Arsenal Win End of Season Pre-Season Friendly.. (yawn).

May 10, 2010

Arsenal XI   4-0  Fulham XI..

Well to be fair there was a lot more depending on this game than a friendly, but anyone looking in from the outside would not believe that judging by the lack of effort and commitment from both teams.
Fulham rested players and to be honest I don’t know there first team apart from Hangerland and Zamora, Oh and Duff and Murphy, the team that they put out lacked commitment and was a insult to the Fulham support that turned out.
These guys pay for a ticket by giving their employers five hours of there life just to walk through the turnstiles yet they couldn’t even be bothered to put a tackle in.

This was typical Arsenal, glossing over all that is wrong with the team, we can roll over average teams all day long, yet when we come up against any team who dare close us down and match us for skill we are shown up.

We started out with a Keystone Kop of a goal by AA, he chipped the ball over the Fulham keeper and instead of over passing the ball into the net turned selfish and decided to score himself .. So Arsenal always want one more pass then Andrey is too selfish.. make your mind up you commentators.

The next goal had a bit of luck too. van Persie managed to get in a shot that was too close to the Fulham keeper Schwartzer so he got his hand on it and deflected it onto the bar, the rebound found Robin’s head and get in!

Theo was running around like the headless chuck, and showed he perhaps has potential, yet it all seems a bit false.
At one stage he did create a great chance for RvP yet again though Robin is not clinical enough and allows the keeper to save twice.

Just before HT we managed to get a OG off Baird, this never happens to us in important games, Is it fate or karma? Who knows but we never get the rub of the green when anything depends on it.

We backed off the throttle a bit second half, which is understandable and we got a fourth goal from an exquisite chip from the sub Vela, another mystery of an Arsenal fans life.. Good enough for Mexico, yet only 2 starts in a season for us..

To be honest, we couldn’t gain anything from our performance yesterday as Fulham just went through the motions of a game, yet if we had of played a team of northern cloggers or a top 8 team we wouldn’t have had such a convincing result. It may of been better if we lost at least the fans could have shown their unhappyness and Arsene may  have to act upon it.
We had a scare this year with the Spuds getting a tad too close and this need to be amended in the close season.

St Totts day was far too late by Arsene’s very high standards sort it please..

Fabianski.. 4   Hold your hand up who wanted him as Arsenal No 1!!

Sagna . 7.. No defending to do really and his attacking is average.

Campbell, 8 He must be a contender for our player of the season.. what does that say when a 35 year old not match fit player can even come close.

Silvestre.. 6 .. I just hope.. thanks goodbye.

Clichy.. 7.. Good not great. But not a game for defending.

Diaby.. 5  I am sure I saw him once or twice, he is so frustrating because you know he is capable of doing it.

Nasri.. 7  Just okay, needs a few more team players around him.

Enid Walcott 7.. Good and bad, Some times he looks great then does the most stupid errors, I would unload him and use him as bait in a deal for a better player.

Eboue. 5.. Sick of his diving and antics, I said it last year and I tried to like him. Name his best moment this season, I can’t..

Arshavin.. 7   He is class, I am unsure of his attitude, should he shut up or demand better from the Arsenal, is he selfish or a realist?

RvP… 7 . Showed he is a good player, scores goals but should have scored three times the amount he did. Oh and give some of the free kicks up unless you are bullying Nasri etc..

Djourou.. Great to see you back, you should sue the Sky commentator who likened you to Senderslug..

Lansbury… Didn’t see too much, you could tell he was from the Arsene’s acadamy..

We Need Moyes or O’Neill at the Emirates…

May 7, 2010

Well if we were to believe the media we do. David Moyes and Martin O’ Neil are the media darlings who can do no wrong, what great managers they are.
As soon as our season capitulated the press vultures were circling over Mr Wenger OBE. 5 years without a trophy, Airports closed because of the dust from the Emirates trophy cabinet, stubborn, Liar, etc, yawn..

Why?? Well it must be jealousy and as soon they see a chink in the armour they are in, digging away. The fans hear this and they don’t like having the piss ripped out of them and they want success, they get angry. So some start to want change.

So what has the Everton managed in David’s 8 years as manager?? A Champions League place which they never got beyond the qualifiers and a place in the FA cup final.. Whoop-a-doo. He hasn’t had much money to spend, but in the last 5 years Arsene hasn’t had any either he has had to resort to plucking gems from foreign Leagues like Vemaelen, Sagna and Nasri.
In fact he has even shown a profit in his transfer dealings lately.

