Sad for fans, bring back Setanta and Cesc speaks..

July 10, 2010


For those who haven’t seen and the new reserves format, this was released on the website yesterday….

The League format will result in teams in the Southern Group playing a total of 20 matches and teams in the two Northern Groups playing 19 matches each.

Each team will play home and away against the other teams in their group and once against all other teams (equally divided home and away).

The winners of the two Northern Groups will play off to determine the Northern League Winners.

The Northern League Winners will then play off against the Southern Group Winners to determine the Barclay’s Premier Reserve League Play Off Winners.

The Premier League Board has also given approval for clubs’ training grounds to be used to stage fixtures. Consequently, Arsenal will be staging several home Premier Reserve League fixtures, as afternoon kick offs, at the London Colney Training Centre. Unfortunately, the Club is not permitted to allow supporters at this venue and therefore these home Reserves matches will be staged ‘behind closed doors’.

However, the Club hugely values the loyal following that has attended Reserve League matches at Barnet FC in recent years and we are keen to maintain opportunities for supporters to watch young talent developing in our Reserve team. Therefore, we have reached an agreement with Barnet FC to stage home Premier Reserve League matches at Underhill during months with more favourable weather – ie September, March and April, as well as any home FA Youth Cup matches in Rounds Three, Four and Five.

Just look at the regular bloggers here on Avenell Road, I could probably count on one hand the amount of folk who are fortunate to watch our team play at The Emirates every home game and get the chance to watch the youth/reserves play their matches. Not only do we have bloggers who live at opposite ends of England, we have a world-wide group of bloggers too.

One of the best things that happened football wise for me was Setanta bursting on to the scene and then Arsenal announcing they were launching their own television channel. It was then we all could watch the youth/Reserves play, watch the Ladies rule every competition they played in and along the way we were able to sit and enjoy a classic match involving the boys from the past.

Not only did Setanta go belly up, but our own television channel went with it last year, a sad day for me and I’m sure many other fans. I used to know who the up and coming youngsters were, where they played and be able to answer ‘Yes’ when a silly blogger used to ask,  ‘Have you actually seen this kid play?’

Now I can’t watch them on television and many fans can’t now get to see them play at home….

Now it seems that because of the new format for the reserve league, Arsenal fans can’t even go and watch the reserves in the flesh. Fixtures are being played at London Colney and behind closed doors as fans are not permitted.
Ok, they say the reserves can play at Underhill when the weather is good – but when do we get good weather in September, March and April?? What will they do when the weather is bad, will they revert to playing at London Colney??

How many fans go to watch the youth/reserves just to watch the team they love, often because it’s a lot cheaper than watching the big boys when times are hard??

Grrrrr, Come on Arsenal, surely you can strike a deal with ESPN or another digital channel, I know not with Sky as they anti-Arsenal, but what about Channel 5, or one of the other channels….

I miss Arsenal TV, do you??

Finally, Cesc has spoken if you believe his column in The Sun, yes it’s mostly about the World Cup and Spain, but he does make reference to his club Arsenal – he says its strange that his teammates are back in training but both he and Robin are just ending their season, he’s been texting Robin a lot too.

Mmme, I wonder what Robin has said to him? Answers on a postcard please!!

Mine’s – ”Ere Cesc, I hear you’ve booked your seat for next season”  🙂

Have a good day all, wherever you are ………