If he goes, my support for Arsenal could to…..

May 2, 2010

I know I could never stop supporting Arsenal, so its more like any support I have for the manager now will go if he sells Little Jack.

Jack Wilshere is one of the best players we have seen come through the ‘youth project’ at Arsenal. Yes Cesc and Clichy are pretty good, but we all know we stole them at an early age, at an age when everyone could see that they had what it takes.

Wilshere is different, he’s English, he’s London born and bred and he is ours – but for how long?

This lad was born in Stevenage, Hertfordshire and he joined our academy in 2001, he was nine years old. He wasn’t plucked from Barca or any other overseas club…

At 15yrs old he was named captain of the under 16’s team, even then he had the odd game for the under 18’s thanks to Steve Bould

Jack scored his first goal against Aston Villa Under-18s in a 4-1 win, he then went on to score a hat-trick against Watford Under-18s, helping his side to an Academy Group A title.

In February 2008, he made his debut for Arsenal Reserves against Reading.

Wilshere played in the Under-16s victory in the Atalanta Cup, being named as player of the tournament, he also played an important role in Arsenal’s 2009 FA Youth Cup win, scoring goals in the semi final and producing a man-of-the-match display in the first leg of the final against Liverpool, assisting 2 goals and scoring himself.

In July 2008, Wilshere was selected in the first team for the pre-season friendlies. He made his first team debut against Barnet as a half-time substitute for Henri Lansbury, setting up a goal for Jay Simpson. Wilshere scored his first two goals for Arsenal in a 10–2 win against a Burgenland XI, and again two days later in a friendly against Stuttgart.

Jack made his competitive debut in a Premier League match against Blackburn Rovers at Ewood Park in September 2008, he was an 84th-minute substitute for Robin van Persie.
At the age of 16 years and 256 days, he was Arsenal’s youngest-ever league débutant, a record previously held by Cesc Fàbregas. Ten days later, on 23 September, he scored his first Arsenal goal in a 6-0 victory against Sheffield United in the Football League Cup.

Wilshere has been a substitute in in the Champions League and he played in the Emirates Cup last year, helping us to retain the trophy, our only trophy these days it seems!!

This season though he has been at Bolton, playing alongside the tough guys in football. It seems he has bulked up a bit and his attitude portrays that of a player that wants to win at all costs. I don’t honestly believe he cares who he pisses off along the way.

Remember when Cesc made his comment to Mark Hughes? Well I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear Jack Wilshere to ask the same kind of question, he has little fear.

This lad is a footballer, some suggest the ‘new Liam Brady’ – I know we all rate him very very highly, I hope that Wenger does to, for his own sake!! This man is ours, he needs to remain ours, he is the best thing we have seen coming through the ranks at Arsenal for a while…

The next move for Jack Wilshere is to come home in two weeks time, have a break, keep fit and train hard through the summer and then stake your place in the Arsenal first team…. He needs to play, for us, not another team.

Will Wenger think differently???

Sell him to Bolton Arsene and do so at your own peril, I for one will never ever forgive you and I’m sure I speak for most fans out there to…..

Rodwell To Arsenal And Is Arshavin Doing An ‘Ade’??

April 29, 2010

With the season dwindling out into another year of pathetic nothingness at Arsenal, Arsene Wenger has now conceded that changes need to be made within the clubs playing staff. Le Gaffer has stated that for years his hands have been tied in terms of bolstering the squad with top class talent, even though the evidence suggests otherwise. In seasons passed we have seen signings such as Theo Walcott-12 million, Samir Nasri-12 million and Aaron Ramsey- 5 million, all come into the club. This suggests that Wenger has always had funds to play with, yet has proceeded to go down his ‘youth experiment’ route when signing players..

After 5 years without silverware, Wenger seems to have woken up and finally realised that spending money on top class talent isn’t ‘Championship Manager’, it’s an amazing little invention otherwise known as footballs transfer market.. Something where all the clubs get together and sell their deadwood and top the squad up with quality players from other teams. For a small fee of course… When we lived at Highbury there was nobody better than Wenger in this field..How I miss that Wenger..

After witnessing a certain number of his protegés once again fail at the final hurdle and show they can’t even fight their way out of a wet paper bag, Le Gaffer has officially come public and said there is now more funds to spend than ever before and he is already in talks with the players he wants to improve the squad with next year.

