The Dane did Great!

March 10, 2010

The media wasn’t convinced and readied themselves for a caning, the fans were a little apprehensive, there was no Cesc, we had never turned a first leg defeat around since General Custer lost at Little Big Horn, the pressure was building.

Oh dear what a let down for the Arsenal knockers, we cruised it. As I write this I am setting my alarm for 6 in the morning so I can listen to Brazil to eat some.

This was a performance that will put fear into other clubs around Europe, a performance that will make the fans and the players believe. It could pull us through to an amazing double.

The line up looked as good as Arsene could have got it, no Theo and no Denilson. Song was the anchor, Nasri, Diaby, Rosicky and Arshavin all had to be a little bit of Cesc and it worked, we were creative and solid and we got the early breakthrough from a break in which AA ran straight into the heart of the Porto defence, after a clash of a Porto defender and the goalkeeper the ball broke to Bendtner who got one of his outstretched legs on it to poke it away.

The script was set, you just knew a hat trick was on, on, on.

Goal two came from the same source, AA the provider, he twisted and rolled a ball across the six yard line for Nikki to poke in his second.

We were well on top but we needed an extra goal. The second was more like a half because of the away goal rule.

Porto made a HT change and from the off they looked much better, or we took our foot of the gas as usual, they started to create, the closest they came to a goal the MOTM Nasri cleared off the line from a corner.

We were under the cosh, but the pressure valve was released when Super Samir Nasri burst into the box with a run where you thought this just can’t end in a goal, it’s too good, but somehow it did and it will go into one of the best Arsenal goals of all time alongside DB10’s and that other bloke who took our money and run.

Soon after another Porto corner came in and we cleared to AA on the left and he showed the world why we paid so much for him (and the Spuds) he ran directly  into Poto’s half and passed to the only man who kept up with him, Eboue?? (who replaced Rosicky) Only for Emmanuel to drill home a left footed shot. The story was beginning to sound more like a fairy tale now.

Eboue’s confidence had now reached a higher level and as he burst into the box his leg was er caught and we had a penalty, there was always only going to be one taker, yep Super Nik. And after some delaying tactics by the ref it was buried into the bottom right corner out of the keepers reach.

5-0.. nice..

After the game the pundits made up of failed managers were chatting and Souness said “ I don’t know why Arsenal don’t get more penalties” I could see Big Tone starting to laugh, I could just see him rolling around on the floor crying and shouting “after what your mob did to Eduardo”

What a night and it is great to see some so-called experts chew on a bit of humble for at least a night. IF AC beat the Man Urinaters tonight it will be a great week in Europe.

Almunia. 7.5 Did what he had to do and did it well, I caught his pre match interview on Sky and have to agree with Big Tone, what a nice bloke. It’s no wonder Lehmann didn’t like him.

Sagna. 7 Strong in defence, not so offensive last night, but he never needed to be, the force was coming from the left.

Sol. 8. This man is going to prove Arsene and his madness right and the doubters wrong. He is so strong and gaining pace and fitness in every game before our very eyes. I can only hope that he talks to any player that feels they can do better than being at the Arsenal and sobs his heart out with the old ‘Our Tune’  jingle playing in the background.

Tommy Vermaelen. 8.5 Outstanding, he really is the real deal. Hangerland who? Kompany? Upson.. nah,

Clichy. 8. Needs drug testing after every game, he’s like Iggy Pop without the microphone.

Song.8 Great performance, He could have been needed as the main man, but Porto were disappointing so he could show some flair coming forwards as well as his defensive duties.

Diaby.8. He is starting to look the real deal at last, whether that is because of the inferior opposition or his improvement I am not so sure, but nice!

Nasri.9.5. A super performance from a player who is still developing (athough Theo has cornered the developing market) only one year older than Theo andplaying in a different country,

Rosicky 8. Put in a great shift for the team, He is going to be one of the main men in the run in.

Arshavin 8.5. Direct, the creator extraordinaire. Was it four assists?

Nikki Bendtner. 9.5. I’d much rather have Kevin Davies as our main striker, eh Durham.. lol.

