Big day Arsenal, big day Arsene…..

February 27, 2010

Don’t know about anyone else, but it seems along long time since we played our last game of football, since Cesc slotted home his penalty to secure us three points against Sunderland.

Thankfully today the boys are back in action and we should all be able to see it on a proper screen rather than a stream somewhere. Some are lucky to be heading up to Stoke, but me, I will be sat in front of the television, shouting obscenities at the screen and praying for a win.

Prior to that though and just for a change, I’m going to watch the lunchtime battle between Wayne Bridge and John Terry – oops I mean Chelsea against Manchester City!

I hate City, probably as much as I do Chelsea but that has only come about since Lardy and Toure went there for money. I used to respect them a little, I would even go as far as to say I liked them as a team, but now they have become just a Mr Rich club that pays rubbish players silly money! Lardy is living proof of that isn’t he and as for Toure, he has been one of their worst signings. Hey Ho though, look on the bright side, we pocketed £40M and got rid of a couple of trouble makers.
Today though, I shall be cheering on the team from Manchester, I hope they thrash Chelsea, I hope Wayne Bridge lumps Terry in the dying seconds of the game, I really do.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the Bridge/England situation and many think he is cutting off his nose to spit his face. I am surprised really as in the ‘ordinary world’ most men I know would have been round to Terrys house a long time ago and made it clear how he felt. To expect the two to ever play in the same team let alone share a dressing room is asking far too much.

In my mere humble opinion, Terry should be the one not going to South Africa in the summer, not Wayne Bridge; he has done nothing wrong during all of this!

Maybe fate will take over and Terry will pick up an injury between now and then and Bridge will play in the end.

If City can do us a favour and we can go to Stoke and get three points then that will cut the gap down to just one game. Just one game they need to slip up in and we are in with a REAL shout. With the fixtures they have, I can see them dropping more than three points!

So on to us, The Mighty Arsenal, the so called Mighty Arsene Wenger – both have to be on their best form tonight.

We have no Diaby, Arshavin or Gallas! That’s a big three to miss!

Arsene needs to get it right from the start, put out the strongest side we have available, not his favourites, his best eleven. Then he needs the next best on the subs bench and then use them at the right time. That means, impact subs, not Denilson on for the last three minutes. If the game needs changing, bring on the right players to make that change happen!
Do that Arsene and we will win – win for only the second time in 28 years!!! Unbelievable statistics really and hard to believe – a bit like Denilsons 😉

Forget Delap, forget the long throw ins, forget what Stoke think they do well – mark Fuller out the game and we win, get Big Sol to take out every cross and throw in and we will be fine – play the football we know we can play and we will come away with the points, all three of them!!

Oh, and if Denilson is around, he can keep hold of the Stoke towel !!!!

This is our chance, I feel it’s our final chance to close the gap – fuck sorry, muck up today, and that’s it, we may as well sit back and accept 3rd place!

I am going for a 2-1 or 3-2 away win. I also have a feeling we will see something like this later….

Now then, that really would make my day… Just for you JonJon..

Have a good one all…

Martin Keown, a missed man…

February 26, 2010

Bearing in mind the news is filled with Terry v’s Bridge saga, Pompey going into administration and us going after a few more young starlets, I thought I would write about something different. I feel for Bridge though, what has he done wrong during all of this? Why is it him who has to lose out? Anyway, moving on………..

Yesterday I mentioned that Tony Adams had been the first guest on ‘An Audience With’ – a new online programme on AFC.Com, since then the channel has aired an interview with Martin Keown – so I thought I would write about a few of the views he expessed during the interview. Well some of them!

Keown, the man who so many times bossed the defence together with Big Tony, the man who I fondly remember reacting slightly, after a certain Manc we all know as Horsey, missed a penalty!

I remember that penalty miss and the aftermath – great wasn’t it? Just in case you have forgotten it…..

Sorry if this offends, but not everyone has access to

When asked about our chances in the Premier League, he highlights the massive losses to our arch rivals. He says it’s time for talking on the pitch. Everything he thinks is about the future and players need to be playing for that.
The fixtures favour us in his view, the only difficult one being Tottenham away, Hull and Stoke away are tricky, but the team needs to show different qualities to get results there.

I like this bit – he says something like, WE have been hamstrung for injuries at the top of the team’

I love the WE bit!

Often we all talk about Tony Adams being Mr Arsenal, but when you sit back and look at the commitment shown by Keown, the determination in his eyes when playing, the ‘you ain’t getting by me’ attitude – wouldn’t just love a defender like him in front of Almunia? I know I would!!

He is right of course, we have had more than our fair share of injuries, for most of the season we have had one, two, even three of the better players out at the same time. How do you replace Robin van Persie? How do you replace Arshavin? How do you replace Nikki and Theo? (I won’t answer that).

