A Poke in the Eye of the Tigers…..

March 14, 2010

Hull 1 Arsenal 2.. (Arsenal win on away goals).

It’s getting to the stage where we can scrap the team coach and hire a mini bus to take our fit players to away games. We are savaged with injuries, which as usual the media choose to forget.
A lot of  the pundits are knocking Bendtner, even after the infamous Porto “hat trick” and 6 goals in the last 5 starts and in his favoured position at last.
He, and watch my lips is not our main striker, he is behind RvP in the pecking order, that’s like knocking Michael Owen for Man U. or N.Gog for the Dippers, he is far, far better than them and his all round play and work rate is superb and he is improving every game.

Onto the game, we started as we usually do, passed a bit, misplaced passed a bit, then settled in and scored at the fifteen minute mark with a opportunity from our Russian secret weapon. He just runs at players and plays the percentages that a break will come his way and it did. 1-0..

Then as usual, the game starts to come easy, we create, we think we are in a training session and we piss ourselves laughing as yet another chance goes over the bar. But the reality is we are always one balls up from a equaliser. The balls up initially came from the linesman, although standing in line missed the Hesselinkson bloke beyond our back four.

So he had the head start on Sol and as Sol plays catch up he clatters into the back of the bloke with the long name, (clatters is by far too strong a word) . Should Sol see red? . No (a) because two wrongs don’t make a right (well a bit) and (b) the attacker has to be in a goal scoring position. How can you score a goal when the ball is two feet behind your head would be some feat)?

Anyway. Bullard penalty 1-1..

The game re-starts and soon becomes ill tempered and for some reason a handbags session breaks out on the half way line that involved Nikki getting tugged, poked in the face and whacked.. and he got a yellow for that along with the perpetrator. Boetang

Just before half time Boetang decides to tattoo Sagna’s knee with his studs and he walks with just two yellows, which in reality is better for us than a straight red as we don’t see any benefit from a three match ban.

HT, Hull down to ten men. We should piss this, but I still never felt good about it.

The main talking point for the 40 minutes of the second half was a tackle by Sol in which he won the ball, luckily the ref must have had regrets about his first half penalty decision and Sol just gave a free kick away, much to the disgust of the KC mob.

The crowd became boisterous, the tension started to build and we never looked like scoring. Eboue was replaced with Theo and we started to dominate as the game went on and our passing game wore Hull 10 men down, but with no real chances. but  Hull started to be forced back.

Out of the blue the fourth official stuck up a six minute of injury time on his board and that was the belief we needed to win the game, that must be an omen, we never get that sort of gift. Sure enough three minutes in Bendtner is the first to react from a ? Denilson? Shot and we score in +3 mins Phew!!..

At this point of writing I turned on MOTD and I expect a anti Arsenal reaction but, hold up,  Shearer and Hansen are backtracking and are saying similar to what I have already wrote “offside” “Not a red for Sol” “well timed tackle” I am stunned, perhaps the League is our destiny and they are giving in. The force is with us..

Almunia.. 7.. Hardly saw him, no Manuel moments whatsoever.

Sagna.. 7.. Perhaps we could have rested him yesterday and played Eboue at right back and we would have had more attacking options, he did okay..

Campbell..7.. He looked a little cumbersome and tired at times, I don’t understand why he should have been sent off, or the problem with his tackle. (apart from he is Arsenal)

Vermaelen 7.5.. Roma’s new centre half for next season had his usual good game, usual tenacity and desire to win.

Clichy. 7.. Back to normal, fast, and wants to win. He seems to have settled next to Vermaelen a lot better now.

Denilson.. 5 .. yep he was there.

(in fairness he made the  winner, after his shot was poorly saved by the Hull keeper)

Diaby 6.5.. Frustrating that he cannot show up every week, he should be running rings around this lot. But he never played badly.

Nasri.6.5.. He was trying his best, but he just ain’t Cesc..

Arshavin.. 7.25 Brilliant, Frustrating, Clinical, wasteful,  whatever the mix, bloody exciting, I love the fella.

Eboue.7. Okay performance, perhaps he was struggling after a midweek game in Europe more than most as he isn’t used to them.

Bendtner.. 8 My MOTM, never gave up, looks clumsy sometimes but manages to use the ball really well, First to react for the winner, cheers Nikki.


Theo.7... Did really well, good crosses, just needs to know that the players running in are not mind readers..

Eduardo?  Difficult to give a mark to, as he wasn’t on for long, but showed well and needs a good run out next to Nikki, but can you leave the AA man out?

We will get these sort of games if we are to win the Premiership, it’s never plain sailing. But 3 points are 3 points.


Up t’ north we go again then…

March 13, 2010

Firstly, welcome back Mark Halsey, after a tough seven months he has his whistle in his pocket and he’s back where he should be.

Another must win game tonight and it’s another tricky one too. Hull City are a funny old side really, led by a man who looks as if he been ‘Tangoed’ and should be seen only in the local discotheque with his ear/mouthpiece!!

