Arsenal; Liverpool; and Sodding Injuries.

August 15, 2010

By Red Arse.

Here we are, at the beginning of a brand new season and Arsenal are already screwed!

What do you mean, you two-toed tosser? It’s the beginning of the new season, isn’t it? It’s wonderful! It’s fabulous! It’s stupendously knee wobblingly fantastic for goodness sake!
What is your problem, my son?

Well, right at the beginning of this new season, not January 2011, we have a casualty ward that makes Casualty look like a TV series. What? Oh it is a TV series. Well bollocks to that then.

At the moment we have Denilson, Djourou, Song, Ramsey, and Bendtner missing thru’ injury of one sort or another. In addition, we have Fab and Robin being held back by Arsene after their World Cup exertions, and then we have hived off Gallas, Senderos, Sylvestre and sold Dudu all from the first team squad.

That’s like a full team gone walk about; but relax, don’t panic Mr Mannering!

What a disaster! Oh no it isn’t! Oh yes it is! Oh no it bloody isn’t!!

We have also signed a potentially brilliant Centre Forward and also a Centre Back, in Chamakh and Koscielny. Goody, goody gum drops, absolutely, bloody fantabuloso!

Yes O.K., but why, oh why, have we not bought yet another backup Centre Back and a new super doper, eight armed Goal Keeper?

Well steady on. Very few top PL clubs have bought anyone. Admittedly, the Chavs, Manure and Citeh have started to flex their financial muscles, but once the oinkers have stuck their collective noses in the trough and had their fill, there will be plenty of other, mixed metaphor, fish to fry, and at much more competitive prices.

Arsene, with his poly math, multi-lingual intellect, has not yet thrown in the towel. Not by a long chalk! No siree Bob!

He now has his main GK target openly putting pressure on Fulham to sanction his release. Darn, did I not mention Mark Schwarzer? Well we at Arsenal do not tap up other clubs’ players or breathe gently in their ears to agitate for a move. Oh no, not us. Heaven Forfend!

It is almost beyond belief that we will not buy another first class Centre Back, so stop fretting.
Why? Bugger, haven’t you been reading my massive missive above? Djourou is currently injured, again, and Arsene knows he cannot be relied on over a pre-season let alone a full season.

Do you seriously think our erudite manager does not know that his credibility and our wonderful club’s fortunes depend on acquiring a suitable excellent replacement at Centre Half? Behave!

And it is not just us who are having injury problems. Manu are missing Owen Hargreaves, possibly Carrick and also Ferdinand. Our hosts on Sunday are missing Torres, depending on which rumour you listen to, and have sold the usual bric a brac. So too other crappo clubs have their probs.

Look, we have everything to look forward to and our expectations should be riding high. There is no reason we cannot pin our hopes on Arsene and our brilliant team.
Come on you accursed Sky TV boys; Jeff Stelling, Merse and Matt Le Tiss, tell us the story of how the Saturday Farters, sorry, starters are getting on, let us gloat with great glee that either the Spuds or Citeh have had a shitty start to the season by losing. Yaay!

We must have faith in our boys and our magnificent manager! They will bring the bacon home, or the pressed beef, whichever is your thing!!!

This is no time for effing wimps or wuzzes! Be of good heart, and give the team your full committed support. Without you, nothing good will happen!
You heard it here first; Arsenal will win the PL championship 2010/11.

Dogged, Determined and three points, just what the doctor ordered….

February 11, 2010

What a day yesterday was, still full of doom and gloom from Sunday, not feeling very confident about facing the dippers – but something inside niggled away, just something gave me hope that we would win.

My day didn’t start too well because the car wouldn’t start and I had to go out, but after a few phone calls and a set of jumps leads from a fellow Gooner, I was helped on my way. New battery in place, a few pounds parted with and off back home I went.

No matter what the distraction, the old grey matter kept thinking about the game against Liverpool.

Even an afternoon trip to the dentist was grim, he is a Chelsea fan and I dreaded the salt being rubbed into the deep wound I still suffered. I needn’t have worried though really, his son is a Gooner, and all he said was, we need a striker– not really something I didn’t know, all of us know that don’t we?

