Great post!

    Unquestionably the deadly hand of Silent Stan is behind Arsenal not having a dedicated TV station.

    Too much competition for his Arsenal TV on line!

    Now he is advertising 3 pre-season friendlies for £3. A sprat to catch a mackerel.

    Now we have come out of the reserve leagues, the “friendly” reserve games will only be shown on his crap on-line TV. I have tried it and the quality is v. poor, in my opinion!

    You’ve got me going Rico. 🙂 (so to speak) 😉

  36. rico says:

    Hi Soup D

    Thing is, i can’t sit and stare at a computer screen for 90mins in attempt to watch a game of footie properly, surely the club would realise that. We can’t all afford 42″ PC Screens 😉

    They need to get the TV channel back up and running, then they will see the number of viewers go up..

  37. JonJon says:

    thanks for that comment soup dragon..

    you see i said didnt i..they do nothing for the fans its all take take take and no give..

    ppl would subscribe to the channel so it wouldnt matter how many ppl watched the show at any one time..

    its like the ppl who buy season tickets who dont turn up the club dont lose out cos they already have the money

    they just dont want to spend that bit extra on giving the fans something to cheer we get a shitty low budget internet thingy instead

  38. rico says:

    Hi RA, just got up then 😉

  39. JonJon says:

    i dont know when this rule will come in rico but the next few years in spain will be interesting..

    what cheeses me off is that the clubs in mega debt are still finding the funds for the best players where as we announce maximum profits every year and rising and are still buying the pascal cygans..

    takes the piss

  40. Soup Dragon says:

    Hello Rico, I made the point about poor streaming quality but the response was pretty much you choose your Tech. Regardless of what’s available.

  41. Soup Dragon says:

    Spot on JonJon!

  42. JonJon says:

    hey RA..bonjour meine amigo.. 😉

  43. rico says:

    From BBC

    Uefa warning over clubs’ spending

    Ronaldo and Kaka joined Real Madrid for a combined fee of about £136m
    Europe’s top clubs face being banned from the Champions League if they do not curb their spending, following a Uefa strategy council meeting.

    The council – which includes members of Europe’s wealthiest clubs, leagues and players’ unions – approved a deadline of 2012 for clubs to balance books.

  44. rico says:

    SoupD, they always have an answer don’t they, jj is right, they want our money and thats all that matters…

    i guess thats why they want to play some of the reserve matches at underhill, to play behind doors would mean no fans = no money

    And there was me thinking they cared about the fans…

  45. DeiseGooner says:

    We all feel Jack will be a baller right. Henri has 2 years on him. Hes been with Arsenal since 9 years old. If he makes the step up this season HE will be the first of the new ‘arsenal’ players. By that i mean the Wenger method trained technically proficient footballers. Sign of things to come, with Jackie the second on the production line

  46. rico says:

    DG, What about Gibbs 😉

  47. JonJon says:

    that wont work rico..

    the top clubs will just tell uefa to get stuffed and start their own super league..which all the tv channels will want coverage of..

    ALL the big clubs apart from us spend wat they dont have…are they going to expell them all?? will turn the CL into the europa league and they wont do that becuase the CL only makes the revenue it does cos of te big teams that play in it..

    nobody will give a toss about watching kiev and sparta in the CL final…nobody will watch it..

    and if they ban all the teams from football that wont work eiter cos that will just leave us and we cant play ourselves can we

  48. rico says:

    we might win though 😉

    Thing is, the sugadadys will clear the debt anyway, theres plenty of ways they can do that without anyone realising i’m sure…

  49. JonJon says:

    they cared about the fans?? 😆

    they throw two trophies every year… (just so happens to be te two trophies that are financially worth naff all)

    sod the fans its all about the money..

    VCC ??? horseshit..

    it should be ‘dont bother to wear any pants cos where guna have em down anyway’

  50. Red Arse says:

    Rico, sweetness,

    I am a morning person and summer or winter I am up by 6 a.m. Like to walk around a nearby lake and just enjoy the silence except for the wildlife. Brill! 🙂

    Dodgy knee means it takes a lot longer because I keep walking in circles? 🙂

    JJ, the Barca finances, like most of matters of a “politiical” club are not quite what meets the eye.

