Have Celtic and Spurs become more appealing than Arsenal?

May 20, 2010


To heck they have, but if you read the reports in the news you would start to think that was the case wouldn’t you?

Sol Campbell, brought back to Arsenal by Wenger, giving him another chance to play top flight football at his old ripe age and now it seems that money may tempt him to go abroad again. Well, Scotland isn’t abroad, but its a bloody long way from where I live and I could probably get to France quicker than I could get top Celtic’s ground!

Why would Sol (if he does) want to play in a league where you may just as well have two teams in it? Ah, I know, he wants to follow the same path as Cesc if he ends up in Spain, the two big clubs fighting it out season after season, yawn!!

On to the Swampies down the road, rumours are they have ‘pipped’ us for Arda Turan from Galatasary and are about to nab Pape Malikou Diakhate (WHO??) from Dynamo Kiev from under Wengers nose!! One top four finish in 400 years for the spuds and suddenly the world of football thinks that our local rivals are a better club to sign for.

Well forgive me but I am sure if Arsene Wenger wanted to buy either of the above two players, it wouldn’t be in the press until the deal was in its last stages! Well that ‘s how it was when we last signed a top player… Actually, was there a transfer window back then 😉 😉

In any case, I am sure that if Wenger truly wanted either of the above two, he would have certainly bought Arda Turan before now (I wish he had), as for Diakhate, just who is this defender who belongs to Kiev but has been on loan at St Etienne and is worth £7M….

I’ve never heard of him, but the price is right and he’s been in France, that transfer has got Wenger written all over it 😉

So what do you think, has Tottingham Hotspur seriously over taken us in the ‘where to go in London’ for a football club? Other than the Chavs of course..

Have the last five years of doing nothing much in the transfer market really made us ‘that bad’?

I don’t think it has come to that just yet and whether Cesc decides to go or not, I am sure we will see some quality signings being drafted in over the next few weeks.

Most players overseas would more often than not choose to play at a club managed by Arsene Wenger over ‘Arry any day of the week. Right now we may struggle to see just how good a coach he is because of all the ongoing going on’s, but surely the worm has to turn, hopefully that will be next season.

As for Tottingham, you can follow all Harry Redknapp’s interviews about new signings on ‘Twitcher‘ 🙂

Finally, if this mornings reports are right, Arsenal have finally grown some balls, Cescs price has been set at £80 Million, that should keep the b*****s away….

Have a great day folks…..


The future may be bright, but sadness looms……..

April 13, 2010

Yesterday we heard the news that Lady Nina has decided to sell her shares in our club, she owns 15.9 of them. Stan the Man owns 29.98 shares and the Big Man from Russia owns 26.29. Even someone like me, who can’t add up for love nor money knows that if either of the two boys buy the shares they will have to make a takeover bid. (yesterday I added 90 + 30 = 150….. 🙂 )

It’s suggested she wants her shares sold by the end of May!

For me, that’s where it ends, I don’t know enough to discuss the issue over shares, all I know is, it will be a very sad day when Arsenal no longer belongs to Arsenal and our club just becomes a ‘Boy’s Toy’…..

Putting thats aside, the future looks quite bright with all the up and coming young players. Over the last few days/weeks we have talked about who should go, who we should buy, but what about those players in the youth/reserves?

Just who will Arsene Wenger think about before making any of the much needed experienced signings…

These are the Reserve/Youth Players currently at Arsenal – according to afc.com


Sean McDermott


Sead Hajrovic
George Brislen-Hall
Daniel Boateng
Pedro Botelho
Havard Nordtveit
Ignasi Miquel
Nicholas Yennaris
Rhema Obed
Kyle Bartley
Thomas Cruise
Craig Eastmond
Cedric Evina
Kerrea Gilbert
Gavin Hoyte
Luke Ayling


Chukwuemeka Aneke
Oguzhan Ozyakup
Sam Byles
Jernade Meade
Nacer Barazite
Francis Coquelin
Jay Emmanuel-Thomas
Emmanuel Frimpong
Henri Lansbury
Mark Randall
Sanchez Watt


Benik Afobe
Roarie Deacon
Luke Freeman
Rhys Murphy
Jay Simpson
Gilles Sunu

Who out of that lot is ready to step up next year then? Is there a player that  Arsene Wenger will truly believe to be ready for the Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League?

Is there one, two or maybe even three players that he can honestly say will be good enough to make the move into the first team?

One thing for sure is, unless its another Cesc, Henry or TV in the making, we don’t need to buy any more young players. If we buy, we need players who have 3/4 seasons left at their peak.

I think there are a fair few from that crop that we will one day be watching play in our first team….

