England, England’s No1 (import)

March 26, 2009

Not much going on with Arsenal this week, just a case of who will come back and join Rosicky. We have sixteen call up’s is it possible they all come back unwounded?

Peter Shilton  said yesterday that he wouldn’t want Almunia to play for England because we had a tradition of great English goalkeepers and it would be a shame to have to resort to importing one. He also said he was no better than what England have already got. haha You were joking right?  Calamity James or Scott Carson..  England goalkeeping coach Clemence revealed an even stronger anti-Almunia view in October when he said: “I am sure Almunia would be happy to play for England, but he can’t get in the Spain squad, can he?   There are not many spuds I like but I kind of like Paul Walsh  for giving that Scouse (Skegness) tosser a black eye!!

Kelsey came up with this idea last week.. Who is  Arsenals best option in goal?

To me that is not a straight forward question. This season,  next season or long term?

It was highlighted again on Saturday with Almunia’s  blunder that led to a penalty that to be honest, I thought was a little harsh. but if he had of caught the ball clean the ref would not have had to make any decision. . (although Manuel  corrected his mistake this time!!) . Whilst on the subject of Saturday game The sweaty said that Harper had no chance when he was beaten by Nasri at the near post.. When it’s Almunia he should never be beaten that side. (Arsenal and the media again).

Almunia was the man who cut short his honeymoon and got straight on a plane to sign for Arsenal, then was happy to be Mad Jens understudy for 3 years. This doesn’t make him a better keeper but it does show his character and his commitment to us.

If Almunia was to be dropped how would he react now that he has had more than a taste of first team action, also it maybe harder for him to take if the promotion was from within, the apprentice taking over from the master so to speak. If we bought a keeper of the standing of Petr Cech I am sure it would be easier for him to digest.

Lehmann was dropped (cough injured) for making 2 obvious howlers against Fulham and Blackburn and I cannot recollect when Almunia has made any of that standard.

How good is Manuel?  I like him,  but seeing him every week it’s easy to be critical, I have seen Cech and Reina make mistakes every game I have watched them but in less than a quarter of the games I have seen Manuel in.

Now that I have influenced your views, let me have your opinions.

Out of interest here is a poll..

And a big happy birthday to a blogger who’s name starts with a “P” and ends with a  “R”  and has eachesgoone in the centre.. 😉


Eduardo Was Never Injured.

March 24, 2009

I still don’t believe that Eduardo got injured while playing in Rome. I’m convinced he is being protected. If my memory serves me correctly it was around this time that he got injured last season. Clubs fighting against relegation start to get very desperate around now, relentless pressure is piled on managers to do what ever it takes to survive and that pressure, in turn, is piled onto the players. As far as I can make out, the unwritten rule is: if you have to break legs to survive — then break them.


Just take the game on Saturday: Newcastle, whose management team is made up of three ex Spuds. Number one spud being in hospital leaving the other two talent less bozos, Calderwood and Hughton, to pick the team and decide upon the tactics.

One of those two gave the instructions to tread on Arshavin’s stitches and one of those two gave the instruction to try and hit him if they could.

Hughton is such an insipid nonentity that I find it hard to believe that any footballer would take him seriously enough to follow any instruction that he gave out; so, I can only assume that the decision maker was Calderwood, which makes sense: Calderwood was a nasty piece of work as a player and so it comes as no surprise that he is a nasty piece of work as a manger.

It is clear to me that the attempt to injure Arshavin was totally premeditated. We were lucky, Taylor could have broken his cheek bone and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that he could have broken his neck.

It takes no great leap of the imagination to conclude that part of the Newcastle pre-match team talk was focused on how to tread on Arshavin’s stitches; that is to say “hurt a previous injury”. So if that was the case with Arshavin what do you think the instructions would have been if Eduardo had been played?

Nothing will convince me otherwise that last season the Birmingham players were under instructions to take as many Arsenal players out as they could by any means possible and Eduardo was the unlucky victim that day. As for whether it should have been a red card: it was a hanging offence as far as I was concerned.

Results Go Our Way

March 22, 2009

Well the results certainly did go our way didn’t they? At 2:30 any lingering concerns that Everton might catch us were extinguished after they lost to Portsmouth. Then, with our sights now set on third place, our new best new friends from N17 who, not content with doing us the huge favour by beating Villa last week, go and beat the Chelsea.

Greedily my mind raced from third place to first as I suddenly wondered if United kept dropping points at the rate they were doing could we still to win the league? I spent the next twenty minutes studying the table, something I haven’t done since we last had a chance of winning the league about two months ago. Unfortunately, I came to the conclusion that it was still beyond us.

Anyway, while I am doing this, I notice Newcastle are in the relegation zone and wondered what it must be like to be in a relegation battle.

Occasionally, there is a team at the foot of the table that I find myself having a modicum of sympathy for in their fight for survival. A Team, more often than not, that was recently promoted. West Bromwich Albion for example, yes, I suppose I wouldn’t mind if they stayed up.

My sympathy for their plight continues so long as they do the right thing and dutifully hands over all three points twice a year without too much of a fight. I am not best pleased if they only hand over one point instead of the required three and all sense of benevolence goes completely out the window if, for some silly reason, they do not volunteer any of our expected entitlement on the allotted match day.

Newcastle, on the other hand, have never been one of those teams that I have felt any sympathy for whatsoever; they are badly run, badly managed, badly motivated and I simply wanted Arsenal to put them to the sword.

We started the game well in a confident, business like manner. The gulf of class between the two sides was immediately evident and we should have marched all over them from the out set and yet; somehow, as we have done so many times this season, we contrived to make hard work of it.

