Ramsey ready, Nasri back, Fabianski fit to …..

October 28, 2009

Yesterday The Boss stated in the press that the player we are all desperate to see be given a chance is ready to play. Yep, he says Ramsey has grown into a man and expects him to play 15 -20 games for the first team this season?? Well Arsene, he won’t reach the target you have set him if you don’t play him will he?? You have said now though and publicly, so can we please leave Diaby on the bench at best, and leave Eboue to play in his natural position at RB when you need him to and start to play the lad! After all, Ramsey is a natural midfielder isn’t he??

Nasri makes his first start tonight, so its ‘only the CC’ but I don’t care, the man is back and he could just be the other half of what has been missing the last two games. I honestly think with him and Tomas back fit we will return to winning ways in the league, starting with Tottenham on Saturday. Of course, the best thing about Nasri being back and Tomas being fit means that AW won’t have to play Diaby and won’t have to play Eboue on the left of midfield – Cripes, I hope he sees it that way too. Then of course we have Theo to come back too. That all sounds a little bit better…. 😉

Another player making his comeback is Fabianski – our No2 keeper – well he was, but now Arsene has said that the fight for the gloves is between Almunia, Mannone and Fabianski. He says ‘Mannone stays in goal at the moment as we are winning – yes, its as straight forward as that – simples’ 😛

‘Arry’ has confirmed Lennon is out for the little derby at the weekend which is good news as he is their biggest threat in my opinion, Defoe too as the lad is banned.

On to tonight, the funny accents are back in London as the kids take on Liverpool in the CC. The only news on the opposition front is that Stevie ‘woe is me me’ is out, Mascerano is out but their new £20M midfield man will be on the bench ready to make his mark.. Yeah right, he is unfit, has played for ages and he shouldn’t cause too much trouble, should he??

As London said last night, this result won’t make a lot of difference to the first team, but I for sure would start to feel a whole lot better if we can will this game tonight, and win it well. You never know, win, and the big boys sitting in the crowd watching may just learn something from them – I have always believed it’s never too late to learn, and you cant rule out footballers in that belief..

The difference we will see tonight in the team I think will be a crop of players who want to show how good they are, want to prove they are worth playing amoung the big boys, want to play for eachother and ultimately want to win at all costs. I don’t expect them to be strolling about tonight wondering what to spend their big salaries on, no, we will see a team that will be focused until the end, and I honestly believe they will beat The Dippers and go through to the next round.

My team would be

Eboue Senderos Silvestre Gibbs
Ramsey Coquelin Merida
Nasri Eduardo Vela

Just read that Wilshere is out for the match 😦

3-1 winners 😛

Karim Benzema? Pah! Arsenal already have a striker who next season won’t stop ‘till he gets enough.

July 6, 2009

By Irishgooner.

I’ll be honest – I never thought Arsenal would sign Karim Benzema but when I heard the rumours I wanted to believe them.

Benzema is a name everyone will hear about for years to come regardless of him starting out in Ligue 1 – so too did Zinedine Zidane.

Anyway, I digress, he not signing for Arsenal is like a bullet through my heart so I resort to my default mode for anyone who doesn’t sign for the most wonderful of clubs – “He’s not good enough anyway”, so he can just beat it.

Regardless of whether Arsene Wenger sells or keeps Emmanuel “Beyonce” Adebayor, Arsenal don’t need a new striker. The attacking threat of Arsenal is perhaps the best of any in the English league – should they all remain fit.

Remember the time we had Henry, Pires, Ljungberg, Wiltord and co. barrelling down on goal? Next season can just be as good.

What other team can boast the options of Cesc Fabregas, Tomas Rosicky, Samir Nasri, Robin van Persie, Theo Walcott, Eduardo, Carlos Vela and, for the time being, Emmanuel Adebayor?

I didn’t even list the stranger from Moscow, Andrey Arshavin.

However, none of them next season will be Arsenal’s top scorer – not through injury, or bad fate, or Arsenal been rubbish – no, simply they will be outshone by one man.

Nicklas Bendtner!

You are not alone in thinking I have lost it. Bendtner is one of those marmite players who you either love or hate – however it isn’t that black or white.

At the start of last season, Bendtner started out as fourth choice for the club, not even knowing whether he had a career in North London. His performances reflected this – they were inconsistent and at times he was lazy.

Then there was a change – Adebayor angered the fans and then he got injured. Around the same time it seemed Bendtner had a long, hard look at the man in the mirror. He knew and admitted that he wasn’t good enough. With Adebayor out he took his chance.

Pulling his socks up Bendtner gave it his all on the field – chasing down lost causes, something Adebayor didn’t.

He stayed onside – something Adebayor didn’t.

He found himself in great positions in and around the box – something Adebayor didn’t.

The one thing he didn’t do too often was find that finishing ball – the goal. But they are in him, his finishes against Dynamo Kiev, West Brom and Bolton can’t be learned.

The one against Dynamo showed off his control (that is often lacking), West Brom showed his heading abilities while against Bolton at the Emirates he showed his heart to get in at the back post at a time when Arsenal couldn’t buy a goal.

What Bendtner needs is a cool head, not to panic when things aren’t going right. He needs Eduardo da Silva to be beside him – the Crozilian oozes patience and coolness that’ll rub off on those around him.

Mark my words, coming into World Cup year, Nicklas Bendtner will want to prove himself for a high flying Denmark. He will be dangerous next season.

It may sound off the wall but Arsenal’s pink boot wearing forward could be the second highest scorer in next season’s EPL when you take into account the talent he has giving him service and indeed the talent he himself possesses.