A name that is persistently being linked to us is Everton’s ‘wonderkid’ Jack Rodwell..I like Rodwell and I think he’s going to be a top player. He’s got a good engine and he’s big and strong with two good feet..He’s a player who likes to drive the ball forward and glides across the pitch. I think he would be good for us, in a few years time anyway..But heres the dilema..Rodwell would no doubt cost anywhere between 15-20 million such is Everton’s reluctance to let their young players leave..We saw with Rooney and to a certain extent Lescott that Moyes doesn’t take any rubbish from any team with financial might and he digs his heels in until they give up or he gets top dollar..

Do we really need another under 21 player who costs a fortune who will take 3-5 years to start performing consistently? When what we really lack is experience and proven quality at international level? I’d love to see Rodwell in an Arsenal shirt and I would kick myself if he goes to Man Utd or Chelsea and turns into a top player, knowing we had the chance to sign him. But I think the days of spending big on young players should be over..We have more than enough young players, and whats wrong with our own academy? Are we not developing players like Rodwell?? The answer is yes we are, but we don’t have enough experienced players to compliment them..So although I like Rodwell I think we should leave him at Everton to develop some more and spend 15-20 million on some experience..

Other rumours that seem to be circling the club is that Russian Motormouth otherwise know as Andrey Arshavin, seems to be trying to make himself Arsenals new enemy number one,  jealous of Adebyewhores status. He seems to be rather unsettled at Arsenal and is trying to manufacture a move to Barcelona..

If this is true then let me speak on behalf of all Arsenal fans and say ‘F*ck Off then’..If you don’t want to play for us then pack your bags and off you trot.

But to me it doesn’t appear as cut and dry as it seems..

The difference between Ade and AA is that Arsenal made Ade..Without us he would have been an unknown still getting splinters on match days in the French Leagues. Ade’s words were also his own. They weren’t only newspaper reports. Ade’s scandalous and stupid comments came from his own mouth on national TV..We all remember the interview on Sky Sports don’t we? Where one minute he was staying at Arsenal and the next Milan were after him and he wanted to talk with Wenger about his future. After one good year?? Pillock..

On the other hand Arsenal didn’t make Arshavin..Arshavin made himself, coming to the worlds attentions by tearing teams a new one in Zenit’s UEFA Cup win and also single handedly tearing Holland apart in the Euros..He was Russia’s player of the year a zillion years on the trot and when we signed him he was ranked 6th best player in the world..Arshavin was a somebody when we signed him and he didn’t come to Arsenal to wait patiently for all the babies to develop sacrificing trophies in the process..

His ‘recent’ comments about Barca seem to be old news. Theres a familiarity to them. They appear to be the same comments he made before he joined us and although the tabloids are adamant its a new story, I don’t think any of us have heard the words come from AA’s mouth..So far its all been paper talk..

The reports also say he doesn’t rate Wenger in his top managers, but if we cast our minds back, Wenger also said AA wouldn’t make it in the PL..Then we signed him.

We all know he wants to win trophies and we all know he wants Wenger to sign some top  class players, but Cesc and RvP have said the same thing and the majority of fans agree so I don’t see a problem..

Arshavin’s situation is nowhere near the same as Ade’s and until I hear Arshavin actually say he wants to leave I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt..One thing is for sure though. If Wenger sticks to his side of the bargain and gives AA some top quality players to play with, then AA better pull his socks up and play better than what he did this season..Or I’ll carry him to Barcelona myself..

This Game is More than just Three Points.. It’s Our Bragging Rights.

April 14, 2010

I don’t like to kick a man when he is down, but I love it when we do the Spuds. Even after a promising start to the season they are slip sliding back down out of Champions League contention. I got the pre match phone call from my Spud mate today, he always gets it over with before the game. I won’t hear from him for another month.
But if we were to lose (god forbid) we would never hear the last of it, the Cellnet aerials around London would melt under the overload of text messages from the success starved Spud supporters .
The amount of times when we go a goal down, my phone will start to bleep. I always ignore it, because  we always come back to at least get a draw and I never text back because I want those Marshlanders to know that they are just not important enough to even worry about them.