We talked about ‘that goal’ that you know who scored for Citeh, and he commented on how we needed a player like him – that was based on how he is playing now, not how he played for us during his final season.

So, onto the match – I felt sick with nerves – we needed to win…….

On top of the desperate need of the three points, I couldn’t even begin to think about the stick I would get from my nephew and brother in law if we lost – they are ‘Big Dipper’ fans ( I must take them to the next Fare that comes into town)….. 😉

Thankfully, that is now something I don’t have to think about, they do, but not me – when is the last time we did the double over the Dippers? Right now I don’t really care..

On a night when Chelsea lost to Everton and Manchester United drew with Aston Villa, maybe Arsene Wenger is right to still have belief. We have all agreed that the run in favours us and that points could be dropped by those around us – well tonight has proved that.

Tonight has also proved that there is a long way to go yet before any fat lady starts to sing.

I am not going to rate the players because I can’t – I just watched the game rather than study player by player, but the one thing I do think about is how many times I sat and thought something along the lines of ‘ Can’t believe you did that’ ; I don’t recall many…

Rosicky’s heavy touch when I was sure he was going to put us 1-0 up, but passed it to Reina

Nik’s blast over the net

Eboue’s – I have been shot – get me out of here…

And finally, Walcott’s – I am going to run down time by the corner flag; oops I have passed it back to Reina moment…

Maybe you can add to those mad moments, and please do – just remember that I am getting on a bit and the memory is not so good 😉

Knob of the Night

Howard Webb

Having seen Nik get booked when a penalty should have been given, Gerrard took a dive and got nothing for troubles – this man is not worthy to wear a referees shirt! Can you believe that he is the best this country has and he is off to the World Cup in South Africa? Lets hope he takes more cards with him than Graham Poll did, he may need them 😉

Please note – I am exorcising the right to remain silent over the Cesc handball in the last ten seconds of the match 😉

The player who stood out for me was Diaby. He has been on the end of a barrage of abuse by many, many fans and I am one of them but tonight I thought he showed a different side to his game, he attacked, tracked back, tackled and he scored our winner.

Diaby is my Man of the Match… very closely followed by Gallas…

Cesc – well, he seems cheesed off, not with us, but with all the paps hounding him about Barcelona, I just wish they would leave him alone. If he goes, it will be because of them, there is no let up for the lad, every day of every week the same old Barcelona stuff comes out… It must be hard.

Clichy, Almunia, Eboue – All played the best I have seen them in a long while (apart from the Eboue silly moment)

TV, Gallas, Song – Solid, just solid – that last ditch tackle from Gallas was worth a new two year contract on its own – hope you saw it Ivan..

Nik, well, a way to go yet, but it’s good to see the big fella back, and tonight I thought he did ok – at least he ran his heart out and did some defending …. Mind you, it was him that lost possession, so, so he should I say… 😉

Rosicky (on for Nasri) – Having watched him totally muck up a golden opportunity I was gutted, but the cross he provided for
Diaby was sublime, it had pace and precision and Diaby didn’t waste his chance…

Huggy Huggy Huggy – Oi Oi Oi – That’s what I was singing, I didn’t give a toot about the neighbours 😛

Then the nerves struck and I spent the rest of the game ducking a diving behind the laptop screen, volume muted, just staring at the face of my better half. The face I knew would give away anything that happened…

Thankfully it didn’t give away anything, neither did we – well done Arsenal, maybe you are right back on track, and our dream could still be, very much alive….

What I will say, last night’s result has helped me to get over the game against the chavs, big time ……

Bring on Porto….. Oh, and did I mention that Tottingham lost to Wolves….

We were down, we took the standing 8 count, its time to fight back….

February 10, 2010

Confidence maybe low and the scars from the two previous defeats may still be gaping, but we really need to get a grip of ourselves as its gonna be a fight now. We really need to dig deep. It’s no good hiding behind excuses, every game from now until the end of the season is a cup final. The players and the manager need to roll up their sleeves and yes that includes the fans too. According to Wenger they feel the whole world is against them, so we need to turn the Emirates into a fortress and give them 50,000 reasons why they are not alone. We don’t want to give them anymore excuses than what they already have.

