Toffee’s Away.. A Sticky Situation??

August 15, 2009

By Jonjon..

Over the last few weeks we’ve heard the players and the manager talk the talk, but now its time to walk the walk. We’ve been told that we are ready and the squad is strong enough. Certain players have told us were we go wrong sometimes and what we need to do to put that right. Well talk is cheap and today all talk goes out of the window. Its what happens on the pitch that counts and today the players and the manager have 90mins to show the faithful that they are not all mouth.

Starting our campaign away at Everton is no easy task, we could have done with an easier start to the season although in all fairness, to state the obvious, we have to play every team at some point anyway and I prefer a hard start and an easy run in. Last year we had an easy start and a hard run in and in the so called easy start we lost 5 games so it doesn’t matter. To win the league you have to beat whats in front of you every week, whether it be at home to Hull or Birmingham, or away to Everton. it makes not a jot of  difference.

Under Davey Moyes, Everton have become a good football side. They’ve held down a top 6 spot in the last few years now and like Wenger, Moyes has build a good team on a shoe string. He’s worked within his means to get Everton to the status they are, and in a league dominated by money, artificial wages and sugar daddies, a lot of respect has to be given to Moyes for what hes done. That’s where the respect ends though because today is about the three points, Everton are the enemy and soft spots must be put to one side, we have to beat them.

In playing a team like Everton we also have a chance to show what we are made of. Everton are the perfect example of how a team can beat us. They defend as a unit, they compress the play and soak up the pressure and they are dangerous on the break, in the air, and from set pieces. if there was ever a test to see if we’ve put our weaknesses from last season to one side, its today. It could be said that Everton are our kryptonite. The critics will be looking for the littlest thing to attack us with.  So three points today, a clean sheet and a couple of goals will keep everyone of our back for the next few days and give us a boost ahead of the Champions League Qualifier against Celtic on Tuesday. Although in all honesty, to me three points is three points, so I don’t care whether we win 1-0 or 10-9.

We have a few injury worries but i feel we have enough to cope. Its not like Cesc, Gallas, AK47 or Dudu are injured. Everton will cause us problems but we have enough quality in our squad to cause them more, so I’m confident we’ll put on a good show and look forward to watching MOTD tonight, or Football First.. I’m not going to predict the lineup because I’m not sure what it will be. When we have so many injuries im not sure even Wenger knows his best eleven and will he be having one eye on Celtic?? I don’t know.

Personally I’d go for


Sagna.. Gallas…Vera Lynn.. Clichy….

Jack…Cesc… Song.. Arshavin..

…….Bendtner.. Dudu….

Score: Everton 0-2 Arsenal Scorers: Arshavin, Dudu Enjoy the game guys, today’s the day we’ve all been waiting for. The proper football starts and we get to see our boys in our beloved Red and White. Stuff the media, stuff the critics, stuff the sugar daddies, stuff Everton.