Arsene talks the talk, Jay walks the walk, Almunia finished?

July 18, 2010

I’m going to start at the end and share what Arsene Wenger said after the game when questioned about Fabregas.

There was a lot of unneeded talk, It is not pleasant to read this every day. Now, the story has to stop.

Cesc is our captain, he is so important to us and we want to keep him, that is why we were not listening to any offers.

It was not a problem of money, just the desire to keep him at the club.

We can only influence our own behaviour, and I believe things have now gone straight again with Sandro Rosell. We always had a consistent attitude and were always reluctant to talk about Cesc’s departure.

It is very important we give the impression that because somebody wants a player from us, we don’t just give in on.

We have shown our love and care for Cesc since the start. I believe Cesc loves the club, has shown his attachment to the club many times and I am very confident the story will end there. We want Cesc to be part of our club next year, and that is it.

What we want is to build a team for the future, to develop our team and are not in any talks for next year or the year after – we want our players to be focused on the targets we have at the Club.

So it seems Cesc is here to stay, well, for another season anyway, but be prepared to go through all this again each transfer window until Barca finally get their man! That is of course, unless Wenger sorts this current squad out and turns it into a winning side! Do that and the player may just want to stay on, especially if Jose turns the screw on Pep this season.

Was it just my stream or everyone’s who signed up for the £3 deal with There I was, 2.55pm having bought some fancy lead so I could watch the match from my laptop on the television but after ten minutes I thought I was going to have a seizure, no offence intended… Shocking coverage, just shocking!!

Yesterday’s game really was a ‘game of two halves’ – the second half saw a whole new eleven turn out.

Arsenal starting XI: Fabianski, Nordtveit, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Traore, Frimpong, Rosicky, Wilshere, Arshavin, Simpson, Emmanuel-Thomas..

First half I thought, Simpson, Frimpong and Wilshire shone from the ‘non regulars’ Arshavin and Tomas looked cool calm and fresh, ready for a season of hard work ahead..

 Simpson (2) and Arshavin (1) were the goal scorers.

If it were up to me, Jay Simpson would stay, yes it was Barnet, yes it was a friendly BUT the biggest yes is, Yes, he scores and he seems to know where the goal is…

Why oh why has this lad been told to find another club? He loves Arsenal, I think many fans already love him too, he really could be ‘the next Ian Wright’!

Not suggesting for one minute he’d be the first striker on the team sheet, but he has power pace and an eye for goal, is that not the qualities of a decent striker, a player who could come off the bench and gets us a goal??

Arsenal’s second-half XI: Mannone, Eastmond, Djourou, Miquel, Gibbs, Lansbury, Henderson, Nasri, Barazite, Walcott, Chamakh

Second half was dull, Walcott did ok, Chamakh didn’t have a fantastic half, but who cares, first game in an Arsenal shirt, I’m sure as the games get going and become more serious, so will he. Same for Djourou, finally got to see him back and without a bandage heavily strapped around his knee, he looked fit and comfortable on the ball, seems promising…

Nasri finished off after a hand out from the Barnet defence, 4-0 to us.

83 mins on the clock and the fans sing… Arsene Arsene give us a wave, me, I’d be asking him to give us more than a wave, a player or two would be better greeted than a bloomin wave… 😉

Difficult game for all three goal keepers, they had very little to do, in fact I’m not sure Chesney even touched the ball? Or did I just blink and miss it?

Talking of keepers, what about Almunia then, having been named in the 22 man squad for the Barnet game, he’s suddenly missing – my thought is he’s off and he knows it – instead of being at Barnet, he’s sorting out his future and that future is no longer with us… Why would Chesney be wearing the number 1 shirt otherwise, or is that me just hoping 🙂

But for Almunia I think its over, nice chap but average keeper, all the best Big Al….

On to rumours, Everton have turned down a £14M offer from us for Phil Jagielka but it’s suspected that Wenger will up his offer this coming week. Good!! Also, if we want the kid from Ipswich it will cost us £10M, surely that £10M would be better spent elsewhere?