Any stand out for you? Do we actually know enough about them to comment?

I know a few are too young to be considered, but it goes back to that ‘If you’re good enough, you’re old enough’, Shrek is living proof of that!!

Just a little distraction from tommorrows game….

Poor old Cesc is off to the shops! …..

November 17, 2009

You can tell it is International fortnight can’t you, Cesc goes off to join his fellow Spaniards and the gutter press get themselves all excited. They know they can fire silly questions at our captain and Barca players, then add whatever answer they want to the question and then print it, in fact worse than that they ad a few “ “ either side of the rubbish they write!

Today its the turn of Carles Puyol, fellow Spaniard and Barcelona player to add his bit about Cesc.

“Cesc would have his reasons, to go, and would have the same opportunities that he has at Arsenal. The market dictates the value and you pay a lot for players of a high level but if he comes I hope we don’t pay much,” Puyol remarked.

To go where? Where is the question you put to Puyol relating to the answer, after all the reporter could have asked Cesc if he was off to the shops as he had run out of milk, then of course he would have ‘reasons to go’!

Stupid example – yes, but I am sure you get my point, the only time any Barcelona player will see Cesc at the Nou Camp is if we draw them in the semi-final of the Champions League! Simples!

£60 Million is now the amount bantered around to be the value of our captain; Barcelona and Real Madrid are to commence battle in order to sign him… What utter rubbish!

Fabregas said: ‘‘I am ignoring any talk about my future. I live day to day and my dream is to win the Premier League with Arsenal this season.’’

That’s all we need to hear!

Rasp commented yesterday about the bizarre treatment that Robin van Persie is to undergo in order to heal quicker.

‘Crocked Arsenal striker Robin van Persie has resorted to an unorthodox treatment in order to rush him back into action – rubbing placenta fluid into his injured ankle.’

Not a bubble in sight for his ankle, that makes a change, but in all honesty I am sure none of us mind what he tries especially if it heals his injury quicker, and personally the news that our medical staff will not be anywhere near him increases his chance of a quicker return too!! 😉

I read somewhere yesterday about giving thought to Roman Pavlyuchenko, would he be a better option to buy in January? Chamakh will be taking part in the ACON ( I had forgotten that) so we wouldn’t see him at Arsenal until February in any case.

Pavlyuchenko however is used to the EPL, isn’t CL cup tied (of course he isn’t he plays for Spurs!) and I am sure under our manager he would find his shooting boots..

Now that’s one to think about – I think it’s hard to judge him, after all its a bit like watching a striker in a Division 3 side play and wondering if he would be good enough for Arsenal…. 🙂

That’s it for today; the news is mainly filled with human and horse placenta, the mind boggles..

Have a great day folks….

Sagna’s going nowhere ! …………..

November 14, 2009

On a horrible wet and windy morning many fans might be glad that they are staying home this afternoon instead of having to travel to football, so maybe this break has come at the right time for once? No – ok, just trying to cheer up the grumpy ones who are missing their footie fix.

Look on the bright side, England play Brazil, so that could be a good game to watch, alternatively there is the France v ROI play off, first leg – difficult choice? No, the latter for me and I hope Trapp’s boys get one over the French Boss who looks like he is first choice when Thunderbirds is re-created!!

Not only have we had to endure the Cesc rumours, but now it seems the Sagna to Juve have resurfaced. Well, Big Bacary has turned down Real Madrid according to his agent so Juve have no chance. Also, Sagna has made it very clear to the overseas clubs that he is happy and will not leave Arsenal. Good man!

Gilles Sunu is wanted by Blackpool on loan, good move for the lad to I think and he wants to go. Arsene is being shrewd and has told him to sign a contract extension or don’t go on loan. Sunu is definitely one for the future so let’s hope he sorts this out and signs on the dotted line.

Another player who has sorted out his contract extension is Carlos Vela, terms and conditions have been agreed and all that remains is his signature in the right place which is expected to take place after the break. (Young Guns)

Talking of Mexican players, we are soon to sign another wonder kid, Martin Luis Galvan Romo – he is just 16 years old and a little bit good by all accounts. (See Young Guns for the full article)

This morning’s papers suggest that Bayern Munich youngster David Alaba has confessed that his dream is to play for Arsenal. The 17-year-old midfielder is Austria’s youngest-ever international player – who knows eh?

Two weeks to go until we welcome the Russian Empire to our stately home, and I am starting to warm towards certain aspects of their club – well only the one actually, and that is their injury list!

Frank Lampard
Didier Drogba
Jose Bosingwa
Ashley Cole

All of the above are expected to be out for the match against us, I just hope Essien gets a little knock this weekend and Terry! The latter hobbled off from training with England so you never know.

