They Call Him Paddy Arsenal Enemy No1.

January 9, 2010

So Man Citeh have signed one of our hero’s from the last 13 years.. Old Paddy, but not the Paddy of old..

I don’t want to tell the Man Citeh fans that he won’t be anything like the Paddy we knew and worshipped, I told a Citeh fan that Ade was a lazy tosser and give him six months he would go back to his lazy offside ways.
This was greeted with a smug smile with your jealous wrote all over it.. er no, I was telling you how it is.. But Ade proved me wrong, he never lasted the full six months., lol.

But Ade and Patrick are two different animals, Patrick was in our eyes a legend, we all have memories of his best moments, his goals, his fights even his sending off’s, but mainly him holding the Premier League trophy above his head..

What did he think of us? As much as it hurts he never fell in love with us as much as us fans wanted him too, he returned our love by flirting with Real Madrid every few seasons, but football has changed now, we are made to love brand Arsenal now, they tell us about Victory Through Harmony and play on our loyalties. They even changed the badge so they could put more copyright’s on the new badge because Arsenal never won the battle against a poor market trader who was selling shirts with the old crest on,  the loyalties of both club and player have deteriorated..

Arsenal treat football as a business and they are right, to survive it is, we can all see what is happening around us, even if some are so blind and impatient that they cannot wait for us to rise back to the top again.
But unlike the fans, footballers treat football as a business too, with agents fighting for their corner on the player’s behalf.
Paddy was a businessman, who does what is best for Paddy, okay fair enough, but you won’t get voted no4 in best player ever no more, (well I won’t vote for him) but you do get £150,000 a week. for six months..
Oh and a regular starting place in the Man Citeh side so you can play for France in the World Cup.. Your main priority..  😎

That wasn’t supposed to sound too bitter, just sad to see a legend that was PV04 sell his soul to the devil.. I wish you the best of luck, but not against us Pat, I hope your 33 yr old knee’s (others say older) get you to South Africa and have a good un,  I’ll be supporting you and the rest of the French Gooners ..

On sky the other night there was a programme with FM05, BW01 and GG08 and they were talking about when GA07 died and at his funeral TA06 noticed that every one of the ’71 boys were at his graveside and that respect may never happen again..  A bit old skool cryptic there..  But we know what we mean..don’t we? 😉

Today we might play Everton , who knows,  if the game will be called off or not, If our winters stay like this we may have to have a break like they do in Europe, but in this country we would get that wrong too,no doubt. We would have the two or three week break,  just before the bad weather comes and have to have five weeks off.

What about go the other way around, we all moan about the AC of N and how it disrupts our season.. Why not have the AC of N and the Euro’s, World Cup etc, all in a warmer country in January..  Then we could start all the world Leagues in March ending in November and playing some summer games in the evening if it’s too  hot, let’s start the revolution here.

Everton are having the usual bad season after a good one, but a few of the walking wounded are coming back for them, we are going the other way and we are well under strength so this will not be our usual Everton walk over..  I’ll go for a 2-1 today and  I’ll be happy.

All this talk about Bolton being our game in hand..  this has now become the game in hand and it should see us hit second spot and one point behind the chavs..

“Is It Coz I is Arsenal?”

August 29, 2009

Eduardo gets his leg stamped on and Taylor gets a 2 match ban.. Dudu takes 18 months to recover. That is like a ban, only Dudu’s only crime was according to MOTD ” he was a bit too fast for Taylor”
Instead of being happy for our little Croatian Gooner to be back playing at the top level and enjoying what he can bring to English football, the media have picked on him big time.
Now I am all for getting this cheating out of the game, but any action should be done before the season starts and not retrospectively picking on one player who let’s face it has been through the worst two years of his life.  If you are going to clamp down on it let the clubs know where they stand BEFORE the event.

The press want Eduardo to serve more time than the Lockerbie bomber for doing what Steve G and Ronaldo do every game they play in..
The facts are Man U would NOT have won the League last year or the year before if it wasn’t for Ronaldo’s diving. So when one team are allowed to get an unfair advantage, how can it be wrong if Dudu evens up the playing field, I mean cheats always prosper when they are Manc or Scouse cheats. We all know why.

