This Is England!

February 12, 2009

So we need more English players in the Arsenal team?
After last nights game it is obvious to see why England never win anything, the attributes that make the English players good in the premiership, hard work strong tackling go out of the window when they put the England shirt on.


Our players are technically inept and when they represent the country they become lazy and think they can outplay other countries, this is okay in the middle of winter but as soon as the temperature reaches 20 degrees plus (like it will in South Africa) we run around like headless chickens for one game instead of letting the ball do the work and we will be knackered for the rest of the tournament.

Also I don’t go for this one position bollocks, like a player  is a central midfielder and that’s it, a player with any level of intelligence should be able to cover 2 or 3 positions on a football field at least. It was good to see the traditional winger, tall good in the air centre forward combination working so well too. Perhaps Mr Wenger and his Wengerball total football is the future after all.

In 5 years time when the Shenley academy of football produces 75% of the England team perhaps Arsene will actually receive some credit for his vision into the future of football in this country.

Chelsea have sacked another manager, oh am I glad I don’t support a club with the morals of a cuckoo, when are we going to realise we have the best manager in the world at our club, the one who could walk into any other job in the world, but some still want him gone.

What would have happened if Hiddink was appointed Chelsea manager 3 weeks ago, would the Arshavin transfer have been derailed? I would say yes we got away with that one I feel.

Have a good rest of the week, next post will be before the Cardiff game..