We really need a trophy this year, if not, at least a CL final or pushing the title race to the last day. Every year Wenger tells us this squad is ready. He practically tells us the domestic cups are a non priority and throws them every season in order to compete in the two big ones, but we always fall short. Well short. We have to do it this year or Wenger will find that his band of blind faith followers will dwindle more erratically than what they are already.

Football is a sport, it’s all about winning. If it’s not about winning then why on earth do we keep score?? Why do we have league tables and knock out competitions??? Why does the team that comes 1st get those big shiny silver things as a reward and every other club gets naff all. It’s all about medals and trophies. If Wenger is interested in nothing but ‘finances’ and the ‘long term security’ of the club, it’s time he took a job upstairs to help with the finances and long term securities and we get someone in to coach the team who’s hungry for glory. Somebody who at least teaches his players the basics of the age old art of defending…

At the minute Wenger is playing the role of butcher, baker and candlestick maker and it seems to be taking its toll. I remember the other week after Utd had trounced us. In the post match interview Fergie was asked if Rooney’s contract was being sorted and Fergie said he didn’t deal with that side of things. His job is just to deal with details on the pitch and it seems to be working for them. 3 trophies on the bounce well in the race for a 4th, even with the loss of two of their best players last season..

Anyway, moving quickly on. There’s 13 games to go. That’s plenty of time but we can’t afford no more cock ups. Wenger needs to stop pampering these players and put a rocket up their arses. Play the players in their best positions, drop the players who aren’t performing. Almunia, Sagna, Denilson, Theo and Clichy are the best examples. We dont have enough games now for them to ‘find their fitness/confidence’. It’s about the team not the players sensitive souls. Sod them. They are playing shit and costing us points so they have to give way. If they need fitness or whatever, bang them in the reserves until they’ve proved it.

Nobody has a god given right to win anything, but at the same time nobody has the god given right to play in the first team either. Earn your place, that’s why we have big squads nowadays. What does it say to the young players who are playing well, if  a 1st teamer spends 3 months out injured, only to walk straight back into the team and plays like hes never played before in his life, making endless mistakes and costing points..

Lets go for it against the Dippers. We need some big performances so lets pick the players that will give us that and not the ones who will make cock ups and then have people making excuses up after the game, saying that they have just returned from injury. It’s getting boring. We have a massive squad, so lets use it..

Eboue Gallas Campbell TV
Cesc Song Rosicky
Diaby Bendtner AA

We have a chance to get some pride back and kick start our season again. Liverpool are in form, we are not, but stats count for nothing out there on the pitch. Denilson is proof of this. Beat the dippers and fingers crossed for a couple of results that go in our favour and all is not lost..

Last chance lads, so go get ’em, restore some pride and take no prisoners…

The morning after the morning before……

February 9, 2010

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a sneaky feeling that I still feel pretty much the same as you all do. Bit like a wounded animal who desperately needs a vet, but can’t get to one.

I hurt from that defeat, or rather embarrassment against Chelsea and I just can’t seem to shake it off. Maybe half the problem is that it followed the defeat against the Mancs on our own turf, being knocked out of the FA Cup by Stoke.

Had the defeats been spread out through the season, maybe it wouldn’t feel quite so bad, but it does.

Not only is it hard enough to stomach, but then you have to read all the comments from the likes of Ballack who says we are too soft, Deco, who says we are bottlers and then the only thing our leader can say is we were ‘Naive’ – how can he say that?

Arsene, you are the one being naive, you are the one who thinks that all of our players are good enough – you are clearly very very wrong. Ok, we can’t do anything about it right now because the transfer window has closed but come the summer things have to change, and quite dramatically in my mere humble opinion.

I won’t jump on the ‘Arsene Wenger out’ bandwagon just yet, but I have to say that I don’t think it will be too long before I do – probably right at the end of the summer!!

Listening to some of the pundits yesterday, some of them are now questioning how he has been allowed to continue as our manager when things have gone the way they have for so long. I haven’t really heard them say that before, but of course, they are right.

Then to hear Nigel Winterburn – he made it sound so very simple; he echoed the opinions of most of the fans. He said we need to bring in experience – a keeper, defender, midfielder and a striker.

