Saga draws to a close, no thanks SWP and it will be Wengers fault!

July 9, 2010

Come Monday morning this World Cup saga will be over, either Cesc or Robin will begin the new season as World Cup winners, I sure hope it’s Robin, at least he’s contributed to Holland’s results, unlike our current captain of course who sadly has had to watch from the bench for most of his time in South Africa.

The main reason I can’t wait to see the back of this competition is we finally get to hear from our captain, but secondly and maybe more importantly, Arsene Wenger will be back doing his day job for Arsenal.

We know we already have Chamakh and Kos but this could be the time that the transfer window comes alive.

Pre-season soon begins and clubs will want any new boys to be involved early, ready to begin the new season with players fit  and used to their new team mates.

It will be exciting and interesting to see where the players like Ozil, Honda, Mertesacker and Schweinsteiger all end up, they may of course just stay where they are if their happy. These players are just a few who have shone during this competition and speculation will go into crazy mode.

I’d be happy, very happy if German pair Bastian Schweinsteiger and Per Mertesacker were signed by Wenger. What would they cost together, £40-50M, I’d say that would be money very well spent. Add to that Schwarzer and I think we are complete. Give me the cheque book Arsene, I’ll go and sort them out….

On to rumours, more silly rumours – suggestions are that we are in a battle with others to sign ex legend Ian Wright’s son, well we don’t need him and surely we don’t want him. He is a City cast off who was dreadful at the World Cup. Not to be able to shine amongst that shower of s***e says it all, he’s finished, he probably was from the day he signed for Chelsea. He left City for money then after gathering splinters he went grovelling back to a club that made him a darn good player, what has he done for them since??

In any case, we have enough tiny tots in our side, we need beasts, not tiddlers…

Talking of tiddlers, Stéphane Sessegnon is again linked with us and a host of other clubs. He’s reported to be in advanced talks with a Premier League club and his move away from PSG will be announced over the next few days. Prior to signing for PSG, he was with Le Mans and his position was holding midfielder. At only 5’8″ tall I can’t see him being signed by Wenger, can you??

The real good news though is yesterday Arsene Wenger said that our summer spending is not over and we are looking for another defender, mme, me thinks it’s not just a defender either, I am beginning to have even more hope now…

Couple of others linked to us again, Benfica’s Rafik Halliche who is valued at £4M and yesterday, the rumours about Melo gathered pace after reports in Italy suggest Juve hope for a swap with Clichy. Not sure on that one myself, is Gibbs ready to take over the LB position full-time, maybe he is?  Fabio Capello has made it quite clear that many a youth player will now get a chance to play for England so why not?.

Gibbs, Wilshere and Walcott could all very well be involved in Euro 2012 and the 2014 World Cup, now that would make me pay a bit more attention to the television when England play…. Then just look at the other young English players in our reserves and youth, it could soon be Arsenal playing in the Euro and World Cup……

Even then though, were we to get all the way through the competition, only to be beaten in the final, it would still be Arsene Wengers fault 😉

‘Porter for Laporta’, Pack your bags and take your stupid comments with you!!

June 22, 2010

How this football club of ours has not officially reported Barcelona to FIFA yet beggars belief. Is there a member of staff connected to the Catalan Club who hasn’t had a word to share about our captain and his supposed move to Spain.

The latest is from the idiot who is due to step down at the end of the month,  he’ll probably have no say in the matter at the end of the day, but I bet he’s trying to secure a deal before he goes so he can take all the credit! 

This is from the same man who in 2008 had to face up to a vote of ‘No Confidence’, at the club, only the lack of votes for A N Other kept him in post. So many were against this at Barca, they themselves resigned rather that stay within their role at the club under Laporta. Sadly though, after a re-election, he stayed. He then sacked Frank Rijkaard and to this day he stands, well, not for much longer thankfully – the world of football will not miss the scumbag! So basically, he’s been in post only because there was no-one better, says it all really!!

Maybe once he has left his post, club managers and board members will sleep easier!

This is his latest sneaky comment:

“Arsenal will end up giving in, but I don’t know when that will be,” he told reporters on a visit to Sant Guim de Freixenet. “We will have to wait and let the professionals who are taking care of it do their work.”

Which part of the response from Arsenal Officials does Laporta not understand? He and that bullish club were told that our captain is not for sale. They weren’t told to come back with a better offer were they? No, so why don’t they zip it and let Cesc get on with playing football during the World Cup, oops, sorry, sitting on the bench during the World Cup.

Talking of sitting on the bench, Cesc needs to realise that if he tries to push any deal through that’s where he will end up, different bench yes, but bench it will be for a season or two.

It seems Luke Freeman is on his way for a loan spell at Yeovil Town and our little right back/central midfielder Francis Coquelin joined Lorient yesterday on a season long long.  A loan and regular competitive football is just what the players need so good luck to them and may they both return bigger, stronger and ready to set the Arsenal World alight this time next year.

