Sol out? Koscielny in, guess who’s next through the door…….

June 30, 2010

So it seems Sol is locked in talks with Celtic, that’s him gone then in my opinion. If he wanted to stay with us he would have sorted that out by now, no doubt Celtic are offering him more money and maybe he wants to play abroad again! Scotland is abroad in my eyes 😉

That leaves us with new boy Laurent Koscielny and Thomas Vermaelen, with Johan Djourou in there too. Not enough for the Premiership season we have ahead so I think we can expect another centre half signed soon. My hope is that when the Koscielny deal is finally announced, its done so with another signing. Maybe Schwarzer, maybe another centre half, maybe even both!

I hope for Gary Cahill, 24yr old, 6′ 2″ Englishman, who’s right footed! We now have two lefties, so we need a righty to balance the defence…

Another option is Madjid Bougherra, a 27yr old defender who can also play in midfield. A dual role player, Wenger likes them!! He shouldn’t cost too much either.

On to other players linked with us right now……………….

Mario Balotelli – 6’3″ striker who is constantly saying he loves being linked to us, he’s only 19yrs old, maybe if Eduardo leaves Wenger will look for another striker, but will he take a chance on another young striker? Would the new Inter manager sell him to us, I doubt it. Can’t see this one happening!

Loic Remy, another striker hoping for a move to us, he is reported to have rebuffed West Ham in hope that our wiley old boss brings him to Arsenal. Now this one is a tad more interesting in my opinion, he’s 23yrs old, FRENCH and we’ve been linked with him for the last 50 years 😉

The other one in the mix is Joe Cole, I have changed my mind over this one, I would rather Jack Wilshere remain with us rather than go on loan and play the similar role – Jack has attitude and desire, why pay an ex chav £100K a week when we have a fitter younger player who can play in the same position.. For that reason, I don’t think Wenger will take a chance on Joe Cole…

The good news is that we aren’t linked to a central midfielder yet, maybe Melo will just be snapped up in a no fuss, no thrills and spills deal after Holland knock Brazil out of the World Cup – now wouldn’t that get us all up to fever pitch??

We look a really weak side defensively, things have to be done, players need to be bought. In midfield we lack support for Song and between the posts we need a new face….

I don’t know what Arsene Wenger is up to during his spare time in South Africa but I sure as heck hope he’s sorting out the weaknesses in our current squad, because if the new season were to begin right now, we’d be doomed……

It seems more are leaving right now than joining, but have a guess at who you think will be the next player in……

That’s it footie wise for today….

Off topic – I don’t know if you like tennis, but I was pleased with two things at Wimbledon yesterday. One was Venus Williams getting knocked out, the other was seeing the greatest and most successful female tennis player ever to have graced the court return to the game at 53 years old. Having faced and got through a cancer scare, Martina Navratilova partnered Jana Novotna in the Ladies Invitation Doubles Competition, she won too, I hope they go on to win the competition.

Does that not prove that if you’re old enough you are good enough, or should that be if you are good enough, you’re never too old – there’s hope for me yet 🙂


Campbell and Keown get together ….

April 27, 2010

With their opinion of course, what did you think I meant….

I’m going to cheat today and for two reasons,

1) All is quite quiet on the Arsenal front as we head towards the season’s close.

2) I have a busy day or so ahead, so I’m just making life easy for myself.

Sol Campbell has said this

The main thing is you have got to get the right balance, there is a fantastic amount of talent here and we just have to believe we can win a major trophy – and you also need a bit of the rub of the green now and again.
That said, I believe you make your own luck in the game – how you play, how you conduct yourselves, how you approach matches, making sure you are seriously thinking about football, you create luck with all those things combined.

Training-wise, you have to work on your weaknesses, preparing yourself properly for the game, on and off the field.
It is not that you have to be locked up 24/7, but I think all these things do add up – you ensure that things go your way by doing all the things which come before you actually step on the pitch.

We have got a lot of that in place here and I am sure that, once everything comes together, there will be no stopping Arsenal winning trophies season after season. You have to truly believe in your skill and trust that you can do something.
‘Wherever we finish, we will have to build on it and keep on going.