Oh and Martin O’Neill he has spent a fortune in the last 4 years, mainly on second-rate English players to get another 6th place wow.. Is that good enough for us?

Well the answer is obvious really, 2 reasons, Arsene has built up an expectation and he is French.
I don’t know if the media know it, but in football England have their own national team and as far as I am concerned any one who isn’t English is foreign Fergie, Moyes, O’Neill are just as foreign as Arsene.

As for the expectation, what do we want? Should we drop out of the top 4 and finish 10th for a season then next year to get 3rd next season that would be a great finish and the fans would be happy because they know we are moving quickly in the right direction.
I don’t think the fans can handle the mediocrity, third, fourth, third is a bit boring.

But think about the teams that finish above us and indeed some below us, they are bankrolled, a sugar daddies toy.. Is that what we want to support, a millionaires play thing or a proper club that relies on it’s supporters and is run on money that comes out of our pockets?
Man City could just shut their turnstiles and play in front of nobody, they don’t need their supporters, but at Arsenal they rely on us and that makes me feel that Arsenal is mine and reliant on my support.

If Blatter brings in this self-generating funding rule, we with Arsene will rule the world.

Arsene is a winner and lately he seems opening up and letting a few things slip out, last week he finally said we have had little money for transfers and this transfer window we can compete with Chelsea in the transfer market, I cannot see him changing his spots and buying for the sake of it, but I do think he has seen enough of project youth now and showing blind faith in them. I am hoping he goes back to the old Arsene and plucks out the Henry’s and the Pires’s and ducks and dives like the old days.

This isn’t supposed to be a dig at Mr Moyes or Mr O’Neill, but are they really as good as Mr Wenger OBE….. really?

Rodwell To Arsenal And Is Arshavin Doing An ‘Ade’??

April 29, 2010

With the season dwindling out into another year of pathetic nothingness at Arsenal, Arsene Wenger has now conceded that changes need to be made within the clubs playing staff. Le Gaffer has stated that for years his hands have been tied in terms of bolstering the squad with top class talent, even though the evidence suggests otherwise. In seasons passed we have seen signings such as Theo Walcott-12 million, Samir Nasri-12 million and Aaron Ramsey- 5 million, all come into the club. This suggests that Wenger has always had funds to play with, yet has proceeded to go down his ‘youth experiment’ route when signing players..

After 5 years without silverware, Wenger seems to have woken up and finally realised that spending money on top class talent isn’t ‘Championship Manager’, it’s an amazing little invention otherwise known as footballs transfer market.. Something where all the clubs get together and sell their deadwood and top the squad up with quality players from other teams. For a small fee of course… When we lived at Highbury there was nobody better than Wenger in this field..How I miss that Wenger..

After witnessing a certain number of his protegés once again fail at the final hurdle and show they can’t even fight their way out of a wet paper bag, Le Gaffer has officially come public and said there is now more funds to spend than ever before and he is already in talks with the players he wants to improve the squad with next year.

A name that is persistently being linked to us is Everton’s ‘wonderkid’ Jack Rodwell..I like Rodwell and I think he’s going to be a top player. He’s got a good engine and he’s big and strong with two good feet..He’s a player who likes to drive the ball forward and glides across the pitch. I think he would be good for us, in a few years time anyway..But heres the dilema..Rodwell would no doubt cost anywhere between 15-20 million such is Everton’s reluctance to let their young players leave..We saw with Rooney and to a certain extent Lescott that Moyes doesn’t take any rubbish from any team with financial might and he digs his heels in until they give up or he gets top dollar..

Do we really need another under 21 player who costs a fortune who will take 3-5 years to start performing consistently? When what we really lack is experience and proven quality at international level? I’d love to see Rodwell in an Arsenal shirt and I would kick myself if he goes to Man Utd or Chelsea and turns into a top player, knowing we had the chance to sign him. But I think the days of spending big on young players should be over..We have more than enough young players, and whats wrong with our own academy? Are we not developing players like Rodwell?? The answer is yes we are, but we don’t have enough experienced players to compliment them..So although I like Rodwell I think we should leave him at Everton to develop some more and spend 15-20 million on some experience..