Sub Eboue 8..  Scored a great goal, good and solid, squad depth is the answer to our title run in.

sub Theo.. 7 bit of a cameo apperance but you can tell his confidence was high.

Have a great day Roadsters and enjoy..


One man team, to hell we are……

March 9, 2010

So many in the media say that we are a one man team, we are all about Cesc Fabregas and they even suggest that without him we have little threat. Didn’t they say the same when we had Thierry Henry in our side?

Utter bollox I say – we have a squad with players who can change a game. We have a manager who has got us playing wonderful football. Tonight that manager has to pick the best eleven and use the substitues at the right time if needed.

Porto are in the city for the second leg of the Champions League knock-out game, they have a slender 2-1 lead but we have a very important away goal. I’m not even going to talk about their players, let’s talk about us, The Arsenal!

So we don’t have our little Captain Marvel, Cesc Fabregas tonight and yes, that is dreadfully disappointing!

Reality is though, we are fortunate to have players that can cover his position; we have Rosicky, Nasri, Diaby and even Fran Merida.

Whoever steps into the gap left by Cesc must be thrilled and honoured, it’s a big pair of boots to fill, but I think they will be filled….
My bet is Nasri, he had a great game on Saturday, maybe one of his best, the dink over the top of the Burnley defence for Cesc to score
was just perfect.

Nikki had a dreadful game on Saturday, he couldn’t hit a barn door but we won and it mattered not in the end. I watched his face after he was substituted, he shrugged his shoulders and smiled, as if to say ‘I haven’t a F****** clue how I missed those chances either’. His smile was from a player who was seems happy, knowing full well the next game he will make amends. (That’s my take anyway)

So Nikki, tonight is the next game, tonight you need to select the right pair of boots, you know the ones – not the pink ones or the yellow ones, wear the ones that score goals, the goals they will see us through to the quarter final of the Champions League.
Add to Nikki’s goals, we have a confident looking Theo Walcott, we have a man who loves to score from nothing in Arshavin, and a tall long legged lad called Diaby who can also score from nothing. We have goals in us, we just need to take our chances.

In the defence we have Big Sol, a man eager to win another medal with us, to make amends for the school boy error in the first leg – trust me, he will be up for this game, he is a fighter and a winner!
In goal we have Captain Almunia, he has a point to prove, he will want to show Arsene Wenger why he should have played in the first leg!

All in all, we have a squad who are together, one that that wants to win silverware, wants to do something a little extra for Aaron Ramsey.
A squad who wants to win for their missing Captain Marvel – Do that, and maybe we will prove to a few doubters that we are not a one man team….

Right now my heart is fighting my head over the result – just hope my heart wins….

This is what tonight is about, this is the cup we all want us to win.

A nervy few hours to go, but we can do it…. We will beat Porto and we will prove that Arsenal have never been and will never will be a one man team!!

Running Scared – So they bloomin should be…..

March 5, 2010

Tomorrow we welcome Burnley to The Emirates, the Mancs face Wolves away and the Chavs are at home to Stoke City in the FA Cup.. We know Stoke can give any team a hard time in more ways than one and as much as it pains me to say this, but I will be cheering them on against Chelsea on Sunday –

OOps, I have just been advised this is a cup match for the chavs, all the better I say, we can put more pressure on them with a win!!

I can’t stand John ‘Thomas’ Terry and his bunch, I have little time for Stoke – but out of the two I would rather the Chavs win nothing, so a Stoke win would be good!

As for Wolves, old Mickey boy will play his strongest side against the Mancs, he can’t afford another hefty fine like he had when he fielded a very under strength side the last time they met. When that game was played I could understand why he did it. He didn’t think they would win and Wolves had a relegation battle a few days after that game but like ave said here, if it gets close at the end, will you feel the same?

It is close and no I don’t ave, I wish Wolves had played a full strength side and nicked a point!! This time around though, Wolves are at home and live on television; I hope they play up for the camera and stuff Sir Red Nose’s side.

Drop points Mancs and Chavs and trust me it will be at your peril, you both have a crap run in and we have a much favourable one – apart from Tottingham away, all are games are winnable.