Have a good day all, not long to wait for the next game 🙂

All together now…We are top of the league, say we are top of the league!!

March 21, 2010

I rarely look forward to playing WHAM. First of all it’s a derby game and form and league positions go out of the window in derby games. Second, they always seem to pull a trump card on us every now and then. Whether it being the last team to beat us at Highbury, the first to beat us at The Emirates or coming back from 2-0 down to snatch a draw..They are one of those teams that seem to raise their game when they play us and make it a real fight. But not this time. We totally trashed them. Apart from a sticky period in the opening minutes of the second half when we were adjusting to being a man light, we dominated them. Some of the football we were playing was sublime, the passing and movement and slick one twos were out of this world and above all, the lads were queuing up to be heroes.

The title race is in the balance. With our overspending rivals not playing until today, we had a chance to stamp our authority on the PL and go top of the table, for a few hours anyway. 3 points against the bubble blowing lot was a must and we got off to a blinding start..

We started off with that swagger that we used to see in the invincible era..You know what im talking about. That confidence that we were going to win and the other team knew we were going to win and there wasn’t a right lot they could do about it..

The passing was crisp and the first goal came when Nikki and the impressive Denilson exchanged passes on the edge of the box and not for the first time this season, the young Brazilian, AKA Crabby Mchuffandpuff, slotted the ball past the helpless keeper from a fair distance..Great start..Only 5 minutes on the clock and it was 1 nil to the good guys and I think everyone expected the floodgates to open.. Which they should have..

Our slick passing continued throughout the first half and WHAM resorted to tactical fouling to try and stem the flow, hitting the long ball to Mido at every opportunity..They certainly didn’t look like a team coached by the great Zola, but they were playing us, so they were bound to look crap..We had so many chances to kill them off and to be honest I was starting to get frustrated..I could see what was coming..We were starting to showboat around the box, unnecessary one-twos and tricks and flicks instead of just shooting on sight. At the score being just 1-0, it was a dangerous game to play, especially with WHAM hitting the long ball whenever they won it back and my fears came to reality just short of half time..We did look good, some of the football was amazing, but we were guilty of over cooking it and we were caught out by a long ball that caught TV off guard. He allowed the ball to bounce and Franco ran in behind him. Minimum contact was made, nothing that constituted a foul anyway, yet Franco went over like he’d stood on a land mine in the box..The ref was 50 yards away from the play thanks to the nature of the hoof and couldnt make the call, instead relying on his linesman to make it for him..

Penalty kick to WHAM..I couldnt believe it..Was this guy for real?? I put no blame on the ref for this one, the officials have to work as a team..TV was the last man, the linesman declared it was a foul..The laws state TV had to go..Down to ten men with half the game to go and a penalty kick to level the scores to follow..Squeeky bum time.The odds had suddenly stacked against us in the blink of an eye and all of a sudden we were up against it..But like i said earlier the players were queuing up to be heroes..

Up stepped Almunia..He’s had an awful lot of flack this season and he’s had a bad year but he pulled out what could possibly be the most vital save of this campiagn..If that would of gone in we would have been up against it, but that save not only kept us in front, it woke the fans up too. It was a match winning moment. Hero number one…

The second half started and I was still confident that we would win..We always seem to play better with 10 men anyway,the players are used to passing in tight areas and the extra man WHAM had wouldn’t make much difference to our style. It would just lull them into a false sense of security that they had the advantage when they really didn’t, they were just giving us more space to play with..I was more pissed off with the fact we couldn’t lose TV at any stage of the run in..Especially with Gallas out injured. The straight red possibly means a three game ban which we really didn’t need at this stage. Suggestions that it could be just a one game ban due to the nature of the foul may not be wide off the mark..But the powers that be seem to make the rules up as they go along nowadays, especially as far as Arsenal players are concerned, so I expect 3..With the possibility of 4 if we appeal..

