Sick of Lardy, sick of Davids, sick of trumpets but the French have grown some balls!!

June 20, 2010


Anyone else sick to the teeth of seeing Lardybayor and Edgar Davids on your television screen reporting on the World Cup??

Lardybayor, the player who ran almost as quick as Ussain Bolt just to taunt the fans who once sang his name on our screens is not right, why not get Lee Bowyer as well, they both seem to like inciting violence…

Davids??? If they want a Dutch Pro, why not Bergkamp or Rijkaard, not bloody Davids, or am I just biased as he once played for that side down the road from us??  Most of the other pundits are equally as boring, except Lee Dixon of course 😉

In fact is anyone else out there bored with this whole competition? The football has been very average and has in my view failed to live up to all the hype….

I’m also sick and tired of watching football when all I hear is those bloody horns – it’s deafening and annoying, just like a constant toothache, goodness knows how it must be for the fans at the game who have to hear that din for a couple of hours!!

Seriously, I really hope the football gets a tad more exciting over the next few days/weeks as it’s not a good advert for the beautiful game and next week we’ll be getting four games a day… YAWN!

I chuckled yesterday when I read the latest tale of woe coming from the French Camp, Anelka, despite being quite old now, has once again thrown his toys out of his pram and had a war of words with Mr Thunderbird, Raymond Domenech. Must have been a tasty spat as the sulky one is being sent home on an early flight sometime today. At least Henry might get a game now…. Just one though as I strongly suspect the rest of the French squad will be following Anelka home in the next day or two…

Seriously, I can’t wait for this World Cup to be over and done with. The most important football for me is Arsenal and while this is going on we are all waiting for the next man in. That won’t happen until Wenger gets his arse back in London and starts sorting our team out. The Koleiscy guy looks like a done deal, just the small print to be read one more time, but we all know, he and Chamakh are not enough to get us back in the fight for the right to be crowned Premier League Champions next seasons.

Wenger needs to get home and get on with sorting out the future of the club who pays his wages. Start putting the fans minds at rest!!

Do that Arsene and we may like you again 😉

Get the impression i’m grumpy? I am, and fed up with seeing so-called super star footballers play such rubbish football…. Fed up with not hearing that we have signed a big mother chuffer in defence, a big lump in midfield and a new keeper….


Thomas Vermaelen – Hard Man or Daft Man?? And Spunky says trust Almunia!

February 16, 2010


Thomas Vermaelen has spoken about his injury he picked up against Aston Villa. While we were all living in fear that he had a sustained a fractured leg, he just picked himself up, dusted himself down and went about his business as usual!

What he suffered was bad bruising; an injury which normally requires a period of rest but the hard man has continued to play through the pain.

So is he just made of steel, or are we taking a huge risk by playing him through his injury? What happens if he gets a further knock?

I am no medic, but surely another kick on an already injured leg could end up putting him out for a longer period?

Guess it’s just one of things that time will give us the answer, I know my finger and toes are crossed that he goes through the next few games with great ease and no further damage. We need him to stay fit, we trust him and so does William Gallas!

David Seaman was on Goals on Sunday at the weekend, he still thinks we can win The Premier League – So do we Spunky!

He also believes that Almunia has the ability to remain as the No1 keeper at Arsenal!! He thinks in training he shows great quality, and he has a certain aura about him!!!

Not sure we all agree there Spunky – no matter how good you once were – Almunia is a disaster right now, he is costing us points. Ok, he made an oustanding save against The Dippers but how many times this season have we seen him fail?

Too many to count sadly.

Bit of reserve team stuff

Young Dutchman and midfielder Nacer Barazite is finally over his injury problems. His first game back a few days ago was a perfect one for him. He scored the only goal in a 1-0 away win at Stoke.

Last night he was back in action again for the reserves in an away fixture at Chelsea.

Here is the Arsenal team:

Shea, Coquelin, Ayling (c), Miguel, Evina, Barazite, Henderson, Frimpong, Sunu, Emmanuel-Thomas, Freeman

SUBS: Dunn, Ozyakup, Deacon, Byles.