That’s why Old Red Nose and Ancelotti are worried, that’s why they are again talking to the media, saying that no-one should write Arsenal off!!

It’s all a game, mind games and trivia yet again by the managers who truly believe we are in the best shout for the title since the ‘Birmingham Affair’. They are scared, rightly so too and we need to make sure we stay focused and not choke at this stage. We are so so close, let’s just concentrate on us, let’s just win all our games, sit back and watch the others drop points and then we can sneak in when it counts.

The next few days are massive for us, massive! Win two games in four days and we are still grinning from ear to ear, lose either and the challenge for ‘that’ trophy is over. It’s do or die time for the team as far as this season goes.

I honestly can’t see us dropping one point on Saturday let alone three – in fact I would stick my neck out so far to say this is going to be a high scoring game. I don’t however, see Burnley contributing to that high score one bit, other than being on the end of it!!

Not only does the team/squad need to believe it, so do the fans. Against Burnley, those who are lucky enough to be there need to sing loud, support every player vocally. Get behind the team we all love and help them to achieve what we all want them to!

This time Tuesday night, we could be two points off the top of the league and in the quarter-finals of the Champions League – How great would that be?

Come on Cesc, you can and will be the next Arsenal captain to lift this trophy.

Have a good day all….

Individual errors prove costly..again!!!

February 18, 2010

I’m not normally one to hide behind excuses when the lads get beat. To be honest I find them all incredibly boring. Every year we hear the same things such as our injuries hampered us, we’ve got no money, the media are against us and the referees are anti arsenal. After so long I lose interest in debating with these people because that’s what footballs about. You are going to get injuries but you have to build a squad to be able to cope with them. You may have no money but you have to work with the resources you have. The media have always been the same and will say anything to sell a story or attract ratings, only the very feeble minded will listen to washouts like Redknapp, Hansen and co (who themselves were never good enough to make managers) and believe everything they say. Then of corse you’ll always get the odd ref who acts like a total spaz. No matter what it may be, excuses are for losers. It’s a way of hiding behind your deficiencies and pointing the finger at someone else always appears to be the best option, but it doesn’t help. Excuses just lead to that smug attitude and complacency and it doesn’t solve the problems at hand. I find a bit of constructive criticism better. Sod the excuses. Like I said it’s for losers and quitters. Winners tackle the problem head on and evaluate where THEY went wrong and pull all the stops to fix it.

I could adopt the latter attitude to last nights game but i wont. Why?? Because it’s probably one of the biggest acts of football corruption I’ve ever witnessed in recent times. Quite simply we were robbed. This is not an excuse, it’s a fact..

Ok. I’ll admit that some of our players didn’t turn up last night but neither did the ref. We still controlled large parts of the game and we deserved to take at least a draw..

I found the first half very entertaining. Both sides going after each other from the off with Big Sol rolling back the years with some super tackles and a nice little goal..

Fabianski’s mistake to concede an early opener for the home side was very school boy and the second goal we conceded was just a comical farce, can’t really totally put blame on him for that. All I’ll say is next time that happens kick it. Don’t take the risk, if in doubt give it a clout.

What is it about our lads and own goals recently?? Why don’t we have a keeper who has safe hands and not butterfingers?? Maybe it’s a problem for Wenger to address in the summer, but for now we are stuck with what we’ve got. There’s an old saying in football that a good keeper will win you matches. Our keepers gift the opposition goals at ease at the minute and its very concerning. How can we expect to win medals when our top 2 choice keepers look barely capable of tying their own shoelaces?? These individual errors need to be cut out, or at least cut down. Every player makes mistakes but our players are making massive ones in crucial games and they are all leading to goals.It’s got to be said it’s not a sign of a team challenging for silverware..

I know this is a bit different from a match report, but seeing as though the ref thought everyone was there to watch him I’d really like to concentrate on his contribution and give him a rating. Wouldn’t want to steal the limelight from the players now would we???