Martin Keown has said this,

The staff have worked hard for another year and they will go away disillusioned for another summer because this year has been a missed opportunity. The title was there to win this season.

If you look at the age of the team this year then I think they have over-achieved. They are all very young but we can’t keep saying that forever.

Arsenal need to buy in a sprinkling of proven quality players and introduce them alongside the current players, and they will drag them over the line.

It’s very important that you have these people in the squad. They are people who have been there and done it. They are people who you can look up to and rely on to show that quality. When you have a squad full of youngsters you get inconsistency and you are never quite sure how they’ll perform.

All the Arsenal players are now playing for their futures, they only have a few games to prove that they deserve to play at their club and that they deserve to have a future and that goes with the territory when you are playing for a big club.

The minute you can’t win a trophy then you don’t deserve a place, it’s as simple as that!!

Finally, Arsene Wenger has ‘allegedly’ said this,

“The construction of the Emirates Stadium meant that for many years we could not spend a lot of money. Our financial situation has greatly improved. We are finally able to buy the players we think we need.”

Will the summer of 2010 finally see one plus one make three?? I hope so because all three comments together are very positive 🙂

Have a good day peeps…..

Vermaelen just about sums up our season…..

April 16, 2010


Thomas Vermaelen is out for three weeks, three bloody weeks – well to me that says we won’t see him until the pre season games now. Dreadful for us, but with him not going off to the World Cup, whatever injury he has sustained will heal properly, he won’t be rushed back will he….

His injury though just about sums up our season doesn’t it? So much talk is about if Gallas had stayed fit, had Cesc not got injured, had Djourou not been out, had Arshavin been truly fit, had Ramsey not had his leg broken, had Eduardo found his form, had Song not got injured, had Sol been younger, but most importantly, had Robin van Persie not got injured – we would have won the league………

Reality is though, they haven’t been fit and at best we will end up 2nd in the Premiership, unless of course the Chavs get spanked by the enemy at the weekend – yeah right!!

There’s a whole lot of ‘had not been injured’s’ in there, far too many to believe its just bad luck.

Is it the training, is the diet? I think it’s maybe a bit of both.

Diet’s a funny old thing and if you deprive the body of the essentials in life, like fat and salt, it just won’t function properly…

Going off at a tangent a bit but look at Martina Navratilova, the greatest female tennis player of all time. She doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, eats the right diet, keeps fit etc etc, but this last week we heard she has been diagnosed with Cancer.

Our body needs a certain amount of everything, well apart from Grey Goose that is,  it needs salt, fat, protein, carbs etc etc and if our club deprives our players of any of them, naturally their bodies won’t be able to maintain what the football world demands of them….

Our very own red nose, Peter Hill-Wood has made a couple of comments this week, the first one was relating to Cesc Fabregas following yet another ‘tapping up’ attempt by Barcelona. This time is was via Messi who felt it his right to tell the world that Cesc has Barcelona in his blood and he will leave Arsenal to play alongside Messi on day real soon. PHW came out and said that Barca had made a promise not to make a bid for him this summer. It took all of twenty-four hours for Barca to deny this promise, so we can expect more of tapping up during the summer. As our very own Grey Goose fan said yesterday, It’s about time our club grew some balls and reported Barcelona to the footballing authorities and stopped this once and for all.

The second bit of news from PHW is that our club is in a very healthy position financially and we have more money to spend than we ever had. Well shock horror, that won’t surprise any of us will it. We haven’t spent out on new players (Arshavin and TV aside) for a few years now, yet we have sold many. He says we can’t compete with Manchester City’s spending but we are able to buy this summer.

Hoo-bloody-rah!! As long as this statement holds more truth that his first about Cesc, Arsene Wenger better get of his big fat backside and start spending some of this money. He needs to start now and get the players in before the World Cup otherwise prices will soar. That is of course assuming he will be buying players of a standard to be playing in South Africa during the summer!!

Lets hope this is for real as I can’t take another defeat like Wednesdays again, don’t suppose you guys can either…..