The one to watch for was Luke Freeman, the young striker who has just been added to the first team’s Champions League squad, probably to the surprise of many.

I didn’t watch the game, but the lads won 2-1 and went top of the league table, goal scorers were Luke Freeman and Giles Sunu.

Interesting that Craig Eastmond wasn’t playing which may suggest he is in the squad for the trip to Portugal.

Talking of which, today we should find out whether or not Alex Song will be fit enough to face Porto.

My fingers and toes are crossed, we know he’s not perfect, but he ain’t half bad is he?

What we do know is Audrey Arshavin is out through injury but Eduardo is back ready for action

Finally, some very good news for all those lucky enough to go to The Emirates week in week out, Arsenal have announced that they will be freezing prices for both season tickets and matchday tickets during the 2010/11 season – will clarify the costs in the near future.

That’s about it folks, but tomorrow is a footie day and that’s good news….

Have a good day all…

Two ‘new’ signings in – just maybe….

January 11, 2010

Ok, we just dropped two points at home against Everton, a team we thought, or rather I thought we would put to bed early on in the game, a team who hasn’t been firing on all cylinders this season but recently have a bit of change in fortune.

Saturday wasn’t a change in fortune for them; maybe they were even robbed of three points, certainly David Moyes thinks they were!

A couple of seasons ago, maybe even last season we would have lost that kind of a game, we wouldn’t have fought to the bitter end the way we did on Saturday, we would have skulked off, heads down and wonder where it all went wrong.

Then we would have heard the usual comments about how we were not mentally strong, maybe a little be short, even maybe tired, but we kept our heads up and right until the final whistle we could have even stolen a win.

Even the boss came out after the game and said we were lucky to get a point, well shiver me old timbers, haven’t heard him say that before 😉

Mind you, he couldn’t blame the weather could he, he been saying the games have been called off a bit to quickly around the country! I digress…

Saturday was more about picking up a point when a loss was on the cards, thanks Tomas! It was also more about the morale of the team after grabbing the point. Imagine how out team must have felt in the dressing room after the game, imagine how Arsene Wenger would have praised them for fighting until the end – and finally, just imagine what a difference that draw could make to the minds of all those players rather than having trudged off with nothing!!

Think back to when Everton scored to go 2-1 up, how many of you were desperate for a draw?? I was!

We weren’t good, we weren’t organised and considering we were playing at home, I thought at times we were shocking – but we got a point, a point that may just turn out to be a very valuable one!

The Mancs drew, and the Chavs will still drop points so we are ok, but what we can’t afford to do is play like we did against Everton again, especially not at home.

Moving on, the players from Togo are home, and I don’t blame them. If I was there, regardless of which country I played for, I too would be on the first flight out of there. One thing you don’t dice with, and that’s life!

Other Premiership managers are calling for their players to leave the completion and return home, but Arsene Wenger says he won’t be recalling Song and Eboue!!

Why Arsene? Just pick up the phone, get them home and then tell us their return will be like having two new January signings…

All I hope that if certain players/counties start to withdraw then the authorities call the whole tournament off, I would hate to think Eboue and Song would be sat out there on their own. Seriously, I think it should be one out, all out!

But while the competition carries on The Chavs have no Essien and Drogba and that is the reason I think we are still in with a bloody good chance for the Premiership. Drogba is their goal machine and Essien is brick in the midfield wall – a bit like our Song, but not as good 😉

There are a few teams out there who on their day can nick points off of any side, so there’s a long way to go before any big lady starts singing..

But for us to make our own lives a little easier I still think the boss needs to dip into the transfer market – ideally three players, but two would be a good start.

I don’t care if they are just loans until the end of the season, just as long as they are not drawing a pension, not still in nappies and are not already injured.

Denilson is now out so who is going to play in the ‘Song’ role – Stephen Appiah even sounds a good signing right now – ok, I am joking but wouldn’t you like to see a fit healthy Appiah kind of a player signed????
Our forwards still can’t score, there are plenty of darn good strikers out there for sale, even Torres at the right price is up for grabs according to Rafa – so is Stevie ‘Meeee’ Gerrard –We all want cover for TV and Gallas, I think we are all pretty convinced Sol will be the one, oh dear!