They are not our rivals anymore we have moved up a tier..
They compete against the likes of Everton and Wigan now, we have moved up in stature we compete against the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona . Not dreamers who have not seen the Champions League, yet they still think they deserve a mega stadium for the good successful years when they make the Europa Cup.

But out of all the time I have been  supporting The Arsenal the Spuds have given me some of the best and worst times.. I will do the bad first.. Losing 5-0 at the Lane in about 81”,
Gazza’s free kick against Seaman in the Semi at Wembley in 91”.
That ex-spud Nayim in the last minute of the Cup Winners Cup in 95” (Who can lob Seaman from 50 yards? Haha good joke that.)
And that humiliation a couple of years back when we didn’t take it seriously enough and we got knocked out of the League Cup.

But on the plus side,
I can also remember winning the League at W(s)hite Hart Lane twice. 71’ and 04”.
Being at the Lane in 78” when we beat them 5-0 “We all agree Brady is better than Hoddle”
The semi finals games of the League Cup in 87” when we beat them at there place twice in a week with players like Ian Alinson.  the Henry solo goal.
This one could be a fixture that we could remember all our lives (but don’t tell your Spud “friends”)

But if we were to lose  this one today it will rank among the highlights of their sad lives, by ruining our chances of the Premiership.

Also the game is set up perfectly, RvP back from injury, although he probably will be sitting on the bench unless Arsene does what Fergie did with Rooney but I cannot see that happening. Sol is going back to the Lane for the first time in 5 years wearing the Red and White. Robbie “stag nite” Keane has headed west who was our jinx in previous years. Palacios got booked  in the FA cup semi on Sunday so he is banned Kranjear is injured as is Jenas, so they are depleted as we are.

We are still smarting from being humbled in our Champions League game against Barca and the Spuds are trying to bounce back from losing to Pompey.. lol.

Will ‘arry play £17 million quid Bentley so he can have his game of the season out of revenge?

One thing for sure it is defiantly hotting up for a good one tonight, so best wishes to the Gooners and I will catch you all later.

Ian Wright – Legend or Bellend??

March 26, 2010

Every now and then ex-players at our club seem to be a target of abuse from certain sections of the support..Old or young, new fan or old, these sections have a common theme to their outbursts and it normally concentrates on their hatred of the media..Any ex-player or legend who dares to voice an opinion about our club is labelled in the all too familiar category as ‘doomer’ and it appears that barring Bob Wilson, who is just a yes man to the Arsenal media machine, nobody is safe.

From Adams to Merson. From Parlour to the one and only Ian Wright, they are all constantly mocked. Hung drawn and quartered and every word they speak is regarded as utter garbage. It doesn’t stop there though. Their name gets dragged through the mud by the same people who at one point or another sang their name with pride, had their poster on their wall or had their name printed on their shirt…We loved these players…none moreso than Ian Edward Wright..

Wrighty was a showman..Regarded as one of the darlings of Highbury. This was a man who was a master not only of banging is 25-30 goals a season, but he was a master of winding up the opposition-fans and players alike. He was the king of practical jokes. The ultimate character and everyone associated with Arsenal adored him..

Wrighty was and still is a legend. This was a man who was voted as 4th in the list of Arsenal greats.. His sublime skill and finishing amassed him a grand total of 185 goals in only seven years…A landmark only surpassed by someone very special..But Wrighty didn’t have players like Pires and Vieira behind him..He had the likes of Morrow and Hillier, which makes his achievement even more remarkable..

Wrighty was one of the players who helped put Arsenal on the map..He was arrogant and cocky..A force of nature on and off the pitch. He was outspoken and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind…

Many believe that the real reason Rioch was sacked was because Wrighty issued a ‘him or me’ ultimatum.. Wrighty was one of those uncontrollable players..It was rumoured that when George Graham was going through tactics and training regimes, everyone else had a particular role and had to follow it strictly, but Wrighty was allowed to do what he wanted. It was the only way GG could handle him.. Rioch had a different approach and Wrighty handed in a transfer request..it was later retracted and Rioch lost his job… Enter Arsene Wenger..So thanks Wrighty..

Lets not forget Wrighty’s work out of football..He was awarded an MBE for his services to charity and he is the patron of the African-Caribbean Leukemia Trust..Which is something not always remembered such is his ‘Jack The Lad’ personality…

He’s a top bloke..Yet he is still very outspoken in issues regarding Arsenal..