Back to the game. We started off pretty gingerly in the second half. We seemed to allow WHAM to come at us for the first 10-15 minutes while we found our feet..Song was pushed back into the CB role and Denilson anchored the midfield by himself. Raise your hands heroes 2 and 3..Song was outstanding at CB, just as he had been outstanding in the first half at DM..He was a colossus with nothing getting past him..His ability to adapt was amazing and with Denilson having a 100% pass success rate and not giving the ball away we looked just as solid as ever..

Wenger brought on Diaby, hero number 4, to stablise the middle and we just kept the ball..WHAM didnt really have a sniff, apart from a shot from Cole that hit the post but you can’t say they deserved anything from the game…

Hero number 5 was Cesc..with the game closing out we were awarded a penalty when Upson deliberately handled in the box. He was already on a yellow, he should have gone..If TV had to go then so did Upson but the ref seemed to forget where he put his cards and Upson stayed on the pitch..A bit of a piss take but nothing to moan about..We still had a penalty which Cesc slotted home..

Game over..Impressive display under the circumstances and a vital 3 points that sees us perched proudly at the top of the best league in the world…


ALMUNIA..8..Not much to do apart from the penalty save, but it was a match winning save. He cheated to do it, but it was karma in my opinion..The linesman made a cock up and he knew it, so he let Manny step half way out of the 6 yard box to meet the ball..Still a top save though..

EBOUE..7..I thought he had a poor opening 30 minutes,regularly getting caught out of position and letting the WHAM strikers get in behind him, but sorted it out and became threatening as the game went on..Had a good second half..

CLICHY..8..I was beginning to wonder if Gael had lost it..He’s starting to look sharp again and was making those menacing runs up and down the left flank we all love him for.

SOL..7..Looks clumbsy at times but that’s just his age, he’s not the spring chicken he once was and we shouldn’t forget that..He’s 35..Expecting him to glide across the pitch like a 19 year old ballerina is wishful thinking, but he’s strong and solid and gets stuck in. That grit and determination rubs off well on the other players.

TOMMY V..5..Unfortunate sending off. Unfortunate penalty. Mido was giving both him and Sol a hard time in the air but on the ground he looked solid..

Denilson..8..Thats probably the best game he’s had for Arsenal..He never gave the ball away and he scored a good goal. I just wish he’d try a through ball every now and then instead of opting for the safe pass all the time..good display though..we needed it from him..

SONG..9..MOTM..Easily..Controlled the midfield in the first half and became monster CB in the second after TV got his marching orders..Not only can he tackle but he looks so comfortable on the ball, doesn’t panic, doesn’t rush..if anyone wants this boy they looking at forking out at least 30mil..

NASRI..7..Looked as though he played through a painful injury he picked up in the first half..He looks out of place out wide..He’s not a winger and he drifts in and out of the game a lot. Nonetheless it was a good contribution.

CESC..7..Not his best game but even an 80% Cesc is better than most other midfielders in the world.Not even a great penalty but it went in and sealed the three points..

ARSHAVIN..7..Ok lets clear this up..He’s not a team player, he’s arrogant and his work-rate isn’t the best, but he’s still dangerous. He’s one of those players that every team needs on the pitch..He’s an eyes front type of player, he’s direct and he runs at goal at every opportunity..Sometimes it might not look like he’s doing much but teams are shit scared of him..Give him space and he’ll rifle a shot off, close him down or double mark him and you leave Cesc with more pitch to play with.. win/win scenario..This is not his best form by a long shot but we stuck by Eboue, Denilson, Diaby and Nikki amongst many and put up with their crap displays for years..Give this man a break, when he gets his form back you’ll be licking his arse again like we all were last year..

NIKKI B..7..Offers the front line so much more than the three midgets do. He wins the flick ons and he links up play well..played Denilson in for the opener..was the tactical sacrificial lamb in the second half due to the sending off but he took it like a pro..You know strikers hate coming off early, especially if they aren’t injured or if they haven’t scored..Some say his ego is massive and that maybe the case, but if you listen to his interviews and you study his body language, the team comes first to this boy…


DIABY..8..excellent cameo display..came on and did the job required..some of his ball skills were out of this world, which we know he can do, but time and again he looked like he was auditioning for soccer AM’s showboating slot..if the top 10 isn’t all Diaby next week i’ll be very suprised..there is no better way to defend than keeping the ball..WHAM couldnt get the ball off him. Lovely to watch and he eased the pressure off our defence..