    Their presidential election process means that Rossell has to carefully cover himself. So how does he do it?

    First he tells all the Barca fans that Laporta has landed them in the sugar financially, huge debts etc, (sound familiar) then makes a ho hah about Cesc, says he can’t afford more than £30m because we (Barca) have to take out a loan, interest free just to run the club blah blah.

    Secondly, as JJ mentioned, Barca and Real have been allowed to negotiate individual TV deals (sod the rest) but constructed in different ways.

    (Bye the way, when Manure, Liverpuddle and Arsenal tried this way back, the other clubs said bye bye you can play yourselves then).

    Back to Barca. So Rossell has blamed Laporta for only agreeing their TV deal by a gentleman’s handshake, meaning, in these straightened times, that the money was not guaranteed. (Bollix)

    In one mighty bound, he will sort out the TV deal (almost £1 billion), stick it up Laporta, get Cesc for less than market value …… and oh by the way vote for me again next time. Politics eh? 🙂

    I was thinking of doing a more considered piece for you on this subject, but as you raised it …..

  51. DeiseGooner says:

    no didnt forget Gibbs, we got him from wimbledon didnt we? As a youngster i know but he didnt start the Arsenal way. Jack and Henri started at 8-9 and have come all the way through. Thats the production line im talking about.

  52. Red Arse says:


    When I tried out Arsenal TV, I simply connected my pc via a cable to the 46 incher TV that some of us show offs have, and what I saw was crap quality on a big screen!

    Pathetic. 😦

  53. JonJon says:

    fucking brilliant RA.. 😉

    that sould have been a piece…

    i also think barca have the image rights to most of their players so when you have a team like they have and you are raking in all the revenue for their good looks and silky acting skills in commercials and whatnot your going to rake in that little bit extra..

  54. Red Arse says:

    Thanks JJ 🙂

  55. rico says:

    RA 😆 quality….

  56. Red Arse says:


    I have occasionally gone to see Watford play to have a look HL.

    One game I went to he didn’t play because of injury. I was so bored I sadly had to leave at half time! 😦

    When he has played, he was a strange mixture of brilliant and really, really ordinary, perhaps because he was trying too hard. He has got it in him to mature into an excellent player though.

    My real worry was his lack of pace, which I saw when watching him occasionally in the youth set-up. You know, a bit like a young Bentley. All the skills but slow.

  57. JonJon says:

    he’ll fit right in the 1st team RA

    the majority of them turn like tankers and get outrun by refs..

  58. DeiseGooner says:

    The little ive seen of Lansbury hes shown hes a clever passer who keeps the ball moving. If as you say he lacks some pace i wonder how hed fare as a deep lying playmaker / defensive shield – al la Alonso. now dont for 1 minute think im comparing him to Alonso who is a master at that – but i reckon its a position he could make his own, i next to Song – what you think?

  59. Red Arse says:


    Got to go out again, for a while, to walk my neighbour’s dog again. (last time).

    Poor thing doesn’t understand why we walk down the road in ever decreasing circles. He thinks I’m an oomigoolie bird, and as he has four legs he doesn’t give a stuff about my duff one. Anymore of that and he might end up as a hot dog in a burger van outside the Emirates! 🙂

  60. JonJon says:


    i dont walk my dog i let her walk herself..i take her to the park and i sit and enjoy the peace and just let her run around chasing the squirrels..much less strenious and gives you time to yourself to ponder on a new post.. 😉

    speaking off which ive got to nip out myself for a while but i’ll be back later and i have a post for tomorrow rico 😉

  61. Red Arse says:


    You’ve just caught me on the way out.

    You could be right. He is v. skilled, as I’ve said, and takes a wicked free kick. He runs the show at Watford when he is firing on all cylinders, so maybe.

