St Fabregas on a hiding to nothing!

July 8, 2010

I think it is time to have another look at the Cesc situation.

At the moment, there has been a huge swing in popular opinion against him because of the Barca onslaught on Arsenal and the Arsenal fans through their unethical transfer pursuit .
From his early days at Arsenal Cesc made no bones about wanting to go back to Barcelona one day, partly because of the fact he was discovered and trained by them, from the age of eight; and partly because of his proud Catalan heritage.
I think initially that it was simply a statement by a young, well mannered Cesc being polite and not wanting to upset his family, friends and fellow Catalans, by ensuring them he had not forgotten his roots.

There was also undoubtedly a degree of self-interest in making such a statement, because within the Spanish State, the Catalans are a proud and distinctive race and Fabregas would not have wanted to show any disrespect. After his football career was over, Cesc would have wanted to go back without any rancour, and with his held high, whichever way his career panned out.

Many of us Gooners have been outraged by the arrogant and disgusting public pursuit of Cesc by Barcelona. A Club that financially is pretty near skint. Inevitably, some of this outrage has naturally spilled over on to Cesc.

This has all come at a particularly difficult time for Fabregas, stuck in South Africa with many of the Barca/Catalan players he would not want to offend, even when they were openly calling for him to leave the Gooners and join them at Barca, by publicly telling them to get stuffed. At the very least it would have made playing in the same team for Spain in the World Cup almost impossible if he did, and the uproar from his Catalunyan homeland would have destroyed him in the long run.
Neither would someone with his disposition want to cause unnecessary upset and despair to be caused to the club and fans that he undoubtedly loves.
Caught in the middle, Cesc has managed to upset the Arsenal fans by not telling Barca and its players to Fcuk Off, and by issuing lame statements about “nothing has been decided”. He is probably also pissing off Barca by not answering their siren call and coming out publicly demanding a transfer.
So given the above, what does Cesc really want? What are his drivers, his options, in pursuing the best career path for him as a professional footballer?

The best analogy is to look at a guy who has wonderful girlfriend, loyal, caring, doting and a great cook, who has only two flaws! She boring and she’s not the most attractive of ladies! Then he meets a beautiful woman who is a bit of a floozy, can’t cook and is interested only in having a good time and who attempts to seduce him by convincing him he is the most handsome guy on the planet (not possible, that’s me) and promising him a great love life .

To some footballers, Arsenal is great club, but can seem a bit staid when compared to the Real Madrid’s and Inter Milan’s of the football world, because, while we play great football, we are crap when it comes to winning Premier League or Cup titles.
Barcelona as a club, on the other hand, are amoral, cavalier and very shifty bast*rds BUT they have won trophies for fun over the past few seasons.

Fabregas could forgiven for reflecting, at the end of his professional career, that he missed out on winning Premier League titles, Champions League titles and getting European and World adulation by staying at Arsenal.
The conundrum for Cesc has been made more difficult because the buying policy of the Club he loves, Arsenal, has in recent years been to buy cheap, and make do with mediocre players, inevitably meaning they are unlikely to win anything for the foreseeable future.
In that context I actually feel sorry for Cesc in the choice he has to make. It will all end in tears, either for the ugly girlfriend or the sexy vixen.
What would you do? Stick with the wonderful but not so stunning girl friend and die frustrated, or go with the beautiful girl, have your brains shagged out and die young but happy?

Written by Red Arse


PS – Did anyone see that we signed a player yesterday, Laurent Koscielny – didn’t see that one coming…..


The summer rebuild…A fans perspective..Goalkeeper.

June 4, 2009

After watching the Premier League and Champions League evolve over the past few years its fair to say the role of the goalkeeper has also evolved…

Gone are the days where you judged a good goalkeeper on how mental he was or if he had grave digger hands…due to the speed of todays game and certain rule changes regarding the pass back, which was introduced a few years ago its fair to say that to-days goalie has to be good with the ball at his feet too…

The way we play requires and insists not only on a commanding, agile figure as our number 1, but also on quick , pin point distribution….so we need a cross between Dave Seaman and Cesc Fabregas between our sticks…and I don’t think a player like that is too easy to find….

What we do currently have is two very good goalies in the shape of Almunia and Fabianski…

Almunia has shown alot of loyalty to our club…he came to us when Lehmann was our number one…and Lehmann was our invincible keeper so it wasn’t likely that Almunia was going to dislodge him too quickly..but he bid-ed his time, worked hard in training and has achieved his target…so fair play..

Almunia isn’t too commanding…I’d say his one weakness is his reluctance to come for the high ball..leaving the defence to deal with it…this obviously has lead to certain problems as our defenders aren’t the greatest at heading…also his positioning at certain times is questionable…so its fair to say he isn’t the perfect all round keeper…he’s not what you call a ‘presense’… which alot of successful teams have…

On the other hand Almunia is a great shot stopper with quick reflexes and he is very agile…his distribution is also very good..he doesn’t just hoof it down the pitch..he picks out a free player and finds him….

There’s a certain argument that some Gooners use that Almunia isn’t a good keeper because he’s never played for Spain…hes the wrong side of thirty and he hasn’t gained a single cap…if he was that good he would of been recognised by now..but Spain’s list of quality Goalkeepers is endless and has been for a few years now…they have Casillas, Valdes, Reina all above him in the pecking order so hes not likely to get a look in…

Fabianski is classed as our number 2 keeper at the moment…at 24 he’s still very young for a keeper and has earned rave reviews from several quarters…

Unlike Almunia, Fabianski is a commanding figure in the box..he comes for everything…which is what a good keeper does…it eases the defences nerves and gives them more confidence if they know they’ve got someone behind them who will deal with the high ball…Fabianskis problem is that he isn’t mature enough yet to judge what balls he will win or lose when he does come…like what happened in the ill fated game against Chelsea when his mistake let Drogba in for an open goal…this decision making will come with experience though I feel so I don’t believe it will still be a problem as he gets older…

He is also, like Almunia a good shot stopper, and his distribution is also quite good…he looks for the early ball abit too much though…once again down to decision making…again I don’t see it as a permanent problem as he gets older…

Between the two of them I feel we have two keepers who are more than average…they both have their disadvantages but they both suit the way we play and they both have safe hands….I don’t feel uncomfortable with either of these two between the sticks, although I’d like to see Fabianski cement a first team place…

World-class keepers do not grow on trees…and if one becomes available it wont be cheap…so I think we should stick with what we’ve got for next season…

Alot of fans believe we missed the boat with Given, including me at the time…but Given was a good keeper in a shit team…still is….any keeper that gets 15 shots a game at him season after season is going to look good…I don’t think Given, although a good keeper, is any better than what we’ve got in Almunia..and what we could have in Fabianski…

What do you guys think???