Well said Nigel!! Maybe he could call Arsene Wenger and give him his views, and why not get Winterburn to pop along to the training days and help Clichy get back to the way we all know Clichy can play.

Walcott says we need to find a killer instinct, well I say to Theo, why don’t you start by finding it yourself!! Clichy says ‘Don’t write us off’ – I say to him, try staying on your post for corners and stop going for a wander!!
I could go on, but what’s the point…

Little bit of news – Luke Freeman and JET have been added to the Champions League squad. JET being added is not too much of a surprise, but Freeman, now that is interesting. He does like to score, but hanging our hopes on such a young footballer is not the best place to be in really. Like I said, it could turn out to be very very interesting…..

On loan Jay Simpson isn’t happy having been replaced by Marcus Bent – why not get him back, he is a striker and right now we don’t have one… Do I sound desperate now 😉

That’s it, not much I know, maybe tomorrow especially at 10pm, I will feel a little brighter…

I hope we all do…

Sky Sports miss Gerrard Dive Exclusive!

December 8, 2009

Well not very exclusive at all really.

The other day we was having a debate on how biased Sky Sports news are on the way they favoured Ireland over France in the run up to the World Cup play offs.
Here is another example of how they are selective in their reporting. After the way Dudu got hung drawn and quartered for going down at the slightest of touches from a keeper, they also whipped up a sea of emotion against Thierry Henry for his handball in the Ireland game. Last weekend England’s Stevie Gerrard does this..

Thanks to the Republik of Mancunia for the clip.

Surely there has to be some sort of a body to ensure that reporting is done fairly, because Sky and others are starting to act as guardians of football and not the FA or Fifa who appear to be bowing down to the pressure of these media sources.
On Sunday morning on Talk Sport the Scouser Quinn made the excuse that he never saw the match and it could not have been too bad as SSN wasn’t showing it.  England supporters would accept it if Stevie G did it to win us the World Cup.. Is that two faced or what?

At least Eduardo kept dignified silence up and only spoke after FIFA cleared his name.unlike the kettle and pot comments of Gerrard.

This is the problem with retrospective punishments, they are selective in who is the chosen one for the witch hunt,

When it was said that a majority of newspapers and a few TV channels being owned by one person was a dangerous thing, I never realized the importance of that, I do now and it makes me wonder what rubbish we have been fed over many years and how that has affected the opinion of the public on many issues.

Perhaps the blog world is the best place to be.

Anyway that’s all getting a bit heavy, It was just a short one today, see you in the comments..

Arsenal’s title fires are Stoked as Arshavin supershow smashes Potters to pieces

December 6, 2009

In a game that marked Arsene Wengers 500th match in charge, I feel its important to mention that of those 500 games under Wenger,we have lost only 80. Thats an incredible percentage for a manager that seems to come under constant criticism, even from some sections of his own supporters…

Anyway, back to the game..

Stoke had the all the ‘kryptonite’ attributes. A tough, tall, physical side that would offer strong resistance to a lightweight side and an attack that hadn’t scored a goal in their last two league games. Every man and London’s dog had been focusing on the reasons that embarrassing defeats to Sunderland, Chelsea and to a lesser extent Citeh in the Micky Mouse cup, had been down to the fact our players were picked from the cast of the wizard of Oz. This game was important, it was massive,  not only did we need to get our momentum back but also to eradicate the vertically challenged demons that had no doubt been haunting Wenger..

Preparation was not ideal..Three domestic defeats on the trot, an injury list longer than Peter Crouch, outspoken Russians,  and a  pre-match injury to Eduardo which left Wenger with hardly any options to an attack that was already depleted and couldnt buy a goal with Theo Walcott’s wage…

This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it forced Wenger to move the outspoken but sometimes brilliant Russian into the centre of a three-man attack..and he didn’t disappoint..

Stokes back four compared to our front three can only be described as somewhat of a David V Goliath type of contest with Arshavin proving to be our slingshot…Proving that with the right attitude and right movement you dont have to be 7 foot and a tab end to win a football match..