The answer is, you can’t!!

You get my gist; we have had more injuries than most have suffered, certainly more than the five or six clubs around us at the top!
Keown then goes on and on about the future, how we are looking for this, we are looking for that? Strange, did Arsenal get Martin Keown back to be involved in the club? Did that snippet of news pass me by? Did it pass you by?
Keown reckons the Champions League is our best chance of a trophy this season but doesn’t dismiss the league IF we win all our games!

He talks Stoke, how they have shrunk the pitch to the minimum size, how they throw in the towel before every thrown in and corner! What he then says is we just need to play football, do what we do best and Stoke won’t be able to match us. Conquer the fans he says and all will be ok.

Finally he says that Sol Campbell was a good re-signing……. He thinks we will beat Stoke..

Martin Keown, So do I on both accounts……..

For Stoke we should have Eduardo back, but still no Gallas, Diaby and Arshavin, still think we will beat them though, just!

Have a nice day guys and gals….

Saha? nah, it’s more likely to be Watt!

January 12, 2010

So its day twelve in the Big Transfer House, and still nothing – is anyone really surprised? No, me neither, but I’m sick and tired of wondering who we will /won’t be buying, checking NewsNow every hour in hope that news will sneak in.

All we get is TV saying we need to tighten up the defence and the Fran Merida saga goes on… and on! AA says we need a miracle to win anything, Saha could leave Everton, Carlton Cole could leave West Ham and Joe Cole is set to leave Chelsea on a free – phew, that’s a lot, but we all know that none of them will be snapped up by our leader!

The Daily Mail are stepping up their story about us getting Saha – again, time will tell!

I thought today I would take this opportunity to write about something different, the England Cricket Team…!

Ok, only joking!!

Seeing as our fine leader trusts so much in our youth, I want to write about one of the players tipped to make it at Arsenal – we have seen a little bit of him in the first team, but mainly he is still employed in the Under 18’s.

The boys name is Herschel Sanchez Watt, born 14th February 1991 in London, England.

Typical Arsene, his position is midfielder/striker, and a bit short at 5’11”!!

Sanchez first played for us when he was seven years old and he has taken the usual path through the ranks until his debut for the first team, September 22nd last year, the match was against West Bromwich Albion in the third round of the Carling Cup – a game we won 2-0 and he scored! In doing so he became the 85th player to score on their debut for us!

Can anyone name the previous 84??? 😉

In September 2008, Watt broke a bone in his leg which kept him out of the first half of the 2008/9 season – four months he missed in total, but returned just before the Academy’s winter break. His career from that day has got better and better. During the same season, he signed his first professional contract.

Some reports say he has been a lifelong Gooner, but others suggest he was a Liverpool fan in his younger years and his dream was to score at Anfield for them in the Premier League. I think we will all believe the first bit there, after all, why would a kid born in London support a team up north somewhere – mme, maybe I should get my nephew to answer that one

Steve Bould rates him very highly, he says that Watt’s biggest asset is his physical ability; he is quick and pretty powerful and can score good goals!

Steve – Any goal is a good goal 🙂

Bouldy does also say that he needs to work on his one touch game, link play and learn to bring others into the game a bit more – despite that, he is a very exciting prospect.

Watt says the best side of his game is his work rate, his worst being his right foot! Another lefty in a team of lefties! And after his little chip in the FA Youth Cup Final Bould is right, he can score good goals! The week he was part of the side that won the double as the Academy Premier League title was won. Not a bad season, eh?

The question is, will he be the striker to step forward, will he be given his chance if the likes of Eduardo, Nikki B, Vela and Theo keep failing (I know some are injured) and if he is given his chance, do we think he is good enough right now to take it??

We have seen a few cameo appearances – are you convinced? Or, what about Sunu or JET?

What do you all think, who is the best player in the youth/academy to step up and make his mark if injuries persist and we don’t sign anyone?

Top of The Crocks Tomas, what a waste of money!!.. Or is it??

January 5, 2010

As far as injury lists go, he has been at the top longer than Frankie Laine was in the pop charts in 1953!

Yesterday Arsenal announced the news that Tomas Rosicky had signed a new two year contract!

Tomas said he is thrilled and he needs to repay the faith our club has shown him during the last ten years whilst he has been sat in company of a Lewin!

Yes Tomas you do need to give something back!

Rosicky joined us in 2006 from a club I can’t spell so I won’t bother trying and in his 76 appearances he has scored 14 goals. Not brilliant, but ok….

I remember when Sky Sports announced that he had left the Czech camp to fly to London to sign for us, I was so excited and to be fair he didn’t disappoint, did he??

But for the last two seasons he has been absent through injury, and now we have just given him a contract for the very same period of time he has been missing, two seasons…!