Here is an idea, what about get a few referee’s to study footage from the last 3 or 4 seasons in all the games played by the so called big four and take away any goals scored directly as a result of the cheating. Then change the results accordingly.. . Who would have the most goals taken away? I may be biased but even the most unfair referee would deduct less points from Arsenal than any of the others.
Now UEFA have got involved directly.. I honestly didn’t know how much Arsenal are hated in this world. UEFA… WHAT ABOUT ASHLEY YOUNG?????

And don’t forget you are now setting a dangerous precedent, you had better stick to it.

There seems to be three types of player that the media abuse to different levels. There is the all good, super dooper  lashings of ginger beer, do no wrong Englishman like Gerrard.. now what did that commentator say when he dived ?. “He went over because he anticipated the tackle”..

There is the foreign player.. We don’t like there sort around these parts, “this is a local League for local people”.
Then there is the biggest criminal of all. The foreign Arsenal player the fact that he dares to walk onto a football pitch in a red and white shirt the press perceive him to be a Jack the Ripper type character worse than any mass murderer.

I can only remember two other famous dives by us  (I know Vieira was no saint) .. The one where we beat Portsmouth by Sir Bobby P in our invincible season and in the Champions League final by Eboue that led to the free kick where Campball scored. I can remember ten times  more against us. Rodney, Babel, van Nistelrooy the list is endless. The financial and prestigious penalties are endless too.

Why not go further Arsene don’t give any interviews to that second rate TV company ITV, they started all this with constantly showing the replay of the incident and the bunch of tossers (experts) that they had commentating and on the panel.
Go all the way UEFA deduct us a couple of points from our qualifying group, then will the real Arsenal please stand up.. Please stand up..

This evening we have a trip to Old Trafford, a difficult game that we have avoided so early in the season recently, but this may be an advantage to us as Man U never seem to get out of the traps as quick as us, but they seem to creep up on the league towards the end of the season..
The most mouth watering part of the game for me is going to be how our centre backs handle the threat of Rodney, Berbatov or Owen. For the first time in three or four seasons I feel that they should be in our defences pocket, I have never seen Gallas in such great form, if it was my choice now he would be the captain, how things change but fair play to the man, he has won me around. And he is standing next to the mighty Vermaelen. Not one person has said we miss the man with Arsenal running through his veins.. Kolo who? (Arsene cannot choose a defender can he?)

Will Mr Wenger OBE pick Dudu? I would .. If  there was ever a strong character then it is this man.. Who would bet against him scoring the winner. I can feel my chest puffing out as I think about it.. Those are the dreams of what being a Gooner is all about.

I think we will win by 2 goals to nil have faith my fellow Gooners..

Wenger’s Masterplan.

August 18, 2009

Gazidis told us last season that we were financially secure enough to survive the possibility of  failing to qualify for the Champions League. This is probably true, although I feel there is something he wasn’t telling us. It was a half truth. The statement he made should of gone something like; we are financially secure enough not to worry about the 35mil  the competition gives us – as long as we make it up elsewhere. Like in the transfer market.

This is where I feel that Wenger has pulled a master stroke.

Finishing fourth doesn’t automatically guarantee you a place in the Champions League, it only gives you the opportunity to qualify for it. We are not there yet and Wenger probably anticipated the chance of not qualifying and put certain measures in place to ensure it doesn’t affect us. Especially with the need to pay off a stadium.

In selling Kolo and Ade, Wenger achieved three things.

1. He got rid of the bad influences in the dressing room. Cesc has already come out and said that they are better off without them. They wanted to leave. We don’t need players like that at Arsenal and the manager said the Everton game was a perfect example of how cohesive the team were now.

2. It covers the revenue the Champions League will provide us. If we don’t qualify for any reason, we have the money to survive financially.  Although it will be a devastating blow football wise.

3. When we do qualify. Wenger automatically has a little bit of money at his disposal. Once the Champions League revenue is ensured, Wenger’s little safety net turns into extra cash for him to do with as he chooses. Wenger probably thought he had enough in the squad to get results against Everton and Pompey at the start of the season, and with the Champions League qualifier out of the way on the 26th, Wenger has enough time to pull a couple of rabbits out of the hat and strengthen the squad before the transfer window closes on the 1st.

He wont spend all of it, he may not spend any depending on the Celtic results, but i believe we’ll beat Celtic comfortably and see a couple of signings in the days leading up to the transfer deadline. Its a strong possibility that the majority of the money will be invested into paying off the stadium, so I don’t expect to see any David Villa’s either.

In fact, I’m that confident that we are too strong for Celtic, that I predict that we’ll put the tie to bed tonight.

