Forget Barca, lets worry about West Ham!!

March 20, 2010

Yesterday we all learned that we will be up against Barcelona in the Champions League Quarter Finals. It will be a match between two of the most exciting footballing teams in the world right now.

Arsene against Josep – the old v’s the new as far as attacking football managers go.

I think the tie will be great for football, great for players like Cesc Fabregas and Thierry Henry and in the end, great for us. To win the Champions League you have to beat the best, some think Barcelona are just that, so let’s go and do what we do best and that’s prove the pundits who dare write us off wrong!

All that though is a couple of weeks away yet, right now we have to concentrate on the other half of our possible double.

Tonight we are at home to West Ham, a team that conceded four goals to the chavs last weekend. If they can score four, then there is no reason why we cant either.

The good news is the little midfield maestro is back in the midfield as is the rock we have found in Alex Song. The down side is still no Robin van Persie, William Gallas, Johan Djourou . Other than that we have a pretty strong squad to choose from.

Before anyone tells me Gibbs and Ramsey are also injured, I know thanks, they are out for the season, the others will hopefull be seen again during this one!!

We have played West Ham 105 times in the league, winning 46 of them, losing 27 and drawing 32. The last match was a cup tie, we won 2-1 with Ramsey and Eduardo securing the away win.

We know Ramsey won’t be playing and I don’t think Eduardo will start either, but should he?

If we want to be in with a shout at the Premier League title we need to win every game and yes i know we have said that for the last few weeks, but it’s true, it may be obvious, but while we keep on winning, I’ll keep typing it, maybe it’s a ‘lucky thing’!!

Baring in mind that in eleven days time the Champions League match against Barcelona will take place, would that change your team selection for the game today if you were Arsene Wenger?

For me it has to be ‘NO’ – strongest eleven please boss, we can give players a rest when we have put the game to bed and after that they can rest all week, we dont play again until next Saturday!

Mine would be


Sagna/Eboue Sol TV Clichy

Cesc/Nasri Song Diaby

Rosicky/Theo Nik Arshavin

(Cesc/Rosicky depend on how fit they really are)

That should be a good enough side to win all three points, Nikki should be able to get a few passed Green and Theo against an ageing old Upson (ave) should be a one sided battle.Song should be able to contain Parker who is one of their better player imho.. And I don’t expect an old Spud (Mido) to cause too much of a problem, do you??

So today the team needs to forget the trip to The Ramblas and concentrate on the job in hand. Do that and we will win.

The Mancs play the Dippers on Sunday at home, the Chavs travel to Blackburn on the same day.

I predict a home win for us, an away win for the Dippers, and a draw for the Chavs – we then sit nicely on top of the Premier League. All we need to do then is stay there until the end of May 🙂

Finally, good luck to the Bouldy Boys who travel to Wales to play Cardiff today, they kick off at 11am.


Should We Sacrifice This Mickey Mouse Cup?

January 3, 2010

Is there any credibility  left in winning the FA Cup anymore, I mean the FA  told Man U it didn’t matter and go and play in the World Club Championship instead, they started it not us.

There is no glory in the competition anymore,  When we won it last time we couldn’t even be bothered to get the open top Routemaster out of the garage.

I’d love a bit of silverware, but I want the Champions League..  I know a lot of people want the Premiership, but we want to be a truly super club and that to me means winning the biggest club tournament in the world.

As a kid the FA cup mean’t everything  we could see the Arsenal live on the TV, only the cup final and the England v Scotland game were  the only 2 live games shown..  how things change we see nearly every game now and this  has watered down my love of this great competition too..

We have our best chance of winning the Premiership for a couple of years, We don’t have anything to fear from Roonchester United and the Chav’s invincibility is slipping away.. We are also in with a good shout at the Champions League, although that might be more hampered by injuries than the Prem if we sign a player who is cup tied.

So is it worth risking the FA Cup for the two Big Boys, It’s easy to say we should have tried harder to win the Cup’s when we get knocked out of the CL or we drift away in the Prem.. But we are right up there in the mix this time around.

It’s not like last year when we reached the semi final of the cup we were miles away from the Premiership and we needed a trophy and for some strange reason Mr Wenger OBE dropped AA even though he wasn’t cup tied in the CL to rest him .. If we are going to blow the cup.. do it NOW not when we are in touching distance of Wembley.

The squad is seriously depleted with injury’s anyway and it looks like West Ham will field a weakened side too, which I wouldn’t understand if I was a “iron” I would just want to win something , But staying in the Premiership is like winning a cup nowadays, which is a sad state of affairs.. The FA should up the stakes in the Cup and either give out far greater prize money or a Europa spot, I cannot see them giving a CL place away as it would perhaps weaken our position in Europe if teams like Portsmouth took the place of Liverpool in that competition, but that shouldn’t happen if all the clubs take it seriously anyway,  although the Premiership is throwing out some rogue one-off results this year.

So in short..  If you are going to blow it Arsene.. blow it Early and don’t build our hopes of a trip to Wembley in the final..

Yesterday was the most amazing day we have had on Avenell Road, Flamini coming back wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea and we had a lot of new Roadsters come on.. Thanks to all of you who took the effort to comment, please feel free to come back. Thanks also to the record number of readers.. and mainly thanks to the usual mob of bloggers who have kept us in business for nearly a year..

I also promised the results of the poll that we did on New Years Day. We had just under 200 hits on each question Cheers for that.

