We need heart and Sol today…

January 17, 2010

Blow the transfer rumours, paps and press and lets put in a performance to make the football pundits start to believe that a big chunk of humble pie could soon have to be eaten!

I say lets get to Bolton, play the best eleven fit, make Coyle think he should have stayed at Burnley and we come home with three points.

Then on Wednesday when they turn up at our fortress the knees will be knocking, the confidence low and we can give them a lesson in football.

We have a midfield without Denilson, Ramsey and Song, great eh!! But what we do have which will make all the difference is our little magician back.

I don’t rate Denilson much anyway, so his loss is no big deal in my eyes, but the question is who does the boss play alongside Cesc?

Well on here and many other blogs, suggestion is to play TV there, I was all against splitting up the defensive pair but maybe today could just be the day to give it a try?

Let Sol play alongside Gallas and TV alongside Cesc…

Here is my team for today and we all know I am usually wrong so I expect to be again today 🙂

Sagna Gallas Sol Clichy
Cesc TV Traore/Rosicky
Nasri Eduardo Arshavin

We all know Manure and Chelsea won yesterday, today is about not letting them sneak away, keep the gap as it is and then pounce when they are not looking 🙂

Oh, and Happy Birthday kelsey….


Top of The Crocks Tomas, what a waste of money!!.. Or is it??

January 5, 2010

As far as injury lists go, he has been at the top longer than Frankie Laine was in the pop charts in 1953!

Yesterday Arsenal announced the news that Tomas Rosicky had signed a new two year contract!

Tomas said he is thrilled and he needs to repay the faith our club has shown him during the last ten years whilst he has been sat in company of a Lewin!

Yes Tomas you do need to give something back!

Rosicky joined us in 2006 from a club I can’t spell so I won’t bother trying and in his 76 appearances he has scored 14 goals. Not brilliant, but ok….

I remember when Sky Sports announced that he had left the Czech camp to fly to London to sign for us, I was so excited and to be fair he didn’t disappoint, did he??

But for the last two seasons he has been absent through injury, and now we have just given him a contract for the very same period of time he has been missing, two seasons…!

Commenting on his new deal, Tomas said: “I am so pleased to have signed a new contract with Arsenal. The last two seasons haven’t been easy for me because of injuries but I feel it speaks volumes about the Club’s belief in me for this to be signed, and I truly believe I have a lot left to offer the Club, my team-mates and all the supporters. It’s felt like home since I arrived here four years ago and I believe we’re on the verge of achieving something special together. I’m looking forward to the coming months and hope that together, we are all celebrating at the end of the season.”

Happy Tomas? Of course you are happy, so would we all be, getting paid to do very little 😉

I have a thought Tomas, maybe as you have been paid for two years without playing, maybe now you should be agreeing to play without being paid!!

Ok, I know that won’t happen, but seriously, are you pleased or not? Remember many fans thought Old Red Nose was mad taking a gamble on Owen, but he has nabbed a few goals for the Mancs to save their skins!

Would you have rather we spent the wages we will be paying him on funding a new player?

Or, like me, are you chuffed as punch, waiting now in anticipation to see the new Rosicky play the same way as the old one did?

Time will tell I guess and this is the only of the few times I hope I am right, normally I am on the end of a load of abuse from ave, him telling me I am always wrong… Fingers crossed eh!

Rumours about Paddy returning to England are gathering pace but no, he is not coming ‘home’, he is supposed to be going to Citeh – what a strange move for him if it’s true. He won’t get in the team and why would he want to learn a coaching trade in Manchester? Oh well, he is no longer a player to fear, he wasn’t a few seasons ago when we played against him in the CL, so he sure won’t be now!

Day 5 of the transfer market and yesterday there was suggestion that Miguel Veloso is to be on the move in January. If you believe the semi-skimmed papers, we are up against ‘Arry for his services..

He is meant to be quite good isn’t he, I have seen his name in many blogs, most saying he would be a great signing – I haven’t seen him play so can’t comment, but right now any link to a defensive/holding midfielder makes me happy, only because it makes me think that Wenger is looking to fill a huge void left by Billabong!

Bad news is that Cesc is out for an extra week, but good news is that ITV have pencilled us in for the FA Cup game against Stoke – That is fab as not many of us could make that journey – so another match in front of the television with a glass of something strong looms 🙂

But any thoughts of us signing a striker in January have toady been dashed as Nikki B is returning to full training today, bummer I say, I had hoped Carlton Cole would be ours by the end of the month. A big strong lean striker who can use his feet and his head – I guess a girl can dream!

That’s about it, don’t forget any newbie’s, mind your P’s and Q’s when blogging please, otherwise your comments get spammed 😦

News is breaking from Spain that Fran Merida has signed for Athletico and will join at the end of the season, I really hope this is pure speculation and nothing else, I want Fran to stay at Arsenal.

Una cerveza por favor Manuel….

October 6, 2009

We have the waiter – now we have the beer !!

Not only do we have the wonder boy Cesc from Spain, the dodgy waiter turned keeper, the very cute looking Merida, now we have another exciting prospect signed on the professional dotted line, that is
Ignasi (San) Miquel – Nice beer 😉

The young Spanish defender, who turned 17 last week, joined Arsenal in the summer and already has high hopes for his future with the Club – well lad, if you turn out to be anything like two of the three mentioned, then we are all going to be happy, very very happy! Ok, a bit harsh on Almunia!

Then, added to San Miquel – another young one has signed on the same dots, Oguzhan Ozyakup, hopefully another fine ‘clog’ (yes I know it should be cogg) in our current super tuned wheel that seems to be turning pretty well right now.

San Miguel is a left back, and has played nine times for the Under-18’s and twice for Reserves team last season and also played an integral part for the Spain Under-16s during last season, not all bad then…
Ozzie is a central midfielder, who captained the Dutch under 16’s and was part of the Euro 2009 in the Under 17’s tournament, so his future seems bright, maybe even orange !
Add to that he has scored a few goals for our under 18’s side..

Other little snippets around are Paddy is wanted by the Italian manger Spaghetti, but two reason why this won’t happen – 1) They are banned from buying players, 2) Paddy was only at their game because his plane was delayed, he was due to have met Henry and be at our game! So the good old press used all the imagination they could muster up and hence we have a silly rumour. Oh, there is a third; he wouldn’t sign for them for all the tea in China!

Another player rumour is that we are looking to nab another Belgian; Arsene has obviously taken a liking to the Belgium ones – just like me and the chocolates!
Rumors are we are poised to move for Standard Liege midfielder Steven Defour who will cost around £8million…
Defour is currently injured with a broken foot, so this sure sounds like a Wenger buy 🙂
Everton, Villa and The Dippers all wanted him, but didn’t get him, maybe the talks will begin when his club come to The Emirates in the CL – who knows.. He won’t be fit to play again until January and by the Liege will be out of the CL.

Waitrose have stolen the bosses comments about not being able to buy a player in their stores, they have decided to use his comment to promote their Essential Range of products, could be worse I guess, it could have been about making omlets 🙂

And finally, news is that Big Sol wants to train with us to keep fit, now then, is it worth taking him on board to help out in defence???? We all seem to think Paddy could do a shift for us, what about the big man – I know it would make peaches a smile 😉

And talking of old boys, Thomas Rosicky’s contract runs out soon Arsene, please renew before he reaches 30yrs old!! 😉

Eleven days to go 😦

May Rocky RIP