Hull have a full squad to choose from should Stephen Hunt pass a late fitness test this morning, but even so, we a side on a winning run again, confidence is high and Nikki B has finally realised what his football boots are on the end of his feet for!

We have doubts over Tomas Rosicky, Bacary Sagna and Sol Campbell, fingers crossed they both make it, Campbell is far better than Silvestre and Rosicky is not far off being as good as he was before injury. I just hope all three pass the fitness and play today, the only one I am not so concerned about is Sagna, Eboue is fine right now.

Theo Walcott started to show what he was made of last Saturday and even though he was a substitute on Tuesday night against Porto, when he came on he looked like a different player. Suddenly he seems to have a bit of fight in him and a bit of confidence.
With Walcott tearing down the wings, crossing to the head of Nikki ‘I can score now’ Bendtner we should be confident of coming away with all three points.

So this is my team:-


Eboue Sol TV Clichy

Diaby Nasri Rosicky (no order)

Theo Nikki Arshavin

That team is enough to beat Hull, a side that sits second from the bottom of the Premiership Table, a team who has been in the naughty corner this week because of two players fighting and scaring ladies from the Women’s Institute! Nick Barmby and Jimmy Bullard were the guilty players, they should both be dropped! Good though to see that Brown had to make an apology to the ladies, I bet he hated that!

I hope we tear Hull to shreds, thrash them off of their own ground and add another blow with the hammer to the nail that will one day be in Phil Browns footballing coffin. I can’t stand the man. The accusation he so wrongly made against Cesc, accused Arsene Wenger of not shaking his hand after the same game in order to ‘justify’ his complaint about Cesc, the man is not nice.

And many say Arsene Wenger is a bad loser, bloody heck, at least he doesn’t behave like you Mr Brown! The man’s a Knob!!

Its an orange one just for him!!

Brown is not a ‘nice manager’ he gives all the chit chat then hides behind the reality. That reality is he and his team are in the wrong league and you don’t need me to suggest where they should be but it wouldn’t even be playing against Reading, nah, they deserve to be much further down in the leagues!

So come you boys, not only win this for Aaron and to keep the Premiership Title dream alive, win it for our little Captain, throw that false accusation right back down his throat by whooping Hull by many a goal…

Keep the dream alive……

Snow Cesc, Snow Balls, Snow Chance

December 19, 2009

Those dirty paupers from Oop Norf visit the emirates today with a lot of resentment still burning over from last season..I dont care what that lying piece of work Phil Brown says, they will be looking to put one over on us after what happened last season in the ‘spitgate’ debarcle..Tensions will be high and Hull will be up for this, after all  they did beat us here last season it what proved to be an embarrassing result, seeing as though Hull are a poor side..

We need our boys to do the same. We need them to match Hulls resentment attitude. They need to be up for it big time. Our two most influential creative players are out for this one so chances maybe hard to come by with a midfield of Denilson, Song, Diaby and maybe eboue..its fair to say the crab style will observed today so we need to show we can win the battle in the midfield and then hope Arshavin can produce a moment of brilliance to change the game in our favor..Hes still injured,but he’ll still play, so I advise the lads to get stuck in, do the dirty work for 90mins and when the ball is won just pass it to him to hit it..

Its going to be a tight game I feel..the weather does us no favors, neither do our injuries..therefore we need the boys to dig deep today.we need them to close down, go for the 50-50’s and do their best to win that second ball, becuase if they don’t then the chances are Hull will dominate, close us out, break and score, especially with Almunia in the worst form of his life…So i’d like him dropped for todays game..Theo should also be dropped, his attitude and body language has been terrible and the game against Burnley was one of the worst ive ever seen from an outfield player, we need a player who applies himself to the cause so I hope Theo is applied to the bench..

Team selection is a bit difficult seeing as though we seem to have more casualties than WW1, but we still have more quality than Hull…Which isn’t hard..Our ladies have more quality than Hull, today isnt about quality though it’s about commitment, focus, and a determined will to win at all costs…they owe us that after the Burnley performance and this time they have the fans to help them, so theres no excuses..I want to see crunching tackles, 100% work rate, close marking and closing down…we do that and the quality will shine through..

I’m going for 1-0 with AA the scorer..

Without Cesc we have little chance of creating so it socks up,dig deep, work hard and shoot on sight..One of them must go in…

Come on lads no excuses…

Phil Brown: unwashed, fatherless person from beyond the Watford Gap.

March 19, 2009

In an attempt to make sense of what are, so obviously, false allegations made by Brown and Horton; I asked my self, “Why”?

This is not the first time a manager has come to the Emirates, lost the game and then marched, very publicly, onto the pitch at the end to berate the referee about one decision or another.

No, Phil Brown is in the esteemed company of Kevin Keegan and Paul Jewel both of which, in their own inimitable way, have marched onto the Emirates, thrown their arms into the air and started shouting.

