Billy no mates! Is Wenger as good as we think he is…?

May 16, 2010


Or should that be Is Wenger as good as he thinks he is??

Couldn’t believe it yesterday when I read about Samir Nasri admitting he was one of five players at Arsenal who choose not to speak to William Gallas. Can anyone name the other four?

I thought that it was just a rift between Kolo Toure and William Gallas that lead to the sale of Toure, didn’t realise that there was more to it within the camp.

How this is allowed to happen,  why hasn’t Arsene Wenger  ploughed in there, thrown a hair drier around and sorted out this ‘off field’ problem. Sure as heck Old Red Nose would have done as I’m sure Jose Moanrinho would have.

Does it show that Wenger’s man-management skills are lacking somewhat? Is the off field problem causing us to be fragmented in what should be a common approach towards games? Has this rift had anything to do with some of our performances?

Could this  be the real reason that William Gallas has, so it seems, decided to turn his back on Arsene Wenger and Arsenal?

Questions, questions, does anyone know the answers though…..

Talking of turning backs on Arsenal, if you believe the red tops this morning, its ‘Now or Never’ for Cesc Fabregas, Barca have said he either joins them in the summer, or don’t bother… If it’s true, I say don’t go now Cesc then you can stay with us forever 🙂

Thats it folks, enjoy the rain if you’re in the UK