It’s true, its from an inside source………..

June 10, 2010


Which one, Tomato, Horseradish, Daddies, HP, Soy, Tartare…… Which bloomin sauce!!

Seriously,  just how many times are we going to read such a comment over the next month or two?

Yesterday I read Joe Cole had signed for us, then I read he has struck a deal to re-unite with good old ‘Arry and that’s after hearing he was staying at the Chavs having already signed for Old Red Nose….

Oh, I even read we are going to sign Paul Robinson…. Yeah right!!!

All from ‘An inside source’ – it makes me smile…

Looking back over the last 3/4 seasons, in the majority, it’s the same old players being linked with us, reality is though, most of what we read is old news, rumours, in fact all which probably began with an agent trying to get his player more money….

What does it really do for us though to hear and read all this stuff about who we are ‘definitely’ going to sign, etc??

Having read a few comments a couple of days ago , I began to understand what was being said here on Avenell Road.

Most of us read, some of us even want to believe these rumours but it really does smack the signs of desperation. With that I mean, desperate to see get the players signed to really make us better. We are all sick of being rolled over a bit to easy by the Chavs, Mancs and a couple of other clubs.

Some want a massive signing, like Bergkamp, Henry or Overmars, me, I just want players who want to play for Arsenal, players who are proud to wear the shirt and who are prepared to earn their wage and players who have a footballing brain with the ability to send that message from their brain to their feet!! I actually couldn’t care less if Wenger brings in a few freebies either. Players who free allow us to pay a better wage, so I can see the benefits. Also, being free doesn’t mean that the player is over the hill or at the end of his career after all, just look at some of the quality we have let go for nothing..

What we don’t need though, is a  player who’s eyes are elsewhere before they sign for us and is only after a good wage. If they want that then let them go to the Chavs or their Northern equivalent

Having watched us not win a trophy now for five years, I, along with most fans (other than those wearing the rosy specs) are desperate to see us get back to winning ways. Many have said we want the old Arsene Wenger back, the one that bought us quality rather than an odd 15/16/17-year-old player who will be good one day, maybe…

Wenger is, or should I say was, a shrewd old bugger on the transfer front, but over the last few years that shrewdness has changed a tad, so much so, I would say he’s been tight, stupidly tight and even stubborn…

Shrewd got us Campbell back!
Tight got us Silvestre
Stubbornness was playing Silvestre ahead of Senderos….

Dont get me wrong, Senderos is not the best defender we have ever had at Arsenal, but he sure as heck is not the worst. Had anyone asked me the question – ‘who would you pick out of Big Phil or Silvestre’? Every time I would choose Big Phil!

Not now though, he’s gone and I wish him all the best….

To me Silvestre is living proof of how Wenger has played his last few seasons, always looking for a bargain, just to keep the club in a good position. (with the finances I mean)

Right now though, my true belief is that things have to, and will change. The club have said there is money, Wenger has said he will buy, he’s also said he will sort the defence…. Gone has the ‘maybe we will look into the market’ instead we hear ‘I am not afraid to spend’.

That has to be positive, doesn’t it??

So for me, no more reading/believing ‘My inside information tells me this or that’ – What I’m going to do is give this boss of ours a chance, we are now in the best position we have been for a while, the debt reduced, the banks love us and its time to spend…

I still don’t expect a £40M signing, that doesn’t bother me one bit. More importantly, I just hope we don’t see Wenger go and get a 32/33yr old player who really is over the hill. There is a long long time to go in this transfer window and as our naughty regular here says – there are plenty of players out there who aren’t involved in the World Cup, so their price won’t get inflated..

I’m starting to convince myself that we will all get what we want, maybe not the players some hope for, but we will get the strength and depth that we need to get our mighty club back to winning things….

Oh, and please, no talk of us signing Ballack on a free……! 😉

Arsene says ‘Captains role is overplayed’ – well John Terry has proved him right! ….

February 6, 2010

I know, a naughty heading, but Chelsea and England captain has over played, (well over played away from home) and now he has lost the England armband.

