It’s true, its from an inside source………..

June 10, 2010


Which one, Tomato, Horseradish, Daddies, HP, Soy, Tartare…… Which bloomin sauce!!

Seriously,  just how many times are we going to read such a comment over the next month or two?

Yesterday I read Joe Cole had signed for us, then I read he has struck a deal to re-unite with good old ‘Arry and that’s after hearing he was staying at the Chavs having already signed for Old Red Nose….

Oh, I even read we are going to sign Paul Robinson…. Yeah right!!!

All from ‘An inside source’ – it makes me smile…

Looking back over the last 3/4 seasons, in the majority, it’s the same old players being linked with us, reality is though, most of what we read is old news, rumours, in fact all which probably began with an agent trying to get his player more money….

What does it really do for us though to hear and read all this stuff about who we are ‘definitely’ going to sign, etc??

Having read a few comments a couple of days ago , I began to understand what was being said here on Avenell Road.

Most of us read, some of us even want to believe these rumours but it really does smack the signs of desperation. With that I mean, desperate to see get the players signed to really make us better. We are all sick of being rolled over a bit to easy by the Chavs, Mancs and a couple of other clubs.

Some want a massive signing, like Bergkamp, Henry or Overmars, me, I just want players who want to play for Arsenal, players who are proud to wear the shirt and who are prepared to earn their wage and players who have a footballing brain with the ability to send that message from their brain to their feet!! I actually couldn’t care less if Wenger brings in a few freebies either. Players who free allow us to pay a better wage, so I can see the benefits. Also, being free doesn’t mean that the player is over the hill or at the end of his career after all, just look at some of the quality we have let go for nothing..

What we don’t need though, is a  player who’s eyes are elsewhere before they sign for us and is only after a good wage. If they want that then let them go to the Chavs or their Northern equivalent

Having watched us not win a trophy now for five years, I, along with most fans (other than those wearing the rosy specs) are desperate to see us get back to winning ways. Many have said we want the old Arsene Wenger back, the one that bought us quality rather than an odd 15/16/17-year-old player who will be good one day, maybe…

Wenger is, or should I say was, a shrewd old bugger on the transfer front, but over the last few years that shrewdness has changed a tad, so much so, I would say he’s been tight, stupidly tight and even stubborn…

Shrewd got us Campbell back!
Tight got us Silvestre
Stubbornness was playing Silvestre ahead of Senderos….

Dont get me wrong, Senderos is not the best defender we have ever had at Arsenal, but he sure as heck is not the worst. Had anyone asked me the question – ‘who would you pick out of Big Phil or Silvestre’? Every time I would choose Big Phil!

Not now though, he’s gone and I wish him all the best….

To me Silvestre is living proof of how Wenger has played his last few seasons, always looking for a bargain, just to keep the club in a good position. (with the finances I mean)

Right now though, my true belief is that things have to, and will change. The club have said there is money, Wenger has said he will buy, he’s also said he will sort the defence…. Gone has the ‘maybe we will look into the market’ instead we hear ‘I am not afraid to spend’.

That has to be positive, doesn’t it??

So for me, no more reading/believing ‘My inside information tells me this or that’ – What I’m going to do is give this boss of ours a chance, we are now in the best position we have been for a while, the debt reduced, the banks love us and its time to spend…

I still don’t expect a £40M signing, that doesn’t bother me one bit. More importantly, I just hope we don’t see Wenger go and get a 32/33yr old player who really is over the hill. There is a long long time to go in this transfer window and as our naughty regular here says – there are plenty of players out there who aren’t involved in the World Cup, so their price won’t get inflated..

I’m starting to convince myself that we will all get what we want, maybe not the players some hope for, but we will get the strength and depth that we need to get our mighty club back to winning things….

Oh, and please, no talk of us signing Ballack on a free……! 😉


Time for the little squirt to fulfill his dream, Gary Neville is spot on….

June 7, 2010

All of course in my opinion, I’m allowed one 😉

Barca now want Clichy according to reports this morning. Well we’ve heard that before so it could be old news. If its true though, I actually think we would cope. Yes he’s improved a whole lot as last season went on but we have Gibbs and Traore behind him, both are quicker and both put a better cross into the box so all would not be lost if Clichy decided to jump ship, or if Wenger decided to push him…

Talking of that bunch of Scum Barcelona, again our little Russian has been speaking about his love for the Spanish club.