Other rumours that seem to be circling the club is that Russian Motormouth otherwise know as Andrey Arshavin, seems to be trying to make himself Arsenals new enemy number one,  jealous of Adebyewhores status. He seems to be rather unsettled at Arsenal and is trying to manufacture a move to Barcelona..

If this is true then let me speak on behalf of all Arsenal fans and say ‘F*ck Off then’..If you don’t want to play for us then pack your bags and off you trot.

But to me it doesn’t appear as cut and dry as it seems..

The difference between Ade and AA is that Arsenal made Ade..Without us he would have been an unknown still getting splinters on match days in the French Leagues. Ade’s words were also his own. They weren’t only newspaper reports. Ade’s scandalous and stupid comments came from his own mouth on national TV..We all remember the interview on Sky Sports don’t we? Where one minute he was staying at Arsenal and the next Milan were after him and he wanted to talk with Wenger about his future. After one good year?? Pillock..

On the other hand Arsenal didn’t make Arshavin..Arshavin made himself, coming to the worlds attentions by tearing teams a new one in Zenit’s UEFA Cup win and also single handedly tearing Holland apart in the Euros..He was Russia’s player of the year a zillion years on the trot and when we signed him he was ranked 6th best player in the world..Arshavin was a somebody when we signed him and he didn’t come to Arsenal to wait patiently for all the babies to develop sacrificing trophies in the process..

His ‘recent’ comments about Barca seem to be old news. Theres a familiarity to them. They appear to be the same comments he made before he joined us and although the tabloids are adamant its a new story, I don’t think any of us have heard the words come from AA’s mouth..So far its all been paper talk..

The reports also say he doesn’t rate Wenger in his top managers, but if we cast our minds back, Wenger also said AA wouldn’t make it in the PL..Then we signed him.

We all know he wants to win trophies and we all know he wants Wenger to sign some top  class players, but Cesc and RvP have said the same thing and the majority of fans agree so I don’t see a problem..

Arshavin’s situation is nowhere near the same as Ade’s and until I hear Arshavin actually say he wants to leave I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt..One thing is for sure though. If Wenger sticks to his side of the bargain and gives AA some top quality players to play with, then AA better pull his socks up and play better than what he did this season..Or I’ll carry him to Barcelona myself..

This Game is More than just Three Points.. It’s Our Bragging Rights.

April 14, 2010

I don’t like to kick a man when he is down, but I love it when we do the Spuds. Even after a promising start to the season they are slip sliding back down out of Champions League contention. I got the pre match phone call from my Spud mate today, he always gets it over with before the game. I won’t hear from him for another month.
But if we were to lose (god forbid) we would never hear the last of it, the Cellnet aerials around London would melt under the overload of text messages from the success starved Spud supporters .
The amount of times when we go a goal down, my phone will start to bleep. I always ignore it, because  we always come back to at least get a draw and I never text back because I want those Marshlanders to know that they are just not important enough to even worry about them.

They are not our rivals anymore we have moved up a tier..
They compete against the likes of Everton and Wigan now, we have moved up in stature we compete against the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona . Not dreamers who have not seen the Champions League, yet they still think they deserve a mega stadium for the good successful years when they make the Europa Cup.

But out of all the time I have been  supporting The Arsenal the Spuds have given me some of the best and worst times.. I will do the bad first.. Losing 5-0 at the Lane in about 81”,
Gazza’s free kick against Seaman in the Semi at Wembley in 91”.
That ex-spud Nayim in the last minute of the Cup Winners Cup in 95” (Who can lob Seaman from 50 yards? Haha good joke that.)
And that humiliation a couple of years back when we didn’t take it seriously enough and we got knocked out of the League Cup.

But on the plus side,
I can also remember winning the League at W(s)hite Hart Lane twice. 71’ and 04”.
Being at the Lane in 78” when we beat them 5-0 “We all agree Brady is better than Hoddle”
The semi finals games of the League Cup in 87” when we beat them at there place twice in a week with players like Ian Alinson.  the Henry solo goal.
This one could be a fixture that we could remember all our lives (but don’t tell your Spud “friends”)

But if we were to lose  this one today it will rank among the highlights of their sad lives, by ruining our chances of the Premiership.