Much has been said that the Coquelin loan has nothing to do with us trying to buy Laurent Koscielny but I’m not sure I believe that, my thought is that was the final piece of the jigsaw in the deal and I wouldn’t be surprised if announce the new signing by the time this post goes up.

I’m sure Koscielny won’t be the last defender Wenger buys either, especially as he has confirmed that Gallas will not be wearing the red and white of Arsenal next season. I wonder who it will be? I don’t care really as long as he’s a big lump who will shed blood for his new club.

So, from a Spanish knob to an Italian giant – well done Capello, you have for sure put that tosser Terry in his place….. Don’t know what i’m on about, go check his interview. Some say Fabio is wrong to use the press, I say if someone uses the press to hurt you, then get on and do the same – fight fire with fire……… After all, Terry is only sulking because he’s no longer wearing the England armband…. !

I’ll leave with something I heard – and funny enough someone else has written on the ‘transfer rumour’ place that is full of made up stuff, but what this fella said was, Wenger is to move upstairs at our club and we replace him with JosepPepGuardiola, that way Cesc stays, we get a younger Wenger and life moves on….

Of course I don’t believe it, but it would be good wouldn’t it – maybe then David Villa would follow Pep 🙂

Were we really that good in 2003/04?

June 21, 2010

Of course we were, we didn’t go a whole season without losing for no reason…..

Away from all the World Cup hype just for today, forget the goings on in the French and English camp, let’s go back in time and remember the 2003/04 season, the players and just how good we were. Not only were the  first eleven darn good, so were many of the players who had to suffer time on the bench. Look at then and then look and now….. 

Arsenal Invincible squad: ( not off the top of my head, help from google)

 Cole, Vieira, Keown, Pires, Ljungberg, Reyes, Bergkamp, Wiltord, Lauren, Taylor, Henry, Lehmann, Parlour, Edu, Cygan, Gilberto, Senderos, Pennant, Clichy, Campbell, Kanu, Toure, Aliadere, Stack

Arsenal today:
Manuel Almunia, Abou Diaby, Bacary Sagna, Cesc Fàbregas, Thomas Vermaelen, Tomáš Rosický, Samir Nasri, Eduardo, William Gallas, Robin van Persie, Carlos Vela, Theo Walcott, Denílson, Aaron Ramsey, Alex Song, Mikaël Silvestre, Jack Wilshere Johan Djourou, Łukasz Fabiański, Gaël Clichy, Andrei Arshavin, Vito Mannone, Emmanuel Eboué, Kieran Gibbs, Marouane Chamakh Armand Traoré, Sol Campbell, Nicklas Bendtner, Wojciech Szczęsny

By my count, back in the 2003/04  season we had seventeen top class players in that invincible squad!!

Looking at todays squad (not including Chamakh) I count we have eleven or maybe twelve at a push, so what does that say??

We have been saying for a while that we lack depth and strength, well apart from those who have funny coloured spectacles, and that quite clearly is the difference between then and now. Our current first eleven is strong and on its day is capable of beating any side in the world, but when injuries start to take their toll, our squad is exposed.

If you could pick two players from the invincible squad, pop them in Dr Who’s Tardis and bring them into the current day, who would they be, then come and tell us why you chose them…

Remember, they will be at the same stage of their career as they were in 2003/04. You can’t pick the keeper, I giving you him on a freebie 🙂

Those were the days…… 🙂

Arsenal Win End of Season Pre-Season Friendly.. (yawn).

May 10, 2010

Arsenal XI   4-0  Fulham XI..

Well to be fair there was a lot more depending on this game than a friendly, but anyone looking in from the outside would not believe that judging by the lack of effort and commitment from both teams.
Fulham rested players and to be honest I don’t know there first team apart from Hangerland and Zamora, Oh and Duff and Murphy, the team that they put out lacked commitment and was a insult to the Fulham support that turned out.
These guys pay for a ticket by giving their employers five hours of there life just to walk through the turnstiles yet they couldn’t even be bothered to put a tackle in.

This was typical Arsenal, glossing over all that is wrong with the team, we can roll over average teams all day long, yet when we come up against any team who dare close us down and match us for skill we are shown up.

We started out with a Keystone Kop of a goal by AA, he chipped the ball over the Fulham keeper and instead of over passing the ball into the net turned selfish and decided to score himself .. So Arsenal always want one more pass then Andrey is too selfish.. make your mind up you commentators.

The next goal had a bit of luck too. van Persie managed to get in a shot that was too close to the Fulham keeper Schwartzer so he got his hand on it and deflected it onto the bar, the rebound found Robin’s head and get in!

Theo was running around like the headless chuck, and showed he perhaps has potential, yet it all seems a bit false.
At one stage he did create a great chance for RvP yet again though Robin is not clinical enough and allows the keeper to save twice.