Yes he says a lot of things that many of us don’t agree with and I understand why some people get wound up, but he doesn’t deserve the abuse he sometimes gets..To be honest I  just laugh, he cracks me up still to this day..

Nothing has changed about him..The Wrighty we see and hear now is the same Wrighty we saw and heard then. He’s only speaking his mind as we all do every day on the blogs.

But Wrighty has that certain advantage..Which is that he’s done more to put Arsenal where they are than any of us could ever dream of.. Who are we to tell Wrighty his opinion isn’t wanted or he’s a ‘doomer’..What right do we have to tell one of the Arsenal greats of all time that he should sit down and shut up and do what we say and do..

Wrighty’s rebellious..Its what made him who he was..If you don’t like what he has to say then don’t listen..its that simple..

He’s passionate, he wears his heart on his sleeve and to be honest, judging by the noise in the Emirates we could do with some Wrighty’s in the ground on matchdays. Instead of the sit down nicely and clap politely type..The ‘yes man’ type that make it seem like a morgue..

I think the problem certain fans have with ex players such as Wrighty, is that they are that obsessed by the media that they forget certain aspects of the football club..They are that caught up in Wenger’s vision for the future they believe in it more than Wenger does himself and it seems to blank their memories of the past. Tradition is so important to a football club..No matter how you look at it the past is what makes us what we are today. Wrighty’s part of that tradition..He may annoy us with his remarks sometimes but its to be expected from him..Thats just Wrighty..No matter how you abuse him or drag his name through the mud you will never take away the fact he’ll always be a legend..His status doesn’t give him the right to say what he feels..But nor does what he says give you the right to tell him he’s wrong or vilify him..Its just his opinion..

Stand up Ian Wright.. Top footballer, top bloke, funny as hell…LEGEND…

Buts thats just my opinion..Whats yours??

All together now…We are top of the league, say we are top of the league!!

March 21, 2010

I rarely look forward to playing WHAM. First of all it’s a derby game and form and league positions go out of the window in derby games. Second, they always seem to pull a trump card on us every now and then. Whether it being the last team to beat us at Highbury, the first to beat us at The Emirates or coming back from 2-0 down to snatch a draw..They are one of those teams that seem to raise their game when they play us and make it a real fight. But not this time. We totally trashed them. Apart from a sticky period in the opening minutes of the second half when we were adjusting to being a man light, we dominated them. Some of the football we were playing was sublime, the passing and movement and slick one twos were out of this world and above all, the lads were queuing up to be heroes.

The title race is in the balance. With our overspending rivals not playing until today, we had a chance to stamp our authority on the PL and go top of the table, for a few hours anyway. 3 points against the bubble blowing lot was a must and we got off to a blinding start..

We started off with that swagger that we used to see in the invincible era..You know what im talking about. That confidence that we were going to win and the other team knew we were going to win and there wasn’t a right lot they could do about it..

The passing was crisp and the first goal came when Nikki and the impressive Denilson exchanged passes on the edge of the box and not for the first time this season, the young Brazilian, AKA Crabby Mchuffandpuff, slotted the ball past the helpless keeper from a fair distance..Great start..Only 5 minutes on the clock and it was 1 nil to the good guys and I think everyone expected the floodgates to open.. Which they should have..

Our slick passing continued throughout the first half and WHAM resorted to tactical fouling to try and stem the flow, hitting the long ball to Mido at every opportunity..They certainly didn’t look like a team coached by the great Zola, but they were playing us, so they were bound to look crap..We had so many chances to kill them off and to be honest I was starting to get frustrated..I could see what was coming..We were starting to showboat around the box, unnecessary one-twos and tricks and flicks instead of just shooting on sight. At the score being just 1-0, it was a dangerous game to play, especially with WHAM hitting the long ball whenever they won it back and my fears came to reality just short of half time..We did look good, some of the football was amazing, but we were guilty of over cooking it and we were caught out by a long ball that caught TV off guard. He allowed the ball to bounce and Franco ran in behind him. Minimum contact was made, nothing that constituted a foul anyway, yet Franco went over like he’d stood on a land mine in the box..The ref was 50 yards away from the play thanks to the nature of the hoof and couldnt make the call, instead relying on his linesman to make it for him..