Just as their injury list grows, ours should soon shorten. Theo, Denilson, Vela, Wilshere, Traore and Vela should be back in training this coming week. Nik should be back sooner than expected. He has a new wealthy woman in his life, he will be wanting ‘that’ injury to heal as soon as possible 😳

Finally, poor old Carlo Cudicini – as a Spud and a man, the two worst things that could have happened to him happened. He suffers a car accident having been hit by a female driver. That must have been a bitter pill to swallow, but then to find out she is a Gooner must have been awful!!

Woops, make that three; he broke both his wrists too!! 😉

Have a great day, and cheer on the Irish, for Irish


Its Raining Men…

October 31, 2009

Well it will have to if the big city of London has had the rainfall we have had here in Berkshire!!

The Daily Telegraph, well the Belfast version reports Cesc has signed a pre-contract agreement with Barca! Worried for a second, but then I saw the word ‘Adeybayor’ in the same sentence – you know him, the one who feels he has the right to an opinion about us! Well I soon dismissed it from my mind! I wish he would just mind his own……!!

There are a couple of other snippets around, but today is about the biggest game yet in our season, we HAVE to beat Spurs today otherwise my week and yours will be just dreadful, in fact until we were able to get revenge I would feel dreadful. But it’s not going to happen, we are going to win!

Good old ‘Arry has added his pennies worth to the rubbish that Robbie Keane has spouted this week.
He reckons, not that his opinion is worth anything, that we won’t win the premiership with a team of kids – Arry, this is not a CC game, the kids won’t be on the park! You will see Cesc, Arshavin, Rosicky, Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Van Persie, Eduardo, Song and a few others !

Where are the kids in there ‘Arry? Go and worry about your own team, but thanks for giving our side an extra bit of fuel to fire them up for today’s game, just what the doctored ordered!

Arsene says he has already chosen his goal keeper – “I’ve decided who will start but I won’t tell you,” he said at Friday’s press conference.
The manager also confessed that while Mannone has got the nod recently, Almunia has given him a persistent dilemma.

“I’m always tempted to start with Almunia,” said the Frenchman. “But he was sick for a long time and it takes some time to come back. That says to me that it will be Mannone 😉

The back five kind of picks itself, I don’t think he will play Eboue because of his last game against the spuds and I don’t think he will ‘risk’ Gibbs at left back – I would though personally as Lennon is out.

Sagna Gallas TV Clichy

On to the midfield – as long as the names Eboue and Diaby are not in there, I will be happy. We have so much talent available, start playing them instead of persisting with the two mentioned, please Arsene!!

If he plays 4-3-3 – I hope he plays

Cesc Song Rosicky/Merida

And then the front three

Van Persie Eduardo Arshavin

Or front two in a 4-4-2

Nasri Cesc Song Rosicky/Merida

Van Persie Arshavin

The Spuds are going to play Bentley, he will up for this in a big way, just because it’s us, and because he will soon be sold and will be putting himself on the market for a big club – maybe Bolton or Blackburn, I’m sure fat Sam would have you David! Song needs to put him in his place early!

Arshavin needs to show a bit more interest, if he doesn’t will we have a strong bench and I hope he is substituted early enough for the oncoming player to have a chance to get involved. In fact the same goes for any of our team today.
It’s a Derby and a big one, we fans are ready for this, let’s hope the players are! TV and Gallas need to be on fine form and keep Crouch at bay, he is their big threat in the air but if we as a team stop him being provided with the ball we will win.
If Robbie Keane gets in the penalty area, no dodgy tackles please and no sneezing, he will go down for a penalty at the slightest touch or breeze he feels 😉

So that’s it, just over five hours to go until kick off, it’s live on Sky Sports so that is good news for those of us who can’t go to the game, those who are lucky enough, I hope it’s a fantastic game of football with many a goal scored by us.

I hope we get to see Gomes picking the ball out of his net many many times.

In my heart I am going for a win, maybe even a convincing win too.

But my head tells me….. It will abandoned due to the dreadful weather..

I reckon we will see a few tricks for them to deal with, but a few treats for us fans…. 😛

Have a great day Roadsters, let’s hope today gives us three very big points..

Lucky Thirteen??? – just maybe…….

October 2, 2009

I have a suggestion, let’s forget the pound man; he isn’t worth talking about anymore….

Let’s concentrate on our team, our team that has had a manger at its helm for thirteen years. Not only is he now the longest serving boss we have ever had, but the most successful, so we have an awful lot to be happy about – don’t we?