SAGNA..not really on long enough

DUDU..same as Sagna

THE FANS…3…No offence to anyone who was at the game but you really were piss poor, in the first half especially..It was embarrassing having to listen to that shitty bubble song being sang loud and proud for the majority of the 1st half without any response from you lot..I know the Emirates is crap for atmosphere but come on..For crying out loud were in a title race here..You’ve got to do better than that..It’s a football stadium not a cinema.. It’s our football stadium so make some noise..I could understand if we were playing badly but we were ripping them a new one, some of the football we were playing was heavenly and you lot were like a set of mutes for the best part of an hour..Sort it out..

Enjoy being top of the league guys, today we are doing something we never thought we’d have to do.. We’re Liverpool and Blackburn fans…

Is a Change of Strategy Needed General Arsene?

February 7, 2010

Today is yet another one of the defining games of the season; we are desperate for the 3 points and just as importantly we don’t want to give them to the Chav’s.

Our record against the other teams in the so-called “Big Four” in the last season or so is something like one win in ten. It is becoming more than just a coincidence it is becoming embarrassing.
I don’t think it is the personnel, there is no way our midfield or defence is any worse than Man U’s line up last week. It has to be tactical.
We going into these games with one thing on our minds and that is attack, that plays straight into the hands of Fergie and the numerous turnover of managers that Chelsea have employed.
They just lay in wait for us and counter attack like snipers, Arsene must realize this, these are the tactics we used in his first double year, soak up the pressure then Petit would fire balls over the top for Anelka and Overmars to run onto.

Perhaps we need to do a little more of the crab passing against these bigger teams. Pull them out a bit and open the game up. I would bring Cesc back into the quarterback roll next to Song, We have the players who can pick up his passes and run like Arshavin, Diaby and even Theo..

Instead Cesc by trying to be the complete midfielder is trying to do too many jobs. Diaby, Rosicky, Nasri can all play in the hole and charge into the box, but no one has Cesc’s range and vision when it comes to passing.

From a distance it just seems that we are playing too high a line and when our defence push up to join them, we are leaving gaping holes at the back.
Cesc needs to play with his head and not his heart. Play the European way with more patience.

Last week I was shocked at the way Nani outpaced Clichy, I thought Gael was quick, and don’t start me off on the way Denilson tracked Rooney back, from the camera angle from behind the goal it was as clear as day. I know a Frenchman who plays in Italy who would never had let that happen, oh well..

Whilst I am getting on our players backs, why can’t Almunia save with his left hand, I have never seen such a right handed goalkeeper? When he gets lobbed it’s always over his left shoulder and he reaches with the wrong arm.

I am hoping Arsene has re run the tape, DVD (whatever it is) past the players a thousand times during the week and lessons are learned.

I would pick.


Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy.

Rosicky or Nasri Cesc Song

Diaby Arshavin


Do I feel confident…no.. But I am going for a tight 2-1 to us.

I’m avoiding the John Terry stuff…If I hear about where he parks his car again I will scweam..

Have a great day all..  everything crossed. lucky gloves on!!

Don’t Go Throwing Stones Mr Wenger!

December 16, 2009

Last night I was shocked when I saw the team that Wolves fielded against Man U, they changed all 10 outfield players. They held  up a white flag as they entered the Theatre of Debt.

But we cannot moan really can we?

I am not talking about the teams that we field in the League Cup, okay we field our youngsters and take a chance to see how far we get. That’s different.. Why?.  Because that is a one off game that doesn’t affect any other team only the team we are up against that day.

But a team that does it in the Premiership has a responsibility of fair play and respect to all teams in that League. I know this is a little exaggerated but, for instance if all the bottom 12 teams when they play Man U field a reserve team that would give Man U an unchallenged 72 points, They would only need about 15-20 more and the title would be Uniteds,  also it allows them to rest players later in games for greater challenges ahead.