Penalty kick to WHAM..I couldnt believe it..Was this guy for real?? I put no blame on the ref for this one, the officials have to work as a team..TV was the last man, the linesman declared it was a foul..The laws state TV had to go..Down to ten men with half the game to go and a penalty kick to level the scores to follow..Squeeky bum time.The odds had suddenly stacked against us in the blink of an eye and all of a sudden we were up against it..But like i said earlier the players were queuing up to be heroes..

Up stepped Almunia..He’s had an awful lot of flack this season and he’s had a bad year but he pulled out what could possibly be the most vital save of this campiagn..If that would of gone in we would have been up against it, but that save not only kept us in front, it woke the fans up too. It was a match winning moment. Hero number one…

The second half started and I was still confident that we would win..We always seem to play better with 10 men anyway,the players are used to passing in tight areas and the extra man WHAM had wouldn’t make much difference to our style. It would just lull them into a false sense of security that they had the advantage when they really didn’t, they were just giving us more space to play with..I was more pissed off with the fact we couldn’t lose TV at any stage of the run in..Especially with Gallas out injured. The straight red possibly means a three game ban which we really didn’t need at this stage. Suggestions that it could be just a one game ban due to the nature of the foul may not be wide off the mark..But the powers that be seem to make the rules up as they go along nowadays, especially as far as Arsenal players are concerned, so I expect 3..With the possibility of 4 if we appeal..

Back to the game. We started off pretty gingerly in the second half. We seemed to allow WHAM to come at us for the first 10-15 minutes while we found our feet..Song was pushed back into the CB role and Denilson anchored the midfield by himself. Raise your hands heroes 2 and 3..Song was outstanding at CB, just as he had been outstanding in the first half at DM..He was a colossus with nothing getting past him..His ability to adapt was amazing and with Denilson having a 100% pass success rate and not giving the ball away we looked just as solid as ever..

Wenger brought on Diaby, hero number 4, to stablise the middle and we just kept the ball..WHAM didnt really have a sniff, apart from a shot from Cole that hit the post but you can’t say they deserved anything from the game…

Hero number 5 was Cesc..with the game closing out we were awarded a penalty when Upson deliberately handled in the box. He was already on a yellow, he should have gone..If TV had to go then so did Upson but the ref seemed to forget where he put his cards and Upson stayed on the pitch..A bit of a piss take but nothing to moan about..We still had a penalty which Cesc slotted home..

Game over..Impressive display under the circumstances and a vital 3 points that sees us perched proudly at the top of the best league in the world…


ALMUNIA..8..Not much to do apart from the penalty save, but it was a match winning save. He cheated to do it, but it was karma in my opinion..The linesman made a cock up and he knew it, so he let Manny step half way out of the 6 yard box to meet the ball..Still a top save though..

EBOUE..7..I thought he had a poor opening 30 minutes,regularly getting caught out of position and letting the WHAM strikers get in behind him, but sorted it out and became threatening as the game went on..Had a good second half..

CLICHY..8..I was beginning to wonder if Gael had lost it..He’s starting to look sharp again and was making those menacing runs up and down the left flank we all love him for.

SOL..7..Looks clumbsy at times but that’s just his age, he’s not the spring chicken he once was and we shouldn’t forget that..He’s 35..Expecting him to glide across the pitch like a 19 year old ballerina is wishful thinking, but he’s strong and solid and gets stuck in. That grit and determination rubs off well on the other players.

TOMMY V..5..Unfortunate sending off. Unfortunate penalty. Mido was giving both him and Sol a hard time in the air but on the ground he looked solid..

Denilson..8..Thats probably the best game he’s had for Arsenal..He never gave the ball away and he scored a good goal. I just wish he’d try a through ball every now and then instead of opting for the safe pass all the time..good display though..we needed it from him..

SONG..9..MOTM..Easily..Controlled the midfield in the first half and became monster CB in the second after TV got his marching orders..Not only can he tackle but he looks so comfortable on the ball, doesn’t panic, doesn’t rush..if anyone wants this boy they looking at forking out at least 30mil..

NASRI..7..Looked as though he played through a painful injury he picked up in the first half..He looks out of place out wide..He’s not a winger and he drifts in and out of the game a lot. Nonetheless it was a good contribution.

