Avenell’s Xmas Quiz (answers) and Merry Christmas Gooners..

December 24, 2009

The Answers to the Quiz..

1… Baseball, Boxing, Cricket, Hockey and Rugby.

2… The Emirates took 123 weeks and 2 days to build.

3… April 19th 1994 was the last all English team to start for us..

David Seaman
Lee Dixon
Martin Keown
Tony Adams
Stevie Bould
Paul Davis
Ray Parlour
Ian Selley
Ian Wright
Alan Smith
Kevin Campball

4…There was a Laundry at the north end of the ground and the North Banks was known previously as the Laundry End..

5… 16 Arsenal players were on World Cup duty in 2006

6..David Seaman injured his knee ligaments reaching for his TV remote control and his shoulder landing a 26lb carp.

7.. There is an Anteater named after Gilberto in London Zoo.

8… Players that have joined us from Spurs are
Freddie Cox.. 1949
Jimmy Robertson.. 1965
Pat Jennings ..1977
Steve Walford .. 1977
Willie Young ..1977.
And I wish I never mentioned it Sol .. 2002 7 in and 4 have gone the other way.

9.. 8 if you include Hleb and Thierry Henry..
The others are..

Jimmy Rimmer Villa 82’..
Silvinho Barca 06’
Van Bronckorst Barca 06’
Andy Cole Man U 99’
Anelka Real Madrid 2000.
Ray Kennedy Liverpool 77’

10. Spurs got a Parrot presented to them that died on the day Arsenal took their place in the old first Division.. “sick as a parrot”

I am not sure if their are any more posts before Christmas. If not I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, go and have a few beers and enjoy


Avenell’s Xmas Quiz..

December 23, 2009

Here is an idea for a bit of fun for a few days while we wait for the Villa game over Christmas..

10 questions for you to try to answer about Arsenal..
(I don’t know if you can google the answers but it may be fun not to)…

1… Name 5 other sports that have been played at our old Highbury stadium?

2…How long did the emirates take to build? (in weeks and days) not planning time or anything..

3…When was the last time that Arsenal fielded an all English team?

4… What was the common name of the Arsenal North End for the first 50 years of Highbury?

5.. In 2006 Arsenal had more players in the World cup than any other team.. How many players were involved?

6… Name 2 bizarre injuries that David Seaman picked up not playing football?

7… What unusual animal is named after Gilberto in London Zoo? (if it’s still alive)

8…How many Spuds have moved 5 miles down the Seven Sisters Road to play for Arsenal?

9… We all say no player that leaves Arsenal does any good.. How many have left us to go on to win the European Cup/Champions League?

10… The Spuds had an animal given to them on a tour, but on the day Arsenal took their place in the old First Division in 1919 it died and a famous football phrase was started what was it?

To the best of my knowledge I have the correct answers.. I had some fun and learned a bit about our great football club I hope you do too..

It may be a bit of fun to put a question in the comments then whoever answers it asks another question and so on.. If that makes sense.. 🙂

Have a great day Roadsters and stay warm..