It isn’t right for a club to decide who they choose to be Champions, it isn’t in the spirit of the game.

Last week I didn’t want us to field the kids against Olympiacos  because I wanted to keep up some sort of winning momentum, this is also what I believe Wolves should have done their players have until Sunday afternoon to recover. and they were buzzing after taking out the Totts at the Lane.

Anyway as I said I wanted a stronger team out against Olympiacos and I was going to continue the debate by saying it isn’t fair on Standard Liege, when they played against us we was still trying to qualify and we fielded our strongest team in Mr Wengers eyes. When we played Olympiacos we threw that game and I would not have been very happy if I was Standard Liege. If we had of won that last game in our Champions League group that means Standard Liege  had a chance of going through. (although they cocked up)

So what is the difference between what we did compared to what Wolves did last night, surely we had some responsibility to Standard to play our strongest team too!!

We shouldn’t be deciding which team joins us in the knockout stages.

Tonight we go back oop norf to Burnley who will play and quite rightly the strongest side they have even though they are Wolves opponents on Sunday, I do hope and so do about 99% of true football fans stick it right up Mick McCarthy’s  men on Sunday.
Burnley are not going to be a pushover tonight and the cold drizzly conditions will suit them, they have a good record at home too.
To be honest I quite like Burnley, they are one of the clubs that were in the big time when I were lad, I quite like the manager and they try to play decent football and not do the usual northern thuggery.

We should win I’m going to go for a clean sheet for Manuel and a brace for us.

Last night West Ham were all over until the keeper of our dreams this transfer window made a massive howler.. We need to be careful what we wish for on that one. In fact that mistake could have saved us a few quid, no point in buying a keeper for £10 million only to find he is worse than the three we already have..

Have a good day guys and gals.. I will be on later probably struggling to find a stream with you all as the Twelve Pins is a shade far away to go for a beer tonight..

8 Miles from Double Dutch!

September 21, 2009

Thomas Vermaelen, wow what a signing. Arsene Wenger sure doesn’t know a good defender when he sees one.

Why was he born 8 miles across the Belgium border, his parents ruined my headline?
He is tenacious in defence, and attacks corners like a madman and is showing the team the way, we now have a new confidence on corners, you can see the takers trying harder to hit a man rather than just hit and hope.
On top of that on Saturday he showed he has a sweet left foot, so 2 goals and a brilliant defensive display. So man of the match then.. er no??
That honour went to Robin van (satellite remover) Persie. To me he is trying too hard, but he is not a power player and should stick to the slick pretty stuff he was showing a few years ago, and when it comes to shooting  his hand eye co ordination  is getting worse, like when the sound track isn’t in line with what you are watching on the box and peoples lips are moving out of time.
This was a good result for us and should be the starting block to build a run of winning games and get the confidence sky high for the Chelsea game.
I heard on the radio this morning that there have only been 4 draws in the Premiership all season, if every team has played nearly 6 games that must mean about 60 games have been played, I don’t know what that means but we have seen some “gun ho” football this year and not just from us.

Mannone… 6.5 .. doesn’t seem comfortable just yet, needs to communicate better with his defence. Made a reaction save, apart from that never had much to do.

Sagna.. 7 .. an average game for him, not that it is a surprise that a full back is never going to have much work to do against Wigan.. needs to vary his attacking moves.

Gallas.. 7.. Played very well and has settled into a good rhythm this season,

Vermaelen… 9.. Apart from a bit of bad positioning every now and again what a performance from a centre half, could be the best we have had since TA6.

Clichy. 7.. An improved performance from last week, but I was thinking it is about time we got a better end product for all his attacking, Cole and Silviniho used to come up with the odd goal or assist.

Fabregas.. 7.. Doesn’t look too happy at the moment, the Carling Cup game should give his ankle some time to heal, don’t rush him back perhaps have him on the bench next week in case of emergency.

Song.. 6.5 Not his best game, gave the ball away, but if he can keep his best performances for the big games that would be okay.

