One man team, to hell we are……

March 9, 2010

So many in the media say that we are a one man team, we are all about Cesc Fabregas and they even suggest that without him we have little threat. Didn’t they say the same when we had Thierry Henry in our side?

Utter bollox I say – we have a squad with players who can change a game. We have a manager who has got us playing wonderful football. Tonight that manager has to pick the best eleven and use the substitues at the right time if needed.

Porto are in the city for the second leg of the Champions League knock-out game, they have a slender 2-1 lead but we have a very important away goal. I’m not even going to talk about their players, let’s talk about us, The Arsenal!

So we don’t have our little Captain Marvel, Cesc Fabregas tonight and yes, that is dreadfully disappointing!

Reality is though, we are fortunate to have players that can cover his position; we have Rosicky, Nasri, Diaby and even Fran Merida.

Whoever steps into the gap left by Cesc must be thrilled and honoured, it’s a big pair of boots to fill, but I think they will be filled….
My bet is Nasri, he had a great game on Saturday, maybe one of his best, the dink over the top of the Burnley defence for Cesc to score
was just perfect.

Nikki had a dreadful game on Saturday, he couldn’t hit a barn door but we won and it mattered not in the end. I watched his face after he was substituted, he shrugged his shoulders and smiled, as if to say ‘I haven’t a F****** clue how I missed those chances either’. His smile was from a player who was seems happy, knowing full well the next game he will make amends. (That’s my take anyway)

So Nikki, tonight is the next game, tonight you need to select the right pair of boots, you know the ones – not the pink ones or the yellow ones, wear the ones that score goals, the goals they will see us through to the quarter final of the Champions League.
Add to Nikki’s goals, we have a confident looking Theo Walcott, we have a man who loves to score from nothing in Arshavin, and a tall long legged lad called Diaby who can also score from nothing. We have goals in us, we just need to take our chances.

In the defence we have Big Sol, a man eager to win another medal with us, to make amends for the school boy error in the first leg – trust me, he will be up for this game, he is a fighter and a winner!
In goal we have Captain Almunia, he has a point to prove, he will want to show Arsene Wenger why he should have played in the first leg!

All in all, we have a squad who are together, one that that wants to win silverware, wants to do something a little extra for Aaron Ramsey.
A squad who wants to win for their missing Captain Marvel – Do that, and maybe we will prove to a few doubters that we are not a one man team….

Right now my heart is fighting my head over the result – just hope my heart wins….

This is what tonight is about, this is the cup we all want us to win.

A nervy few hours to go, but we can do it…. We will beat Porto and we will prove that Arsenal have never been and will never will be a one man team!!


We need heart and Sol today…

January 17, 2010

Blow the transfer rumours, paps and press and lets put in a performance to make the football pundits start to believe that a big chunk of humble pie could soon have to be eaten!

I say lets get to Bolton, play the best eleven fit, make Coyle think he should have stayed at Burnley and we come home with three points.

Then on Wednesday when they turn up at our fortress the knees will be knocking, the confidence low and we can give them a lesson in football.

We have a midfield without Denilson, Ramsey and Song, great eh!! But what we do have which will make all the difference is our little magician back.

I don’t rate Denilson much anyway, so his loss is no big deal in my eyes, but the question is who does the boss play alongside Cesc?

Well on here and many other blogs, suggestion is to play TV there, I was all against splitting up the defensive pair but maybe today could just be the day to give it a try?

Let Sol play alongside Gallas and TV alongside Cesc…

Here is my team for today and we all know I am usually wrong so I expect to be again today 🙂

Sagna Gallas Sol Clichy
Cesc TV Traore/Rosicky
Nasri Eduardo Arshavin

We all know Manure and Chelsea won yesterday, today is about not letting them sneak away, keep the gap as it is and then pounce when they are not looking 🙂

Oh, and Happy Birthday kelsey….

Its Raining Men…

October 31, 2009

Well it will have to if the big city of London has had the rainfall we have had here in Berkshire!!

The Daily Telegraph, well the Belfast version reports Cesc has signed a pre-contract agreement with Barca! Worried for a second, but then I saw the word ‘Adeybayor’ in the same sentence – you know him, the one who feels he has the right to an opinion about us! Well I soon dismissed it from my mind! I wish he would just mind his own……!!

There are a couple of other snippets around, but today is about the biggest game yet in our season, we HAVE to beat Spurs today otherwise my week and yours will be just dreadful, in fact until we were able to get revenge I would feel dreadful. But it’s not going to happen, we are going to win!

Good old ‘Arry has added his pennies worth to the rubbish that Robbie Keane has spouted this week.
He reckons, not that his opinion is worth anything, that we won’t win the premiership with a team of kids – Arry, this is not a CC game, the kids won’t be on the park! You will see Cesc, Arshavin, Rosicky, Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Van Persie, Eduardo, Song and a few others !

Where are the kids in there ‘Arry? Go and worry about your own team, but thanks for giving our side an extra bit of fuel to fire them up for today’s game, just what the doctored ordered!

Arsene says he has already chosen his goal keeper – “I’ve decided who will start but I won’t tell you,” he said at Friday’s press conference.
The manager also confessed that while Mannone has got the nod recently, Almunia has given him a persistent dilemma.

“I’m always tempted to start with Almunia,” said the Frenchman. “But he was sick for a long time and it takes some time to come back. That says to me that it will be Mannone 😉

The back five kind of picks itself, I don’t think he will play Eboue because of his last game against the spuds and I don’t think he will ‘risk’ Gibbs at left back – I would though personally as Lennon is out.

Sagna Gallas TV Clichy

On to the midfield – as long as the names Eboue and Diaby are not in there, I will be happy. We have so much talent available, start playing them instead of persisting with the two mentioned, please Arsene!!

If he plays 4-3-3 – I hope he plays

Cesc Song Rosicky/Merida

And then the front three

Van Persie Eduardo Arshavin

Or front two in a 4-4-2

Nasri Cesc Song Rosicky/Merida

Van Persie Arshavin

The Spuds are going to play Bentley, he will up for this in a big way, just because it’s us, and because he will soon be sold and will be putting himself on the market for a big club – maybe Bolton or Blackburn, I’m sure fat Sam would have you David! Song needs to put him in his place early!

Arshavin needs to show a bit more interest, if he doesn’t will we have a strong bench and I hope he is substituted early enough for the oncoming player to have a chance to get involved. In fact the same goes for any of our team today.
It’s a Derby and a big one, we fans are ready for this, let’s hope the players are! TV and Gallas need to be on fine form and keep Crouch at bay, he is their big threat in the air but if we as a team stop him being provided with the ball we will win.
If Robbie Keane gets in the penalty area, no dodgy tackles please and no sneezing, he will go down for a penalty at the slightest touch or breeze he feels 😉

So that’s it, just over five hours to go until kick off, it’s live on Sky Sports so that is good news for those of us who can’t go to the game, those who are lucky enough, I hope it’s a fantastic game of football with many a goal scored by us.

I hope we get to see Gomes picking the ball out of his net many many times.

In my heart I am going for a win, maybe even a convincing win too.

But my head tells me….. It will abandoned due to the dreadful weather..

I reckon we will see a few tricks for them to deal with, but a few treats for us fans…. 😛

Have a great day Roadsters, let’s hope today gives us three very big points..