CESC..7..Not his best game but even an 80% Cesc is better than most other midfielders in the world.Not even a great penalty but it went in and sealed the three points..

ARSHAVIN..7..Ok lets clear this up..He’s not a team player, he’s arrogant and his work-rate isn’t the best, but he’s still dangerous. He’s one of those players that every team needs on the pitch..He’s an eyes front type of player, he’s direct and he runs at goal at every opportunity..Sometimes it might not look like he’s doing much but teams are shit scared of him..Give him space and he’ll rifle a shot off, close him down or double mark him and you leave Cesc with more pitch to play with.. win/win scenario..This is not his best form by a long shot but we stuck by Eboue, Denilson, Diaby and Nikki amongst many and put up with their crap displays for years..Give this man a break, when he gets his form back you’ll be licking his arse again like we all were last year..

NIKKI B..7..Offers the front line so much more than the three midgets do. He wins the flick ons and he links up play well..played Denilson in for the opener..was the tactical sacrificial lamb in the second half due to the sending off but he took it like a pro..You know strikers hate coming off early, especially if they aren’t injured or if they haven’t scored..Some say his ego is massive and that maybe the case, but if you listen to his interviews and you study his body language, the team comes first to this boy…


DIABY..8..excellent cameo display..came on and did the job required..some of his ball skills were out of this world, which we know he can do, but time and again he looked like he was auditioning for soccer AM’s showboating slot..if the top 10 isn’t all Diaby next week i’ll be very suprised..there is no better way to defend than keeping the ball..WHAM couldnt get the ball off him. Lovely to watch and he eased the pressure off our defence..

SAGNA..not really on long enough

DUDU..same as Sagna

THE FANS…3…No offence to anyone who was at the game but you really were piss poor, in the first half especially..It was embarrassing having to listen to that shitty bubble song being sang loud and proud for the majority of the 1st half without any response from you lot..I know the Emirates is crap for atmosphere but come on..For crying out loud were in a title race here..You’ve got to do better than that..It’s a football stadium not a cinema.. It’s our football stadium so make some noise..I could understand if we were playing badly but we were ripping them a new one, some of the football we were playing was heavenly and you lot were like a set of mutes for the best part of an hour..Sort it out..

Enjoy being top of the league guys, today we are doing something we never thought we’d have to do.. We’re Liverpool and Blackburn fans…

Sol’s a ‘Top Gun’……

March 11, 2010

Still happy after our 5-0 drubbing of Porto, yesterday I had to go and pick up some bits and pieces that had been kept in storage when I moved. Lots of DVD’s, video tapes and newspaper clippings were part of the ‘bit and pieces’

The newspapers were all about tennis and football, the tennis being Martina Navratilova, who remains the greatest female tennis player of all time, despite some thinking it is Serena Williams. Navratilova still holds the record for singles wins and I think doubles as well. It’s a record that I can’t see being beaten either, not in the women’s game and certainly not in my lifetime!

Picked up the first newspaper and just like I still do today, went straight to the back page for the sports news. I wondered why I had kept it.

The paper was dated May 12th 2002 – yes you know where I am going.

Sports news was about Kieron Dyer’s injury that threatened his World Cup place; David Beckham had finally signed a new contract with Manchester United, Alex Stewart has just been picked again for the test squad, Aston Villa had thrashed Chelsea 3-1 at Stamford Bridge, Manchester United had drawn 0-0 at home with Charlton and Leicester, yes Leicester had thrashed Tottenham Hotspur 2-1!!

Best result though that stood out was that Arsenal had beaten Everton 4-3 – a goal from Dennis Bergkamp, two from Thierry Henry and the fourth was scored by Francis Jeffers! Henry had secured the Golden Boot award, and we had just won the Premier League. In fact we had not only won the league but we had added that to our FA Cup win – the double was ours again!

I remember it so very well, I am sure you all do too.

The small headline in the paper that caught my eye read like this,

Adams: ‘Sol is Top Gun’

Tony Adams celebrated the Double win with gusto and then declared that Sol Campbell had become the New Rock of Highbury!
Adams said ‘Sol has been instrumental in what we have achieved. He has taken a load off of the rest of us and has made a big difference’

Big Tony was not only Mr Arsenal, he was an outstanding centre half and part of one of the strongest English defences football has ever seen. He may have been known as a donkey by some, but there weren’t many strikers who took him for a ride. To this day he knows what defending is all about and back then he used to show the world just how good he was. He was right in his judgement of Sol.