We started off in typical Arsenal fashion. Lots of fancy passing played at a quick tempo that was constantly testing the defence, and they were holding firm. The deadlock was almost broken when Cesc sent in a defence splitting pass to Arshavin only for him to mis-control the ball and allow Sorensen, who is second only to Petr Cech in the list of clean sheets, to dive at his feet and clear the ball. Not long after we thought the goal had finally come. Some super trickery and tomfoolery from Arshavin lead him to be tripped in the box..Cesc stepped up to take the penalty but Sorensen saved magnificently standing on the 6 yard line. It was proving to be one of those days and the look on Wenger’s face as he sat on in the dugout sipping his water was a look of a man who thought ‘here we go again’..

Its games like these when you need someone to step up to the plate and produce a moment of magic to change the game. Enter the Russian. After some good link up play with the brilliant Cesc, Arshavin found himself in the box with defenders trying to knock him over and the ball stuck under his feet. He showed his class, holding off a defender twice his size and hitting the ball with no back lift into the only place he could beat Sorensen. An outstanding goal and  the pressure was off. His 7th of the season and he was showing us all why hes regarded as one of the worlds best talents…

The chances kept coming and Cesc could count himself unlucky, finding Sorensen in good form and Stokes new sweeper Eboue clearing Cesc’s shot off the line….

The second half was no different…wave after wave of Arsenal attack, spearheaded by a Spanish-Russian alliance..shot after shot was hitting the bar, the post, the defenders and the impressive Sorensen, but nerves were eased when Ramsey-a replacement for the crocked, hard-working Eboue – played a one two with AA and with a bit of luck found himself in on goal..The finish was sublime. The young Welshman said after the game it was luck but i think he’s being too modest..He meant that finish, you dont strike a ball like that if your relying solely on luck.. Pure class..

With the game won we could relax..Good performace that deserved more goals but after recent results i’d have taken a 1-0 with an own goal as the clincher….

Player ratings

Almunia..6..Kept a clean sheet but that was down to the fact Stoke couldnt get passed our defenders. Came for Delap’s first rocket launched throw in and flapped, dropped the ball and ended up on the floor in a heap. After that he left everything for his defenders to deal with and they didn’t let him down.

Sagna..7..It amazes me how he always plays better when Eboue plays in front of him. Alot like playing Song and Denilson together acts as one midfielder, the same applies when Sagna and Eboue play together – they act as one right back. Either way its two men doing one mans job and it takes a player out of the attack. That being said I thought he had a comfortable game. Some good tackles and some good forward runs but he still needs to work on his final ball and try and get some consistency to his game when Eboue doesn’t play with him..

Gallas..8.5..Awesome. Won every header and made himself hard to beat on the ground. This mans pivotal to our chances of silverware. Lets hope the injury doesn’t rule him out of the Liverpool game.

Vermaelen..8.. Complemented Gallas perfectly. Again winning every header and was strong in the tackle. A good solid defensive performance.

Traore..7.5..The lad didn’t put a foot wrong. Linked up well down the left wing and kept it tight at the back. Threw in a couple of dangerous crosses for good measure and his speed made him a handful.

Denilson..6.5..Quiet game from the Statman.Which isn’t a bad thing I suppose. Not as influential as Song and doesn’t contribute as much to the attack as Song but he’ll do for back up. Especially for teams like Stoke.

Cesc..9..Outstanding performance. Unlucky with the penalty and unlucky not to score, especially when Eboue forgot what team he was playing for. Outshone Denilson in the defensive role, closing Stokes players down and making some good tackles and his through balls were tearing Stoke to bits. A complete midfield performance from our captain fantastic..

Nasri..7.5..Not fully back to his best yet but linked up well with AK47 and Cesc..Theres alot more to come from this lad..Lets hope we don’t have to wait too long.

Eboue..6.5.. A+ for effort. Lacks technical ability and sometimes looks like a Coca Cola league player, but he gives his all and when he cuts out the cheating and the silly tricks he tries so often,he doesn’t do too bad..Alot like Denilson in the fact we have better players,much better players.. but he’ll do for teams like Kettering Town and Stoke..Probably would have got a 7 if he lasted the full 90..