Also the game is set up perfectly, RvP back from injury, although he probably will be sitting on the bench unless Arsene does what Fergie did with Rooney but I cannot see that happening. Sol is going back to the Lane for the first time in 5 years wearing the Red and White. Robbie “stag nite” Keane has headed west who was our jinx in previous years. Palacios got booked  in the FA cup semi on Sunday so he is banned Kranjear is injured as is Jenas, so they are depleted as we are.

We are still smarting from being humbled in our Champions League game against Barca and the Spuds are trying to bounce back from losing to Pompey.. lol.

Will ‘arry play £17 million quid Bentley so he can have his game of the season out of revenge?

One thing for sure it is defiantly hotting up for a good one tonight, so best wishes to the Gooners and I will catch you all later.

Good weekend!

April 12, 2010

Well what a weekend, sunshine, sea and sand….

Ok, I don’t mean that really, a good weekend of football for us despite not playing ourselves..

There was me, driving up the A34 wondering how long it would take me to catch up with all the comments after the weekend  games – that didn’t take too long 😉

Fat Sam managed to get his Blackburn side to huff and puff and stop the Mancs from scoring, good two points dropped in the title race, certainly good for us. The Chavs are still in the FA Cup after a run around on the dreadful turf at Wembley, lets hope that the surface took an extra bit out of the players legs and they are knackered for their next game.

The one result that made me smile, and smile big time was Portsmouth, a team relegated from the English Premier League a few days ago which I think all stems from being mis-managed a couple of seasons ago, played their hearts out at Wembley yesterday and rightfully earned a place in the FA Cup Final. The bigger bonus there is that they took the game into extra time, one hundred and twenty minutes of football played, surely both sides must be exhausted!! That won’t bother Pompey, but it might bother you know who…

Lets hope so, because just in case anyone has forgotten, we have a little game on Wednesday night against the side who Pompey conquered. We know every game is a must win one from now until the end of the season, but this one is a must win match for added reasons, I’m sure we will get to that before the kick off…..

At the moment we know that for the Spuds, Wilson Palacios is out due to suspension,  Niko Kranjcar is out through injury and Vedran Corluka had to be given treatment at half time, so lets just hope his pain keeps him out of the game on Wednesday.

 ‘Arry has said that despite the lows of yesterday he would pick a home fixture against us to be his next game!

I wonder if he will be saying the same around 10pm Wednesday – I don’t think so, do you??

Bouldy’s Boys did it again at the weekend, they beat Charlton 2-1 away from home. Having gone 1-0 down after half an hour and it stayed that way until the last twenty minutes of the game. Benik Afobe scored the equaliser then six minutes later, newly introduced substitute Zac Ansah scored the winner to secure all three points.

Arsenal are now 14 points clear at the top of Premier Academy Under-18s Group A.

The Ladies also won at the weekend, beating Everton 1-0 at home. Captain Jayne Ludlow was sent off after a ‘confrontation’ with Everton’s midfielder Fara Williams – confrontations, sending’s off in Ladies Football, what is the world coming to?

I jest of course!!

The question on will he or won’t he will be answered this week, Wednesday in fact….. I hope it’s a He Will….

Forget Barca again, this time it’s Wolves

April 2, 2010

So the news we all expected has been confirmed,  our little magician Cesc is out for the rest of the season. Gallas and Arshavin are out for three to four weeks so it’s hardly good news for us…

 I am gutted, sad and peed off, you name it!!

Cesc himself said he was fine before the game against Barca and his injury would have happened regardless. He wanted to play, he felt right enough to play so he did. What happened to him just about sums up our season as far as injuries go!! I bet though he wouldn’t have missed it for the world, no matter how he ‘really’ felt.  Cesc has spoken on the Arsenal website and given high praise to Theo Walcott. Cesc says it was the introduction of Theo that sparked the comeback, his pace, his grit and his ability to ‘get behind’ the Barca defence.

Well Cesc, I don’t think we can disagree with that!

I’ve said before, we are not a one man team, we never have been so its time for a few others to step up and earn their wages.

Again, Barca can wait, tomorrow we face Wolverhampton Wanderers, another must win game in the race to finish top in the Premier League.

So what does Arsene Wenger do, play his strongest eleven or rest a few ready for Tuesday??

What would you do??

All through the season I have bleated on about always playing the strongest team available, but this time I am thinking differently. Not so much because of what lies ahead but we can’t afford another player to get injured. I am glad we are playing Wolves and not Stoke, Bolton or Blackburn!!

