Ian Wright – Legend or Bellend??

March 26, 2010

Every now and then ex-players at our club seem to be a target of abuse from certain sections of the support..Old or young, new fan or old, these sections have a common theme to their outbursts and it normally concentrates on their hatred of the media..Any ex-player or legend who dares to voice an opinion about our club is labelled in the all too familiar category as ‘doomer’ and it appears that barring Bob Wilson, who is just a yes man to the Arsenal media machine, nobody is safe.

From Adams to Merson. From Parlour to the one and only Ian Wright, they are all constantly mocked. Hung drawn and quartered and every word they speak is regarded as utter garbage. It doesn’t stop there though. Their name gets dragged through the mud by the same people who at one point or another sang their name with pride, had their poster on their wall or had their name printed on their shirt…We loved these players…none moreso than Ian Edward Wright..

Wrighty was a showman..Regarded as one of the darlings of Highbury. This was a man who was a master not only of banging is 25-30 goals a season, but he was a master of winding up the opposition-fans and players alike. He was the king of practical jokes. The ultimate character and everyone associated with Arsenal adored him..

Wrighty was and still is a legend. This was a man who was voted as 4th in the list of Arsenal greats.. His sublime skill and finishing amassed him a grand total of 185 goals in only seven years…A landmark only surpassed by someone very special..But Wrighty didn’t have players like Pires and Vieira behind him..He had the likes of Morrow and Hillier, which makes his achievement even more remarkable..

Wrighty was one of the players who helped put Arsenal on the map..He was arrogant and cocky..A force of nature on and off the pitch. He was outspoken and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind…

Many believe that the real reason Rioch was sacked was because Wrighty issued a ‘him or me’ ultimatum.. Wrighty was one of those uncontrollable players..It was rumoured that when George Graham was going through tactics and training regimes, everyone else had a particular role and had to follow it strictly, but Wrighty was allowed to do what he wanted. It was the only way GG could handle him.. Rioch had a different approach and Wrighty handed in a transfer request..it was later retracted and Rioch lost his job… Enter Arsene Wenger..So thanks Wrighty..

Lets not forget Wrighty’s work out of football..He was awarded an MBE for his services to charity and he is the patron of the African-Caribbean Leukemia Trust..Which is something not always remembered such is his ‘Jack The Lad’ personality…

He’s a top bloke..Yet he is still very outspoken in issues regarding Arsenal..

Yes he says a lot of things that many of us don’t agree with and I understand why some people get wound up, but he doesn’t deserve the abuse he sometimes gets..To be honest I  just laugh, he cracks me up still to this day..

Nothing has changed about him..The Wrighty we see and hear now is the same Wrighty we saw and heard then. He’s only speaking his mind as we all do every day on the blogs.

But Wrighty has that certain advantage..Which is that he’s done more to put Arsenal where they are than any of us could ever dream of.. Who are we to tell Wrighty his opinion isn’t wanted or he’s a ‘doomer’..What right do we have to tell one of the Arsenal greats of all time that he should sit down and shut up and do what we say and do..

Wrighty’s rebellious..Its what made him who he was..If you don’t like what he has to say then don’t listen..its that simple..

He’s passionate, he wears his heart on his sleeve and to be honest, judging by the noise in the Emirates we could do with some Wrighty’s in the ground on matchdays. Instead of the sit down nicely and clap politely type..The ‘yes man’ type that make it seem like a morgue..

I think the problem certain fans have with ex players such as Wrighty, is that they are that obsessed by the media that they forget certain aspects of the football club..They are that caught up in Wenger’s vision for the future they believe in it more than Wenger does himself and it seems to blank their memories of the past. Tradition is so important to a football club..No matter how you look at it the past is what makes us what we are today. Wrighty’s part of that tradition..He may annoy us with his remarks sometimes but its to be expected from him..Thats just Wrighty..No matter how you abuse him or drag his name through the mud you will never take away the fact he’ll always be a legend..His status doesn’t give him the right to say what he feels..But nor does what he says give you the right to tell him he’s wrong or vilify him..Its just his opinion..

Stand up Ian Wright.. Top footballer, top bloke, funny as hell…LEGEND…

Buts thats just my opinion..Whats yours??


Lucky Thirteen??? – just maybe…….

October 2, 2009

I have a suggestion, let’s forget the pound man; he isn’t worth talking about anymore….

Let’s concentrate on our team, our team that has had a manger at its helm for thirteen years. Not only is he now the longest serving boss we have ever had, but the most successful, so we have an awful lot to be happy about – don’t we?

Whatever happens with Arsene Wenger in the near future, the position are club are in is well set and the future looks pretty rosy with all the talent in the youth and reserves – I won’t be taken in by ‘that link’ I posted yesterday, nor by the author of it so for the next few years we will have exciting times….

Irish mentioned yesterday morning that there was no post to celebrate the reign of Le Boss and I will take a rap on the knuckles for missing that, so today I thought I would post/paste a few of the tributes from his fellow managers and one special player who to this day we all still miss….

First up – Fat Sam

Blackburn boss Sam Allardyce has paid tribute to Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, who he will face on Sunday.