Diaby.. 5.5.. Good for Diaby, but not living up to expectation now his injury mare is over, needs to find a brick wall and learn to kick with his other foot.

Eboue.. 5.5.. He doesn’t add enough to the team going forwards, not for a midfield player. Okay at right back where attacking is just a bonus. Oh and the handball.. STOP CHEATING..

RvP..8.. He is turning into Thierry mark 2, the most important player at the front, but needs to chill out and take the pressure of himself. May be better when AA comes back to take the pressure off in the final third of the field. Some brilliant corners now that he has someone to aim at..

Eduardo 7.5.. I have only just got used to him being able to run around, he is now back to how I remember him before the injury. Good in flashes but lack that presence needed, needs a big man to feed off RvP is not his ideal partner in crime.

Rosicky.. 7.5 definitely, defintely getting there back to fitness.

Bendtner.. 6. never really got into the game. I don’t want to see him in our half looking for the ball.

Ramsey.. 6.5.. The big stage is still a bit too big for him at the moment..

In all a good 7.5 perfomance..

I watched a couple of great games yesterday on the box.. it was quite strange not wanting any particular team to win.. I hated all 4.. lol..

But although it was good to see Hughes face when he lost yesterday, I feel more should be done about the favouritism of Man U especially at OT..
This injury time thing is out of hand, when I ask the question “where did all the injury time come from?” I get told 45 seconds for a goal 30 seconds for a substitution etc.. but that never happens in our games. What was the injury time in our 6-1 win at Everton I bet it was 3 minutes at the most..
It needs to be the same rules for every match.

Anyway have a great day and look forwards to seeing the kids tomorrow. J

Dudu’s Dive! Was it?? Wasn’t it? Who cares!!

August 28, 2009

I’m a little angry this morning with all the negativity surrounding the club and our assassin with regards to the ‘dive’ incident that occurred against a well beaten Celtic in Europe. The game finished on Wednesday, its now Friday and we are still hearing the same old stories that we are cheats and Dudu should be banned. In my opinion its over  exaggerated and totally biased. It takes the gloss away from a crushing performance against a side that apparently would make the top four in the PL (at who’s expense).So I thought I’d  jump to the defence of our Crozillian.

OK. I don’t think it was a foul, therefore I don’t think it was a pen, but the opportunity was there to go over and that’s what Dudu did.  In that type of situation, 8 times out of 10 the foul is given. What gets me the most is that at least he just fell. Gerrard does double back-flips…Ronaldo somersaults through the air and rolls half way across the pitch like hes just jumped out of a moving car. Drogba does pirouettes and gets more injuries from the grass burns than what he does from the ‘tackle’. Anyone would have thought these players had just been shot by a bazooka, hit by a high speed train and crushed by a falling meteorite the way they go down half the time and whats the response???? That’s football. The intent was there so it must be a foul. Well let me tell them that there was intent there with the Celtic goalie, Porridge. Like I said Dudu just fell. It wasn’t even a dive. There was minimum contact. The un-ironed crease in Porridges shirt brushed Dudus leg hair, Dudu was given a reason to go over and that’s just what he did. Any striker with natural striking instincts would do it. Dudu did it and we got the decision..Whats the response?? We are cheats!! Dudu should be banned. Poor Celtic.

Are they having a laugh or what??? I firmly believe that they are  just taking the piss because we trashed Celtic 5-1 over two legs when teams like Barca and their beloved Manure have struggled to do so….

It was a battle between an English team and a Scottish team, yet the English media have taken sides with Celtic not just after the results and the incidents but before the games too….

“Celtic were a threat”, “Celtic were unlucky”, “we were cheats”. For crying out loud Celtic had two shots on goal over two legs and they are trying to tell the world that they didn’t deserve to lose??? Get out of here. The tie had been won long before the penalty so I don’t agree it changed the game either. We were the better team and we deserved to win, we did win and would have won, penalty or no penalty so whats all the fuss about?? Next we’ll be hearing the stories the game should be replayed..