1..Cesc was getting hammered left right and centre. It was obvious to most neutrals that after a bright start by Porto, they had become tired from matching us blow for blow by the end of the first half, so proceeded to what can only be called assault our star man. Constant foul after foul, the majority from behind and from one man in particular, Fernando. I counted at least 5 times he hacked down Cesc so why did the ref only give him a yellow in the last ten minutes when Diaby got carded for his first clumsy tackle in the first half???

2..How the hell did the ref not see the foul on Rosicky in the box? Every man and his dog saw it was a pen. You didn’t need a replay to make sure it was it was stone wall. Stevie wonder would have seen it but I guess after ‘Eduardogate’ we are never going to get another penalty again..

3..Within 30 seconds of the penalty that was, that wasn’t, but really was and would have been if it was any other team but Arsenal, Porto hit a long ball that brushed of Big Sol’s toenail and Fabianski picked up. Now even on the replay you couldn’t really make out if it had even hit Sol, nevermind him intentionally passing it back, because thats what I thought a pass back was – intentionally passing it back to your keeper. So how the hell the ref could see it touched Sol from 30 yards behind the play and he couldn’t see the Rosicky penalty I’ll never know. Not ending matters there, the ref demanded the ball off Fabianski and gave it to the cheating Porto player and before anyone knew it the ball was in the net. The ref wasn’t even looking at the play, how can he allow it if he aint looking? Not only that but he was interfering with play by blocking Sol and it was supposed to be an indirect freekick. You might as well have given them a fucking penalty into an open net you prick…

Martin Hannson..10..Well done son, wonderful display. Man of the match and as Rico would say- you were the ‘knob of the night’ and you ruined what started off being a decent spectacle of football, you corrupt tosser.

Anyway I think we’ll still win this tie. We’ve got a good record against Porto at home and we’ve got that crucial away goal. With the return of a few walking wounded and with the absence of Porto’s star play (Hannson) we should knock 3 or 4 past them with ease…

Oh and by the way. What did anyone think of Cesc’s comments after the match?? Frustrated or frustrated with how things are going at Arsenal???

Hulk? Nah, he’s just another ‘Beast’………………

February 15, 2010


Hoorah, The Champions League is back this week and you don’t need me to tell you we are off to sunny Portugal to face Porto.

Porto, once managed by the old git Jose Moanrinho and once winners of this competition having got one over Old Red Nose on the way, but Porto aren’t going to have the same joy against this English side.

Porto have The Hulk, whether or not he plays though remains to be seen but so what if he does. Is he really that good?

09/10 App Goals
League 12 2
Cup 2 0
L-Cup 1 0
CL 6 3

Total 21 5

Is that the statics of a great striker?

No it’s not, but they do suggest he is better in Europe than his is in the Domestic League, but one man doesn’t make a team does he? Well, not unless his name is either Cesc Fabregas or Thierry Henry 😉

Talking Arsenal here of course, not any other club…

He reminds me a bit of Julio Baptista – he is fondly known as The Beast. He adopted his nickname whilst playing for Sevilla and to be fair, he probably deserved it then. He played 62 games for them and scored 39 goals, not bad for a midfielder.

But then he went to Real Madrid, got loaned to us and then back to Real Madrid and during all that period he scored just 14 goals.

Not what you would expect from a player know as ‘The Beast’

My point is, let’s not all be fooled by such extravagant names given to footballers, they mean nothing, and I don’t believe that the Hulk is as good as some suggest.

He could be though if he played in a team like ours……

In any case, I think we can fully expect Thomas Vermaelen and William Gallas to keep the big fella out

Another Porto player who is out to gun us down is Alves. No, not the Alves we would all love to see playing in red and white, this is Bruno Alves, the 28yr old defender who says if they can stop Cesc Fabregas then they can win. Let’s just hope he means ‘stop’ by playing football and not by cheating or hacking him down.

The way I see the game on Wednesday, if we can get by that big 6ft 3inch geezer Helton in goal, we will come away as winners. Obvious I know, but I don’t see an awful lot more in the Porto side to stop us getting something from this away leg.

It won’t be easy, but I think we will be ok.

Thats it on another boring no news day, other than well done to the Ladies who thrashed Doncaster Belles 5-0 in the Womens FA Cup. The win takes them into the semi-final.

Have a great day all…..