I’ll tell you what I would do, I’d look at this bunch of players who turned out for the reserves to beat Birmingham 3-1 to keep their chances alive of winning their league.  I think if they beat Aston Villa they win it so good luck to them for Monday.

Vito Mannone
Nico Yennaris
Ignasi Miquel
Thomas Cruise
Cedric Evina
Craig Eastmond
Oguzhan Ozyakup
Conor Henderson
Nacer Barazite
Rhys Murphy
Luke Freeman

After looking at that fine crop, I would think about Freeman, Barazite, Eastmond and Cruise for the Wolves game. Have them on the bench ready to come on and rest players when the game has been put to bed. If we get through Tuesday, we may well need a few of the reserves to help us out in the league in the last couple of games!

Get them in there now, and get them used to it. I would also add Coquelin to the list. Freeman is in any case in the Champions League squad, so Wenger must think he is good enough..

As said, reserves play again on Easter Monday, so surely 48 hours rest is enough at their age 😉

Its a tough one, I’m glad I don’t have to make that decision, what would you do???

The one thing I know I would do, thats start Theo Walcott – he needs it for himself and for Arsenal – isn’t that why we bought him??

Sorry for the short post, bit hectic yesterday and a rushed one 😦

IS THAT ALL YOU’VE GOT??? Barca Get Rope-A-Doped As Never Say Die Gunners Fight Back..

April 1, 2010

As mentioned before the match, it doesn’t get much better than this. I’ve found that too much emphasis has been placed on the fact that it is imperative we finish in the CL places every year for financial reasons. It seems that many of us have become that fixated with the debt that engulfs the PL these days and the  jackpot available in qualifying for this competition, that we have forgotten why we really want to play CL football..Yes, I accept that the rewards are beneficial to the club, but for me the reason why I want us to play in this competition every season is for football reasons..There’s no better buzz than watching the team you love play in the big occasions against the big teams..The prospect of Real Madrid’s, The Milan’s and the Barca’s coming to the Emirates every season is of greater reward for me than the prospect of a bulging bank balance that we don’t use anyway..

Last night was one of those occasions and I don’t think there was a single Arsenal fan out there who wasn’t up for this and we were all hoping the players would feel the same..

The line up worried me a little..Wenger’s introduction of injury doubts Gallas and Cesc were a big risk, especially against a team like Barca and straight from the first whistle it seems the risk had backfired..

To the neutral this had to be the game of the season, but to the Gooner faithful it was heartstopping and for the majority of the match down right embarrassing..Song was almost left alone in the middle as Cesc and Diaby seemed stagnant. For the entire first half Barca swarmed the midfield  playing exhibition football and practically used us for shooting practice. The heroic Almunia being the only thorn in their side…

The difference in the teams was quite obvious..Both teams play some lovely football but Barca seem to love to defend as much as they do attack..As a back four Barca have the same weaknesses as us and in Valdes they don’t have a great keeper either, but their midfield hunts for the ball endlessly.. We gave them far too much space and we could hardly get the ball off them.When we did we weren’t allowed to play our own game. We were closed down quickly and we gave away cheap possession ..

Denilsons introduction was a key factor in ensuring a bit more stability in the midfield. Denilson has come under fire from a large section of the support, but it would be silly to suggest the addition of the little brazilian to our midfield didnt sturdy the ship..We were losing possession far too cheaply and if there was ever a time for some 5 yard safe passes it was now..Although Barca’s goals came after Denilson’s arrival, neither can be attributed to him as both were un-Barca like in their build up..Hit and hopes over the top with Ibrahimovic left in acres of space. The first lobbed over a stranded Almunia and the second smashed inside his near post…

Although Barca weren’t as dominant as they were in the first half, they had found themselves 2-0 up and it looked curtains for us, but it was the introduction of Walcott that seemed to turn the tide..Barca had given their all for 70 mins. Credit to them as they played like demons with and without the ball, but fatigue was setting in and Theos pace was too much for their FB. He applied it well. Offering us an outlet and got the game changing goal. Flying down the wing cutting inside and shooting on sight..Maybe Valdes should have saved it but it was a crucial goal…

Confidence in the team started to grow and we began to believe in ourselves again..We had Barca rocked and we began to press using the pace of Theo and hitting the balls into the box. It wasnt long before we pulled level..Nikki got himself on the end of a high ball as he so often does and cushioned a perfect header to Cesc. The captain was about to pull the trigger from 8 yards out before he was hacked down by Puyol’s clumsy attempt to win the ball..

