Three outstanding, three signed, one loaned and Real Madrid can bog off!!

July 3, 2010

I commented on this here the other day, not the three outstanding players in the German side, but the way the media are harping on about this ‘young fearless German side’ – a German side that has yet to win anything, but still the pundits rave on and on…

Funny enough we have a young side at Arsenal, often we play without fear, often we play football that many applaud, however, the pundits never rave much about us in the same fashion do they? No, we are too young, too inexperienced and will never win anything with such a side….

It seems Arsene Wenger feels the same, this is what he said in an inerview for

Germany have a good generation. For me they have three outstanding players in this tournament – [Bastian] Schweinsteiger, Mueller and Ozil. Two of them were with the Under-21s last year.

Germany were not scared to face the new generation. When it works everyone says it is fantastic. When it does not work, everyone kills you.

It’s b****x isn’t it really, not what Arsene said, but the way the media talk. Last season it wasn’t youth that stopped us winning, it was injuries and many of them, once the cracks opened the strength in the squad was exposed.

Would this wonderful German side be as good if they suddenly suffered four or five injuries over night??

Staying with the World Cup, Wenger also has high praise for Japans Keisuke Honda.  I’m not going to get that rumour started, the last Honda I had broke down too many times, you should have seen me trying to mow grass 😉

Actually, you can …….

Moving on, yet staying with the youth theme, three of our Academy boys have secured their professional status with us, defender Daniel Boateng, midfielder Nico Yennaris and striker Roarie Deacon have all signed professional contracts. Look at that, thats a whole new spine in 4/5 seasons time to sit nicely in front of Chesney…

As we know Coquelin has gone for a season on loan, Gilles Sunu says he wants to follow suit if the first team doesn’t need him. Luke Freeman has also gone out on loan until December, he’s gone to Yeovil Town and will be reunited with Luke Ayling for a few months in the NPower League 1.

Thats about it, oh, other than Robin and his boys in orange did well yesterday and caused a shock at the WC, today lets hope the boys from Paraguay can do the same…. Talking of Robin, Jose can take a hike, Robin is not leaving, he’s satying with us to form an awesome strike partnership with both Chamakh and van der Vaart, well, once Wenger tells us he’s signed him 🙂


Jose joins in, Cesc says no and Gourcuff to sign on Monday

June 6, 2010

This is the rumour I saw this morning…. (let me add, of course I don’t believe it – it’s silly season!! Its crazy rumour time!!)

Gourcuff is supposedly going to sign for us on Monday morning for £21.8M, he will be followed by Subotic and Koscienly. It’s even suggested that Diego Alves will also be joining us before the end of the transfer window.

Coquelin (loan) and Traore are suggested to be part of the Koscienly deal and I just hope Denilson is part of the Subotic deal – or even the Alves deal, maybe Almería would like to swap Brazilians??  😉

Add to them the freebie Joe Cole, we almost there aren’t we??

I know the chance of all that happening is  unlikely, but just imagine if it’s true!!

With those additions and another big lump of a central midfielder we would beat anyone, along the way we can throw all Eddie the Chavs comments he made in yesterday’s post, right back at him.

I don’t mind if we don’t get Gourcuff though, I’d be more than happy with van der Vaart – if the little magician goes, then let’s get both, ship out a few on the way to help balance the books…

Jose has done as we all hoped, its suggested he has made an enquiry for our captain, but the latter has quickly said ‘No way Jose’ – it’s the Catalan’s or he staying put!!

As far as the keeping situation goes, Arsene Wenger has the perfect opportunity to sort this out. Pepe Reina signed a new deal with dippers believing that Rafa would stay. We all know that has now changed, so why not go and offer him a decent contract, a decent wage, Champions League Football and see what he says??

I think things are about to get moving in the transfer market, Hodgson is favourite to take over at Anfield, a few players will want to follow him or move because they don’t want to play for him. Seriously, the World Cup is soon to kick off, managers will want transfers sorted out before it does. It could be a very interesting and busy few days…

I certainly hope it is for Arsene Wenger…..