Despite the duo not seeing eye-to-eye, Allardyce has become the latest manager to praise Wenger’s 13-year tenure with the Londoners, claiming the Frenchman ‘found his home’ when he joined the club back in 1996.

“Anybody that can get into double-figures as a manager these days is achieving a huge amount of success for that particular football club, and I think there’s few managers that can stay at a particular football club that long.” the Rovers boss said.

“I think Arsene coming from Japan in the beginning found his home at long last and found that he could be allowed to do what he always wanted to do – and that was run a football club his way.

“I think probably elsewhere, outside England, you’re not allowed to do that.

“But I think in England and particularly at Arsenal as the years have gone by, he’s been allowed almost total control of the development of the whole of the football at Arsenal and both have benefited greatly from that.
“So I’m not surprised he’s the longest-serving manager Arsenal has had.”

Both managers have endured a fractious relationship with each other over the years, originating from Allardyce’s physical tactics during his time at Bolton and the former Newcastle boss admitted they are not one to share a bottle of wine after a game.

Allardyce added of their relationship: “It’s been interesting – I would hope we would have a mutual respect for each other but other than that it goes no further.”

“It’s been a regressive nature in the past on how we have played against them but it’s always been within the rules and laws of the game and because we’ve adopted that side sometimes they get a little upset.
“Until football becomes a non-contact sport like basketball then we play within the rules of the game. We always do that and what that has done has brought us results against Arsenal and that’s why we have been criticised.”

Next is Old Red Nose 😛

“Arsene has brought the best out of Arsenal,” the United manager said. “Since he has gone there, the success of the club has been fantastic. He sticks to what he believes in – and so do his players.
“That is why he has been there so long. I read some quotes from his players the other day that sum up the situation pretty well. They owe everything to him. That is nice to read.”

Red Devils boss for 23 years himself, Ferguson feels Wenger’s success at Arsenal proves his own theory that if clubs stand by their own decisions and give managers time, they will eventually be rewarded.

“If you look at Brian Clough, myself and Arsene, it proves longevity brings rewards,” said Ferguson. “His team play the right way and he has a stadium that is full every week.

“He has been an incredible manager for that football club. There is no question about that.”

And then we have the Mighty TH14 😛 😛

Barcelona star Thierry Henry is not ashamed to admit he would not be the player he is today had it not been for Arsene Wenger, the long-serving Arsenal manager.

Henry explains how his fellow Frenchman took him under his wing and transformed him from a struggling winger into one of the greatest strikers to have ever graced the Premier League.

“Of the trophies I won with Barcelona, winning the Champions League was very special because I had not won it before, but I am happy to admit that if it wasn’t for Arsene Wenger I would not be where I am today,” Henry told Goal.com.

“I will never forget how strongly he believed in my ability and he gave me the confidence to go out and play and do well for myself and make my family proud of me. He has never taken any of the credit and that is how humble he is. But the truth is that I will always be grateful to him for re-teaching me the art of being a striker and making me learn from my mistakes. But I have many people other people who have also helped me, like my father and many others.

“Before I came to Arsenal I was very down but Arsene Wenger was there and he knows how the game should be played and the rest, as they say, is history.

“He only knows how much time he invested in me and many others. I still talk to him and watch Arsenal on TV. I just cannot see Arsenal without Arsene Wenger. I’d love to go back some day.”

When Henry left Arsenal, he was already regarded by many as the club’s greatest ever player:
The Frenchman netted a record 226 goals in 364 appearances for the Gunners, his strike rate ensuring that he topped the Premier League’s scoring charts on four occasions.

He won the Professional Footballers’ Association Player of the Year award twice and the prestigious Football Writers’ Association Footballer of the Year three times.

‘Titi’ was an undisputed idol at Highbury and remains so in the hearts of most who frequent the new Emirates Stadium, despite the whispers of off-field problems that preceded his departure from the club.
Although Henry refuses to go into detail, he does insinuate that the departure of former vice-chairman David Dein played a part in his move to Spain.

However, he is adamant that despite signing for the Catalan giants, he will always have a place for the Arsenal fans in his heart.
“Certain things were not right and with David Dein leaving, I just needed to make sure I did the right ting and not end up in a comfort zone,” Henry said.
“David Dein was also very good to me and he enjoyed a good relationship with Arsene Wenger, and at the time there were also a lot more question marks.

“But I enjoy playing for Barcelona because it is also a great club with a great tradition and great history.
“And although we have won more or less everything here, I do miss the Arsenal fans who appreciated me and supported me through not only the good times but also the bad times.
“They are wonderful people and if anyone of them is reading this article, I would like to say thank you once again for your support for me. You will always be in my heart.”

Henry believes Barcelona are more than capable of retaining the Champions League trophy at the home of arch rivals Real Madrid come May. However, he believes no one in their right mind will dare write off his old club from lifting the trophy in May.
He said: “Winning the Champions League with Barcelona was very special. We have a solid team here and we are very high on confidence.

“No one should say Arsenal or anybody else cannot win the Champions League, because that would be disrespectful and I know how good they are and how good the manager is.

Ok, so it’s a day late, but what are your thoughts on Arsene Wenger, the man, the manager, our leader ????