When Sol re-signed in January, I was very surprised! I have always loved Sol Campbell, well since he donned his Arsenal shirt. I was bitter and angry about his walk about after West Ham, but he did make a difference to our side.

He was, and still is a great defender who had the football brain equivalent to Einstein – you know what I mean 😉

My point is Sol is still a top gun, he isn’t perfect, but he isn’t far off. Against Porto he was solid!
With Gallas being out I am always nervous to see who plays alongside Vermaelen. Silvestre makes me twitchy, but Sol is still able to give me confidence. Crazy really as his is the elder of the two, but Sol still ‘has it’!

Tony Adams was right back in 2002 about Sol Campbell, but then he said he had become the ‘Rock of Highbury’

If we carry on and get the right results over the next few weeks, Big Sol Campbell could very well find himself being

‘The Rock of The Emirates’.

Now there’s a thought….

Should We Turn Back Time?

March 3, 2010

Making the Emirates Highbury revisited.

Is it good news or is it bad news? I am unsure, I quite like the fact that the clock is coming back, but in my opinion it should stop there.
We have moved stadium and we need to move on. Trying to name the stands after the famous North Bank and Clock End is a step too far.

This is our new stadium and it needs to create it’s own identity, it needs to create it’s own history. It’s a bit like getting a new girlfriend and dressing her up in your ex’s clothes.

They are trying to get the old NB v CE singing going once again. I am sure it all started when the Clock End would get the North Bank going with “North Bank, North Bank, give us a song” then they would respond and the Clock would greet that with the old Gareth Hunt hand signal..

Okay the orange/yellow, etc quadrant idea is completely stupid too, in fact there is a lot of problems with the personality of the Emirates, why not have a Rocastle End or a Chapman Stand, the supporters could either use the name provided for them by the Arsenal cooperate crew or they can make their own name up.

What annoys me the most is the Spuds up the road are learning by our mistakes, when they build, sorry IF they get around to building a new stadium ‘on-the-Marsh’ they have the advantage of seeing the pitfalls of the Emirates. (on their turnover £117 million )

The problem with the atmosphere I would say is to do with all the noisy supporters getting seats next to quieter strangers, when the real North Bank was chugging it used to fire up a group of about 50 like-minded supporters or so perched right in the middle behind the goal, they would start it off, it normally started with a song that involved just clapping and few words just as a warm up. Then as the pubs emptied friends would choose where to stand and start joining in. It was infectious. This cannot happen anymore thanks to the Bindippers.

As for putting a 25p flag or a scarf from a scuzzy shop on the seat for when the new age fan arrives is pathetic, how old do the club think the supporters are? If you love your club and want to wear the colours there are plenty of shops and market stalls outside.. It isn’t the Jubilee, it’s a football match. Oh and not a theatre or a night at the movies, I keep hearing we have the highest priced tickets in the world, yet at half time there is a mass exodus to the snack bars.. You only have to sit for 105 minutes, why do you have to shove something in your gob?? Stay and keep singing, have some banter with the away supporters.

Just to put icing on the cake, we have the most entertaining team in the Premiership and perhaps in the world, yet it must be a nearly a third of the supporters leave early, I used to wait all week to watch that magic 90 minutes of footie and I have never left early, if I had to I would walk for half hour or so if need be to find a station where I never had to queue, find a pub or I would shoot into the old amusement arcade at Finsbury Park for a while. Even after night games in the cup that went into extra time when I had 30 miles to travel home I would stay for the duration.. If you cannot spend an extra 30 mins for the Arsenal.. well..

What is the answer to the atmosphere in the Emirates, all I know is since the game has been priced out of the hands of the young working classes it isn’t the same.
The Dippers and the Geordies have the most ferocious fans and they come from some of the poorest areas of the country, is this a coincidence?

West Ham if they get the Olympic stadium after the government have wasted millions building it and the ‘ammers reduce their prices to an affordable level will be an interesting experiment..
What will the atmosphere there be like?