Will Gallas walk the same walk as Flamini??

March 12, 2010

We all want Gallas to stay dont we?

Gallas had been having a bit of a tough time in defence, the Brum affair whilst wearing the captain’s armband followed by an outburst to the media, saw the armband removed. I thought he was heading for the exit door. Instead though, he found himself partnered in the Arsenal defence with a chap called Thomas Vermaelen.

Smack bang wallop, Gallas turned back time, rolled up his sleeves and got back to doing what he knows best. That is trusting the player alongside him and getting on with defending.

What a difference, we all saw a strong defender, a player who looked happy, a player that was back to his best…
I worry a bit though, Gallas is out of contract in the summer, Roma and PSG both want him and we are still to reach an agreement to get him to stay.

Come the summer, if he leaves, we will have Vermaelen and Djourou!! Big Sol and tweetie pie will have gone.
We need the Gallas deal sorted out, and quickly imho!

Wenger is confident Gallas will extend his stay at Emirates Stadium.

This is what he had to say,

“I am not concerned. He is under contract until the 30th of June. We have not found an agreement yet. I meet his agents again next Thursday and we will try to find a solution,” said the Arsenal manager.
“I would like to keep all that secret. I feel I have to respect both parties and not to come out about the details of negotiations.”
Wenger added on Roma’s interest: “I do not know if he has spoken to Roma, but he is out of contract and can talk to whom he wants.
“William is speaking to us and our desire is to keep him here.
“I think he wants to stay here.”

Sadly, those words don’t fill me with confidence.

Arsene Wenger said almost identical during the spring a couple of years ago about Flamini, in fact right up to the point before Sky Sports showed us all a picture of the money grabbing git in Milan having signed for AC…

Learn from that Arsene, if you want to keep William Gallas, don’t cut corners, don’t offer him less; just do whatever it takes to keep him, within reason of course 😉

Don’t let another great player walk away from our club – we need him!

One man who is not off to Roma is Eboue – both he and his agent have said he is happy at Arsenal and any rumours about his exit are poppy cock! See, thats the way to sort silly rumours out! I have to admit, I’m quite glad about that, Eboue has really started to grow on me. Just keep the diving for the RADA Emmanuel!!

Another who has also confirmed he is not departing, well not to Real Madrid this summer is Arsene Wenger, he has told the clubs official site that he has no intention of going to Spain, or anywhere as he has a contract with us until 2011!

Couple of tit bits, old Shagger Seamen got another quickie yesterday; this one though was in the divorce courts. Third time lucky David, when will he learn?

Sadly the ladies lost the first leg of their Champions League tie 2-1 against Duisburg, the second leg is on Sunday; let’s hope that they to get a 5-0 home win, just like the boys… I reckon they will!

Tomorrow is footie day again and we are off to Hull…… Bring em on I say