Have a good day guys. Tonight we take the momentum from the Everton game to Scotland and stuff them on their own turf.

Come on the Arsenal.

Panic on the Streets of London!

July 30, 2009

Yesterday we lost the last of the ‘Invincibles’. I would like to wish Kolo the best, but I feel he has betrayed us by joining another Premiership team, he could just be the difference in us winning the title or coming second,  so I will just say thanks for what you have achieved with us and as we only paid £150,000 for him 7 years ago, you can knock Wenger for selling him, but you cannot knock him for the price he paid for him.
I agree with Ray Parlour on this one “There’s a lot of centre-halves out there who you could get in for cheaper than that, who are maybe on the right side of 25 or 26”

And two weeks ago we lost a 30 goals a season striker, oh no!! Another £22 million pound profit.
Big names, and bigger names now because of their price tags, yet they are still the same players even if we never broke the bank for them..

I am trying to keep a reality check on this, before I slash my wrists, I must remember vertical if you mean it, horizontal to seek attention. (a little tip)

Since we came 3rd in the League two seasons ago we have lost.

Gilberto.. replaced him with Song.. (not the Bert in his prime…. the soon to be 33year old one).

Flamini .. replaced him with Denilson.. (you know my views on the Flamster)

Hleb.. replaced him with Arshavin.. (that’s an improvement we can agree on).

Toure… replaced him with Vermaelen (Perhaps it would have been better if we sold Kolo first, that would have made us feel better, it’s also strange that Thomas was never given a squad no, he sits their in blank.. perhaps Kolo was offski anyway. mmm)

Adebayor.. replaced him with Bendtner.. (not exactly replaced just a step up for Nikki)..

We have also gained Nasri, who was the same age when he joined as Theo is now, we all forget how young Samir is, but we only make allowances for Theo’s age. It also took Sir Bobby a year or so to settle, so when Nasri is back, he seems to be quite a fit type of player so he should regain fitness quickly, I am sure we will see a real improvement in him

We also went 18 months without two of our biggest signings Tomas Rosicky and Eduardo, they now both look to have recovered from their injuries.

In today’s inflated market..  Tomas would be fetching banging on £30 million and Dudu must be worth £25 million. I know Arsene says they will be like new signings and we all groan, but in fairness they are players who haven’t played and would be a quality addition to any team.
Also with the loyalty and affection that the club and the fans have showed these two, I get the feeling that they will also show us loyalty in return..
Their has also been an evolution in other area’s Gibbs has come on bundles, Fabianski has shown he can step up to first team standard (if he chills a bit). Djourou has put in some good performances, RvP has gone a whole season without getting injured..
We should start to reap the rewards from our investment in youth too, Ramsey and Theo cost over £15 million plus their wages and the time spent training them.
So we have lost who I think is our most hated ever player (along with Cashley). We have lost a loyal player in Toure, but we have been moaning about him since he has returned from the African Cup of Nations.. and we won’t weaken this January like we did two years ago..

Out of all the positions we are weak in, the one that concerns me the most is if we lose Eboue we have no cover for right back, I would like to see a midfield player to come in alongside Cesc, but come on, is their a team anywhere that couldn’t improve in one area?
The team we had 2 years ago was good enough to win the League, until injuries, the A.C.N. and some pretty poor refereeing decisions cost us in vital games and in the Champions League against the Scousers.

Mr Wenger obe probably has 25 plus targets around the world and has soon as one steps into his valuation of the player and into what he considers to accept a fair wage, he will be in, no problem..

I know I have said it before but I think we will be okay with what we have and we still have 5 weeks before the transfer window ends, so I may get a bonus on top.. I hope so.. The Huntelaar rumours are gaining strength, he wants us, we just need to introduce Real Madrid back into the “real” world.
The Villa rumour is a bit too speculative and will wind up the “I want a silver trophy today” fans when we don’t get him, the Di Rossi thing is a airbrush hoax, Who saves a web page as a jpeg.. c’mon?
When we all blast Arsene we should remember football isn’t an exact science, hindsight is a wonderful thing and we have to balance the books…
But at a time when football has gone nuts, let’s stick together and get behind The Arsenal..

The Press don’t rate us, the bookies don’t rate us, Talk Shite don’t rate us.. I love it!!!

Is the Man City circus good for Arsenal??

July 27, 2009

For me the answer is quite simply…yes!!