Its funny though really, Arshavin hardly set the world alight last season, in fact in many games he just ‘went missing’ like so many big players have done before him. IF Arshavin really wants to play for Barcelona maybe we should just sell him now, whilst Wenger is talking about buying players. Wenger doesn’t do that often so maybe its a good time to take advantage – the only downside of course is that Barca are yet to suggest they would like to poach him from us. I doubt very much they will either!

He say’s he’s ‘satisfied’ at Arsenal – not very convincing is it!!

We have supposedly upped our offer for Laurent Koscielny to £8M according to The Sun and Lorient have until Thurday to make a decision – £8M was the rough price the players club asked for him in the first place, so it looks like we could see another signing confirmed this week.

Wenger is suggested to be off to South Africa on Thursday, so I won’t be surprised if we see a bit of action in the next couple of days. Hopefully most will be good news, but maybe the bad news will come this week too 😦

Talking of the World Cup, the Theo Walcott debate continues. Today it’s Gary Neville’s turn to give his opinion and I think he’s right…

Neville, 35, said: “I did think Walcott would be chosen because he is a goal threat from out wide and he’s explosive.

“Theo potentially has more goals in him than Wright-Phillips and Lennon.

“He has played centre-forward in the past so it would’ve been another option in that position.”

In his day Neville was a top defender (did I just write that 🙂 ) He must know what its like to have England’s equivalent of Usain Bolt racing past him. I still think Capello has missed a trick, but at least we get a fit player next season. The way the players are limping out of the tournament, maybe its a good thing Theo hasn’t travelled..

Few little snippets, Nicklas Bendtner is doing battle with a groin injury which could jeopardise his World Cup, Fulham hope to nab Senderos on a freebie during this summer and Deportivo are thinking about putting ‘an offer in’ for Carlos Vela.

The big man from Russia has bought some more shares I read, that’s all beyond me a bit, but I guess if he or Stan buy Lady Nina’s shares we will have a new owner – I’m sure someone will explain it later

That’s it for today, have a good one….

Everybody knocks the “Sendersaur”

August 25, 2009

What the hell has gone wrong with Phillipe Senderos?.. Once he was going to be a future Arsenal captain, the next Tony Adams. Now no one wants to entertain the man.
I like the guy, he is a very good defender he just lacks a bit of pace. But so does John Terry. So why is John Terry so good and Phillipe Senderos so bad? I would say Phillipe is an unfortunate victim of Wengerball, We need Centre Halves who can recover quickly, they need to not only cover their own position they also have to cover the full back who has gone charging down the wing and are struggling to get back. Where as Chelsea just sit back and counter attack, not as pretty as us but very efficient.
So Senderos has been turned and cannot recover mainly by Drogba.. Once this has happened a few times, Phillipe’s confidence has dropped and he is a sensitive chap, so he will suffer from that more than most.

Back in 2005/06 Phillipe was a part of the back 4 that has the record for games without conceding a goal, so there may be a solution.

Keep him. With this new system that we are deploying with a holding midfielder, that keeps our defensive numbers up when the full backs are attacking, play him next to Gallas against the smaller teams who are an aerial threat to us we could even play Vera Lynn as a left back.. Gallas to his right, Vermaelen to his left, build up his confidence again.

I would have given this a go in pre season if I was Arsene, the worst that could have happened is it would have put him in the shop window so the likes of Everton would have had more confidence in buying him as their system would suit our dinosaur more.

No other team in the Premiership has a better set of centre halves than us. Gallas, Vermaelen, Djourou and Senderos.. Can Chelsea or Man U boast a better four than that?

Just don’t play him against Chelsea..

As I was editing this I noticed London was doing one too.. I am going to post this anyway because it was a pure coincidence and I am interested if London has similar points.. so go ahead and post yours too London no problem mate..

Please read the previous post too.

SenderBramble to be the next to leave/Traore to be put in the shop window/Flamini unhappy/Robin loves us!

