Arsenal, get rid of some dross, and find a new boss!! Well done Reading…

January 14, 2010

Before you all shout and scream, declare undying love and appreciation for Arsene Wenger, I am not referring to him – Got it?

No, this is about getting rid of a few who we think will never come up to scratch, those who have been playing on borrowed time at a club that deserves the best.

This is also about what we miss, what we need to give us more clout on the pitch in the Premiership League, someone who can boss the game, lead the game and lift all the others around him!

What we need is a ‘New Boss’!

No no no, I don’t mean we need a new captain, Cesc is doing just fine – he shows he is boss by the way he performs, his goals and his celebrations – he just loves us..

But, on the day that Sol has supposedly signed, cast yourselves back to when Sol was at the heart of our defence – the way he shouted, organised the defence and along with it, most of the team. Oh how I wish Sol was ten years younger but with the same big heart.

So when I say Boss, that is what I mean, we need a Sol kind of a man, an Adams kind of a man just to keeps the teams focused and firing on all cylinders during each and every game.

I honestly think that Song one day could be that man, if he was to find his vocal chords, but I think he is more like Cesc, just goes about his business in a controlled quiet way but you can usually count on him to put his shift in.

That player has to be either a midfield man or a central defender – and apart from Vermaelen, we don’t have any other player who could ever fill that role, do we?

I thought the signing of Sol Campbell was one of the most stupid things Arsene has done in the last week, but having listened to others maybe it is not such a bad thing, maybe?

If he can bring his attitude, desire to win, his experience, blood and guts attitude to our changing room, then it may just turn out to be one of the most clever things Arsene has done in a while..

Like most things our manager does, time will tell!

But I still believe we need a CH and a HM with the same attitude that Sol and Big Tony had in their day!

On the flip side, I think it is time to ship a few out – On the day that Craig Eastmond has signed a new contract, we have to realise we also have a whole big bunch of players who are doing nothing other than taking a wage…

Do I dare list mine…… Well I am going to, and I know you will all shoot me down!

Eboue- undecided
Bendtner – not sure
Diaby – not sure

I am sure there are many more you want to add to that list, some you don’t agree on – why not name them?

But seriously, how much money are we wasting on these players. I am sure not all them have great big salaries, but they all chip away at our finances, and for what end result?

Just think, if we sold just half of those listed above, maybe we could pay David Villa, Torres, or any other great players’ wages.

Don’t get me wrong though, we also have many up and coming players that deserve all they get, and one man in particular is a lad called JET 🙂

Finally, Huge Well Done to Reading Football Club – they truly deserved what they got last night – I watched on my television, 22 miles from the Mad Stad, and I am chuffed to punch for them…. 🙂


Vulnerable, Scared, But a Bit Dirty!

May 22, 2009

When all the rumours were in the papers the other day about Arsene and Real Madrid, I first thought “Oh my god what are we going to do without Mr Wenger OBE” even though I was 99% sure it was all taken out of context.

Then like when you are allowed out one night to the  “discotheque Au Go Go”  and that blond girl in the size 10  mini skirt walks past and turns your head and your mind wanders ” I wonder what that would be like?” You know it is no better than what you have, but it is different,  a change.

So I had a few naughty thoughts .. If Arsene left us..  😉

So who would you choose if you have too?  A  manager from this country .. David Moyes.. nah wouldn’t bring the big names in.. too direct.. So we look abroad Mourinho.. nah . knob .. Bergkamp .. no use on long away trips to Europe. van Basten mmm Hiddink nah tainted now.. So I thought about the squad and our limited budget at the moment . So  we can’t have a cheque book manager .. so who?  That geezer from Croatia , Bilic,  Slaven Bilic he could be the man  good football, technical players playing  “Bilicball”.

The transfer window would be a frenzy,  players who thought they signed for Arsene FC would be heading south, a few unknown Eastern block players coming in, the newspapers would be dedicated to us, whatever way you look at it more excitement than the mundane fourth place finishes and cup  semi finalists that we should be grateful for at the moment.

I know Arsene is a genius, or so I am told, but I don’t know why..Or can any manager take over this squad of players??  It isn’t his formations or his substitutions during games, they baffle me.. When he joined Arsenal he had 90% of the 98′ double team in place, he was also streets ahead with his knowledge of French football so bringing in a few choice French players wasn’t rocket science exactly..Is his longevity based on those  one or two major acheivements

He then made a extortionate profit on a few players and bought one  of his old players back from Monaco that he had kept a eye on..  Sounds easy, but it worked, in the end another double and a season unbeaten, albeit with some luck.. But good money was spent on the likes of Wiltord .. Not exactly a unknown as he scored in a world cup final.

Now we have gone into a youth project a little too far, it is a good idea no doubt , but we need someone to be a bit more cut throat and not Mr Nice Guy  and wield an axe a bit sooner, there is not enough time for more than 2 or 3 trainees in a team at any one time in the best league in the world I’m afraid..

When Arsene had to answer questions the other day, it was from his employers, his bosses he should be accountable to those people but he seems to have thrown his toys out a bit..

So then he coughs and the whole of the Arsenal fan base craps themselves like he has got  ‘Bird Flu’  I blame the board they have created what has become a monster, they have built him up to be more than a manager, they have put too much trust in him and he has become more powerful than the rest of the club.

We should be forcing him to be training up a successor, so if he does go he can either take over or guide our next manager along in the ‘Arsenal Way’ Liverpool done this from Shankly to Dalglish and look at the success they had over two decades.  Perhaps he has done this  to a degree with Stevie Bould.. I dearly hope so..

We are so vunerable and reliant on one man, perhaps we should never have got ourselves in this position so we need a get out clause just in case Arsene should ever leave , this should be a lesson learned, before 2011 please..

Back to reality , I just want the old Arsene back and a bit of the old speculate to accumulate PLEASE!!!!  (and a safety net)