Just before HT we managed to get a OG off Baird, this never happens to us in important games, Is it fate or karma? Who knows but we never get the rub of the green when anything depends on it.

We backed off the throttle a bit second half, which is understandable and we got a fourth goal from an exquisite chip from the sub Vela, another mystery of an Arsenal fans life.. Good enough for Mexico, yet only 2 starts in a season for us..

To be honest, we couldn’t gain anything from our performance yesterday as Fulham just went through the motions of a game, yet if we had of played a team of northern cloggers or a top 8 team we wouldn’t have had such a convincing result. It may of been better if we lost at least the fans could have shown their unhappyness and Arsene may  have to act upon it.
We had a scare this year with the Spuds getting a tad too close and this need to be amended in the close season.

St Totts day was far too late by Arsene’s very high standards sort it please..

Fabianski.. 4   Hold your hand up who wanted him as Arsenal No 1!!

Sagna . 7.. No defending to do really and his attacking is average.

Campbell, 8 He must be a contender for our player of the season.. what does that say when a 35 year old not match fit player can even come close.

Silvestre.. 6 .. I just hope.. thanks goodbye.

Clichy.. 7.. Good not great. But not a game for defending.

Diaby.. 5  I am sure I saw him once or twice, he is so frustrating because you know he is capable of doing it.

Nasri.. 7  Just okay, needs a few more team players around him.

Enid Walcott 7.. Good and bad, Some times he looks great then does the most stupid errors, I would unload him and use him as bait in a deal for a better player.

Eboue. 5.. Sick of his diving and antics, I said it last year and I tried to like him. Name his best moment this season, I can’t..

Arshavin.. 7   He is class, I am unsure of his attitude, should he shut up or demand better from the Arsenal, is he selfish or a realist?

RvP… 7 . Showed he is a good player, scores goals but should have scored three times the amount he did. Oh and give some of the free kicks up unless you are bullying Nasri etc..

Djourou.. Great to see you back, you should sue the Sky commentator who likened you to Senderslug..

Lansbury… Didn’t see too much, you could tell he was from the Arsene’s acadamy..

This Game is More than just Three Points.. It’s Our Bragging Rights.

April 14, 2010

I don’t like to kick a man when he is down, but I love it when we do the Spuds. Even after a promising start to the season they are slip sliding back down out of Champions League contention. I got the pre match phone call from my Spud mate today, he always gets it over with before the game. I won’t hear from him for another month.
But if we were to lose (god forbid) we would never hear the last of it, the Cellnet aerials around London would melt under the overload of text messages from the success starved Spud supporters .
The amount of times when we go a goal down, my phone will start to bleep. I always ignore it, because  we always come back to at least get a draw and I never text back because I want those Marshlanders to know that they are just not important enough to even worry about them.

They are not our rivals anymore we have moved up a tier..
They compete against the likes of Everton and Wigan now, we have moved up in stature we compete against the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona . Not dreamers who have not seen the Champions League, yet they still think they deserve a mega stadium for the good successful years when they make the Europa Cup.

But out of all the time I have been  supporting The Arsenal the Spuds have given me some of the best and worst times.. I will do the bad first.. Losing 5-0 at the Lane in about 81”,
Gazza’s free kick against Seaman in the Semi at Wembley in 91”.
That ex-spud Nayim in the last minute of the Cup Winners Cup in 95” (Who can lob Seaman from 50 yards? Haha good joke that.)
And that humiliation a couple of years back when we didn’t take it seriously enough and we got knocked out of the League Cup.

But on the plus side,
I can also remember winning the League at W(s)hite Hart Lane twice. 71’ and 04”.
Being at the Lane in 78” when we beat them 5-0 “We all agree Brady is better than Hoddle”
The semi finals games of the League Cup in 87” when we beat them at there place twice in a week with players like Ian Alinson.  the Henry solo goal.
This one could be a fixture that we could remember all our lives (but don’t tell your Spud “friends”)

But if we were to lose  this one today it will rank among the highlights of their sad lives, by ruining our chances of the Premiership.

Also the game is set up perfectly, RvP back from injury, although he probably will be sitting on the bench unless Arsene does what Fergie did with Rooney but I cannot see that happening. Sol is going back to the Lane for the first time in 5 years wearing the Red and White. Robbie “stag nite” Keane has headed west who was our jinx in previous years. Palacios got booked  in the FA cup semi on Sunday so he is banned Kranjear is injured as is Jenas, so they are depleted as we are.

We are still smarting from being humbled in our Champions League game against Barca and the Spuds are trying to bounce back from losing to Pompey.. lol.

Will ‘arry play £17 million quid Bentley so he can have his game of the season out of revenge?

One thing for sure it is defiantly hotting up for a good one tonight, so best wishes to the Gooners and I will catch you all later.