Whatever happens with Arsene Wenger in the near future, the position are club are in is well set and the future looks pretty rosy with all the talent in the youth and reserves – I won’t be taken in by ‘that link’ I posted yesterday, nor by the author of it so for the next few years we will have exciting times….

Irish mentioned yesterday morning that there was no post to celebrate the reign of Le Boss and I will take a rap on the knuckles for missing that, so today I thought I would post/paste a few of the tributes from his fellow managers and one special player who to this day we all still miss….

First up – Fat Sam

Blackburn boss Sam Allardyce has paid tribute to Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, who he will face on Sunday.

Despite the duo not seeing eye-to-eye, Allardyce has become the latest manager to praise Wenger’s 13-year tenure with the Londoners, claiming the Frenchman ‘found his home’ when he joined the club back in 1996.

“Anybody that can get into double-figures as a manager these days is achieving a huge amount of success for that particular football club, and I think there’s few managers that can stay at a particular football club that long.” the Rovers boss said.

“I think Arsene coming from Japan in the beginning found his home at long last and found that he could be allowed to do what he always wanted to do – and that was run a football club his way.

“I think probably elsewhere, outside England, you’re not allowed to do that.

“But I think in England and particularly at Arsenal as the years have gone by, he’s been allowed almost total control of the development of the whole of the football at Arsenal and both have benefited greatly from that.
“So I’m not surprised he’s the longest-serving manager Arsenal has had.”

Both managers have endured a fractious relationship with each other over the years, originating from Allardyce’s physical tactics during his time at Bolton and the former Newcastle boss admitted they are not one to share a bottle of wine after a game.

Allardyce added of their relationship: “It’s been interesting – I would hope we would have a mutual respect for each other but other than that it goes no further.”

“It’s been a regressive nature in the past on how we have played against them but it’s always been within the rules and laws of the game and because we’ve adopted that side sometimes they get a little upset.
“Until football becomes a non-contact sport like basketball then we play within the rules of the game. We always do that and what that has done has brought us results against Arsenal and that’s why we have been criticised.”

Next is Old Red Nose 😛

“Arsene has brought the best out of Arsenal,” the United manager said. “Since he has gone there, the success of the club has been fantastic. He sticks to what he believes in – and so do his players.
“That is why he has been there so long. I read some quotes from his players the other day that sum up the situation pretty well. They owe everything to him. That is nice to read.”

Red Devils boss for 23 years himself, Ferguson feels Wenger’s success at Arsenal proves his own theory that if clubs stand by their own decisions and give managers time, they will eventually be rewarded.

“If you look at Brian Clough, myself and Arsene, it proves longevity brings rewards,” said Ferguson. “His team play the right way and he has a stadium that is full every week.

“He has been an incredible manager for that football club. There is no question about that.”

And then we have the Mighty TH14 😛 😛

Barcelona star Thierry Henry is not ashamed to admit he would not be the player he is today had it not been for Arsene Wenger, the long-serving Arsenal manager.

Henry explains how his fellow Frenchman took him under his wing and transformed him from a struggling winger into one of the greatest strikers to have ever graced the Premier League.

“Of the trophies I won with Barcelona, winning the Champions League was very special because I had not won it before, but I am happy to admit that if it wasn’t for Arsene Wenger I would not be where I am today,” Henry told Goal.com.

“I will never forget how strongly he believed in my ability and he gave me the confidence to go out and play and do well for myself and make my family proud of me. He has never taken any of the credit and that is how humble he is. But the truth is that I will always be grateful to him for re-teaching me the art of being a striker and making me learn from my mistakes. But I have many people other people who have also helped me, like my father and many others.

“Before I came to Arsenal I was very down but Arsene Wenger was there and he knows how the game should be played and the rest, as they say, is history.

“He only knows how much time he invested in me and many others. I still talk to him and watch Arsenal on TV. I just cannot see Arsenal without Arsene Wenger. I’d love to go back some day.”

When Henry left Arsenal, he was already regarded by many as the club’s greatest ever player:
The Frenchman netted a record 226 goals in 364 appearances for the Gunners, his strike rate ensuring that he topped the Premier League’s scoring charts on four occasions.

He won the Professional Footballers’ Association Player of the Year award twice and the prestigious Football Writers’ Association Footballer of the Year three times.

‘Titi’ was an undisputed idol at Highbury and remains so in the hearts of most who frequent the new Emirates Stadium, despite the whispers of off-field problems that preceded his departure from the club.
Although Henry refuses to go into detail, he does insinuate that the departure of former vice-chairman David Dein played a part in his move to Spain.