Commenting on his new deal, Tomas said: “I am so pleased to have signed a new contract with Arsenal. The last two seasons haven’t been easy for me because of injuries but I feel it speaks volumes about the Club’s belief in me for this to be signed, and I truly believe I have a lot left to offer the Club, my team-mates and all the supporters. It’s felt like home since I arrived here four years ago and I believe we’re on the verge of achieving something special together. I’m looking forward to the coming months and hope that together, we are all celebrating at the end of the season.”

Happy Tomas? Of course you are happy, so would we all be, getting paid to do very little 😉

I have a thought Tomas, maybe as you have been paid for two years without playing, maybe now you should be agreeing to play without being paid!!

Ok, I know that won’t happen, but seriously, are you pleased or not? Remember many fans thought Old Red Nose was mad taking a gamble on Owen, but he has nabbed a few goals for the Mancs to save their skins!

Would you have rather we spent the wages we will be paying him on funding a new player?

Or, like me, are you chuffed as punch, waiting now in anticipation to see the new Rosicky play the same way as the old one did?

Time will tell I guess and this is the only of the few times I hope I am right, normally I am on the end of a load of abuse from ave, him telling me I am always wrong… Fingers crossed eh!

Rumours about Paddy returning to England are gathering pace but no, he is not coming ‘home’, he is supposed to be going to Citeh – what a strange move for him if it’s true. He won’t get in the team and why would he want to learn a coaching trade in Manchester? Oh well, he is no longer a player to fear, he wasn’t a few seasons ago when we played against him in the CL, so he sure won’t be now!

Day 5 of the transfer market and yesterday there was suggestion that Miguel Veloso is to be on the move in January. If you believe the semi-skimmed papers, we are up against ‘Arry for his services..

He is meant to be quite good isn’t he, I have seen his name in many blogs, most saying he would be a great signing – I haven’t seen him play so can’t comment, but right now any link to a defensive/holding midfielder makes me happy, only because it makes me think that Wenger is looking to fill a huge void left by Billabong!

Bad news is that Cesc is out for an extra week, but good news is that ITV have pencilled us in for the FA Cup game against Stoke – That is fab as not many of us could make that journey – so another match in front of the television with a glass of something strong looms 🙂

But any thoughts of us signing a striker in January have toady been dashed as Nikki B is returning to full training today, bummer I say, I had hoped Carlton Cole would be ours by the end of the month. A big strong lean striker who can use his feet and his head – I guess a girl can dream!

That’s about it, don’t forget any newbie’s, mind your P’s and Q’s when blogging please, otherwise your comments get spammed 😦

News is breaking from Spain that Fran Merida has signed for Athletico and will join at the end of the season, I really hope this is pure speculation and nothing else, I want Fran to stay at Arsenal.

Avenell’s Xmas Quiz..

December 23, 2009

Here is an idea for a bit of fun for a few days while we wait for the Villa game over Christmas..

10 questions for you to try to answer about Arsenal..
(I don’t know if you can google the answers but it may be fun not to)…

1… Name 5 other sports that have been played at our old Highbury stadium?

2…How long did the emirates take to build? (in weeks and days) not planning time or anything..

3…When was the last time that Arsenal fielded an all English team?

4… What was the common name of the Arsenal North End for the first 50 years of Highbury?

5.. In 2006 Arsenal had more players in the World cup than any other team.. How many players were involved?

6… Name 2 bizarre injuries that David Seaman picked up not playing football?

7… What unusual animal is named after Gilberto in London Zoo? (if it’s still alive)

8…How many Spuds have moved 5 miles down the Seven Sisters Road to play for Arsenal?

9… We all say no player that leaves Arsenal does any good.. How many have left us to go on to win the European Cup/Champions League?

10… The Spuds had an animal given to them on a tour, but on the day Arsenal took their place in the old First Division in 1919 it died and a famous football phrase was started what was it?

To the best of my knowledge I have the correct answers.. I had some fun and learned a bit about our great football club I hope you do too..

It may be a bit of fun to put a question in the comments then whoever answers it asks another question and so on.. If that makes sense.. 🙂

Have a great day Roadsters and stay warm..

We shouldn’t look back in life, but why not?…………..

November 12, 2009

Don’t know how others feel, but I’m pretty fed up with reading the football news, its either about Cesc going to Barca, or Cesc going to Barca so instead I thought over the next few days I would take a look back at a few ‘loved ones’ from the team in red and white. Feel free to let me know if it’s a stupid idea 😉

Today is all about John Radford – just for our newly married blogger Big Raddy….

So who is he??

Well, to start with John Radford was born on the 22nd February 1947 in Hemsworth, England which if I am right is a little place in West Yorkshire.

I am not sure what brought him to London, but I have a sneaky feeling it was down to him being a pretty good footballer and he made that move in 1962. He signed up as an apprenticeship aged just fifteen!