I personally think that it is the right decision, but to then give it to Rio Ferdinand, a player who is currently banned for what could be described as an assault on a football pitch and a drug testing dodger, is a bizarre choice in my humble opinion..

If that is the best England can do then how sad!!

I really hope all this Terry stuff causes him problems mentally, by that I mean I hope his concentration and focus on football suffers and he has a dreadful run of form – I also hope the rest of his team follow suit. Funny enough, I hope that begins tomorrow!!

Anyway, back to Arsenal and back to the captain’s role – I thought it was a strange comment for him to make and one that the likes of Tony Adams and Patrick Vieira would strongly disagree with I think!

They lead by example, when the chips were down they didn’t hide or let their heads drop did they? No, they stepped up and fought that bit harder and the rest of the team followed…

Maybe he is just trying to take the pressure off of Cesc a bit, letting him know he doesn’t expect him to suddenly turn into a big mouth in a game. I understand that once the players are on the pitch it’s down to them to perform as individuals but sometimes a bit of a gee up can pick any player up.

I recall when I played, even in the women’s game a captain with a big heart and mouth can help you out when going through a tough moment or two – and my word, our captain had a big mouth!!

But tactically, any change should come from Arsene, or his silent side kick who at times reminds me of the dog on the Churchill car insurance advert – nods a lot and just says yes and no!!

NewsNow have a few titbits about who we are looking at, who we are hoping to buy, but why bother? We don’t seem to buy anyone when we can so I say forget the rumours from now on, well, at least until the day the next transfer window opens!!

Talking of which, Arsene did try and sign a player, sadly though he didn’t realise the window opened on the 1st January. He thought it opened on the 31st and spent all day trying to get his player. Sadly it didn’t work out though and we didn’t get him – we will never know I guess who ‘that player’ was as the boss says he won’t tell us. Rumours are though it was either Remy or Sorensen..

If it is the latter, that has to be good news for us, hasn’t it?

Other little bits from this mornings news, young defender Savic will have to wait until the summer for any decision about joing us and Big Sol wants to go to South Africa – no, not to see the Big Four, but to play for England in the World Cup.

Why not I say, if he shows he is fit enough, what a ‘massive’ player for England to have in their dressing room 😉

Til tomorrow all – have a nice day

They Call Him Paddy Arsenal Enemy No1.

January 9, 2010

So Man Citeh have signed one of our hero’s from the last 13 years.. Old Paddy, but not the Paddy of old..

I don’t want to tell the Man Citeh fans that he won’t be anything like the Paddy we knew and worshipped, I told a Citeh fan that Ade was a lazy tosser and give him six months he would go back to his lazy offside ways.
This was greeted with a smug smile with your jealous wrote all over it.. er no, I was telling you how it is.. But Ade proved me wrong, he never lasted the full six months., lol.

But Ade and Patrick are two different animals, Patrick was in our eyes a legend, we all have memories of his best moments, his goals, his fights even his sending off’s, but mainly him holding the Premier League trophy above his head..

What did he think of us? As much as it hurts he never fell in love with us as much as us fans wanted him too, he returned our love by flirting with Real Madrid every few seasons, but football has changed now, we are made to love brand Arsenal now, they tell us about Victory Through Harmony and play on our loyalties. They even changed the badge so they could put more copyright’s on the new badge because Arsenal never won the battle against a poor market trader who was selling shirts with the old crest on,  the loyalties of both club and player have deteriorated..

Arsenal treat football as a business and they are right, to survive it is, we can all see what is happening around us, even if some are so blind and impatient that they cannot wait for us to rise back to the top again.
But unlike the fans, footballers treat football as a business too, with agents fighting for their corner on the player’s behalf.
Paddy was a businessman, who does what is best for Paddy, okay fair enough, but you won’t get voted no4 in best player ever no more, (well I won’t vote for him) but you do get £150,000 a week. for six months..
Oh and a regular starting place in the Man Citeh side so you can play for France in the World Cup.. Your main priority..  😎

That wasn’t supposed to sound too bitter, just sad to see a legend that was PV04 sell his soul to the devil.. I wish you the best of luck, but not against us Pat, I hope your 33 yr old knee’s (others say older) get you to South Africa and have a good un,  I’ll be supporting you and the rest of the French Gooners ..