For years Arsenal have been the media’s main interest in English football..Constantly harassing us, making false allegations and to put it bluntly, talking absolute shit about us. No other football team in England has been under the media microscope more than Arsenal and in recent years, due to the lack of trophies and the apparent lack of funds, the situation has become worse, but now they have a new play thing…Man Shitty…

The EPL now has a new superpower, albeit due to financial backing, but nonetheless still a superpower…They’ve been spending their money like it was endless and talking themselves up as the next big thing…The papers have had a field day with whats going on at Eastlands and I see this as a good thing…The more they talk about them, the less they’ll talk about us…and it’s already started happening…

The city of Manchester have been a one team city for as long as I can remember. Citeh have always lived in the shadows of the red side but now are seen to be the poor relatives that have hit the winning numbers on the lottery…and they are going to rub Fergies nose in it…they already have by signing Tevez and putting his face up on a blue billboard saying welcome to Manchester…HAHA..

Lets not forget Chelsea either…Citeh have spent the last few weeks telling everyone who will listen to them that they are on the verge of signing Terry..Chelsea must of been seething. For years now Chelsea have made their name on the fact they have all the money in the world, well now they dont…So i expect the rivalry there to be highlighted the media too…Lampard was already quoted in a paper at the weekend, having a pop at Citeh, saying that money doesn’t buy success???? Errr, hello, Fwank…Are you thick or what?? Where were your team before Roman came along??

The war of words has begun and I expect it to go on all season. Both Chelsea and Man UTD have a new rival…with the papers loving it and feeding of it and leaving us alone in the process.

Citehs over elaborate spending on rubbish players that can only be described, for use of a better word, as mercenaries, has also put extra pressure on them….there’s no way that any team can spend the amount that they have spent and then say they don’t expect to win anything. What tripe. Their own fans may fall for it but the media wont..The media will be sniffing around Citeh all season, waiting for the 1st loss or the 1st goalless draw before they start putting the boot in.. I reckon when it comes to January, Citeh will be linked to every big name player and every big name manager..

All in all, they are going to give the red tops something to write about all season, leaving us to step back into the shadows. The chance would be a fine thing. I’m actually looking forward to buying newspapers again over the course of next season, turning it straight over to the back page and reading about Adebayors offside and missed sitters count in a 1-0 defeat to Stoke or Hull.. 

Another bonus that Citeh will bring to us is the fact they are prepared to be ripped off just to get the player they want..we sold them a right donut in Adebayor, all for the measly price of £25mil…are they stupid?? HAHA..and now with the great JT staying at Chelsea they are in for our beloved Kolo for £15mil.. £15mil???? I’d rip their hand off for that…£40mil for two players, both past their peaks and both to disappear for a few weeks in the middle of the season can only be compared to taking candy from a baby.

Maybe we can throw Eboue in the deal too..?? Although it looks like Fiorentina have won that race..

The bookies have already wrote us off..we are favorites do drop out of the top 4 this season to be replaced by the one and only Citeh..and with the new rivalry its created with the other top teams, the pressure is well and truly off us next season..

Arsenal will sneak in under the radar..and while the other teams are arguing amongst themselves we will pick up the points and be top of the table by the time anyone, even the media , has noticed…

Have a good day we could see those developments in the transfer market…

“Hes Dutch, he’s the dogs, he’s from the land of clogs, Huntelaar, Huntelaar”

The Adebayor Show Continues-From Gooner to Goner..

July 17, 2009

Since last summer I’ve firmly believed that Ade would be sold on this summer. I wrote a post back in April explaining my reasons why I thought he was off…

For those of you who cant remember here’s the link;

When Ade first signed for Arsenal, Wenger knew what he was buying. He was buying a raw, physical, hardworking talent that if polished correctly, could become a gem. Arsenal were desperately in need of a Plan B striker. Ade’s physique, natural pace and work ethic made him a perfect candidate and although his finishing was abit suspect, he was young enough for Wenger to mould into the next superstar…

All these things aside, another attribute that Adebayor brought to the Arsenal party was his poor attitude. He was known at Monaco for being abit of a trouble maker. Regularly opening his mouth at the wrong times, saying the wrong things and ending up keeping the Monaco bench warm as a consequence. So why didn’t we see this part of his persona when he was settling into the side??? The answer is easy…

Thierry Henry!!!!