Rosicky..5.5..I really don’t know what to say. Kept trying to force the pass but his ball retention has gone to pot. Gave the ball away too many times..Wasn’t dissapointed to see him replaced at half time.

Arshavin..9..My joint man of the match. Loves being the centre of attention on and off the pitch..His movement and leadership shone through and i thought he lead the line perfectly..An absolutely destructive performance from an absolute destructive player..I think he gets lost sometimes stuck out on the left, but when he plays through the middle and links up with a player like Cesc its hard to stop him.. Need more performances like this from him if we want to be serious challengers..He can talk all he wants as long as he gives the fans that type of performance week after week..I found it hilarious when Denilson was lining up a shot from 30 yards and Arshavin took the ball off his toe and went running at the defence..Denilson’s body language was priceless-but what would you rather prefer? A Denilson attack or an Arshavin attack? Thats what I want from our best players, that “you do your job and let me do mine” attitude is what wins you games… 


Vela..6.5..good movement from the Mexican once again.. Offered more to the attack than what Rosicky did.

Ramsey..7..great and clinical and secured the points

Silvestre..not on long enough..

All in all, I think it was a good performance..We dominated the game, not just for periods but for the whole game and we were unlucky not to score more. A clean sheet, 3 points and back to winning ways after a difficult fortnight. Wenger’s decision to stick to his guns in the mickey mouse cup proved fully justified as we sacrificed a cup only considered serious by Spurs in order to secure three points in the league…

8 points behind Chelsea and 6 behind the Manc’s with a game in hand isnt bad reading,especially for a team with more flaws than a solar powered torch…

Bring on the Dippers..

Ramsey ready, Nasri back, Fabianski fit to …..

October 28, 2009

Yesterday The Boss stated in the press that the player we are all desperate to see be given a chance is ready to play. Yep, he says Ramsey has grown into a man and expects him to play 15 -20 games for the first team this season?? Well Arsene, he won’t reach the target you have set him if you don’t play him will he?? You have said now though and publicly, so can we please leave Diaby on the bench at best, and leave Eboue to play in his natural position at RB when you need him to and start to play the lad! After all, Ramsey is a natural midfielder isn’t he??

Nasri makes his first start tonight, so its ‘only the CC’ but I don’t care, the man is back and he could just be the other half of what has been missing the last two games. I honestly think with him and Tomas back fit we will return to winning ways in the league, starting with Tottenham on Saturday. Of course, the best thing about Nasri being back and Tomas being fit means that AW won’t have to play Diaby and won’t have to play Eboue on the left of midfield – Cripes, I hope he sees it that way too. Then of course we have Theo to come back too. That all sounds a little bit better…. 😉

Another player making his comeback is Fabianski – our No2 keeper – well he was, but now Arsene has said that the fight for the gloves is between Almunia, Mannone and Fabianski. He says ‘Mannone stays in goal at the moment as we are winning – yes, its as straight forward as that – simples’ 😛

‘Arry’ has confirmed Lennon is out for the little derby at the weekend which is good news as he is their biggest threat in my opinion, Defoe too as the lad is banned.

On to tonight, the funny accents are back in London as the kids take on Liverpool in the CC. The only news on the opposition front is that Stevie ‘woe is me me’ is out, Mascerano is out but their new £20M midfield man will be on the bench ready to make his mark.. Yeah right, he is unfit, has played for ages and he shouldn’t cause too much trouble, should he??

As London said last night, this result won’t make a lot of difference to the first team, but I for sure would start to feel a whole lot better if we can will this game tonight, and win it well. You never know, win, and the big boys sitting in the crowd watching may just learn something from them – I have always believed it’s never too late to learn, and you cant rule out footballers in that belief..

The difference we will see tonight in the team I think will be a crop of players who want to show how good they are, want to prove they are worth playing amoung the big boys, want to play for eachother and ultimately want to win at all costs. I don’t expect them to be strolling about tonight wondering what to spend their big salaries on, no, we will see a team that will be focused until the end, and I honestly believe they will beat The Dippers and go through to the next round.

My team would be

Eboue Senderos Silvestre Gibbs
Ramsey Coquelin Merida
Nasri Eduardo Vela

Just read that Wilshere is out for the match 😦

3-1 winners 😛