On sky the other night there was a programme with FM05, BW01 and GG08 and they were talking about when GA07 died and at his funeral TA06 noticed that every one of the ’71 boys were at his graveside and that respect may never happen again..  A bit old skool cryptic there..  But we know what we mean..don’t we? 😉

Today we might play Everton , who knows,  if the game will be called off or not, If our winters stay like this we may have to have a break like they do in Europe, but in this country we would get that wrong too,no doubt. We would have the two or three week break,  just before the bad weather comes and have to have five weeks off.

What about go the other way around, we all moan about the AC of N and how it disrupts our season.. Why not have the AC of N and the Euro’s, World Cup etc, all in a warmer country in January..  Then we could start all the world Leagues in March ending in November and playing some summer games in the evening if it’s too  hot, let’s start the revolution here.

Everton are having the usual bad season after a good one, but a few of the walking wounded are coming back for them, we are going the other way and we are well under strength so this will not be our usual Everton walk over..  I’ll go for a 2-1 today and  I’ll be happy.

All this talk about Bolton being our game in hand..  this has now become the game in hand and it should see us hit second spot and one point behind the chavs..

Tomas is back, D-Day for Nikki and Cesc is ready to Bolt!

January 8, 2010


Tomas is fit again and raring to go, he is ready for the game against The Toffees at the weekend and I can’t wait – I rate the man, he has just reassured his wife that she can continue to shop in the same way with a new contract and mega bucks, and Saturday is his first day of payback time, to the club and fans alike.

Must be a day for great news as Cesc will be back for the Bolton game on the 17th January, so the torch is beginning to shine a bit of brightness again – until now it has always felt like every time we saw light at the end of the tunnel of injuries, it turned out to be some bastard with a torch, and the batteries were Tesco’s, not Duracell!!

I know we have only missed a mid-week fixture but it feels like it has been ages since we beat The Hammers – I feel deprived, I need my football fix, well, Arsenal fix!

Can I just slip in a well done to the boys in South Africa – great result…

Today perhaps could turn out to be pivotal in relation to whether or not our boss truly goes into the transfer window to buy a striker. Nikki ‘pink boots’ Bendtner has a fitness test on his groin injury and if turns out to be ‘a little bit short’ then we are off to get a striker – maybe Traore, maybe Cole – either would make me pretty pleased!

Come on Nikki; fail your test – PLEASE!! 😉

Our last game in the Premiership was against Pompey, we won 4-1 with a team of:-

Sagna Gallas TV Traore
Ramsey Song Diaby
Nasri Arshavin Eduardo

Tomorrow we have no Song so I guess the team will be just the same, but with Denilson in to replace Song – can we beat them the way we did at Goodison?

I think so….

However, with Tomas the Tank being fit and ready to play, I wonder if the boss will put him in from the off instead of Nasri or Diaby? My guess he will be on the bench with Ramsey, ready and waiting, chomping at the bit to come on and get the sixth goal for us 😉

A new player for the team in blue is a chap called Donavan. There was me, all set to start writing about Mickey Most, Sunshine Superman and Neighbours, but then it dawned on me that this guy is from the States; he is a footballer and is on loan during the break in America! He will be keen to make his mark but to be fair, he will not be used to the ‘English’ way and it will take him a few games to settle. Big Willy and TV the Nut Crusher (thanks peaches) will eat him for afternoon tea – or maybe even chew him up like a ‘soft centre’ 🙂

All that is left is a round up from the semi-skimmed paps….

Arsene is said to be hot on the heels of Lazio’s Argentinean striker Mauro Zarate, the player’s agent is claiming that Arsenal have been in contact.

“I am in touch with Arsenal,” Jose Alberto Coppola, the players agent said!! Like I said yesterday, I don’t like agents – they are like the red herring in Silent Witness – liars through to their core!!

