Hey Big Spender!!!!!

July 1, 2009

After last season one would of thought that the Real Madrid faithful would of had nothing to smile about..with an ageing team, a president that is willing to financially cripple them and a main rival in Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona, who are at the minute looking rather indestructable with or without new signings…. any Real Madrid fan could be forgiven if he wanted to hold his head in his hands and cry…..

I turned Sky Sports news on last night  and what do I see??? 50,000 Real madrid fans screaming,  shouting and dancing like all their dreams had come true…. 50,000!!!!!!!

Why??? Kaka….that’s why….Real Madrid have gone out and bought one of the hottest properties in world football and the fans despair has turned to jubilation….they haven’t won anything…they still might not…but it shows ambition and intent and the fans have reacted to it….

The atmosphere now in Madrid will be alot different to what it was a few weeks ago….Real’s fans will be confident…the players will also be on  a high, who doesn’t want to turn up for training and find Kaka is training alongside you??? There will be a whole new buzz about the place and last season will be forgotten….they will be up for it next season…players and fans….all because of one man!!!

Now cast your minds back to last summer, Gooners……we had nothing like this….O.K. I know we signed Samir, but that deal wasn’t on a mega scale, Samir wasn’t exactly a superstar, although I hope he becomes one, but it wasn’t anything to smile about after losing key players like Hleb and Flamini….I knew for one that we had come off worse in our summer tug of war with other clubs and confidence wasn’t really at a high with me…I knew we’d struggle…I bet I wasn’t the only one….and struggle we did…

With key players leaving and no real replacements coming in, I bet it wasn’t only the fans that were abit miffed at proceedings….I can just imagine Cescs face when the gaffer told him his best pals were leaving, not only his pals but 2 of the clubs best players….only to be replaced by kids…

Bottom line is we struggled and Wenger admitted we struggled when he said he underestimated what the summer did to us….

That’s two different teams, with two different summers, at two ends of the spectrum, with two different outcomes….

Now don’t get me wrong…I aren’t that foolish to think we could afford a Kaka…and I have nothing against our new signing of Thomas Vermaelen, I hope he becomes a wonderful player for us…but I think we need more…

Do you remember the buzz around the club when we signed Bergkamp?? What about Overmars and Campbell??? Even more recently AK47???

These signings were all players who were regarded in the ‘Europe’s hottest’ category….I love the days when we announce that we have signed such a player…I love the press conference and I love it when the player is stood holding his Arsenal shirt aloft and proud….it fills me with confidence going into a new season…and I’m sure it has the same impact on the players too….

The signing of Ak47 last season proved to be a masterstroke….the player himself showed his class….the fans and the players reacted and we fought our way back into 4th…

After Londons terrific, upbeat post on here a few days ago about the possibility of signing Benzema…I’ve noticed nothing but positive blogging…the excitement of such a player…regarded as one of Europe’s ‘hottest properties’ has got us all believing and drooling with anticipation…Imagine if we signed him??? Imagine the confidence that will be flowing through the club next season…the impact would be positive….

Mr Wenger, please….I’m not asking you to bankrupt the club….but there is a chance we can get such a player…please close the deal….money may be tight and it maybe a stumbling block but I’m sure we can do it….

Have a good day ,Ave’s and Avettes…today just may be the day we are signing and dancing…just like the Madrid fans…


Sheik, Rattle and Roll.

January 21, 2009

What an embarrassment Manchester City are turning out to be for there supporters.

Kaka turned down the filthy money that will be the ruin of football, Robiniho has thrown his toys out of his pram and gone home (with a £300,000k fine to look forward to) and the Gallaghers have turned on old red nose and Mr Wenger OBE criticising our transfer policy.

Here’s an  idea for the goverment to raise a bit of money in these cash strapped times.. Why not sell Eastlands to the Arabs fo £500,000,000.?

Then the goverment can give the money to the banks, who can then lend the money to the scousers so they can get into more debt buying the league.

Onto the Ass Shaver, still no deal but like I said the other day, it must have been agreed between Andrei and Arsenal otherwise we would have walked by now..

Other good news tonight is Eduardo is pulling an Arsenal shirt on again, away at Stoke City..(hat trick please Dudu).

The only thing is I have stopped my Setanta subscription because of th problem the other day and the bastards have cut me off already.. never mind eh..

At least “you know” “you know” Martin Hayes won’t get on my tits no more..