Wanna be together? Vermaelen confirms we already are…..

February 22, 2010

Not much about in the news again, but two strikers were hot topic yesterday and two managers had something to say.

One is Marouane Chamakh who we all have heard about but not seen much of. (I’m bored with him already)

Sunderland gaffer Steve Bruce admitted that he studied the player in the summer and was desperate to sign him. Having seen the way ex Scum Bag Darren Bent and Kenwyne Jones took their chances I am not surprised to hear he wanted another striker. He simply say’s he wasn’t up for sale.

I’ve always liked both Bent and Jones and the latter I wanted us to sign – after Saturday though, I’m definitely having a re-think about that!

Good old Rafa wants him and I  hope he gets him, Torres would definitely have to step his game up then, he’d be quaking in his boots!!

I jest of course. 🙂

Back to Brucie and Chamakh, in his day Bruce was a fantastic player, and I actually think he is one of the better players turned managers of this current day, certainly better than Keane!
Bruce was a rottweiler in defence and because of that I think he could have a good eye for a striker. He says that should Chamakh join us in the summer he will be a massive hit.

Who knows, we don’t even know for sure if the deal is done. One thing I do know though, I’ll be watching or recording the CL so I can see just how good or bad he really is 🙂

The other manager who had something to say about a striker was our very own Arsene Wenger. He has backed Theo Walcott to be part of the England squad that travels to South Africa this summer. He reckons he is starting to improve greatly and is very much on the right track – hope JonJon doesn’t see that.

Personally I think Arsene is right, he has got better, slowly yes, but better and as we have all said time and time again, if he could add a good cross to his game and a whole lot more control he would be worth a chunk of the money we paid for him and what he is being paid every week. I think I read somewhere the other day that Mark Lawrenson said he would pick Theo before Lennon or Wright-Phillips – I may have dreamt that though as I can’t believe Lawrenson would say one good thing about us!!

Carlos Vela is another player with great potential, a bit like Theo though, he is yet to truly deliver. Also like Theo he can’t see to stay free from injury and he is another player desperate to get to South Africa. Right now he has a groin injury, I just wish he could get fit and get his chance in the first team. I don’t care if that is 15/20 minutes from the bench either.

Anyway, we have eleven games to go, I can’t believe we are so close to the end of the season, it seems like only yesterday I was getting all excited yet apprehensive ahead of our opening fixture away to Everton – wouldn’t it be something if we could go on and get a few results similar to how that game went?

One thing I do know despite all the ‘behind the paps’ rumours, this team isn’t about to crumble or buckle under a bit of pressure, like ave said yesterday, Cesc celebrated his goal which said to all of us that he isn’t ready just yet to depart for sunny shores, Eboue has suddenly grown, Nasri had a much better game as did Almunia.

So after a week having to listen and read the reviews about our Porto debacle, the Fabianski moment, the Sol pass back, this team is very together, this team wants this title at the end of the season.

Thomas Vermaelen summed it all up quite simply in an interview…

‘You lose with 11 or you win with 11. That is how it is with us’!!

Thomas – if only we had a few more like you in our squad…..

Have a nice day you all


Who say’s size matters…………

November 6, 2009

Friday has arrived, only one day to get through until we play again.

I am just glad November 5th is now over for another year – I don’t like Fireworks!!

Sadly though, nowadays November 5th seems to go on for about a week, so I anticipate more tonight and over the weekend 😦
Few odd bits of gossip around late yesterday evening and early today……..

Juventus are reportedly after Sagna and Eboue, how greedy! They can have one, but it isn’t going to be Sagna!!!

Fran the Man has verbally agreed to sign a new deal but has yet to put pen to paper according to Arsene. Well, what is stopping him signing? Is Diaz trying to get him more money? I don’t know, I just hope it’s sorted out over the next few days and we can stop worrying. Arsene also says that Merida is now ready to be a regular – good, that means you now have Ramsey and Merida ‘ready’, so no Eboue on the right wing tomorrow please!

Back in the summer, each day there would be rumours about Chamakh, I was so desperate for our club to sign him as I just couldn’t see where our goals were going to come from. He has said that right now he is not going to sign a new contact at Bordeaux – however he does add that this does not necessarily mean he will leave next year. Well that says nothing really does it, but should it get to July 1st and he walks away on a free, well I hope he heads our way, the player is on fire right now and scoring goals for fun and I would hate him to end up ‘down the lane’!

But then I think to myself, where would he fit in? We have Arshavin, Van Persie, Eduardo, Vela, Walcott, Simpson and.. I know I have missed someone…. Oh, Nikki B! 😛

I have a cunning plan on how he could fit in, but no-one else would like it, so I will keep quiet! 🙂

Chamakh wouldn’t be prepared a sit on the bench and surely his arrival would spell the end for someone else and add to that, Arsene reckons we have a better strike force now than during the Henry years, so I cant see us getting Chamakh, or any striker unless injuries hit us hard – or should I say harder!!!!

I am not sure I agree with the statement about our current strike force, are we stronger now than when we had Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Freddie, and Vieira?? Surely not!?

I love this story in the Daily Mail about Thomas Vermaelen – I have picked out bits of the article..

Scout -Steve Rowley had drawn a blank after searching for a new CH to replace Toure. Nobody fitted the bill. Then Wenger told him to go watch Vermaelen.

The Ajax defender had so far failed to tick all the required boxes.