Big Sol is going to be offered a short term option to help the defence out if Senderos leaves, and the paps say the latter is very likely!

Ivan says there is money to spend, but not silly amounts and just for a second this morning while listening to him on Sky Sports News I thought he must have been reading Avenell Road over the last few days – he said that in relation to Arsene Wenger, he expects him to soon have an extension 🙂

I love Nigel Winterburn, always have done, today he has told the Daily Express that Man Citeh new boy, sorry old man Paddy that he thinks he is over the hill and passed it!! And so say all of us! Maybe Paddy does still love us and he is just moving to make sure he keeps Citeh off our backs.

Have a nice day you all ……

The Old Man of Senegal.

October 4, 2009

Has the transfer window opened again?  I awoke to see the headlines about Arsenal being linked to three players. Bolton’s Gary Cahill just as a back up centre half, he could be just the answer especially with Johan out until February with a knee injury,  Song our other back up centre half going to the Africa Cup of Nations. Senderos doesn’t seem to be in Arsene’s plans.
We have also been linked with the usual, Marouane Chamakh, Arsene is doing an Andrei Arshavin job on him and grinding Bourdeaux down until they realise they will receive nowt for him in the summer. oh and last by not least the great man himself Patrick Vieira.

At lot of people are writing Patrick off before he even arrives at THOF, If it is true of course.
Why is it that Patrick finished at 33 years old?  Lynford Christie was 32 when he won gold in the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 and Lance Armstrong is still competing in the Tour de France at 37 and he is going to go back and have another crack at it next year..  One an endurance sport and one what needs a burst of energy.  Two completely different types of fitness are needed to succeed in those sports. I am sure football must be somewhere in between.  Also Patrick has looked after himself,  it is well known that when the other Arsenal players were on the lash, he would have one glass of wine and drive home leaving them to it..  On top of that let’s face it as much as we love Song,  Patrick in the holding role of our new formation could do Song’s job quite easily a little tackle here and a wander over there for another. You don’t lose your positional sense when you get older. Vieira has something to fight for as well,  getting in the France squad for the World Cup (if they qualify).

There have been a lot of talk about Thierry coming back to us in some form one day, I personally would rather see Patrick at least he never run off with £10 million pounds of Arsenal’s hard earned in his last year. It is worth £70k a week just to hear the “Vieira whoa whoa” song again..

Today we have the visit of some Fat Sam’s Northern Cloggers to the Emirates, after yesterdays results where the Spuds and Man U could only draw we need to keep up the momentum, any team with over double the amount of points per game played is in with a chance at the end of the season and even if we don’t get enough points out of beating the top four if we get 100% out of this type of game that should see us at the top come May.

Let’s hope the Dippers raise there game and get a draw against Chelsea later, we don’t want them pulling away

I have a feeling Arsene may break his normal rule and bring back Theo in the starting line up today, because he only had an anti- England injury and he has had a nice rest.
Please Arsene don’t start Diaby,  he looked tired and needs a holiday.

I’m going for a 4-1 .. RvP, Walcott, AK47 and a defender no doubt will score .. Gallas.

If you are going today, have a good time Roadsters, I’m going to enjoy it just watching us on the box for a change and not a poxy stream.

I forgot to mention the Ade moaning about his £25,000 fine being excessive.. that’s like one of us getting fined a tenner.. wtf..

Man Utd for the title. Ha, don’t make me laugh, they didn’t beat us we beat ourselves

August 30, 2009

A fixture at Old Trafford so early in the season was a good opportunity to show that we had learned the lessons of last season. It was regarded as our first real test of the season and judging by the fixtures we’ve had so far I would have to agree.

The focus of our new style of play is our work rate and what we do without the ball. The reward for this was 4 wins out of 4 and 15 goals. What more could you ask for and never in so long have I felt so confident going into a game with the champions of England. I felt we could match them and beat them and without Ronaldo, who was a regular thorn in our side, their attacking threat was not going to bother our new found defensive strength. Fergie also knew this and it was no surprise when he changed his formation to match ours. Fergie never changes his tactics for teams,especially at Old Trafford. He knew as much as the rest of us that we were the favourites.

