They may be young, but why not start playing one or two???

February 23, 2010

Yesterday Arsenal confirmed that promising youngster Benik Afobe had signed his first professional contract with the club.

Benik Afobe was on the radar of Barcelona last year and it was reported that he was ready to pack his back and head off to the sunny shores of Spain. Sensible lad though has realised where its best to get a chance in the life of football.

Here he is, all smiles – so would I be, I bet he counting his pennies already and wondering which big flash car he going to buy!!

Benik Afobe is the one sat down.....

Benik Afobe is the one sat down 😉

On youth signings Young Guns reported yesterday that Giles Sunu had committed himself to the club by signing a new long term contract. It’s suggested that he told Radio Derbyshire this during an interview after securing his loan move.

So that’s two strikers secured, both though still under nineteen years old so I suppose we won’t see them in the first team just yet!

Talking about strikers only here, the question has to be is why not?????

Over the last few years we have seen players make an impact from such an early age, at the weekend Jack Rodwell scored the winner for Everton against the Mancs, he is just 18 years old

Michael Owen made his debut for Liverpool at 18 years old

Wayne Rooney made his Everton debut at 17 years old

Kadeem Harris made his Wycombe debut at 16 years old!!

I know there are many more to make their league debut in their teens – our own Theo Walcott is one of them. Compare his
impact on football to those like Rooney or Owen – sadly I would rather not right now:(

So why are we not seeing one of our youth players really come on and make a difference?

Rooney and Owen have scored goals for fun since day one and for which ever club they have played for.

We have Luke Freeman, Giles Sunu, Benik Afobe, Rhys Murphy, Roarie Deacon, Wellington Silva, Sanchez Watt and even Jay Simpson.

Which one of these are going to make a similar impact on the game of football as the likes of Rooney and Owen have?

Maybe more to the point, which one will get their chance?

Its a tough one really, I understand the principle of the youth project that Arsene keeps telling us about, but why is he afraid to let one of these ‘kids’ burst onto the scene?

Many managers aren’t afraid to throw their bright young stars into the mix, why is Arsene?

Is he protecting their bones during their teenage years, or is it simply the case of they are not good enough yet?

Two questions:-

1 – Will they ever be?

2 – Is he actually getting the right players to prove his youth theory?

Over to you

Have a great day all….