During that time I guess he must have been a pretty good player, a darn decent striker as in February 1964 Arsenal signed him up on professional terms and in the same year he made his debut for the first team on the 21st March, a 1-1 draw against West Ham!

Sadly that was to be his only appearance of the 1964/65 season.

The following season, Radford was used slightly more, he played 15 times, and became Arsenal’s youngest ever hat-trick scorer, against Wolves on 2nd January 1965, he was 17 years and 315 days old and set a record that I think still stands to this day?

From that day his career was set, and his manger Bertie Mee got the best out of him – strangely though, Bertie moved him out to play on the right side of midfield (that’s where you learned it from Arsene) but this didn’t stop him finding the back of the net. He scored nineteen goals in the 1968-69 season and helped us get to the League Cup Final at the end of the same season.

As Radford hit top form, so did Arsenals, in 1970 we won the Inter Cities Fairs Cup – our clubs first piece of silverware for seventeen years!! Blimey Arsene, don’t let us wait that long again 😉 We won that cup 4-3 over the two legs of the final, Radford scoring in the second leg 3-0 rout!

Soon after Radford was back up front again, and I don’t think he or the club looked back. In the 1970-71 season he nabbed himself 21 goals, but more importantly he a Ray Kennedy, his strike partner had scored 47 goals between them – no wonder we won the FA Cup and the League. Radford set up the winner for Ray Kennedy in the semi-final replay against Stoke and went on to set up both goals in the final – Eddie Kelly scored the first, good old Charlie George the second…

Did I mention that the final was against Liverpool……………. 😛

As I write the second goal scorers name – Charlie George, I smile -for me, that is when and where it all began
Back to Radford who was by now playing for England. He had played a few games for the young side and had made his debut for the big boys in 1969 against Romania.

Sadly though Sir Alf Ramsey obviously didn’t like him, he earned only one other cap for his country.
During the early 1970’s, Radford scored for fun, but the 1973-74 season looked to be the start of his demise, his goal tally had shot down into single figures in that and the following season and then injury hit him hard.

A little chunky bow legged boy had been drafted in, (Malcolm McDonald) and together with Frank Stapleton a formidable partnership had begun. Radford stayed around, but eventually he knew his place in the side had gone… 😦

December 1976 – John Radford left Arsenal FC – he moved to West Ham for £80,000!!

What is quite bizarre, Arsene Wenger is now paying the same amount of money for players, as we got for Radford all those years ago….. SPOOKY

After the Hammers, he went to Blackburn and then on to a non league side in 1978. Soon after he retired from playing, had a dabble at management, dabble at being a landlord, but ended up where it all started…..

He may not be playing, but by giving tours around The Emirates; even he must have a feel about being back at home…… albeit a slightly different address 🙂

He played 481 times for Arsenal, scoring 149 goals – Can Nikki B reach the heights of John Radford?

Finally – well done to the Ladies, they are through to the CL quarter finals after a 5-0 aggregate win over Sparta Prague.

Who shall we do tomorrow?

Get the Plates in ……..

September 29, 2009

So the Greeks are here in the big city, but I don’t expect them to have a smashing time tonight. Tonight will be a game full of goals, our goals and a big win!

No Nik as he decided to take part in a Grand Prix on Sunday morning and came off the track on the first bend – twit!

No Theo as he is playing behind closed doors against an Olympiacos second string and no Denilson as he has a fracture in his back and is out for two months.

Theo and Nik should be ready for the weekend, so all is not so bad.

Ave will enjoy watching the opposition tonight; they play with a big Vodafone label on the front of their shirts!! 😛

So who are the opposition?

Olympiacos are one of the big three football clubs in Greece and are one of four teams that have never been relegated from the first division. They are one of the most successful Greek clubs, having won thirty-seven League titles, twenty-four Greek Cups and three Greek Super Cups, more titles than any other Greek team in European competitions; they have reached the quarter-finals twice, in the 1998–99 UEFA Champions League and the 1992–93 European Cup Winners’ Cup.

In 2007/08 they reached the last 16 in the CL; but were knocked out by The Chavs after losing 3-0 in London.

The only players I have heard of who play for them is Matt Derbyshire and Olof Mellburg, the rest sound something like the owner of the Launderette in Eastenders 😉 😉

They are managed by Zico – fondly known as ‘The White Pele’ so I don’t think we will see a No9 bus parked, it should be an open game, free flowing with plenty of goals.

This is the night (mind you I say that every match day) that we score a few, Eduardo, Van Persie, Arshavin will all hit the back of the net, the usual Vermaelan header, and I fancy Cesc…. to score one as well.
I reckon with Nik out we just may go back to a 4-4-2

And if I was picking the team:-

Sagna Gallas Vermaelan Clichy/Gibbs
Arshavin Fabregas Song Rosicky
Van Persie Eduardo