The game started of nervy, with both teams showing off their attacking skills and taking it in turns to launch attacks at each other. If their was ever a test for the Gallas and Vermalaen partnership this was it and with Song anchoring the midfield and offering the pairing protection, our new found defensive strength this season was as strong as ever. Man Utd looked out of ideas, they couldn’t break us down and if anyone looked like scoring it was going to be us, and score we did.

It all started after Arshavin was hacked down in the penalty area by Fletcher, who proceeded to commit a double foul by handball. It looked a definite penalty, in real time and on the replays but decisions like that are hard to get at Old Trafford, so it was no surprise that the appeal was turned down and Fletcher had got away with it. Or had he?? Minutes later with frustration running through his veins, Arshavin picked the ball up in space and blasted a screamer from 25 yards that almost ripped through the back of the net, taking Fosters finger tips with it.

For me that was the game. We had it won. Man Utd were offering nothing when they were going forward, our back 4 were solid and this was emphasised by the fact that the Mancs didn’t get a shot off in anger in the first half.

We started the second half the much better side. creating an early chance when Arshavin scurried into the box and cut a cross back across goal only for Robin to force Foster into a good point blank save. With Man Utd still not offering anything going forward, that was the chance to put the game to bed, but chances like that always come back to haunt you,especially in the big games.

Until the hour mark, Man Utd still hadn’t forced a save from Almunia. So where did it all go wrong?

The answer? We have big game bottlers in our side and they reared their ugly heads once again in another big game. The main culprit was once again Almunia. Giggs slipped a hopeful through ball into Rooney’s path. Rooney was going nowhere, he was heading into no mans land on his weaker left foot with a defender up his backside. Almunia had a rush of blood. He came rushing out,sliding across the floor offering his whole body for Rooney to fall over. We’ve seen Rooney do this before so it was no surprise when he took and early tumble over the outstretched Almunia and won the penalty. Yes it was a dive. Yes there was contact. Yes it was a penalty. A cheap penalty, but a penalty. Rooney proceeded to blast the ball home and once again a mistake had cost us a lead.

Not happy with just that. Giggs once again looped a hopeful cross into our box from a free kick. It lacked pace and had plenty of height. It was a perfect opportunity for any commanding big game keeper to come and collect and ease the pressure, but Almunia failed to see the chance, once again leaving it to a defender to clear and from only  yards out and the helpless Diaby got himself in a muddle and headed the goal into the back of his net.

We had self destructed. We were the better side and Man Utd were 2-1 up without having a shot on goal still. it was very disappointing, we didn’t deserve to lose in such a way but at least we showed what we can do. We were unlucky and it was mistakes that cost us, but you cant make mistakes at Old Trafford and expect to come away with the three points.


Almunia..4..oh dear oh dear. The two mistakes against Barca in the 2006 final gave us insight into Almunia’s big game bottle. Last year he let a 45 yard free kick squeeze past his near post and yesterday he made two mistakes we all know he’s capable of making and lost us the game. He was at fault for Everton’s goal, he shouldn’t have been beaten for the Celtic goal and he’s made two major cock ups again. Our keeper is a good shot stopper but every other aspect of his game is suspect. What was he doing taking a free kick 40 yards away from his goal out on the touchline for??? Did anyone notice that? We have an eccentric goalie who’s a big game bottler and that’s why hes never played for Spain.At any level. Should he be dropped?? Hes making mistakes already, but then again, who do we replace him with?

Sagna..7..solid and strong. how many times do we say that?

Gallas..8..good display again. Solid and dominating. He’s back to his best.

Vermanator..8..hes formed a formidable partnership with Gallas and hes a great defender. Along with Gallas we need him to stay fit if we want to challenge for honours. Sagna

Song..7..good strong display. the defensive triangle in the middle of the park of Song, Gallas and TV is becoming a giant brick wall. He’s another who we need to stay fit all season. Good display.