However, he is adamant that despite signing for the Catalan giants, he will always have a place for the Arsenal fans in his heart.
“Certain things were not right and with David Dein leaving, I just needed to make sure I did the right ting and not end up in a comfort zone,” Henry said.
“David Dein was also very good to me and he enjoyed a good relationship with Arsene Wenger, and at the time there were also a lot more question marks.

“But I enjoy playing for Barcelona because it is also a great club with a great tradition and great history.
“And although we have won more or less everything here, I do miss the Arsenal fans who appreciated me and supported me through not only the good times but also the bad times.
“They are wonderful people and if anyone of them is reading this article, I would like to say thank you once again for your support for me. You will always be in my heart.”

Henry believes Barcelona are more than capable of retaining the Champions League trophy at the home of arch rivals Real Madrid come May. However, he believes no one in their right mind will dare write off his old club from lifting the trophy in May.
He said: “Winning the Champions League with Barcelona was very special. We have a solid team here and we are very high on confidence.

“No one should say Arsenal or anybody else cannot win the Champions League, because that would be disrespectful and I know how good they are and how good the manager is.

Ok, so it’s a day late, but what are your thoughts on Arsene Wenger, the man, the manager, our leader ????

Come In Number 27 Your Time Is Up!!

February 9, 2009

Well what can be said of Eboue that hasn’t been said. He shouldn’t be seen in an Arsenal shirt again. I tried as did many others at the start of the season to try to like him, but he has gone too far this time. 

                                                                                                 emmanuel-eboue-120x120-en1                                                                                                                          Sorry Arsene this is one experiment that you need to give up on, EE must be sold, it has got to the stage where you are flogging a dead horse, if the referee had of given him that goal yesterday his Arsenal career could have had one last chance, I am now starting to feel sorry for the guy now because of the torture Mr Wenger is putting him through.. Cash in or just let him go!!

Onto yesterdays match.. We was all disappointed because we all wanted to beat them spuds so much, but judging by the lack of text messages from the spuds that I know, they were disappointed more than us, The “homecoming” of there Dipper reject Keane and against 10 men.

The game went as usual the Spuds getting out of the traps first with there wild football, then the class of Arsenal started to tell. We started to create chances. The best of which unbelievably Eboue scored. Then for some reason I have still to be convinced of why the goal was disallowed, Eboue got a pat on the back from the ref and this started the beginning of the end for Eboue.

He talked his way into his first booking, then a kick out on rat face and he was off,  this was just after Ade went off, we now had our no 4 striker on and the chance of seeing Arshavin later on in the game was gone..

We just battled our way through the second half but we needed that extra player.

Almunia…8…. Superb performance today, saved a few decent shots and punched some crosses well clear of his area. His kicking deserves some credit too, far better than the Mad German he replaced.

Sagna……7.5….. Good battling display from him considering it was the player in front of him that got dismissed, done well to get forward as much as he did.

Toure…..6.5… Played okay and with his usual heart but his clearances, and marking need to be tightened up.

Gallas…. 7….   Very solid, he cleared up behind, Clichy when Lennon was giving him a roasting, hardly noticed him really, that’s a compliment.

Clichy…. 6.5…. He is as mad as they come, all heart and running , but Lennon had the better of him on more occasions than normal, luckily Lennon cannot cross a ball.  Looked a bit rough when he walked off, hope he is okay!

Eboue… 1.5.. Sorry mate your Arsenal career is over…

Denilson..6.5… Had his usual battling game, need to put on some weight for a player who is 5′ 11″ get thrown about too easily. He will look better with more quality around him. All good experience though.

Song…. 7.5… Lost the ball on several occasions but heh he isn’t the first player ever to lose the odd ball. Some surprisingly good penetrating passes and shielded the defence very well in the second half.

Narsi….  7.5..   Our brightest attacking spark today, looks better in the middle and I like that little nasty streak he has in him.

RvP…. 6.5.. Not his best game, but he had to work far harder than he would like as he and Bendtner had to drop into midfield area’s when we went down to 10 men.

Adebayor…. 4.. He got a 2 for not getting sent off and the other 2 for going off injured, that was the best thing that he done all game.

Sub.. Bendtner.. 7.. Played pretty well, tries to be a bit of a Georgie Best but he is too tall for that, needs to win more headers and use his height and strength more. but not a bad performance..

Manager.. 5…Mr Wenger obe…  Nearly pulled off a masterstroke with Eboue but it backfired big time.. needs to trust the players like Vela and the like more..

As they say.. Things can only get better and I am sure they will. Bring on Cardiff!!

Some real sad news coming out of Australia this morning. My thoughts are with you guys over there!