Adebayor was in awe of the talent he was playing with at Arsenal. He knew he wasn’t the best player in the squad, he knew he couldn’t make demands and strut his stuff in a team containing Thierry. Adebayor was a sidekick. A yes man, who kept his mouth shut and worked hard on the pitch to impress the man he was playing with. This was a hungry Adebayor, with everything to prove and he used his attributes on the pitch to make him one of the PL’s most feared strikers. Although his finishing was still leaving alot to be desired, his constant harassing, hounding and physical one on ones with defenders, left gaping holes for the other players in the squad to work their magic. Adebayor played as part of a team, he was a team man and he knew it and he was quickly becoming a fans favorite.

He finally got his chance when Thierry left. We needed someone to step up and with injuries to our other strikers, Ade played a whole season. With doubts about his finishing still hanging over his head he just stuck to what he knew best. Smashing into defenders, helping to create the gaps and due to his hard work more than his natural ability, he earned himself 30 goals and high praise from several quarters of the Gooner faithful.

So where did it all go wrong??? That ones easy too. No more Thierry Henry.

For some reason, Adebayor felt that he was the best player at our club. No longer was he a team man. In his eyes, he was the team. He was top dog.  His feet left the ground quicker than quick and his ego inflated at the same rate. His attitude changed from then on. He was no longer the young, hungry Adebayor in awe of the players around him with a point to prove. He became the Monaco Adebayor. The Adebayor who Wenger hoped he could control and use that cocky attitude to its most lethal potential on the pitch. How wrong Wenger was..

Ade’s attitude hasn’t only stopped with Monaco and Arsenal. We see it with the national side too. Adebayor repeatedly falls out with players and coaches and its all because of one reason. Adebayor fully believes he is untouchable.

Its such a shame because a more humble, more dedicated Adebayor with a mind set to keep on improving, could go on to become a truly lethal striker. That chance has gone.

One of Wengers motto’s is that you need to keep on believing you can improve, or you will never make a top player.

Ade seems to believe he has made it. He has proved how good he is by ‘that’ season, he doesn’t need to work as hard anymore, he has nothing left to prove and he couldn’t be more wrong…

Henry didn’t manage to score 30 goals and get 20 assists season after season because he thought he had made it after the first. He kept on improving, he kept on beleiving he could improve and he reached the same high standards season after season. Thats what made him so special, he knew he was the King, but he proved he was the King time and time again. Leading us to glory on several occasions..

Ade’ s 30 goals was a good personal achievement. Yet it wasn’t a good team achievement. There was no silverware at the end of it all. That’s exactly Ade’s problem. He is no longer a team player. He’s a ‘Team Adebayor’ player. And he’s lost touch with the fans because of it. The people who pay his wages? He no longer cares about and  I think Wenger realises this….

So the current transfer saga doesn’t surprise me, but why is it taking so long???

I have a couple of theories…

1…Wenger wants him out and Ade wants to leave, but he was hoping the constant flirting with Milan would mean they would be in for him this summer. They haven’t.. So ‘Team Adebayor’ has tried to force their hand by manufacturing a move to Citeh…with the terms and the fee agreed, the medical and the work permit completed, there is nothing else for Ade to do but to sign on the dots. Yet where are Milan??? Still no sign..Ade knows there is no way back now. So he’s delaying the move hoping and praying that Milan come in for him…

2…the rumours about how it will be perceived in Africa maybe true..but its a smokescreen..Ade is taking time out to make it look like he’s thinking carefully over the issue and when he makes the decision he will make out it was the fans that forced him out and he had no choice but to sign for Citeh..Besides, he wants to be part of the revolution and the opportunity is too good to turn down…its purely a football decision and its not about the money at all!!!!!!!!

Either way Adebayor is as good as gone and we have 25mil in the back burner. So what do we do with it?

25mil is alot of cash, it is for Wenger anyway..Wenger could buy the title for 25mil such is the genius of the man we have at our helm.

I think its fair to say that the majority of Gooners would like to see another striker brought in..Two names that are being branded about are Chamkaka and Huntelaar..From what I can gather, Chamkaka is another striker in the mould of Adebayor. Hes likes to run the channels and he likes to put himself about yet he misses alot of chances..We don’t need another striker like this..Huntelaar, although lacking in pace, makes up for it by his deadly finishing..Huntelaars a finisher and what this team needs is an assassin…Personally I don’t think we need another striker, we have enough and in Vela and Dudu we have our finishers..I’d question myself on the fact that Vela is still too young, and Dudu’s fitness still has to be proved over an entire season. They are risks..At a time where we are going into a 5th year without silverware, we could do without the i would be happy if Wenger paid that little bit extra and got Huntelaar..