This attitude is totally against the norm as English teams are always supported by the English media in Europe, well they’ve made their agenda clearer than ever and I hope Dudu scores a hat trick of pens all from dives against Manure at the weekend  because  it couldn’t happen to a nicer team and it would piss the media off.

We’ve been too nice over the last few years, suffering from the cheats and the dives and the offsides and the bad decisions, all in the big games at vital times. I still remember the Kuyt penalty two years ago, which was given and he dived. Then Hleb goes over and was fouled and it wasn’t given. We lost a game we should of won and we were cheated. That’s football right?

Its about time we started giving some back and getting the decisions and I’m behind Dudu 120%.

Is the Man City circus good for Arsenal??

July 27, 2009

For me the answer is quite simply…yes!!

For years Arsenal have been the media’s main interest in English football..Constantly harassing us, making false allegations and to put it bluntly, talking absolute shit about us. No other football team in England has been under the media microscope more than Arsenal and in recent years, due to the lack of trophies and the apparent lack of funds, the situation has become worse, but now they have a new play thing…Man Shitty…

The EPL now has a new superpower, albeit due to financial backing, but nonetheless still a superpower…They’ve been spending their money like it was endless and talking themselves up as the next big thing…The papers have had a field day with whats going on at Eastlands and I see this as a good thing…The more they talk about them, the less they’ll talk about us…and it’s already started happening…

The city of Manchester have been a one team city for as long as I can remember. Citeh have always lived in the shadows of the red side but now are seen to be the poor relatives that have hit the winning numbers on the lottery…and they are going to rub Fergies nose in it…they already have by signing Tevez and putting his face up on a blue billboard saying welcome to Manchester…HAHA..

Lets not forget Chelsea either…Citeh have spent the last few weeks telling everyone who will listen to them that they are on the verge of signing Terry..Chelsea must of been seething. For years now Chelsea have made their name on the fact they have all the money in the world, well now they dont…So i expect the rivalry there to be highlighted the media too…Lampard was already quoted in a paper at the weekend, having a pop at Citeh, saying that money doesn’t buy success???? Errr, hello, Fwank…Are you thick or what?? Where were your team before Roman came along??

The war of words has begun and I expect it to go on all season. Both Chelsea and Man UTD have a new rival…with the papers loving it and feeding of it and leaving us alone in the process.

Citehs over elaborate spending on rubbish players that can only be described, for use of a better word, as mercenaries, has also put extra pressure on them….there’s no way that any team can spend the amount that they have spent and then say they don’t expect to win anything. What tripe. Their own fans may fall for it but the media wont..The media will be sniffing around Citeh all season, waiting for the 1st loss or the 1st goalless draw before they start putting the boot in.. I reckon when it comes to January, Citeh will be linked to every big name player and every big name manager..

All in all, they are going to give the red tops something to write about all season, leaving us to step back into the shadows. The chance would be a fine thing. I’m actually looking forward to buying newspapers again over the course of next season, turning it straight over to the back page and reading about Adebayors offside and missed sitters count in a 1-0 defeat to Stoke or Hull.. 

Another bonus that Citeh will bring to us is the fact they are prepared to be ripped off just to get the player they want..we sold them a right donut in Adebayor, all for the measly price of £25mil…are they stupid?? HAHA..and now with the great JT staying at Chelsea they are in for our beloved Kolo for £15mil.. £15mil???? I’d rip their hand off for that…£40mil for two players, both past their peaks and both to disappear for a few weeks in the middle of the season can only be compared to taking candy from a baby.

Maybe we can throw Eboue in the deal too..?? Although it looks like Fiorentina have won that race..

The bookies have already wrote us off..we are favorites do drop out of the top 4 this season to be replaced by the one and only Citeh..and with the new rivalry its created with the other top teams, the pressure is well and truly off us next season..

Arsenal will sneak in under the radar..and while the other teams are arguing amongst themselves we will pick up the points and be top of the table by the time anyone, even the media , has noticed…

Have a good day we could see those developments in the transfer market…

“Hes Dutch, he’s the dogs, he’s from the land of clogs, Huntelaar, Huntelaar”