    Pace in the Premier is all important, so I’m not sure. To be fair, my view of his pace is subjective and I could be wrong. I hope so, but I fear not.

  62. rico says:

    jj, thanks, really pleased about that as i’m struggling 🙂 🙂

    agree re lansbury DG, he has a big future at afc as long as he doesn’t follow in the Bentley footsteps..

  63. rico says:

    i have to pop off for a bit too 😦

    laters 😉

  64. Erick says:

    Am fine JJ had a class to attend seems everybody is out 😦 RA it seems I can’t find you in here

  65. K-TR7 says:

    Hi all…if you’re around…

  66. rico says:

    Afternoon peeps, just popping in for half an hour…

  67. oliver says:

    ‘morning all. pissing down rain here in dc this morning. we need it after a week of 100-plus fahrenheit temperatures. hoping for a good final two matches, and on to the football that matters. our arsenal have a lot of work to do ahead of the upcoming season. kickoff just over a month away.

  68. Goonerpower says:

    Why is sky anti-Arsenal. I work for them and see no reason why??????

  69. Suhail.TV says:

    Afternoon all.. Lansburry is gold..

    Hi, JJ.. glad you tackled the demons..

    Hello KT..

  70. Red Arse says:

    Hi Gang,

    I thought in an idol moment I would dedicate something to our female gang-leader. (She was being romanced on another website yesterday and we cannot have that without retaliation!) 🙂

    “El Rico, El Rico, I once knew a girl named El Rico,
    And suddenly I found how wonderful a sound can be;

    El Rico, say it soft and there’s music playing,
    Say it loud and it’s like fabregas staying;

    El Rico, El Ricoooh, El Ricoooooooo ……… ”

    (cough, cough, I can sing no more! Any resemblance to Maria from West Side Story is entirely intentional) 😉 😉

  71. oliver says:

    ra, just so i am certain, that is an ode to our rico, and not enrico cesare bandello!

  72. Red Arse says:

    Hi Oliver,

    Definitely our Rico, but she might well be Enrico Cesare Bandello.

    They are never on this site at the same time! 🙂

  73. Red Arse says:


    Unusually for the UK it has been baking hot here over the last few weeks. (Upper 80’s F, 30 C).

    Got to go now and do some swimming to help my knee rehab. Probably just as well to get out of town before Rico gets back! 🙂

    Back later.

  74. Suhail.TV says:

    Lazy day..

  75. rico says:

    Hi guys, sorry been awol again, kids b’day party and got busy evening 😦 😦

  76. Red Arse says:

    Hi Rico,

    Are you covered in jelly and blancmange and other goodies? 🙂

    I’m just waiting for my curry to be delivered! Mmmm 😀

  77. oliver says:

    hi rico

  78. Red Arse says:


    With your kids, Oliver’s kids we should set up a junior gooners site!

    Curry lorry is here, got to go.

    Have a great evening! 😀

  79. oliver says:

    my kids (and wife) know a bit about arsenal, but not that much. for whatever reason, they do not seem to have the natural interest in it that i do…

  80. rico says:

    not my kids, neighbours……. and no jelly 😉

    have a good evening RA, enjoy the curry 🙂

    Hi oliver

  81. rico says:

    now i have to go again for a bit, friends coming round…. 😦 😦

    Laters all, if not, see you tomorrow…

    be good and stay safe

  82. oliver says:

    enjoy the curry and company. at least the dc metro rains have let up for a bit – probably not for long, tho.

  83. i thought we had withdrawn from the reserve league like spurs and alot of other academy’s?

    will have to check with j om youngguns

  84. RJP says:

    channel 5 lolololololollol

  85. rico says:

    hi rsd, there is still a reserv league but its split, south div, north a div and north b division, wineers on two north groups play eachother at the end of the season, the winner then plays the winner of the south group to determine the winner overall..

    the peice in the post is the update from and the definitive to how the reserves will now be..

    arsenal in in south group..

  86. JonJon says:

    morning guys..

    how is everyone??a new post will be up soon..

