Tottenham Hotspur 0 Arsenal 10!

March 6, 2010

What a great result for the ladies, sticking ten goals passed their local rivals! The win takes them into their fifth consecutive final of the London FA Women’s Senior Cup. It was at Spurs as well, so no the win was even sweeter.
The goal scorers were: – Lander (3), Littlejohn (3), Bruton (2), Ludlow, Davison.

The Ladies were a bit rusty at the start having not played in over 3 weeks due to International games, but it didn’t take too long before they began to dictate and dominate the game.
Apparently, Tottenham started well and were good for the first twenty minutes (somethings never change then) but after that there was only ever going to be one winner! Arsenal’s class showed, and away they went, right for the jugular!

Arsenal led 3-0 at halftime and 10-0 at the final whistle. A hat trick from Lander & Littlejohn, a couple from Bruton, and goals from Ludlow and Davison finished off the game.

The Gunners will now play either Millwall Lionesses or Charlton Athletic in the final, which is scheduled to take place at Wingate & Finchley FC on Tuesday, March 23, kick-off 7.30 pm; I hope it’s on television to.

The ladies have a ‘Littlejohn, the men have a ‘little jack’

Well done ladies and good luck for the final.

Yesterday I made a school girl error, by thinking Stoke v The Chavs was a league game – thank you to all those who came on to Avenell Road just to point that is was in fact an FA Cup match. Shame you couldn’t stick around to chat about something worthwhile, it must be good to be perfect! To be honest though, we are not in the FA Cup and I don’t have a scooby doo who is, I don’t care either!

On to today, Arsene says we are lucky to have Denilson back!! Arsene, we are lucky when any player comes back from injury!!

We also have Arshavin back and Diaby is a maybe. Gallas, Sol and Vela are all ruled out through injury or fatigue and Song is out due to the yellow card he received against Stoke – not that it was a yellow card offence! I’m glad though, the next two league games we can probably survive without him so better now than later on in the run in.

It could be a mixed old bunch we see in red and white today, very old and the very young.

I read yesterday that this is our squad for today – please feel free to correct me if Arsene Wenger has told you different!

Arsenal from: Almunia, Clichy, Vermaelen, Silvestre, Sagna, Nasri, Denilson, Fabregas, Rosicky, Walcott, Bendtner, Fabianski, Arshavin, Eduardo, Traore, Diaby, Campbell (doubtful), Eboue, Bartley.
I’m surprised that Eastmond, Coquelin and Merida are missing from that list. I would have put Eastmond alongside Cesc for this game.

I think Arsene will go with:-

Eboue Silvestre Vermaelen Clichy
Cesc Denilson Diaby
Walcott Bendtner Arshavin/Nasri

Rosicky played mid week so will be kept for Tuesday, Sol won’t play either because of the same reason.
To be fair, which ever eleven players start from the squad they should be good enough to get all three points today. If we can’t beat a team that sits second from the bottom in the league and on our own green grass, then we don’t deserve to win the league do we?

That isn’t going to happen though, not today. Today we will not only win but we will boost our goals scored tally.

The post started with the ladies scoring ten against the Spuds; today it’s the men’s turn. I don’t think it will be ten, but I bet it’s not far off.

Confident? I know I am….


Big day Arsenal, big day Arsene…..

February 27, 2010

Don’t know about anyone else, but it seems along long time since we played our last game of football, since Cesc slotted home his penalty to secure us three points against Sunderland.

Thankfully today the boys are back in action and we should all be able to see it on a proper screen rather than a stream somewhere. Some are lucky to be heading up to Stoke, but me, I will be sat in front of the television, shouting obscenities at the screen and praying for a win.

Prior to that though and just for a change, I’m going to watch the lunchtime battle between Wayne Bridge and John Terry – oops I mean Chelsea against Manchester City!

I hate City, probably as much as I do Chelsea but that has only come about since Lardy and Toure went there for money. I used to respect them a little, I would even go as far as to say I liked them as a team, but now they have become just a Mr Rich club that pays rubbish players silly money! Lardy is living proof of that isn’t he and as for Toure, he has been one of their worst signings. Hey Ho though, look on the bright side, we pocketed £40M and got rid of a couple of trouble makers.
Today though, I shall be cheering on the team from Manchester, I hope they thrash Chelsea, I hope Wayne Bridge lumps Terry in the dying seconds of the game, I really do.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the Bridge/England situation and many think he is cutting off his nose to spit his face. I am surprised really as in the ‘ordinary world’ most men I know would have been round to Terrys house a long time ago and made it clear how he felt. To expect the two to ever play in the same team let alone share a dressing room is asking far too much.

In my mere humble opinion, Terry should be the one not going to South Africa in the summer, not Wayne Bridge; he has done nothing wrong during all of this!

Maybe fate will take over and Terry will pick up an injury between now and then and Bridge will play in the end.

If City can do us a favour and we can go to Stoke and get three points then that will cut the gap down to just one game. Just one game they need to slip up in and we are in with a REAL shout. With the fixtures they have, I can see them dropping more than three points!

So on to us, The Mighty Arsenal, the so called Mighty Arsene Wenger – both have to be on their best form tonight.

We have no Diaby, Arshavin or Gallas! That’s a big three to miss!

Arsene needs to get it right from the start, put out the strongest side we have available, not his favourites, his best eleven. Then he needs the next best on the subs bench and then use them at the right time. That means, impact subs, not Denilson on for the last three minutes. If the game needs changing, bring on the right players to make that change happen!
Do that Arsene and we will win – win for only the second time in 28 years!!! Unbelievable statistics really and hard to believe – a bit like Denilsons 😉

Forget Delap, forget the long throw ins, forget what Stoke think they do well – mark Fuller out the game and we win, get Big Sol to take out every cross and throw in and we will be fine – play the football we know we can play and we will come away with the points, all three of them!!

Oh, and if Denilson is around, he can keep hold of the Stoke towel !!!!

This is our chance, I feel it’s our final chance to close the gap – fuck sorry, muck up today, and that’s it, we may as well sit back and accept 3rd place!

I am going for a 2-1 or 3-2 away win. I also have a feeling we will see something like this later….

Now then, that really would make my day… Just for you JonJon..

Have a good one all…