So, on Day 11 of the transfer window, in a week where we don’t play until Sunday, Arsene, this is a good time to sort what us fans all want to see…. Go on, you know you want to and Ivan has told us you have a dollar or two!!

There is not a lot of gossip around, other that Big Phil is not going anywhere, according to Arsene Wenger.
The boss has also had a word with Denilson “I said to Denilson afterwards, ‘if that happens you have to commit a handball.’ I’m very serious,” he said.

“If you go down, and there hasn’t been a foul, you cannot ask Everton to stop their counter-attack and not to score
“So, if you go down like that, at least put your hand on the ball and it’s a free-kick.”

Denilson has said he doesn’t know what happened but he should be back for Sunday!

Little bit of news to add, Arsene Wenger has told the players that they decide his future, play well and he is here for life… They have the next 18 months to convince him!!

That’s it folks, enjoy another day in the snow!

Song, Song, Blue ain’t we glad we got one? ……………………..

November 26, 2009

Well I am glad we have Song and glad he is available for the visit of The Blues, well, we all know them as The Chavs, but it made the title look ok 😉 What do you mean, it didn’t????

Over the last few games while Alex Song (now tied down until 2015) was just one yellow card from a one match ban, I just dreaded that he would get booked against Sunderland and miss this weekend’s fixture.

The man has discipline, many ‘bigger’ players who play for other clubs would not have been able to do what he has done. Maybe the tackles he makes just inside our own half are done on purpose and thats why he gets booked!

Maybe he reads the game better than some think, maybe he sees the opposition are gaining an advantage and so he just acts all clumsy and gives away a free kick. That’s how it looks sometimes 😉

Regardless, it usually results in any attack being over, threat gone and we are off again. But when the time came to be careful, he was just that.

Personally, I just think he is under rated, not by me I hasten to add 🙂

Alex Song is just 22 years old, there are kids where I live older than him, but still they behave like 10 year olds… Alex, I am glad you are settled in your life and settled at Arsenal, one day real soon everyone else will see that too.

Ok, he is no Michael Essien yet but after Cesc and Vermaelen, he would always be the next name on my team sheet 😛

Cilla Black has arrived at Stamford Bridge with a new version of Surprise Surprise, yep Fat Frank has suddenly reappeared, fit for the game against us on Sunday! No surprise really, I don’t doubt for one minute all their top players will have suddenly recovered just in time.. I don’t care, let’s beat them with their full squad, that way they have no excuses come 6pm Sunday!

Kerrea Gilbert has been put up for sale according to the Daily Mirror, hope the lad gets himself a good side to play for and gets to actually play regular football, he is only 22 years old and has a bright future ahead of him.

Our reserves took a beating last night at home, well they lost 2-1 to Aston Villa and can you believe Fran Merida got sent off. Maybe he did that on purpose just to remind Arson he is about and wants his contract sorted out. Now he has a game or two out, he will have plenty of time!

Good old Theo Walcott has opened his choppers again, this time though is posistive, he says he is over his injury, his knee feels great and he is sharp. He’s also making it known he wants to play in the central role up top rather than on the wing.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him start there against Chelsea either. That for me is the best place for him; stop him running down the blind alleys on the right! At least through the middle he has only got to run, look up, shoot, GOAL 😛

With all our injuries, the last thing we need is another player who needs surgery. Well, one more will be going under the knife, Armand Traore. Before you start panicking, it won’t be until the end of the season and the surgery is to remove his tattoo’s!!

Good, no offence to any of you out there who have them, but I hate them, they look ugly and I just wish Cesc Fabregas would follow Traore to the treatment room. Oh, and David Beckham, I love him, but I am sure he is to blame for the ‘Tattoo Trend’!

Not a lot else going on, the Chavs won, The Mancs lost and Rafa could get the boot if Everton beat Liverpool at the weekend – now there’s a thought to make you smile!


It takes a big man to admit his mistakes…..