  87. rico says:

    morning jj, just waiting for the new one 😉

  88. JonJon says:

    😉 it will be up soon my dear..

    did you watch the germany uraguay game??

    id add mueller to my list of germans too..and i like forlan..

  89. rico says:

    i did jj, but had some friends over so it was kinda in the back ground, good game from what i saw, i’d add a few more germans too jj, and forlan just loves to score doesn’t he, fergie messed up not sticking with him….

  90. rico says:

    jj, have you seen the Given story this morning??

  91. DeiseGooner says:

    Happy World Cup Final Dal 🙂

    Watched last nights game, quite entertaining i thought, both sides went for it. Mueller reminds me a little of Freddie, in the sense he pops up at the right place / right time to get a goal, dribbles a bit but its 1-2 touch from him out wide and always drifts to the centre. I have been well impressed with the Uruguayan DM pair Perez and Arevalo but i think both are on the tail end of their careers and this just seems to be 1 last day in the sun for them

  92. rico says:

    morning DG, it was great to see both sides want to win, so often the playoffs are boring as all the players want to do it get home, but both sides obviously wanted that 3rd spot, credit to them too…

  93. DeiseGooner says:

    Sooo City sign Taylor a few minutes after they release him, whats that about. Hart to be first choice with Given to be allowed to leave? Hmmmmmmm

  94. rico says:

    Thats it in one DG, i know he’s a shortie, but far better than who we have between the posts 🙂

    Unless of course wenger is going to throw chesney in….

  95. JonJon says:

    no i havent seen it rico…

  96. DeiseGooner says:

    No doubt hes better that Almunia and Fabianski but its a case of hes better at the stuff our 2 are fine at. The weakness in those 2 is more or less the same in Given, in that he doesnt really come for crosses, either to punch or catch. Given has always played with 1 or 2 lumps of centrehalves in front of him to do that clearing from the box. With the centrehalves Wenger likes (quick, ball playing ones) it will be more of the same. I know Kos seems to loke a good header and vermael attacks the ball too so it might work i dont know.

    Why not Stekelberg from Holland

  97. rico says:

    DG, thats why i like Chesney, he ticks all the boxes apart from age, but i can’t see why he’s not given a chance from the off – as we keep saying, it didn’t do Casillas any harm…

  98. rico says:

    jj, the story is Hart will be City’s number 1 this season..

  99. DeiseGooner says:

    Szczesny has just turned 20 though!! Thats the killer here. He is totally untested at the level we need him to perform at. Hes a big guy though, 6’5 tall, good shot stopper fro what ive seen, hoe is he at coming for crosses or balls sent in from half way line??????

  100. JonJon says:

    lets go for given then..they cant play em both and both are too good to sit on the bench..if they wanna keep hart then lets take win for me..

  101. rico says:

    DG, from the reviews he has little fear, commands his box well and isn’t afraid to get stuck in for a cross, i’d play him pre-season and see how he does…

  102. rico says:

    jj, suggestion is that he won’t take second so he could be available, cheap too i would think 😉

  103. DeiseGooner says:

    Whatever about ditching Almunia i can see Wenger offloading either of Fabz or Manonne just yet. Its a conundrum no doubt – till say we need to buy a top class keeper though – let Fabianski, Manonne and Szczesny fight it out for the bench spot with 1 of the other 2 going on loan

  104. rico says:

    i think almunia will go DG..

  105. DeiseGooner says:

    i pray to the dark lord of goalkeepers that Almunia is gone before the season starts.

  106. rico says:

    did you see that ‘bogus’ i/v in the kenyan newspaper DG, about almunia and wenger saying he will make a keeper announcement after the world cup??

  107. JonJon says:

    almunia wont be going anywhere…

    1..wenger doesnt do keepers.
    2..whos gonna take manny off us?

  108. JonJon says:

    its ready rico..would you like to do the honours.. 😉

  109. rico says:


    Its JonJon’s so its worth reading 😛

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