The game was exciting end to end stuff but the fact that Newcastle were able to pour through our defensive midfield as if it wasn’t there, with only some last ditch defending notably from Clichy to save us, was of great concern to me. I point the finger of blame, yet again, at Denilson who offered no defensive shield whatsoever.

It was obvious that Newcastle were going to come onto us and I still think that Song would have been a better choice. Anyway, Diaby as per usual was giving the ball away as often as Santa gives gifts at Christmas and on the subject of presents, Almunia, making a pig’s ear of a cross, gifted Newcastle a penalty while at the same time gifting his critics a stick to beat him with.

But today was our day and everything went our way. Did you get the impression that Almunia had been practicing his penalties recently? I did, as he saved Martins spot kick well and instantly gave his supporters something to cheer about.

Newcastle decided that as Arshavin had played in the Premier league for long enough and it was now it was time for his baptism. First they worked out where he had his stitches and tried to stamp on them, I winced in pain from my front room; next, as Arshavin was chasing the ball down the wing, Taylor having looked up to make sure Arshavin was within reach, punched him with his forearm in the face. It was a red card offence if ever I saw one and yet Taylor didn’t even get a yellow.

The second half started with more urgency but not a lot more penetration. One thought kept on going through my mind: this is the last game without Fabregas; this is the last game without Fabregas; this is the last game without Fabregas, our captain will return to lead us out against Man City.

Newcastle continued their rugby tackles and brought down Clichy about 30 yards out; Arshavin sent in the perfect cross for Bendtner to head home, it was not an easy header and he took it extremely well.

Before I could even finish my sigh of relief Newcastle equalised but as I said earlier, results were going our way. It helped that they lost their two central defenders not that I have any sympathy for them but can you imagine loosing Gallas and Toure in the same game? While Taylor was off receiving treatment Diaby turned into Vieira for a moment and after the deftest of passes from Van Persie he strode through to score the all important second goal. Five minutes later Van Persie threaded the ball to Nasri who weaved his way through the defence to score a fine goal, low into the corner. The game as a competition was all but over; it was show boating and missing sitters time.

Almunia: hero, villain, hero all in five minutes; in his defence, no keeper goes through the whole season without making a mistake. 6

Sagna: his level of defending is always high but today it was a bit higher than usual; and what’s more, his crosses were slightly better. 7.5

Gallas: a few blunders today, completely guilty for their goal. 5.5

Toure: the central defence was not at its best. 6

Clichy: back to the absolute top of his game, never stopped running, brilliant. 8

Nasri: a common complaint is that he does not travel, well he did today, he was my man of the match; he worked tirelessly, showing Diaby and Denilson how it should be done. 8

Denilson: neither protected the defence nor linked the attack. 5

Diaby: often slow to release the ball but I am sure you like me forgave him everything after scoring that goal. 6.5

Arshavin: a quiet game but still showed some great flashes of brilliance by scrapping the bar with a rasping shot form 30 yards out and sent in the beautifully weighted ball for Bendtner to score. 6

RVP: two brilliant assists and three missed one on one chances with the keeper. The Boy Wonder can do no wrong with this gooner 7.5

Bendtner: held the line well, slow to release the ball, good goal. Adebayor still offers more at this point for me. 6.5

“Black Bullets”

March 20, 2009

It seems like a rare Premiership away fixture today, we go to the land of Dandelion and Burdock and Black Bullets.


A miscarriage of justice came to light the other day; a man wrongly accused of murder served 27 years in jail. I was moved by the thought of how long that was to spend in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and just how difficult it would be for him to re-adjust to life outside as so much has changed during that time. But, then I thought, reassuringly for him, some things certainly haven’t changed at all 1, Glory Glory Totnum Hotspur haven’t won the league (that’s 47 years lol) and 2, Newcastle haven’t won “k” all.

They are the Spuds of the north except they make the Spuds trophy cabinet look like it’s Real Madrids..

Last time they won the league 1927 , last time they one the FA cup 1955, where does it all go wrong? They spend more than us? They have a similar size following to us in this country?

Serial underachievers, serial manager changers, they run there club management structure on the grass is greener theory. If only the boys and girls from the British forces got as much compensation when they are injured or the families when they are killed, as the ex managers from these two clubs do when they get sacked.

There is another old saying “You never see Kevin Keegan on a pushbike” well not for long..

I’m glad that superstars isn’t on anymore because if any of our players went on that programe we would never see them again with our luck with injuries. Theo was walking along and his leg locked and he is possibly out for the rest of the season, it can only happen to us..

Like when Charlie George cut his toe off with a lawnmower or Perry Groves knocked himself out hitting his head on the dug out roof.

Slightly concerning is Theo’s contract situation and indeed Rosicky’s. Theo has been out for three months and he still hasn’t signed a new deal.. what has he been doing? I am hoping they are a bit more grateful than Bischoff who Wenger rescued from a German scrap heap, nursed back to health whilst being paid, now seems to want to join Sporting Lisbon in front of us.. There was a clue there when he played for the Portugese Under 21’s rather than the French who he played for in his younger days at Under 18 level..

There seems to be a team that breeds thugs to play for them, Leeds and two teams that buy them in.. West ham and Newcastle. You can chuck Man City in the mix now with Barton and what his name? Not Lee Evans… that’s it Craig Bellamy. These teams and useless overpaid English tossers seem to find each other.

Team for today..


..Sagna.. Toure.. Gallas.. Clichy.

..Nasri.. Diaby.. Denilson.. Arshavin.


…………………………Van the Man (fingers crossed).

The score 2-1 to us but I am hoping for a whole bunch more..

Oh and Dandelion and Burdock is a drink a bit like Cola that Geordies drink until the age of seven when Newcastle brown Ale takes over as there favourite tipple..

Have a good day roadsters..