Everybody knocks the “Sendersaur”

August 25, 2009

What the hell has gone wrong with Phillipe Senderos?.. Once he was going to be a future Arsenal captain, the next Tony Adams. Now no one wants to entertain the man.
I like the guy, he is a very good defender he just lacks a bit of pace. But so does John Terry. So why is John Terry so good and Phillipe Senderos so bad? I would say Phillipe is an unfortunate victim of Wengerball, We need Centre Halves who can recover quickly, they need to not only cover their own position they also have to cover the full back who has gone charging down the wing and are struggling to get back. Where as Chelsea just sit back and counter attack, not as pretty as us but very efficient.
So Senderos has been turned and cannot recover mainly by Drogba.. Once this has happened a few times, Phillipe’s confidence has dropped and he is a sensitive chap, so he will suffer from that more than most.

Back in 2005/06 Phillipe was a part of the back 4 that has the record for games without conceding a goal, so there may be a solution.

Keep him. With this new system that we are deploying with a holding midfielder, that keeps our defensive numbers up when the full backs are attacking, play him next to Gallas against the smaller teams who are an aerial threat to us we could even play Vera Lynn as a left back.. Gallas to his right, Vermaelen to his left, build up his confidence again.

I would have given this a go in pre season if I was Arsene, the worst that could have happened is it would have put him in the shop window so the likes of Everton would have had more confidence in buying him as their system would suit our dinosaur more.

No other team in the Premiership has a better set of centre halves than us. Gallas, Vermaelen, Djourou and Senderos.. Can Chelsea or Man U boast a better four than that?

Just don’t play him against Chelsea..

As I was editing this I noticed London was doing one too.. I am going to post this anyway because it was a pure coincidence and I am interested if London has similar points.. so go ahead and post yours too London no problem mate..

Please read the previous post too.