The main part of the team for me that needs a good look at (and a good player) is the midfield…

A good footballing team has to have good individuals…but a great football team relies heavily on partnerships and combinations….

The GK has to have a good relationshipwith his defenders…The CB’s have to have a good partnership. The FB’s need a good partnership with the widemen. The CM’s need to have a good partnership and lastly the CF’s need to play well together…

I don’t see too much of a problem with the GK. Kolo and Gallas have looked abit rocky at times but Wengers moved swiftly to rectify that with the signing of Vera Lynne. The FB/wideman combo looks solid with Clichy/Rosicky and Sagna/Nasri. With Ade gone, we have several available partnerships upfront which look dangerous. AK47/anyone else would do me…The problem is the CM. Cesc is a vital and fundamental part of the way we play. So Cesc needs a partner..Someone who can play box to box. So the 25mil needs to go into the midfield…


1..Sell Ade

2..Buy a midfield warrior..

One down, one to go..

Have a great day peeps. Fingers crossed for the confirmation we’ve been hoping for…

The summer rebuild…A fans perspective..Defence.

June 5, 2009

Now then boys and girls, today we get to put our Tony Adams thinking caps on!!

The Arsenal defence at the minute seems to be a bit of a weak spot in our team..and Sir Wenger Obe Cbe AFC would seem to agree…

The Arsenal defence conceeded 37 goals in 38 PL games….breaking that down further to 16 at home and 21 away…For a top four side challenging for the PL title that is simply not good the PL table suggests…

Manutd conceeded 24, Liverpool 27 and Chelsea 24…

A successful team not only has to be good with the ball, but without the ball too…If we want to catch our rivals next season these figures have to improve in our favour…in simple terms..we need to tighten up…

Personally…i cant understand why…if we break our 1st choice back four down..we have two fullbacks who were both in the PL team of the year 2007-08… we have an experienced French international whos won many trophies with Chelsea and on his day is probably one of the best CB’s in the world…and we have Kolo…Arsenal through and through and was part of the invincible defence….

On paper we have probably one of the best defences in the world…even Carlsberg would do well to better that defence…

My opinion is that we have too main problems with our defence….

1…No quality arial presence..

2…No quality backup for injuries…

So what do we do???

If we look at our defence next season and break it down we have…

LB…Clichy, Gibbs, Troare.

RB…Sagna, Eboue

CB..Gallas, Kolo, JD, Song, Senderbramble, Fishhead.

Gallas and fishead can play LB and Kolo can play RB (not very well)…Its fair to say Gallas is the only one who can adapt to the FB position…

We have too many average CB’s, we have too many players that cover the LB position and not enough quality at RB

We dont need Troare..Clichy is the first choice and Gibbs has impressed as an able deputy..Troare is surplus to requirements…Senderos has proved that he isnt quick enough to handle the PL..and he is mentally weak and has moments of madness so hes out of the door too…Fishead is over the hill..he isnt of top 4 quality anymore..either 1st choice or backup…thats why Fergie got rid and thats why we should too…Eboue has pushed the fans to the limit this season…time and again we have been subjected to some woeful performances and he should be sold…

So thats Troare, Senderos, Fishead and Eboue….That looks like an awful lot of players but we are still left with the first choice defence…

So who do we bring in???

Sagna will need cover at RB…so how about Glen Johnson??? Or Micah Richards…with Richards we get a gooner and a RB/CB all in one go so maybe hes the best option??? Or both..we could use Troare as a makeweight for Johnson????

The CB positions are still pretty strong with Gallas, Kolo, JD and Song…but we still need a ball winner and my shout is Lescott…strong, quick and good in the air and the mainstay of Evertons impressive defence in recent seasons…then Wenger gets his wish of last season of a dominant CB who’s left footed!!!!!!

That leaves us with a defence of

RB…Sagna, Johnson, Richards

LB..Clichy, Gibbs, Lescott

CB..Gallas, Lescott, Kolo, Song, JD, Richards

Now we have a more balanced stronger, quicker defence with arial presence and quality backup for places…

Over to you Roadsters…or Roasters…Or Roosters…depending on what part of the country your from!!!!