Arsenal’s scouts were not alone in their view. Aston Villa manager Martin O’Neill twice checked on Vermaelen while Manchester City made many a visit.

Harry Redknapp said recently that Vermaelen had been recommended to him, but mediocre displays at left back and worries about his height had so far put off all concerned. Good, our gain then!

Some feared Vermaelen would be too small for the Premier League -but Wenger had a hunch and his interest had been awakened not by Vermaelen’s spat with Robin van Persie in the Amsterdam tournament two years ago, but by his display in the centre of defence under the Highbury floodlights in 2005.

Vermaelen kept Thierry Henry quiet on that rain-lashed evening, prompting Wenger to store the name of the Belgian, then 20, in his memory bank. Vermaelen remembers it well.

‘My best match against Arsenal was when Thierry Henry was playing here,’ he recalled.
‘The atmosphere at Highbury was not really normal. The crowd was so close. If you made a sliding challenge you almost flew into the spectators.’
On a bumpy pitch, playing in a three-versus-four training match, Vermaelen made Rowley realise just what Wenger had spotted.

Vermaelen gave his all: focused, aggressive and with a leap that defied his lack of height.

‘The scout told me afterwards that he had been hiding in the forest watching me, they know a lot more about me than you think’

The thought of a footie scout hiding in bushes to watch a player makes me smile!!

I just hope they warned his club !!!

I was going to add something about Stan buying Peter Hill-Woods shares taking him to very very near a takeover figure, but the writing seems to be on the wall, and I don’t understand why all the long, drawn out process. Sadly though, what we all can clearly see, is that one day very soon our prestige club will be owned by an American!! At least his name is not Tom Hicks !!

Have a nice day you all ……….

8 Miles from Double Dutch!

September 21, 2009

Thomas Vermaelen, wow what a signing. Arsene Wenger sure doesn’t know a good defender when he sees one.

Why was he born 8 miles across the Belgium border, his parents ruined my headline?
He is tenacious in defence, and attacks corners like a madman and is showing the team the way, we now have a new confidence on corners, you can see the takers trying harder to hit a man rather than just hit and hope.
On top of that on Saturday he showed he has a sweet left foot, so 2 goals and a brilliant defensive display. So man of the match then.. er no??
That honour went to Robin van (satellite remover) Persie. To me he is trying too hard, but he is not a power player and should stick to the slick pretty stuff he was showing a few years ago, and when it comes to shooting  his hand eye co ordination  is getting worse, like when the sound track isn’t in line with what you are watching on the box and peoples lips are moving out of time.
This was a good result for us and should be the starting block to build a run of winning games and get the confidence sky high for the Chelsea game.
I heard on the radio this morning that there have only been 4 draws in the Premiership all season, if every team has played nearly 6 games that must mean about 60 games have been played, I don’t know what that means but we have seen some “gun ho” football this year and not just from us.

Mannone… 6.5 .. doesn’t seem comfortable just yet, needs to communicate better with his defence. Made a reaction save, apart from that never had much to do.

Sagna.. 7 .. an average game for him, not that it is a surprise that a full back is never going to have much work to do against Wigan.. needs to vary his attacking moves.

Gallas.. 7.. Played very well and has settled into a good rhythm this season,

Vermaelen… 9.. Apart from a bit of bad positioning every now and again what a performance from a centre half, could be the best we have had since TA6.

Clichy. 7.. An improved performance from last week, but I was thinking it is about time we got a better end product for all his attacking, Cole and Silviniho used to come up with the odd goal or assist.

Fabregas.. 7.. Doesn’t look too happy at the moment, the Carling Cup game should give his ankle some time to heal, don’t rush him back perhaps have him on the bench next week in case of emergency.

Song.. 6.5 Not his best game, gave the ball away, but if he can keep his best performances for the big games that would be okay.

Diaby.. 5.5.. Good for Diaby, but not living up to expectation now his injury mare is over, needs to find a brick wall and learn to kick with his other foot.

Eboue.. 5.5.. He doesn’t add enough to the team going forwards, not for a midfield player. Okay at right back where attacking is just a bonus. Oh and the handball.. STOP CHEATING..

RvP..8.. He is turning into Thierry mark 2, the most important player at the front, but needs to chill out and take the pressure of himself. May be better when AA comes back to take the pressure off in the final third of the field. Some brilliant corners now that he has someone to aim at..

Eduardo 7.5.. I have only just got used to him being able to run around, he is now back to how I remember him before the injury. Good in flashes but lack that presence needed, needs a big man to feed off RvP is not his ideal partner in crime.

Rosicky.. 7.5 definitely, defintely getting there back to fitness.

Bendtner.. 6. never really got into the game. I don’t want to see him in our half looking for the ball.

Ramsey.. 6.5.. The big stage is still a bit too big for him at the moment..

In all a good 7.5 perfomance..

I watched a couple of great games yesterday on the box.. it was quite strange not wanting any particular team to win.. I hated all 4.. lol..

But although it was good to see Hughes face when he lost yesterday, I feel more should be done about the favouritism of Man U especially at OT..
This injury time thing is out of hand, when I ask the question “where did all the injury time come from?” I get told 45 seconds for a goal 30 seconds for a substitution etc.. but that never happens in our games. What was the injury time in our 6-1 win at Everton I bet it was 3 minutes at the most..
It needs to be the same rules for every match.

Anyway have a great day and look forwards to seeing the kids tomorrow. J