With Nikki leading the protest vigorously, the ref (who seemed to have left his guide dog, white stick and dark glasses at home) awarded the penalty..Up stepped Captain Cool who smashed it into the net…

Fantastic fightback..We were outplayed but we never surrendered and we should all be proud of the team today..


ALMUNIA..9..You’ve got to admire this performance. He worked overtime in the first half, bailing us out of trouble time and time again with save after save. He has his moments and the goals we conceded were cheap, maybe he could have done better, but it would be foolish to say that we don’t owe him a great deal of gratitude for his goalkeeping in this match..We conceeded 2 when it could have been 10..

Clichy..8..I was nervous for him before kickoff. I had no idea how he was going to stop Messi and I knew that Barca were going to bombard his flank..Although he spent much of the match pegged back, when he did get forward he looked menacing and let’s be honest..Did we see much of Messi??? Solid display by the hurricane..

Sagna..6..His flank wasn’t as attacked as Clichy’s but he still had a lot of defending to do..He did get forward when he could but we looked better when Eboue was pushed back to RB..Nonetheless it wasn’t a poor performance..

Gallas..5..I really don’t know why he was risked..He wasnt fit, Barca rained attack after attack at our goal and he eventually went off injured..

Tommy V..5..He wasn’t at his best, he looked solid in parts but made some bad decisions, especially for Barca’s goals..Even Wenger was giving him a mouthful..

Cesc..9..Now the rating is not for his footballing display. It’s for his heart and fight..Football wise he was pretty much a non entity, but he was 40% fit..His mental strength though was phenominal..2-0 down, 20 minutes to go, getting played off the park and he wouldn’t let it go..The penalty was just smashed and he lasted the full 90 minutes, even with a suspected broken leg.. The performance of a true captain….

DIABY..3..Maybe i’m being harsh and maybe he was carrying a knock but the jury’s still out on this lad for me. If he can’t get himself up for this game then I don’t know whats wrong with him. We all know Diaby can be unstoppable on his day but I wish he’d do it more often..His talent is undeniable but we’ve waited 4 years for him to put a decent run of games together but 5 good games in 4 years isn’t convincing me just yet…especially when I know he’s capable of having stinkers like this..Great players have bad games but still make an impact…Diaby might as well have turned up..Let’s hope he turns it on in the return leg…

SONG..9..He was awesome once again..With the injury hampering Cesc’s display and Diaby thinking about what he was having for supper, Song was left to take on the Barca midfield by himself…There were times in the first half when you thought it was Song and Almunia V Barcelona…

Nasri..6..He got himself about a bit and made a nuisance of himself..i’ve seen better displays from him creativity wise but he worked hard.

Arshavin…2..Forgive me for thinking this but was I the only one who thought he bottled it and faked his injury..I’ve defended him long enough..He either shapes up or he fucks off because he’s turning into Adebayor..OK, he’s not half as bad as Ade, but that half is enough..

NIKKI..7..I thought he worked really hard and did well considering..His header to Cesc was clever and assured and I think it was him who fed Theo in for the 1st..


EBOUE..7..I’m starting to like him , finally..I dont cringe anymore when I see his name on the team sheet and I actually want him in the first team nowadays…

DENILSON..7…Never been so happy to see The Crab. He calmed it down a bit and put in a good shift too…

THEO..8..Smash and grab raid with this kid leading the way. The right sub at the right time and it paid off..He didnt let us down…

THE REF..2..I dont want to ever see this bloke again..In any game at any level..I’ve seen better from Stuart Atwell…


BARCA..10…Wow..totally out of this world.

The game itself came at a huge cost with the possibility of Cesc and Gallas being ruled out for the rest of the season..Its frustrating as Wenger knew the risk of playing them both when neither were fit..The PL is still far from over and without those two, especially our captain, it looks a little harder than it did 24 hours ago..Which is disappointing

That being said, I can’t wait for the second leg..Confidence will be high now in the squad. A performance like that, although a draw will feel like a win..Barca threw everything they had at us and I mean everything..They were something special but that could be their downfall come round two..Our fighting spirit was something out of a Rocky film..We got hit and we got hit hard, but they couldn’t put us down..I’m praying that plays on their mind a little and without Pique and Puyol we will score so it’s game on…