April 13, 2009

Sir Arsene Wenger  OBE  CBE  has had a topsy turvey relationship with the fans this year…with insults being thrown at him branding him with  names ranging from four letter immature tirades such as c**t, which I disagree with, to less insulting,  the more truthful mature analysis of stubborn, which I do agree with…..

Le Prof has made mistakes this season, from sticking with Gallas as captain to playing Song at  right back and Eboue at Left Midfield…..Not replacing Flamini in the summer was seen as one of the biggest mistakes of this season….Yet Lord Wenger has left us all baffled with post match interviews and reluctance to back down over team selections and tactical substitutions…especially at the start of the season…..

The majority of the fans knew the summer was a destabilising one….we lost a major part of our team, almost the entire midfield and the Adebayor saga definitely had a negative effect….Well now in a frank interview Wenger has revealed the mistakes he’s made….

For those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure to read it, here’s the link

This takes a lot of guts….it takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong and for this reason I salute Wenger…the revelations are long overdue..but its honesty nonetheless and its all Ive wanted Wenger to do all season….we all make mistakes, we are all human and none of us are perfect….

There’s something about this interview that excites me though….if you stick with me I’d like to explain…..

Its like having an addiction….you don’t see anything wrong with what you are doing and when people around you try to help you reject the advice  because you know best and you cant see the problems….admitting you have a problem is the first step to putting it right….. Is Wengers admittance to this seasons problems the 1st step to putting it right this summer???? I hope so because if we have another summer like last one I don’t think I could cope….

There’s certain parts of the interview that I would like to focus on…..

Firstly i’d like to talk about where Wenger reveals what  I thought about Adebayor in the summer… Wenger comments on the  Adebayor business, stating : ‘I’m going, I’m staying, I’m going, I’m staying’ was also an important factor. One thing followed another. Earlier this season, our game wasn’t there. Even the people who love Arsenal were saying: “This is a disaster.”

Are you listening Ade????  Wenger has finally told Arsenal fans worldwide what you did in the summer helped destabilise his young team and uses it as a key reason to why  our form at the start of the season was dodgy… I hope your proud of yourself and its up to you to put it right…..If we see another one of your pantomimes again I hope you are told to pack your bags you greedy selfish “little” man….I’ve been critical of Adebayor all season and I’ve been given some stick from several quarters for it…..not only do I think Adebayor is an average player….but I also think he’s and utter tosser….How can supporter fully support a player that even in Wengers eyes destabilised the season???? Anyone who fully supports him and players like him are watching Arsenal through rose tinted specs….and I find it patronising when I am told to give him my full support or when I’m told im not a ‘Real’ fan or a’ Johnny Come Lately’ fan for giving my opinions on this usesless selfish self centred lump…..

Secondly….I don’t fully agree that Wenger never expected Flamini to go….I disagree with Wenger here….I am one of those fans who show no hard feelings towards what Flamini did….Flamini was an excellent player for us long before last season….after all he showed his talents by playing at LEFT BACK for the majority of the 2006 CL campaign, which was an impressive one, and he never kicked up a fuss about a new contract…he was totally professional about it  all and how did we reward him?????  We dropped him for the final for an unfit Cashley and then we let his contract run down and try to flog him to Birmingham?????  He was a good squad player for all his years with us and we should of tied him down long term in 2006   cough.. Mr David “Arsenal” Dein ….He didn’t push for a new deal…he didn’t sell himself  like Ade did….he played his arse off and EARNED that move to Milan…

Thirdly….if Wenger thinks that signing superstars will kill his young players then why did he try to sign Alonso in the Summer????  and why did he buy Arshavin in January????  I don’t understand this statement…maybe he’s backtracking too far with that one…..

The interview may be seen as some as bad timing, coming in the middle of a two pronged assault on Champions League and FA Cup glory…but I see it as a mind game masterstroke….to me it says to our players that we’ve been up against it all season, yet the mighty Gunners still charge on…’Wengers Warriors’ have against all odds got themselves into a position to still achieve great heights this season….so lets prove everyone wrong and give both Chelsea and Villarreal a slice of Wengerball pie……’ve got us this far…why not go all the way???