The connection is probably becoming clearer, all of them were managing a team in decline and all of them were aware that their jobs were under serious threat.

The public display of emotion is not aimed at the referee; they know full well that they are not going to change his mind. This contrived frustration is a manipulative act aimed at the travelling supporters who have just watched their team lose and in all three cases of Newcastle, Wigan and Hull were very angry and very worried that their team was, and is, about to be relegated.

In an attempt to save their jobs, the managers try to create a siege mentality, an us against the rest of the world attitude, in the hope that it will install a fighting spirit amongst the players and divert the anger away from the hard core, the most influential and therefore the most likely to start the calling for the managers head, section of the supporters.

In normal circumstances we wouldn’t take too much notice of these kind of things, I mean, petty squabbles at the foot of the table is so not us, but Phil Brown crossed the line; accusing Wenger of refusing to shake his hand and Fabregas of spitting at Horton are despicable lies especially when you realise how clearly these allegations have been manufactured for the sake of trying to save their jobs.

Phil Brown purposely avoided the hand shake as part of his deceitful plan to try and garner sympathy from the clubs players and fans. Fabregas has categorically denied spitting and I know who I believe.

I didn’t like Phil Brown before Tuesday but now nothing would give me greater pleasure that to see Hull relegated and Brown to lose his job.

Arsenal Two — Hull One……Simples

March 18, 2009


Actually, it was far from simple, it was nerve racking and frustrating for 75 minutes and could have so easily gone horribly wrong but as all right-minded stories should end – the good guys won.

Arsenal started this tie as if they wished they were somewhere else, a bit like an unpleasant chore that had to be suffered before being awarded a treat. In this case the treat was the far more glamorous tie with Chelsea at Wembley on April 18th.

The team selection made complete sense. There should have been enough speed and talent in the choice of Walcott, RVP, Vela and Arshavin up front to have won this tie comfortably. But as is so often the case; things that look good on paper do not always function well in practice. Our new shiny attack was running slow and spluttering, like a Ferrari stuck in second gear. There was no interplay between them and no link up play from the midfield. My frustration focused on Diaby who had one of those games in which he infuriatingly doesn’t get rid of the ball quick enough and loses possession.

Hull couldn’t believe their luck at all the presents that Diaby kept giving them; as a result, they went from a team that started time wasting from the very first minute; which, if you think about it is quite disgusting, to a team that thought they could get something out of the tie and then to compound everyone’s frustration they scored from a lucky deflection.

The goal certainly perked us up but didn’t change anything. One half of the midfield had gone missing. Song’s role as DM was to break up play and pass to Diaby who was supposed to drive things forward. Song was doing his job but Diaby annoyingly failed to do his. Van Persie frustrated by the situation was coming back deep to pick up the ball in an attempt to make things happen, the result being that there was no one left in the attack to play it to.

The second half started in the same frustrating way as the first half ended. The bright spot was Arshavin; he was the only one capable of igniting the game but even he needed help which finally arrived in the form of Bendtner and Nasri, their impact was immediate. RVP was instantly put at ease by Bendtner playing the lead striker and Nasri having told Diaby to go and play with his toys in the corner got on with the task of grabbing the game by the scruff of the neck and dominating the midfield.

The breakthrough came after 75 minutes when it was our turn to have some luck: the ball bounced kindly for Bendtner who then controlled it well, passed to Arshavin who coolly squared it to RVP to finish from 5 yards out.
The stadium erupted with relief and the onslaught in search for the winner began. The Hull goal for the next ten minutes resembled Dresden on a bad night: wave after wave of bombardment until Nasri flighted a free kick into the box which the goal keeper couldn’t punch clear, it spun off his glove up into the air for Billy Boy, who was miles on side, to head the winner. Job done but we managed to make a mountain out of a mole hill, again.

Fabianski: in control, commanding, not to blame for the first goal. 7

Sagna: usual good defending. 6.5

Gallas: missed playing with someone more experienced next to him. 6.5

Djourou: really should play with learner plates on. L plates on a player congers quite a funny image to me. 6

Gibbs: sorry, I have gone back to thinking he is not going to make it at Arsenal. More composed, yes, but it is only a question of time before someone with pace embarrasses him. 6

Diaby: the reason I am upset about him is because I was one of those hoping that he was going to metamorphosise into Patrick Vieira but on last night’s performance he is a long way from that. 5

Song: did his job well, made some very incisive passes, one most notably that carved their defence open but Theo was unable to control. 7

Walcott: like a flower needs light, Theo needs space and there wasn’t much of it yesterday. 6

RVP: doesn’t like playing the lone striker role, instantly more comfortable when Bendtner came on. 6

Vela: completely forgettable performance. 5

Arshavin: the speed this man is adapting at is staggering, give him two more weeks and he will be the captain. 7.5

Nasri: changed the game. 8
Bendtner: growing in confidence. 7

Other notable appearances.
Fabregas: Horton is a nasty piece of work. 10