Denilson..4..a bad game. Regularly lost the ball, never tracks back. Useless going forward. Song was a one man army yesterday in the middle and Denilson is another big game bottler. Good against the Pompey’s but a liability against the big teams..but we said this last season too!! enigma, with quick feet and deceptive pace,he still cant get the hang of this midfield position. Weak in defence and some sloppy passing. Hes better further up the pitch. He got himself in a terrible kerfuffle in our own box, forgetting which way he was supposed to be shooting. Then missed a perfect opportunity to put it right at the other end. Operation Vieira mark 2 should have been abandoned last year. Big game bottler.

Eboue..6..always tries hard and gets himself in some good positions but never knows what to do when he gets there. His games based on heart and desire and as we saw with Kolo it only gets you so far. A decent display but the dive let him and us down.

Robin..6..found it hard to get into the game. The main battle was in the midfield, but without Cesc we lacked creativity and Robin was constantly coming back into the midfield to search for the ball. Opened up a few doors with good quick passes but he should have scored too.

Arshavin..6..he never ceases to amaze me. Hes one of those players who can do nothing all game and then hit 4 goals or a 25 yard screamer. Alot of sloppy play but hes capable of changing a game in the blink of an eye.

In retrospect. We were brilliant. The result has left me crushed but the performance from certain players leaves me with no doubt that we have enough to challenge this season. We were unlucky and we threw the game away, but we really do need Cesc, Rosicky and Nasri back quickly. We need the big game players back. Its early in the season so we have plenty of time to recover from this.

Lets get the Citeh game out of the way and then go on one of those 20 game unbeaten runs.

Have a good day guys,I know it will be hard but chins up.

Those Were the Days My Friend.. (or were they?)

July 21, 2009

Following on from a conversation yesterday between Franchise and London, they touched upon a point I was going to write a post about, but was having trouble structuring, but it prompted me to have a bash so here goes..

When we had a team full of world class players, Vieira,  Bergkamp, Pires, etc, we reached the  Champions League final just as that team was breaking up.. But at their peak that team or Wenger’s teams before them never really achieved what they should have done in Europe,  going out in the quarter finals etc on a regular basis or not qualifying  past the early stages..  Okay  we were the best in England every now and again.. Which was nice!!  But were we Champions or runners up of the 3rd strongest League in the world?

These days the Premier League is the strongest in the world,  the anti has been upped and we are 3rd/4th in that and also regular Semi Finalists in the Champions League, which brings me to the point..

It is really a series of questions for debate..

Are we actually any worse in real terms?.. In fact I would say we are relatively stronger than we were when we had all the big names..

All teams in Europe can pick from the same pool of players..  We used to be in the top 16 in a good campaign in Europe.. now we are top 4..  So although we haven’t picked up any silverware, I suggest this is because our domestic League is far stronger.. That makes our League the hardest to win in the world.. Unlike it was in “98” the good ol’ days..

So from having world class players who only made the best 16 in Europe we now have crap players who are now getting us up to the dizzy heights of the top 4.. How does that work then???

If we had “crap” in our team like Ade, Denilson, Song, etc .. and we are better than 5 years ago that must mean that some of our players are  far better than our best players were back then,  to make up for that deficit..

Another point  is these players who are performing at least as good as the invincibles were virtually unheard of,  so perhaps it sort of makes us feel inferior as supporters that the other teams seem to pick up the expensive signings and we don’t,  but  because our players are young and we haven’t been watching them play for other clubs on a Tuesday or a Wednesday night for the Meeelans of the Humbugs of Italy before we bought them,  do we think of them as not as good as the players other clubs pay £10million  or more for??

So Arsene Wenger OBE  has  made us a top 4 club in Europe..  he has made us a top 4 side even with Song in it..  He has done this spending less than £3 million pounds a year on transfers.. (after the comings and goings) .. We also have a stadium to be proud of..

But we haven’t won the cup of the strongest League in the world.. I suggest we are as good as we was… but the goalposts have moved..

Where we are going against clubs that are not generating their finances within football I will save for another post.. But my feelings on that are quite depressing..

If that made no sense, I am sorry I wrote it under the influence.. lol..