July 12, 2009

In whats been a slow news week there has been a flood of stories surrounding our club over the weekend.

Big Phil, Swiss Tony or Senderlump, whatever you want to call him has now become a target for Steve Bruce’s Sunderland. Senderslug has never really made the CB spot his own in his time at Arsenal and Wenger’s decision to let him leave to join Milan on loan with a view to make the deal permanent,  gave the impression Sir Arsene didn’t really see a future for him at the Emirates. But has that decision now changed? The fact that the Sendersaurous is still with us and the fact that we will lose 3 defenders for the frustratingly inconvienient ACN, suggests to me Wenger wont let Senderslow leave. Not this year anyway.

A player he may let leave on the other hand is our young, French explosive Fullback/Left Winger, Armand Traore. Birmingham has reportedly looked into the possibility of signing Traore on loan for next season. Troare his highly regarded at the Emirates, but with left backs at the club seemingly to be growing on trees recently, its hard to see how he fits in. With Clichy, Gibbs and now Thomas “The Verminator” Vera Lynne at the club, young Armand looks like he wont see the LB position his own for the entire duration of his career. Especially given the ages of Clichy and Gibbs,  Traore could be waiting for the next 10 years. So that leaves the LW position. Yet Wenger doesn’t do out and out wingers. Wenger likes that position to be filled by mobile, attacking, creative midfielders. With Rosicky, AK47, Nasri, Jacky, Merida, Vela, and Walcott all fighting for those positions where does that leave Troare. Plus, lets not forget what happened the last time Wenger tried to turn a decent Full Back into a winger???

I beleive Wenger is putting Traore in the shop window by repeatedly sending him out on loan. The youth academy is set up not only to provide us with our own talent who play the Arsenal way from a young age, but its also designed to make the club a profit.

Arsenal have much talent ranging from the 1st team all the way down towards the under 16’s. Yet the age difference between all the squads is less than 4 years in some positions. They all wont make it. They all cant make the spot their own. So what do we do? We pick the best ones, the cream of the crop and we sell the others on for profit. It’s the perfect business model and its what the system was designed to do.

Troare will have a few seasons on loan to gain experience obviously, but if he cant break his way into the 1st team, he will be sold. He’s in the shop window.

Fromer Arsenal dynamo Matty Flamini has reportedly spoke of his unhappiness at Milan. Flamini was on the bench for long spells last season and when was called upon, spent much of his time playing FB. He doesnt want to be in the same situation this season.  He’s on record as saying:

“I don’t want to play as a full-back, I am a midfielder. This year Milan will be strong in defence.”

We all know that Flamini misses us, and we miss Flamini. So maybe, just maybe, there’s a huge opportunity here for us to take him back.

Our very own chocolate-legged Boy Wonder has finally spoken about his decision to stay with Arsenal after a long and much protracted contract saga. According to some sections of the media, Robin turned down the chance to join clubs such as Juventus, Inter Milan, Chelsea and Man Shitty City. Turning down offers well over 100k a week to stay with us. Robin talked about his decision to stay with us and turn down the chance of more money.

“I made a list. I wrote on one side what I had. And I wrote down what was lacking. At Arsenal, Arsene Wenger values my contribution to the team, my fellow players show the same appreciation and everyone who works in the club is wonderful and so warm to me. Apart from all that I have a great connection with the supporters. I find it fascinating how they show their love for me as a player. My heart says that I cannot play in the shirt of another club for the next four years. Money has never been an issue in my career. When I signed my first contract at Arsenal, I was not on big money at all. Now the club have shown their appreciation. But it is not the money-side why I signed a new deal. All I want to feel is a bit of respect and a good relationship with everyone at the club. And that’s what I have here.”

Well played Robin. There is no doubt you are talented and you still have a long way to go , but I for one will support you in the hope you achieve your dream of the best player in the world. In a day in age where football is all about the money and loyalty is hard to come by, you have proved to me that you are Arsenal through and through. Unlike your dozy, lazy, greedy ,big mouth, whore, strike partner.

Have a good day Ave’s and Avette’s. Fingers crossed for some important announcements.