The results are..

The Arsenal Under performer of the year..

Theo. 58%

Almunia 34%

Arshavin 4%

Denilson  3%

Eboue 0

Arsenal Player of the Year so far

Song 43%

Cesc 30%

Vermaelen 23%

Gallas 3%

RvP 2%

Who Has Been Arsenal’s Best Manager of the Decade?

Mr Wenger OBE 62%

Arsene 23%

Wenger 15%

What TV pundit makes you want to kick the telly in?

Jamie Redknapp  36%

Alan Hanson 21%

Andy Gray 21%

Mark Lawrenson 14%

Alan Shearer 8%

Position Wenger needs to strengthen the most?

Goalkeeper 36%

Striker 33%

Defender 28%

Midfielder 3%

Who has been the worst Spud manager over the last decade?

Juande Ramos 34%

Jacques Santini 33%

‘arry 16%

Glenn Hoddle 12%

Martin Jol 6%

Most Improved Arsenal player of the season?

Song 80%

Diaby 13%

Ramsey 5%

Eboue 2%

Denilson 1%

The Manager you would most like to see a pigeon poo on?

Phil Brown 45%

Sam Alladyce 21%

Fergiescum 21%

‘arry 10%

Rafa Benitez 3%

Who is your Arsenal player of the decade?

Thierry Henry 57%

Dennis Bergkamp 33%

Cesc Fabregas  6%

Patrick Vieira  4%

Denilson  0%

Most annoying player that plays for an opposing team in the last decade?

Adebayor 42%

Ashley Cole 30%

Robbie Savage 24%

Alan Shearer 5%…..

Let’s rip it up today 4-1 to the mighty Arsenal..

Hammers!!! (That Was a Real Ball Pein).

October 26, 2009

Last year when we was going through our barren (pre Arshavin) spell if someone had said would you be happy with a 2-2 draw away against the Whammers I would have taken that all day long. But this year we have progressed as a team, a team that can pass forwards and create chances with ease. We still lack the mental capacity to finish games off.

A little niggle but I don’t like us playing in the white shirts as much as I hate us playing in the blue ones we did on Tuesday.. I cannot clearly identify us in them, it was like us playing Fulham in our Highbury farewell redcurrant ones.  I’d like to see all new kits next year,

The commentators yesterday were just dying for West Ham to get back into the game… (yes you Alan “Smudger” Smith) I was thinking haha shut up, but in the back of my mind was the AZ result. A two goal advantage for us is clearly not enough, as soon as the opposition get a goal they grow 3  inches 😳 in stature and we instead of tightening the game up we go for the jugular and try to revenge the goal. Mannone distributes the ball like we are losing by a goal with five minutes to go in the Champions League final.. Chill out man!!
We was in total control of the game, and deservedly so, West Ham although they are writhing at the bottom of League at the moment were playing like a team  far above the position they are in.

I really don’t know what is worse, playing like we did and grinding out draws like we did last January, or playing super football and just chucking it all away in the last 15 mins.
The latter is certainly more frustrating.

I don’t think it is tactics, I believe it is a mental problem. We need some anger or desire in there somewhere.

Mannone.. 5 .. Sorry mate but you should have punched that ball away that led to the goal away with two hands and your distribution was too fast when we were well in control of the game. On top of that turning into George Best when you are given a back pass isn’t too good either, you need to hoof it, there are some quick players out there who will punish you big time.

Sagna.. 7.. Played pretty well and took advantage of West Hams left back on numerous occasions, it may be me but I find him a bit predictable now and I wonder if the opposition do too.

Gallas.. 7.5.. Pretty solid performance, and a TA6 type goal he did his bit.

Vermaelen.. 8.. Probably the best Arsenal player on the pitch yesterday oozes class. Every time he passes the ball it always looked to have been well thought out, That give and go was where he ended up on the left wing was very Vieira like and I would love to see him given a chance in the midfield alongside Cesc.

Clichy 7. I have read other reports and I have to disagree with them, I thought he played quite well, very sharp. He just gets a bit lost in the final third of the pitch.

Song. 7. Played pretty well, broke up the attacks well as usual. I just wish he wasn’t as clumsy, some refs feel sorry for him I suspect but others will be more ruthless.

Diaby.. 4 He was very Diaby like.

Fabregas.. 7.. He played okay, but he was missing his partner in crime Rosicky. His confidence is high at the moment as he is trying some audacious long passes. unfortunately the receivers are little AA and Mr “don’t jump” RvP..

Eboue. 4.  This bloke is winding me up again with the theatrical diving and putting his hand in the air like Ljungberg used to do when his speed had gone.
The referee didn’t help by encouraging him, it was as if the yellow card was connected to Eboue’s arse by magicians string and every time Eboue went down out popped the card.

Arshavin.. 7 He could have been the man of the match if his chance had of gone in, but they didn’t and he wasn’t.

Van Persie.. 7 Started out very dangerously scored a easy goal when England’s No1 flapped, then just disappeared, I popped out for a bit and thought he must have been subbed.


Bendtner. Should have been brought on earlier, he couldn’t pick the team up after the heads dropped.

Eduardo. As above, never got a sniff.

We are still up there with Man U and Chelsea though. and the Spuds lost things could be worse.

At least we have the kids in the pissy beer cup coming up on Wednesday to cheer us up. A bit of a sweetener after a taste of bad medicine.