Sol’s in with a shout and Song ‘should’ be ok…

April 5, 2010

While talking about our little match tomorrow night, Arsene Wenger has hinted that Sol Campbell may start alongside Thomas Vemaelen in defence if he is fit able to get through ninety minutes, I say ninety minutes as I can’t see this game going into extra time, not the way we score in the dying sconds.

Sol playing could be good for us, his experience could be the key factor in keeping the defence focused and on their toes, especially Almunia who I hope has another great display in goal.

Just think though if we repeat our ‘late show’ tomorrow night, 0-0 with one minute to go in added time and Nikki pops up with a header – game set and match to us!

Right now I would happily take that, I bet most of us would.

Song tweaked his groin against Wolves on Saturday, but Wenger has said he should be ok for tomorrow. Arsene, I hope he’s more than ‘ok’, if he isn’t fully fit, he can’t start, we need 100% fit players to face Barca, look at what happened to Gallas, we cannot afford something like that to happen to Song.

Song has been one of our best players this season and to lose him for the next three or four weeks would be catastrophic!

Old favourite Petit has spoken about us, he says that Nasri will fill the hole left by Cesc and with ease, he  is one of few who thinks we could go through – good man Manu!

“Arsenal have nothing to lose,” Petit told BBC Sport ahead of Tuesday’s game. “If I was Arsene Wenger I’d tell them that they’re on the verge of history.

“Barca are champions and favourites and have everything to lose.”

That’s just it, we should play without fear tomorrow, we know we can score against them, we showed that. Barca have their own problems at the back, and that was before Puyol’s red card and further injuries. Barca also have a few injury problems in midfield and up front so hopefully their goal threat will be dented somewhat.

Hopefully KTR7 will give us more information tomorrow morning about how Barca could line up and where their threat will come from. Other than Messi of course 😉

We can do this, we can go to Spain and get one of the best results an English team as ever achieved and I just reckon we might…

Have a good day all, tomorrow will be stressful 🙂

Don’t care how today, just get three points!!!

April 3, 2010

Here we go again then, Saturday 3pm kick off against Wolverhampton Wanderers, a side that has just started to pick up a few good results. Wolves are unbeaten in the last four games having picked up eight points from a possible twelve.

The away game at Wolves earlier in the season was a funny old affair, Ramsey started in the midfield with Diaby I think, with Song on the bench. Wolves had the better start and for twenty-five minutes we were a bit on the back foot.

But what happened next told a story, Diaby (who back then played just as he did against Barca) was having a nightmare, he was woeful. He picked up an injury and had to go off, then on came Alex Song. From that moment on the game changed, Ramsey, for one, suddenly seemed as if someone had given him an injection of ‘confidence’ – he played well, really well. In fact the whole team picked up the pace and found their rhythm.

By the time the first half was over, so was the game, 3-0 up!

Eduardo started that game – I think he will start today aswell. Sadly though, one player we know who won’t is Ramsey!!

Wolves handed us a couple of own goals that day the other two were scored by Fabregas and Arshavin, neither will be playing tomorrow!

We ended up winning 4-1, but the scoreline didn’t tell the whole tale, Wolves had their chances and but for some last-ditch defending by us and a few wayward shots it could have been very different. Kevin Doyle is a dangerous player and could hurt any team on his day, but between Vermaelen and Sol, he should be kept out.

As said, Wolves are no mugs and I don’t expect Mick McCarthy to play anything other than his strongest side, he won’t risk a hefty fine again, shame he risked the first one. I do understand why he did though….

So with all our injured players the team tomorrow kind of picks itself, unless of course Arsene does decide to make drastic changes with Barca in mind.

We have no Cesc, Arshavin, Gallas, Clichy and Denilson are doubts – I don’t believe they are injured for one minute, they are being rested!!

We have a squad, a squad that should be full of players who are more than capable of slotting into the side and continuing the Arsenal way, if not, then why are we keeping them, why are we as a club paying them?

With that in mind, I expect us to do exactly that and continue where we left off the last time we played at the Emirates, in the league I mean…

I think we will see changes – but here is the team I think AW will play…


Eboue Sol TV Traore

Song Nasri Rosicky/Diaby

Theo Nik/Eduardo Vela

And with a few reserves on the bench, mainly because that’s all we have left 🙂

But hey, no disrespect to Wolves, they are a team we should beat, if we can’t and don’t then we don’t deserve to be in the title race. We are at home, on our green silky grass and every players knows how to play on it. So no excuses, no half-hearted performances.

We need grit and fire in the bellies today and a great performance to get us three points.

Most of all, play with pride and passion, the way this man always did……..


First off, lets hope for a bore draw at lunchtime then come 5pm, we can shout ‘ We’re behind you’ 🙂

Have a great day all, all three points will make sure I do….